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God Made One Male And Female

Where in the bible does it say God made them one male and one female or is this a twist to fit God's word into the world's belief structure? Did it not say he made the male and female?

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 ---thomas on 11/29/06
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Well, if you want to be technical>> Genesis records woman's coming from man's side, while evolution teaches both man and woman developed simultaneously. Scripture: "And He answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that He which made them at the beginning made them male and female" [Mt. 19:4].
---catherine on 2/13/08

It does say he made them male and female, and I don't understand what is gained by changing plain English.
Genesis 1:27, 5:2
Matthew 19:4
---Pharisee on 2/12/08

First off, let's be real. The Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Bible were believed to have been written by Moses, but turns out to be written by being written by 4 different men or groups of men who took down what was passed down orally. Some of it was written after Moses died because they speak of places and things that did not exist during Moses' time.
---Lissa_Woodson on 1/3/07

Now, that being said, in Genesis the 1st chapter it states male and female were created, in that simultaneously with the instruction to be fruitful and multiply; then in Chapter 2 we find Adam alone and needing a helpmate. (Notice there were male and female animals created, but when man was created only one part and THEN later the female?) Something's missing my friends, and in this day and age of information and missing texts being available, we have the ability to find out what that is.
---Lissa_Woodson on 1/3/07

God created them in his image, and likeness (spirits) then he created them male and female, this is the 2nd Age.

And the LORD God (Jesus) formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, the spirit God created entered therein and dwelt in his house, this is the 3rd Age. God created, LORD God made.
---discipleabct on 12/28/06

This coming from an ancient multihanded oral account in Hebrew and being moved to English rendering and you are subject to a great deal of translators license and bias. At best you can only get a general Idea of what was originally conveyed but specific grammar like your question is inferring is purely subjective.
---Phil_the_Elder on 12/28/06

mikefl, Adam canot save anyone let alone Eve. He didnt do what he did to save Eve. He wanted to be with Eve in life n in death. He loved Eve more it seems the reason for his fall...had he obeyed God, this world wouldnt be in the situation it is now.
---man on 12/23/06

Are you a new Christian? God made the man first, then he made woman the weaker vessel to be the man's helpermate and to bear him company. Thus men and women are not equal, and if you walked into the opposite genders restroom to use the facility you could see the difference.
---Eloy on 12/22/06

It only states that he created male and female in his image. Which means equality this is why there is no male or female in Christ. However, beastly men have dominated women and started using them because they were naive. Why the Holy men of our society allowed this to happen is beyond my understanding.
---tonne on 12/21/06

Elder I appreciate your help. As I understand it the Doctrine of Hamartiology is in simple terms, the Doctrine of Sin. I have no problem agreeing that Adam sinned. My hope was to allow for room that he committed the act with Eve to save her from certain death, not as a simple act of being involved in the sin. Check the original word for "by" in Ro.5:12. It is "through", as a conduit. Jesus was the conduit through which we are forgiven our sins. This allows 1Tim2:14 to be true. cont'd
---mikefl on 12/12/06

1 Cont'd. The action from partaking of the tree was you would die (orig. in dieing you shall die). The "die" would have been instant and complete. Adam would have lost his female side (Eve), a part of him, made from his body and spirit. The original sin was Eve's weakness to man-like serpent who perverted God's word to beguile her. The curse God placed was mainly on Eve (child bearing) and serpent (placement). Man was to toil. The sin was in the blood. Enmity between "seed".
---mikefl on 12/12/06

mikefl on 12/1/06 your reply makes me think you have never read the Book of Romans. Look at Rom 5:12-19. We see over and over again God deals with Adam's sin and transgression.
God said that by one man sin entered into the world.
I don't understand your purpose but you need a few months studying the Doctrine of Hamartiology.
Woman transgressed by being deceived/tricked. Adam transgressed willfully.
---Elder on 12/9/06

