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Bound To Walked Out Husband

My husband left me. He said there is entirely too much drama in my life. I have two teenage girls at home (17 and 19), and they are his stepchildren. I must admit that they are a challenge, but I can't stop being a mom. Am I still bound to this man even though he walked out?

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 ---Not_Missiing_Him on 12/5/06
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Jesus prohibited divorce except for adultery, that included lying about ones virginity. The non adulterer could remarry. The adulterer was not free to marry, and anyone marrying one is entering a prohibited marriage. A divorce without cause, was no divorce, and so, another marriage was a type of bigamy. The exception is in 1Corinthians 7:15. If the unbeliever departs, the Christian can remarry because the marriage was not 'in the Lord'. Please read Matthew 5:31-32, 19:3-12, Mark 10:2-12, Luke 16:18. Both Matthew 19:9 and 1Corinthians 7:27-28 allow remarriage.
Deuteronomy 22:17-19, 28-29, 24:1-4, Proverbs 2:17 (forsaketh husband), Isaiah 54:4-8, Jeremiah 3:1, Malachi 2:14-16, 1Corinthians 6:15-16, 7:10-17, 27.
---Glenn on 8/16/09

Pray for your husband and repent for any thoughts and/or words you spoke contrary to the Word of God. God is able to turn your husband heart back towards the both of you(God, u). Be it according to your faith. Speak only the word of God regarding your situation, not what you see.
---lakesha on 6/3/08

I sympathize with you, my husband walked out during a very difficult time in our marriage as well. Our home was foreclosed and we received a 5 days eviction notice, and he went running. I was very angry, because this home was purchased prior to the marriage, and due to me trying to submit I lost my home. What I offer you is that God is able to restore any situation regardless of its natural state. The hardening of our heart prevents us from seeing the possibilities, but remain hopeful, and prayerful.
---Lakesha on 6/2/08


I find it very interesting that your "handle" is the title of the very religious people that Jesus rebuked for their hypocrisy. Anyway, if RESPECT is what my husband needs, then that is all fine and well. No problem. Unfortunately, this is NOT about respect, but it is about his need for total dominance. He wants to RULE, and I got news for you. Ain't gonna happen!
---Not_Missing_Him on 6/2/08

God bless you. You are in a difficult situation. I do not feel you are bound to this man. He has deserted you and the girls. Find a women's support group of Christian sisters for you and your girls. I hope your church has a great youth program . You have worked so hard all your life. God is the God of second, third and many more chances. Gerry
---Charlotte on 8/20/07


I never said I had anything to offer that was "better than Scripture." You put those words in my mouth. The Bible is the ultimate authority, BUT I did exibit compassion for a hurting sister. That is more than you have done. Look back and you offered ONE chapter and, for the most part, it was totally unrelated.
---Crystal; on 1/4/07

On 12/20/06 my message was lost.
Crystal said she offered Kindness, Understanding, Compassion and Encouragement, and that was better than Scripture.
The same was not offered the husband by her.
There is always trouble when we substitute things of comfort for God's ways.
Why would any person not want God to conduct things and have His way in their marriage?
God has given instructions and order for this and any marriage to work. NMH and Crystal reject it. Why? What do they really want?
---Elder on 12/22/06

Crystal can't be objective because of her own attitudes toward her husband which have been documented on the blogs many times. NMH's posts reveal much, both within the lines and between the lines. It's become fairly clear that her husband is not the only one who has power and control issues in the marriage. If he has them at all.
---ralph7477 on 12/22/06

Crystal, "I'm afraid I disagree with you, Daphne. Please look again. They suggested:" Actually, they didn't. They asked questions. You inferred what you listed, which means you assumed an attack. It is good to comfort... but the comfort is ill suited if core heart issues aren't revealed. Crystal, You have reacted to perceptions of things not actually stated. Why so angry? No good counsel comes from an angry man(woman).
---daphn8897 on 12/21/06

docpotter, your statement is so true. But, as counselors and ministers we must determine who departed and when. Then we seek what caused it and deal with it.
Many mates leave their marriages and yet stay right in the home. Read all the responses here, though many, you will see the main issue that brought on this action.
No one can have success in anything when they reject the revealed Word of God, His ways and how He would have things conducted.
---Elder on 12/20/06

daphn8897, Susie (Your comments are right on.) By NMH making the "Sarcasm" remark it is sarcasm in its self.
"Isn't that interesting?" Is more sarcasm. It appears to be OK for NMH.
Notice also that NMH "allows" her husband to parent "his son".... and some think she is the victim.
There is nothing wrong with this marriage just a lot wrong in it.
---Elder on 12/20/06

