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Rick Warren And Abortion

What do you think about Rick Warren having a staunch pro-abortion speaker at Saddleback Church as a speaker in the AIDS Conference there?

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 ---Susie on 12/1/06
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not surprising from a man that is pretty much leading a seeker friendly group ~ He is the pastor of that church...and feels right about be it. I don't know the mans heart. I have lost a lot of respect for him after the talk he had with Obama and McCain.
---melanie on 9/22/08

The news reported this morning that rumor has it that Hillary Clinton is thinking of withdrawing from 2008 raise because of of Obama's growing support. I'd vote for her before I voted for Obama. At least we know she can hold up under pressure and she knows the inner (secret) working of our government.
---Susie on 9/22/08

As a writer and published author of many books, NEVER believe one word people write in self-biographies that are promoting their religious beliefs.. They are filled with deception and lies to blind many and win support for themselves and religious views.
---BarbaraSmith on 6/5/07

I dont get it...whats wrong w/ trying to stop aids eh...and since Obama wants to stop aids and Warren wants to stop aids...seems like a match if your trying to stop aids
---mark_B. on 6/4/07

As a writer and published author of many books, NEVER believe one word people write in self-biographies that are running for a political office. They are filled with deception and lies to blind many and win support for themselves. Show me one honest politician and I will say you are not on the earth. Obama may be sincere, but I would not buy his book to base my decision on voting. his words are half truths, lies and deceptions. Do many not remember the guy on Oprah. His book sold millions. All lies.
---ashley on 6/4/07

I think Rick Warren is decieved as Senator Barack Obama from the state of Illinois may be a Muslim like his father and as you stated is pro-abortion. The Democratic party seems to want to run him for the 2008 presidential campaign.
---Macky on 6/4/07

Michelle: Just to warn you, Christianet can get very political and it can get very heated. It won't be pretty next year. Believe me, I have been here through presidential elections.
---Madison1101 on 1/21/07

If you had quoted your source, all this confusion would have been avoided.
People are gearing up for 2008. If I want to discuss politics, I'll go to a political site.
---Michelle on 1/21/07

Michelle, I don't find it strange at all. In Obama's book he was describing his life, how he chose to descibe it was his choice.
Carea, Obama's mother was from Kansas and was caucasion. His late father was Kenyan.
---NV_Barbara on 1/20/07

When quoting from books, posting the author eliminates much confusion.

There are some who use books for their personality and voice, without any credit to the author.
---Tim on 1/20/07

Thanks for clearing that up. It doesn't help the political climate to write something like that. Very strange.
---Michelle on 1/19/07

what does kansas people have to do with anything?>
---Carea on 1/19/07

Michelle asks: Was that "black as pitch...she from Kansas" thing, meant to be a joke? What was that?

No, it wasn't a joke, Michelle. NVBarbara offered a direct quote from Obama's bestselling memoir, Dreams From My Father. Obama made the statement as an illustration to his blindness to race as a child despite his parents obvious physical differences.
---AlwaysOn on 1/19/07

No pun or insult intended Michelle, sorry if you interpreted it that way. That statement is in quotes because they are taken from Obama's self written bio, NOT my words.
---NV_Barbara on 1/19/07

I think some have been here so long, they almost believe they own the place. A small gathering of the buds, good ole boy club.

What would say if I told you I was as black as pitch? I hope you and the buds don't wear sheets.
---Michelle on 1/19/07

Was that "black as pitch...she from Kansas" thing, meant to be a joke?
What was that?
---Michelle on 1/18/07

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Obama was born in Hawaii of an Kenyan father who "was black as pitch and a mother who was as white as milk," she from Kansas. His father left when Barack was 2 years old.His mother remarried and they lived in Jakarta. When he was 10 he returned to Hawaii and was raised by grand parents and went to a large private prep school, originally started by Christian missionaries. Both his parents are deceased.
Anyone from Ill. who can brief us on how he did in the Senate to represent you?
---NV_Barbara on 1/18/07

Barak Obama's father and step father are/were Muslim and he attended an Islamic school as a youth.
---rjf on 1/18/07

I personally am opposed to abortion. Probably enough Scriptures could be assembled to say this is a Christian position. However, it is not explicitly stated in the Ten Commandments.