So what about all the people before adam and eve?
---MikeM on 12/9/06

Max, I believe man was meant to procreate the way God did. Through his word. The sexual path came from the "tree of Knowledge" KNOWING. The serpent seduced Eve. Cain was of that union. Eve then "shared" with Adam. Abel was of that union. Having twins with fathers possible. That explains the sacrifices, the rift between brothers, the sons of God vs sons of man, the wheat & tares, the gen. of vipers, even Esau & Jacob.
This is NOT easily accepted I know but just look into it.
---mikefl on 12/3/06

mikefl thanks but what do u mean
---max on 12/3/06

mikefl thanks but what do u mean
---max on 12/3/06

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Max, read 1Jn.3:12. There are many others. Beguiled is seduced. There were 3 in the Garden. Elder, I understand your years of believing a certain way. I was there also. Once you actually look at the scripture all around it you will see that as in 1Tim.3:14, Adam was NOT deceived. He was a Son of God, through him came sin, not from him. Just as through Jesus came salvation, the God in the Man, not the man in God.
---mikefl on 12/1/06

mikefl the answer to all your "dilemma" questions lay in the fact that Eve was beguiled by the serpent. She was tricked into sinning. Adam had not sinned but when he saw where Eve was at he willfully chose to sin also.
Therefore by one man's sin, sin entered into the world and we all became sinners because of one man's disobedience.
---Elder on 12/1/06

mikefl, Without Adam n Eve (and note not Adam n Steve) there wouldnt be any human thats why it is said they are the parents of all cos it started from them. The very first human on earth.
---max on 11/30/06

2cont'd. The answer is in the "seed". We know what it means. Either offspring or sexuality. There was enmity between the serpent's seed & her seed. Ez.28:13, "Thou has been in Eden the garden of God;..." read about what the s. looked like, NOT a snake! Gen.3:13,"...The serpent beguiled me & I did eat." "morally-seduce (Strongs5377). Then see in 2Cor.11:3," the serpent beguiled Eve.." See original Greek "to wholly seduce" (Strongs 1818).
---mikefl on 11/30/06

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most have missed the answer between the binding union between i man and one female when the bible clearly states other wise this was the question.
---thomas on 11/30/06

God created man (male/female)in His image (SPIRIT). Then He formed man a body of the ground & formed woman from part of him. Scripture says Eve was mother of all living. It does NOT say Adam is father of all living. A mystery. How can A & E (pure in their genes) be parents of all mankind when there are humans who will never accept God? Who was the one mentioned in 1Jn.3:12? Why did nakednesss suddenly play such a part in Eden? The division became evident in Cain and Abel... what happened?cont'd
---mikefl on 11/30/06

1 cont'd. 1Tim.3:14 says Adam was NOT deceived. 15 says the woman was deceived. How then can this be since sin entered the world by man? Could it mean hu-man rather than Adam? If we are "all" God's children, what did Jesus mean in Jn.8:44,"Ye are of your father the devil & the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murder from the beginning,..." People say only pure people went through the flood yet look up the off spring of Noah's sons/daughters. ONE has a bad line... cont'd2.
---mikefl on 11/30/06

Instead of getting technical why don't we just simply thank him for even making us at all? Especially the way most of us act every day he didn't have to make us at all so let's stop worrying about technicals and praise God and spread his word!!!! :-}
---courtney on 11/29/06

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It says that Eve was the mother of all living. That tells us that every human being came from her. And more recently, from Noah and his family who are decendants from Adam and Eve.
---john on 11/29/06

The belief structure of most of the world is NOT to believe that God made just one man and woman so this can hardly be a twist as you call it. The bible says he made male and female and then goes on to tell you how He did it. ONE man from the dust of the earth and ONE woman from the rib that He took from the man. ONE man brought sin into the world. ONE woman is the mother of all living. Only descendents of Adam will be saved so if you don't believe you are one of his descendents you have a problem.
---m.p.a. on 11/29/06

thomas, first of all, He said, "Let us make man in our image." Right after He made man, he took a rib from man and the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. From that point he allowed them to "be fruitful and multiply." God made ONE Adam and ONE Eve. The rest of creation was populated starting with Adam and Eve.
---Donna9759 on 11/29/06

Thomas: In the beginning (Genesis) God made one male & one female. They were specifically identified, by name,as Adam & Eve. God told these two people to, "be fruitful & multiple". That's what they did, i.e., had children who ultimately populated the world. According to God's plan we all are descendants of Adam & Eve.

I sincerely hope this helps your understanding.
---Leon on 11/29/06

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The word of G_d in my bible reads in Gen.1:26-28, 2:7,18-25 that he [man] was created in His [G_d's] image, male & female created He 'them'. If created otherwise, v.28 would not have been possible with no procreation, as mankind does not reproduce like a one celled omeba. That Moses fella's writings are eons above every naysayer that ever lived! Why ask such a question? "I hold these truth's to be self evident ...."!
---bob6749_[Echad] on 11/29/06

It does say he made them male and female, and I don't understand what is gained by changing plain English.

Matthew 19:4
---Pharisee on 11/29/06

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