Cond #2
Telling someone the Truth is not criticizing but you don't understand that.
The position God has placed me in does not require or seek your blessings or approval. It is people like you and NMH that show me the need for my service and others like me.
You may now go back to your cigarettes and Soap Operas.
God Bless your little heart.
---Elder on 12/20/06

"Am I still bound to this man even though he walked out?" ---Not if he commits adultery against you, Then you are free to re-marry, unless you have broken your marriage vows to God, of course. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 12/20/06

The statement in I Cor 7:15 about not being in bondage does not grant freedom to remarry. It is simply stating that if the unbelieving partner leaves, the believing spouse is not obligated to serve that person. The word "bondage" is from the Greek: douloo 1) to make a slave of, reduce to bondage, 2) metaph. give myself wholly to one's needs and service, make myself a bondman to him.
---Bruce5656 on 12/20/06

Who of us has not seen someone leave his wife and still come back to her time and again make her feel obligated to him? She need feel no such obligation. She is not his "slave."
---Bruce5656 on 12/20/06

Read 1 Corinthians 7 ~ if one's spouse leaves, the other is no longer bound and the marriage is dead releasing one as much as if the departing party had actually died
---docpotter on 12/20/06

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NMH..LOL! I guess we got your attention again. It is good that you are considering reconcilication with your husband. As far as my sarcasm, what do you think Jesus was doing when he said, "Let them who is without sin cast the first stone!" or "Would you baptise for the dead?" Sarcasm isn't necessarily a bad trait. It is a useful tool in making a point. Forgiveness is also a useful tool in mending a relationship. Unconditional forgiveness is primary!
---Susie on 12/20/06

Very good question, Elder "Hope You're Not,"

What have I offered that it better? Well, let's see:

1) Kindness,
2) Understanding,
3) Compassion,
4) Encouragement.

And you have criticized and accused her making her cry. Now, you can't even say you're sorry, because (quite simply) you aren't. Again, why I hope you are in NO leadership position in any church, anywhere!
---Crystal on 12/20/06

Cond #2
Next the name issue that is brought up so often as an attack;
If you have been on CN any length of time and read the responses you know why I call myself Elder.
Why do you call yourself Crystal? I take it that you are not made of glass.
Ask around, you will be told why the Name Elder is used. I have already explained it before. Sorry it causes you so much concern.
As far as my statements and advice, what have you offered that is better?
---Elder on 12/20/06

I'm afraid I disagree with you, Daphne. Please look again. They suggested:

1) Her husband's leaving was HER fault,
2) Her children were "out of control" because she said they were a challenge.
3) She wanted to RULE over her husband.
4) She viewed her husband as a "meal ticket."

And that's only four of the criticisms she has received. Her husband LEFT HER! Now, tell me again why they were "godly" in their responses.
---Crystal on 12/20/06

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Thank you, Daphn. I wasn't fighting, and my discussion was directed towards NMH's situation. When the risk outweighs reward, the slightest mistakes are costly. Forgiveness wins.
---Dale on 12/19/06

Crystal, I've read this whole blog... Elder was not attacking, and neither was Dale. They gave scripture and asked hard questions. Most the of the rest of you have responded emotionally rather than biblically. NMH, I hope you hear hearts rather than choosing to be offended because some words are painful. The truth, like surgery, often causes wounds to be deepened for a season... but healing comes.
---daphn8897 on 12/19/06


Sarcasm is not a "fruit of the spirit" as I recall.

