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World Trade Center In The Bible

Could Revelations 18:9-11 be referring to the World Trade Center attacks?

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 ---Jacques on 12/4/06
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The Trade Center took about 1 hour to fall, which is what the script talks about. And what other great city that was burned had a stock market?
---Jacques on 4/22/08

No--unless you believe there is NO CITY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD that was ever burned before. The USA is not the prophetic center of the universe. Neither is western Europe.

Besides, the attack was in the year 2001, NOT 1800.

There are these supposed Bible Codes/Torah Codes that claim to have found various events, including 9/11, therein. This is nothing more than using the Bible as a Ouija board.
---Jack on 5/18/07

they are two different things.

on 9-11 with the destruction of the world trade towers - (not by God), world trade didnt stop.

but in revelation is a description of the global trade system being destroyed - (by God).
---JaeR on 12/31/06

World Trade Center it sounds to me like they were trading souls. The devil roams around to see who he can devour next. I have seen many people demonized today which should tell us all something, internationally. Did God allow this to happen? If so why is he destroying the land thru storms and other disasters?
---tonne on 12/27/06

Could it possibly be the Tower of Babel? I know that people certainly confused language with drugs in 1999 - 2000 and it states; "Let's go down and confuse their language."
---TONNE on 12/26/06

Could it possibly be the Tower of Babel? I know that people certainly confused language with drugs in 1999 - 2000. It states that God had them go down and confuse the language because he did not want them to build a tower to heaven.
---TONNE on 12/26/06

Jared. No problem Brother. When you get the chance, study Babylon but from the perspective of it being a type of Wicked Jerusalem. I too think we should concentrate on the Kingdom of God as Christians because the Bible says that if we, Christians, are not faithful, we will not be a part of the Kingdom of God (1,000 year reign on Earth.) God bless you for your honesty. If you're interested, I'd be glad to discuss my thoughts as a Bpatist on Jerusalem and the Great Tribulation or on the Kingdom. God Bless.
---jason on 12/7/06

Jason I said that I don't have have a specific verse, and that I was theorizing. I don't study armagedon that much because I don't think it is important, I think we should focus on the main thing which is the Kingdom of God, that came through Christ and is available today and unto the end of the ages.
---Jared on 12/7/06

my ideas deal with scripture, history and theology. unfortantly I don't have token verses memorized for every situation. that's just not my style, it was that of my grandparents which I found they'd use incorrectly (I will throw out some occasionally but usually only if they were in my most recient meditaions and study)
---Jared on 12/7/06

Jared, I'm not concerned over the theory of the trade center. My question is of Rome being typed by Babylon. I may have misunderstood. Do you claim that is is typed only onced or thaqt Babylon itself is typed to Rome? I believe Babylon in type is Jerusalem, which also burned, and not Rome. Please elaborate on your verses that you use. Thank You.
---jason on 12/7/06

Jason I believe that that verse happened about 1900 years ago is waht I am saying that Rome already burned. No I don't have any more scripture references than those that believe it's New York. because I'm theorizing.
---Jared on 12/7/06

Jared, What is your scripture refrences proving that Babylon is a type of Rome and the Roman Empire? Do you also believe that it is Rome that will revive in Great Tribulation? Also leave scripture to confirm or disagree. Thank You.
---jason on 12/6/06

Babylon is a symbolic reference to Rome. the center of the roman empire. it is refered to as babylon because it was a foriegn power occupying and persicuting the area of palistine. (like babylon) they also perpetuated their religions onto those they ocupied. Much of revelations has happened some has not. Rome burned and it fell. History is clear on that. We need to remember that Histroy is important many dispansationalist have forgotten that.
---Jared on 12/6/06

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