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Best Evangelism Tips

What is the best way to witness? List your best tips.

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 ---Alan on 12/3/06
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Only through the power and prompting of the Holy Spirit.
---Ryan on 12/15/07

Divine encounters are probably best b/c they are set up by the Holy Spirit himself and most likely the person becomes christian
i love the book power evagalism by John Wimber...soooooo goood....sooo biblical
---mark_B. on 5/23/07

Develop a heart of love for the worst of sinners.
---Madison1101 on 5/23/07

My, I do like the first 4. I certainly also believe we should know our God well enough to be able to introduce Him to others. Search the scriptures to know what to say. It will be given.
---mikefl on 12/4/06

Each individual needs to be witnessed to in different ways. As others have said, let the Holy Spirit lead your words and actions. The Holy Spirit will always lift up Jesus!
---Susie on 12/4/06

Shine a light wherever you go. If out in public (ex, trying to get through Wal-Mart and people are standing in the way talking), if you get mad, your true colors shine through, and people can't see God in you. In Phil 4:11, it says whatever comes my way, be content. (paraphrashing)
---Rebecca_D on 12/4/06

Love people where they are at, don't force the gospel upon them. Ask them, "If you were to die today, and God said to you, why should I let you into my heaven, what would you tell him?" After they give their answer, then you give them the correct answer if they didn't answer correctly.
---Donna9759 on 12/4/06

Start a conversation with the person. By doing so you can see what type of person they are & if they are in a bad mood or not. Ask something like, " do you have the time?" Then you can ask them if they need prayer for something & if they have excepted Jesus as their Savior & Lord.
Or you can ask them if you could share your testimony about what the Lord had done in your life with them.
---Rickey on 12/3/06

The best way to witness is to say "Lord, speak through me".
---Helen_5378 on 12/3/06

Be led by the Holy Spirit.
---george on 12/3/06

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