Anyway, my husband is asking to come home & claims that he made a big mistake. He also told me how much he appreciates the fact that I am a friend to his son while allowing him to parent the boy. He claims that he should do the same for my girls. Isn't that interesting? Anyway, I have told him that we have to seek counseling first. Also, if he leaves again, I won't reconcile!
---Not_Missing_Him on 12/19/06

Should you really be "fighting each other" at all, Elder? Does that say something about the spirit of your responses? I think so! Can't you apologize for hurting her feelings? Aren't "elders" supposed to be humble and ministering? I am as confused about your responses as I am about your chosen name for this forum.
---Crystal on 12/19/06

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Yes, Elder, I see! I don't think she really wanted us to tell her what she should do. Or, maybe she is trying to reconcile with her husband!
---Susie on 12/18/06

Has anyone noticed that while we fight each other NMH is not here any longer?
---Elder on 12/16/06

Jeanne I have been focusing on the issues of NMH. I do agree that people attack others because they don't agree with the statements they make. I would like to see those offer as good or better suggestions.
You must just remember the Gift of Helps God has given you and continue on helping no matter what anyone says.
This blog has gotten so muddy it is no wonder that NMH is confused.
Oh how pleasant when the people dwell in unity...
---Elder on 12/15/06

Susie, you must have missed my comment in the middle of the blog. It was dwarfed by all the other comments.
---Dale on 12/15/06

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Dale and Jeanne...Your conversation reminds me of that old phrase, "Better to keep your mouth shut and appear a fool than to open it and remove all doubt!
---Susie on 12/15/06

I don't care what career anyone on this site has. What I care about is that this marriage can be restored if NMH can forgive her husband and work on this relationship. She needs to let her daughters have their own lives and she should have hers. And her life shouldn't be made by controlling theirs.
---Susie on 12/15/06

Dale yes I am talking to you ready- no then get ready! I have had 1 foot in patent law and 1 in Vet. meds. for years I was going to bow out nicely sick of the fighting but now you I feel great renewed like back in court call me prime time!
---Jeanne on 12/15/06

Dale Y are you antiwoman? Why do U think ill of me & my fellow sisters? U say as follows-

"women WILL continue to LIVE w/men,marry, divorce,have children,marry, TOSS THEM AROUND like toss salads."-Woooo

U sound bitter? Plus they are not doing it on their own, they are having willing accomplices. Than you cont. your lament-

"When IT all hits the fan, write in for a shoulder to cry in on.the cycle is sin."

2 to tango Dale not just the womans fault.
---Jeanne on 12/15/06

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Elder is this fair the attack on my life, career, family, finances? U were kind & in return kindness was given back? U cant think it is fair the personal attacks when all I tried to do was encourage NMH? As a man of God U must speak up for what is right. To be silent means agreement. U asked me to listen I did. I now ask the same of you. To see the personal attacks that have nothing to do w/the question asked. U are a gent I would have stuck up for U Elder in your heart U know this, wrong is just wrong.
---Jeanne on 12/15/06

Dale again my career what does that have to do w/me relating to NMH, I have answered that all over the place it shouldnt matter if I was a plumber, doc, teacher? I dont follow your train of thought- Lawyers cant feel? I once again looked for Jacks blog that U insist I did not answer I cant find it. I dont understand your point "emotional blather" "Pontification" "nonsencical tangly web words" Is that Dr. Seuss? Are your trying to be funny or show your temper?
---Jeanne on 12/15/06

Showed the Chaplain at hospital the site. He said who is this chap with the lawyer comments? He said only certain jobs can help others? So Dale you tell us all about you since you made these ladies. Lets see the Dale book since you forced them on very private matters. Hows your marriage or breakup, your credit rating? What do you do? Always? Kid trouble? Jean actually took the time to answer Elder complimented you, Susie- said we can agree to disagree oh but I forgot that is very Christian.
---Levi on 12/15/06

NMH, Crystal I am saying bye you both were fun keep your chin up. I am just tired of fighting every step of the way with so called Christians, my life is too busy like most of ours. I can get kicked out in the world dont need it here w/so called family. I dont know why me being a lawyer would cause such a stir and negate my compassion, my struggle, financial problems, vilolent marriage, divorce etc. Ladies and Levi Merry Christmas/Happy New Year.
---Jeanne on 12/15/06

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Cond #3
I am on her side. That is why I have given her the most Scripture of anyone who has answered her.
Paul Glassier advocated Reality Therapy. I have been dealing with the reality of this and not the emotional feelings and back patting.
I cannot say everything will be OK just go on. I know it will never be right until this is settled with her present husband.
---Elder on 12/14/06

Jeanne, I would think and believe that from dealing with you what little I have you have the gift of helps.
You will also notice that those who have this gift aquire (many) others in the course of operating within this gift
---Elder on 12/14/06

