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Best Marriage Tips

What is the best way to have a great marriage? What are your best marriage tips?

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 ---John on 12/4/06
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Husband>>> is to treat his wife as if she were a queen. Give her her hearts desires. Treat her with up-most respect. She is a gem in your eyes. Wives>>>Your husband is the head of the home, just like Christ is the head of the church. Wives, respect your husband, who brings home the bacon. BE KIND TO HIM. OBEY HIM AS INTO THE LORD. Both husband and wife, love your God and there will be peace in the home. Put each other first. It's never, never, one-sided. because, if it is, then, you'll have a tyrant on your hands, or something worse. Don't forget to wash his clothes, mabe next time he'll wash yours.....Husband and wives, you must work hard at your marriage. HARD, HARD, HARD....Ah Jesus!
---catherine on 3/11/10

Hi Tom, I don't know where exactly in the Bible it tells couples (if at all) to pray together but it's certainly a great idea isn't it? I know when my fiancee and I pray together, we feel more connected to God and each other.
---Mary on 3/11/10

I was reading your comment that married couples should pray together. I am assuming this means to pray with each other out loud so both can hear each others prayer. My questions is, where in the Bible does it say married couples should pray together?
---Tom on 3/9/10

The best way to have a great marriage is to keep God in the mist remember marriage is of God.

My best marriage tips are:

1.Pray togather- the family that prays together stays together.

2.Treat each other with love and respect

3.Have fun together

4.Encourage one another

5.Always compliment each other.
---Ilinda on 10/7/08

Keep God first in your relationship. And remember just because someone is a Christian does not mean they are always right or perfect or without flaws.
---dayce on 10/6/08

For 44 years we've had a great marriage. Here's how - at least in part. 1, you both have to be Christians. 2, you have to be on the 'same playing field'. For example: we both wanted to be missionaies - not just one of us. 3, be sensitive to what God wants. 4, pray together. 5, NEVER go to bed angery at the marriage partner. 6, communicate at all times. 7, decide who is going to be responsible for doing what. (But, be flexible - circustances may cause this to change.)
---wivv on 10/3/08

Always keep God first, submit to God, Pray together, and study the Bible together. Seek the Kingdom of God first, and all these things will be added. Also may I add that one of the keys of a good marriage is communication to God first, and then towards each other. Be kind to one another and let the love of Christ shine through you towards oneanother. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 11/19/07

You must have GOD in the marriage.
---JIM on 11/19/07

Trust, commitment and love..but above all, Jesus in our marriage is a good captain to steer our marriage the right way..Bless you all
---nan on 12/6/06

Rebecca is correct. Jesus Christ is the best marriage Counselor, and the Bible is your instruction manual. Watch and listen to those around you have longevity and success in their marriages. Bad company corrupts good morals. Don't travel with the herd or pack that would influence or persuade to put your marriage on the back burner.
---Ciindy on 12/5/06

I would like to mention a few more. Never hold finances apart. Share in the responsibilty. One is likely to be stronger and IF it meets agreement then that one handles daily bills. Never take from the budget to buy a "nicety". Save up. Other than home and auto, stay away from debt over 30 days. Confide, confer, discuss, and agree on anything over a set amount (ours is $100). Then follow the golden rule. "Do unto others (spouse) as you would have them do unto you.
---mikefl on 12/4/06

I have heard all my life, it takes two to make a good marriage. True, but when my husband and I came to the Lord, we found out it takes three to make a good/stronge marriage. 1. God, 2. you, 3. spouse. Now the saying that it takes two to brake a marriage, while that is true, because you'll find God won't partake in any arguements. If the couple puts God first in all they do, the marriage will last.
---Rebecca_D on 12/4/06

COMMITTMENT! That is the key word in a marriage. Commit that no matter what happens in the marriage (good or bad), you will stay married and work through every circumstance that arises. If you are both on fire for the Lord, it will be easy.
---Susie on 12/4/06

Those are some great tips already listed. I'm going to share them with our church. Here's a few more. Don't get into great debt. This can enslave and cause you many worries.
Support eachother when it comes to disciplining the children. You can't both have different techniques. No matter how many kids you have or how busy you are remember to take time for the two of you (other than in the bedroom).
---john on 12/4/06

1) Choose to walk in a state of forgiveness at all times. 2) Always think the best of your spouse, remember why you married them. 3) Two people who pray together, stay together. 4) Show respect to one another at all times. 5) Never embarrass each other in front of people. 6) Go to the Lord God when you have an arguement, ask Father God for advice. There's many more tips, but not enough room here to list them all.
---Donna9759 on 12/4/06

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