In the spirit of Isaiah and "Come let us reason together," I would not criticize Rick Warren for this decision.
---Glen on 1/12/07

Here's one, NVBarb. One of the bloggers on this particular blog, has a private site, with more about R.W.
---R.A. on 12/26/06

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Rick Joyner is the head of Morning Star Ministries amd of viewed as a Super Apostle and Prophet. He is a false apostle and false prophet.
---MCOI_Don on 12/14/06

LOL........Who is Rick Joyner? Guess that's one false prophet I haven't heard about.
---Susie on 12/11/06

gees i'm am awfully sorry forgive me for that gees i dunno why that came out it jsut did so yea SORRY
---mark on 12/9/06

Actually, Rick Joyner and Rick Warren are two different public figures. Rick Joyner is a false teacher. Rick Warren on the other hand is sloppy in his handling of the word of God and disregards carrying out the pastoral responsibilities of guarding the flock and not bringing false teachers into a teaching place in the church. It would possibly be different if he made those alliances outside and separately from the church.
---MCOI_Don on 12/8/06

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Are you confusing Rick Joyner with Rick Warren (in the question)?
---Raine on 12/8/06

mark, Rick Joyner is a completely different man than Rick Warren. The two are complete opposites. I haven't heard this controversary, so I will withhold commenting on it. Rick Joyner is NOT Rick Warren.
---Donna9759 on 12/8/06

Yea, this is a crazy topic, i dont see why some people think Rick Joyner is such an evil man to try and help out the AIDS people, and ok well he is doing it with a pro-abortion guy, but the issue isnt aborition its AIDS, its like partnering with someone w/ different views to accomplish something it can be done and it can be done with God in the middle of it...
---mark on 12/7/06

I am not really sure how someone could assess jealousy seeping through as that would be addressing someones motives. Whether or not Larry Flint would come if invited is a different question than would it be appropriate to invite him, or say to invite a high ranking member of the KKK is they are concerned about AIDS since that seems to trump the biblical teaching on pastors guarding their flocks and not having false teachers in the place of teaching within the church.
---MCOI_Don on 12/6/06

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Just becasue a name sounds arab doesn't mean the person is muslim. there are christians from the middle east too. there have been for over 1000 years. I know it's surprising but muslims were in the middle east only since around 700ad. Even if he was recienctly baptised into the UCC does that mean he isn't christian enough? If he is a christianand if he is asked to speak at a church we cna't say much unless we are members of that church.
---Jared on 12/6/06

Saddleback? Is that like Brokedown Mountain? (Brokeback).
---R.A. on 12/6/06

there is alot of jealousy seeping through these blogs. there are christians on both sides of the abortion debate and I'm pretty sure there are christians on both sides of the issue at Saddle back. It's an AIDS Conference. and they have Christian people speaking. I doubt Larry Flint would ever come to a church to speak even if invited.
---Jared on 12/6/06

if Barak Obama wants to go and speak at saddle back more power to him. I personally think it is more political than spiritual. but much of the AIDS stuff is.
---Jared on 12/6/06

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Would Rick Warren have someone who is pro choice on slavery from, say, the Sudan, speak in his church if they were concerned about solving the AIDS pandemic? Would it be appropriate for Rick Warren to invite Larry Flint (owner of Hustler magazine) to speak at his church on behalf of solving AIDS? Is there any difference between these scenarios and having Barack Obama speak at Saddleback? Does solving AIDS trump guarding the flock (Acts 20:28-31)?
---MCOI_Don on 12/6/06

What was the issue: AIDS or abortion?

**I dont think Barak Obama is an Islamic name.**

It's quite Arabic, though it could also be African. His father is Muslim, though Barak himself was recently baptized at a UCC church in Chicago.
---Jack on 12/6/06

Obama attends Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. He originally moved to Chicago in 1985 to work for a church-based organization assisting the poor. On Larry King and on Oprah, he stated that he was not raised with his father and that he barely knew him while he was alive. He also stated that his mother was of no religion, but taught him about love and about other religions and, as an adult, he chose Christ.
---AlwaysOn on 12/3/06

I dont think Barak Obama is an Islamic name. I have never heard him speak of his fathers religion but he did speak of going to Church with his mother on Oprah.
---randy on 12/3/06

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Lauretta Barak Obama is very effective but you should ask as what.
Elect Obama as President and we will be saying Oh Mama...You ain't seen nothin' yet.
---Elder on 12/2/06

Barak Obama came on to the national stage within the last 6 years. I may not agree with all of his positions on certain moral issues, but does that totally render him ineffective?
---Lauretta on 12/1/06

Just who is this man? I had never heard of him until the last few months.
---Susie on 12/1/06

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