Dale U say I dont answer you well I have I wrote 3 tonight the 1st did not go thru but U can see clearly by the 2nd Part it is a conn. "I then burned out" the blog before that told you of the law and all. I cant help if one slips thru the cracks or maybe my computer I have heard many complain about how they did answer/write back but only half to go thru or some. So ask again and I will re-write it no problem. I had no prob. answering Elder back everything he asked and with respect & many others.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

Levi, you said,
"Elder, Dale, Susie you have all made comments on this womans children. First they caused the problem, then they were THE challenge (not what she said) and why didnt they work, then you found out they work now they are perfect and sinless."
Show me where I said this. I am waiting. Thanks. Maybe you are reading something I am not.
And, She said in her first statement/question that they were a challenge. Do we disregard that or did you miss it?
---Elder on 12/14/06

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Susie/vows Each marriage is diff. & God/Judges it accordingly by his Word. But we all know there are reasons for broken marriages allowed thru the Pauline reasons for example for divorce. Adultery/fornication is 1 of the valid reasons. I am a Jew by birth so actually there is 613 laws, 365 neg. 248 pos. Some of these deal w/this very issure. I Corn.7:15,Mt.5:22 etc. deal w/other reasons. So that question has many answers depending on each case who did what to whom etc. Who left, who cheated,unsaved etc.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

Jeanne, the bottom line, it doesn't matter what you do for a living here. If you state and establish yourself as 'something', I think it should be true. If it's not, it's better to keep mum. The old saying, open your mouth and remove all doubt....
---Dale on 12/14/06

Dale I have answered you career,finances, marriage, kids, divorce, violence, my ex's mental prob. the death of my son, my burning out law wise & switching college wise to Vet Tech for 7yrs & even working for BHM, the death of my brother,death of my pop alot in that 4yr time not all of course but all the deaths & the divorce. What have I not answered? I dont see Jacks question on what blog? It may have been an oversight send it over. I have never shyed away from a question U just dont like my answers.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

2nd Dale- I then burned out working for a firm & my Uncle-2 pos. I left it went to my 1st career I had done yrs ago a Vet Tech for a # of yrs -again worked 2 jobs there & at BHM. Kids bills, my parents live w/me, my pop I am the only I working w/all those bills mounting. How terrible of U to have me explain my personal bills & imply otherwise. Do U know what my college bills were alone? I was not born rich had to get loans for all, & worked plus kids & dealt w/a violent man. I still am catching up.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

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3rd Dale- My bro & eldest son died out of the blue- burial cost. In the middle of a complicated divorce. Life is not easy I was the 1 left holding the bag surrounded by kids & elderly. I felt all alone do U know what that is like? I almost gave up when Eddy my son passed it was "too much". I still can not mention that in detail w/out tears. U meant to wound w/your question I hope you are satisfied brother, I hold no ill against U. It was only God that kept me, only God. Learn 1 word compassion.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

Jeanne....Doesn't Jesus expect us to keep our vows when we make them?????
---Susie on 12/14/06

You won't answer my question. On another blog, you said you were a lawyer.

Regardless, emotional blather. Pontification and a nonsensical tangly web of words.

Women will continue to live with men, marry, divorce have children, marry, toss them all around like salads.

When it all hits the fan, write in for a shoulder to cry on. The cycle of sin. There is a price and a responsibility that falls squarely on your shoulders. Until you stop the cycle, you will move on to another.
---Dale on 12/14/06

And I appeal to you, as a lawyer, please write out 'you'. Jack asked you nicely, and I am, too. We don't need to talk in code.
---Dale on 12/14/06

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Dale what does my career have to do w/ anything? I lost all w/my ex he was diagnosed rapid cycler bi-polar disorder ran up CC cards, threw money over an over pass to those under him, tore up a friends house looking for "goverment" bugs,legal bills to those he hurt,a house burned down from him smoking & sleeping I could go on & on. Docs, Lawyers, Vets,doesnt equal money it can all go in a blink of an eye. My college bills his college debt it was joint & I was stuck when he was declared bi-polar.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

NMH I "get" your pain I do, it will pass when- I can not say & days will come when it comes back out of the blue. The point NMH is this-- what I say, Susie, Crystal,Elder,Dale,are just words. The truth is Jesus is right there w/U & NMH He adores you completely values U, right/wrong He cherishes you. If wrong he will lead you in time- if right he will strengthen U more. Take heart, wipe your tears remember we are like spokes in a wheel each touches another so your story will help another 1 day.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

