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Garden Of Gethesame Time

Has anyone ever had a Garden of Gethesame experience where you had to lay down your will for His will and it was painful? Can you elaborate on what you went through and what you had to surrender to the Lord?

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 ---Donna9759 on 11/29/06
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I buried my son that was a garden moment. People try & comfort U but all U hear is "static" U know they mean well but you are so over whelmed by the events U feel U never will re-cover. I had done all the "faith formula" things & still God called him. Jesus and I are friends I took this personal, how could my friend leave me so alone? I learned so much about God his love, timing, mercy & that I had never really been alone-I think we do indeed learn the most from these times.
---Jeanne on 4/20/08

I was jailed wrongfully, but God has his design, and I took over the Bible study. Attendance went up by 200% some prayed for the very first time and the bonds of brotherhood were deepened among many.

One of the best three weeks of my life when I got over myself and it taught me to trust God a little more.
---Pharisee on 7/27/07

Was not long being a new babe in Christ when I fell so badly. I commited adultery 4 a reason all 2 painful. I later saw my wrong and faithfully repented and surrendered my all to Him. It was a very painful experience however not as Christ's, but it opened my eyes so widely and now I am again restored, going on 7 years now and still on fire for Him..what freedom I now have.
---mb on 12/3/06

Wow. Since the "helpful list" is gone, it's now a free-for-all. Anyone else noticed? A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth really is speaking.
---Shiela on 12/1/06

No offense Perry, but Paul's instruction to the Church was that no part of the body was greater than another, but all were necessary in bringing the body to perfection.

Not all body parts are beautiful, butt think of what you'd be if you had no colon.

I definitely Jest, but I won't call you Shirley. SINcerely,
---Pharisee on 11/30/06

There is not a single hardship in our life that we can draw a comparison to what Jesus Christ endured for us. Not one. If we leave out the "Garden" part, we can answer the question without making Donna feel bad for asking. With God's help, I surrender a self-righteous attitude. I surrender the desire to tell others what's wrong with them from the comfort of my easy chair. I surrender my mouth. It means I have to give up blogging time and actually live a life not attached to a mouse or screen.
---Perry on 11/30/06

You cannot compare any of our mere human experiences with what Jesus Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane. What Jesus did in His finished work on the Cross is unique to Him alone and the Garden was part of that journey.
---Helen_5378 on 11/30/06

It would be impossible for us to have that same experience. Whilst we might lay down our will for His will sometimes we will never have to take on ourselves the sins of the whole world which is what Jesus did. He bore every burden there ever was, is and will be although He personally was free of sin. He loved and still loves us so much. We can never replicate that because we are sinners.
---m.p.a. on 11/30/06

No human could ever admit to any experioence that would even come close to that of Jesus in the garden.But I know what you are asking. I was a wealthy businesman with a young family, everything was going just perfect when the Lord told me to sell everything I had and go into the ministry. That was tough. But as I look back it was the best thing I ever did.
---john on 11/29/06

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