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The Book Of Epoch

Has anyone read the book of Epoch and do you think it is ok to read? Your own beliefs please and not those of Church leaders.

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 ---Matthew on 12/2/06
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Epoch is mentioned in the modern bible twice. This book was part of the original bible for many, many years. I have read the book. I don't think others should decide what I read and believe. Each person has thier own spiritual journey to embark upon. I don't believe reading this book will cause anyone not to enter Heaven. Read away.
---George on 5/27/09

I read some of this book, but was not sure about it. I heard it was one of the lost books. Interesting "fill info" on the pre-flood creation.

Did the Ethiopion church preserve this book? If so,please give me info on this.

I always tell new Christians and those who do not have a good foundation in their scriptural understanding to start with the Bible already cannonized-It leads to Jesus Christ. Many Gnostics forged books to cause problems.
---yochanon on 2/15/08

I read this book a very very long time ago, and therefore I will reserve judgment.
---Eloy on 2/15/08

Would you be reading it for spiritual reasons or pleasure(historical purpose maybe)?

Are you strong in Gods Word or knew to understanding?

Would you be reading this because you are questioning Gods Word ...than I would stay away from anything that potentially leading you away from Gods Truth.

Many things are not right or wrong (black or white) or something requiring permission. Questioning your reasons for reading and asking "for what purpose" may help your decision.
---Rhonda on 2/15/08

The Ethiopian Books of Meqabyan, canonical in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, have now been translated to standard English for the first time, by myself, available at LuluBooks!

---Feqade on 2/14/08

Is this a trick question?
How could anyone answer if they had not read the book?
I read enough to realize it is extrabiblical and not worth the time spent trying to strain the fantasy from the fact of what we already have in the Bible.
Have you ever read the book of Elder?
---Elder on 8/10/07

**I read that this book was included within the Bible for over 500 years but the Catholic church and the Protestants removed it for the belief it was not inspired.**

There are several books called "Enoch", but none of them were accepted as part of the Bible, except possibly by the Ethiopians.

Some of these writings were nevertheless preserved because it was felt they had some value in them.
---Jack on 12/6/06

I have read it. Found it online. I find it has much Godly instruction.
---Nana on 12/4/06

I read up some more information on this book and it many ways it seems just fine to read. I read that this book was included within the Bible for over 500 years but the Catholic church and the Protestants removed it for the belief it was not inspired. Enoch goes on to support some Biblical points(Trinity) and even predicts the great flood years before it happened.
---Matthew on 12/3/06

II) Remember that passage in Genseis about the "Sons of God" mating with the women on earth and making the giants or Nephilim(half human half spirit creatures?). The book of Enoch goes into great detail about this. It explains the "Sons of God" mentioned here were angels that rebelled God and mated with humans creating abominations of God. Also Enoch explains it is from these fallen angels that man learned astrology,fortune telling,divination etc.
---Matthew on 12/3/06

Someone told me years ago about The Book Of Enoch, they said it reads a lot like the book of Revelations. If it's good enough to be mentioned by Jude, once a doubter himself, & someone as close to the man Jesus Christ as you can get, mentioned it in his epistle, confirming it's existence & authenticity, I for one would have to believe it exists as written somewhere. That fellah Moses was'nt there "in the beginning", yet he wrote The Book Of Genesis!
---bob9565_[Elishama] on 12/3/06

I think you mean the book of Enoch, quotes in Jude. It was considered by many to be inspired, and others did not accept it. It reads like Revelation. OK to read? Who would tell you not to read it??
---MikeM on 12/2/06

Elder i didn't know you wrote a book =)
---Jared on 12/2/06

Haha yes I meant Enoch. I missspell a lot on here. Forgive me.
---Matthew on 12/3/06

Well Elder you can buy the book. The books we see in the Bible aren't the only books that were written. There are others but they are considered uninspired by God. Books of Baruch,Jubilees,Meqabyan and Esdras and the gnostic gospels are some examples of these kinds of books. Enoch was an ancestor of Noah and from what I understand the book goes into detail about what happened during the time of Noah.
---Matthew on 12/3/06

Matthew - Are you sure it is the book of Epoch, and not the Book of Enoch?
---Helen_5378 on 12/2/06

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