Elder I appeal to U, our sister is crying from your words. I told U the wound is deep and what you all saw as bravado was her way of coping. As I stated Elder she "bleeds" until the "bleeding" is stopped all she can see is the massive loss of blood. Fix this Elder, she is a woman, mother, she hurts from your words it is in your power to mend them.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

Dale I appeal to you now to talk of her children brings out the mother lion in any mother, women whether they are just born or 40. It is not fair to say such things about normal kids I have 4 and they are normal-- mostly great but again normal. Fix this statement brother I implore you for our sister, she is hurting, crying this is not correct. Jesus said blessed are the Peace is in your hands to be a peace maker.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

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Jeanne, I thought you said you were a lawyer.
---Dale on 12/14/06

I was never married to my children's natural father. What can I say? I was unsaved at that time in my life. A number of years later, I was born again and met my first husband at church. We became the very best of friends and married within a year. He understood grace, and NEVER threw my past in my face. I wish I could say that of my Christian brothers and sisters on this forum. I bet this disappoints you, huh Susie? Thought you'd found some dirt, didn't cha? So very sorry to let you down...
---Not_Missing_Him on 12/14/06

Can I marry a divorced man 'used in my work as a lawyer', (Jeanne). Was that in the past?
---Dale on 12/14/06

Elder you say Jeanne is wise that is because she speaks like Christ with peace because she has lived it. Her analogy about bleeding is so perfect yet you truly did not hear. You say "this woman holds the own gun to her head" I say no. But lets agree with you for a minute, then talk her down like Swat would not throw hurtful words which would cause the person to pull the trigger. Think man think of your own statement.
---Levi on 12/14/06

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Of course you have a gift. If you are part of the body of Christ, then you have a gift. You may not know exactly what it is, but you have one! The Word of God says that those God calls, He equips! You've been given just what you need to accomplish His plan for your life. A lot of Christians think of the gifts as "healing, prophecy, etc.," but love is a gift. Mercy is a gift. Encouragement is a gift. I know you have that one!
---Crystal on 12/14/06

Elder, Dale, Susie you have all made comments on this womans children. First they caused the problem, then they were THE challenge (not what she said) and why didnt they work, then you found out they work now they are perfect and sinless. Which, Which Which? Yes this is good for healing-- attack the hurting person and then attack her children--- but the man was basically in the right hmmm. This is no logic at all. NMH be strong for your children this to shall pass.
---Levi on 12/14/06

Elder thank U. Solomon asked for the best gift wisdom. For U to say I am wise, I am at a loss because I respect U. I dont feel it- I am just a single mom, 37, nothing special about me I dont even know what my gifts R, or if I have any even. It is rare for anyone to compliment me I work 2 jobs, take care of my elderly parents, barely make ends meet, wont remarry because I am afraid it may be sin-my responsibilities. I dont say this to brag please dont think that- just to tell U where I am at. U touched me.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

"Their biological father is very active in their lives, & the counselor said that their stepfather has only been in their lives for a couple of years & should act accordingly."

Please explain! You say your first husband died. This is one of the first posts you made after you posted this question.
---Susie on 12/14/06

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I am so incredibly insulted by your comments that I am going to say this and then I am DONE with you. You have NO idea!! I love my second husband, but BEFORE we were married, he was kind, thoughtful & gentle. AFTER we were married, he turned into a brute who wanted to rule with an iron fist. My first husband was the leader in our home, but he did not walk on me to lead. He asked my advice & considered my feelings. I am crying as I write this because of your cruelty. God forgive you!
---Not_Missing_Him on 12/14/06


I am only regretting our marriage now because he left me. What does that say about our relationship? No committment!


I am so very sorry for your circumstances. I will pray for you.


My heart breaks to hear your story. See! No one knows these things until they are brought into the light. I will also pray for you, my dear sister. Your story makes me realize that I have much to be grateful for.
---Not_Missing_Him on 12/14/06

Elder, shame on you! You are making a lot of assumptions now, and your comments are both hateful & hurtful. Dale, I didn't hear her say her daughters were perfect or w/out sin. I heard her say that they were a "challenge," which tells me they try her - like most teens will. I think she is to be commended for teaching her daughters responsibiliy and expecting them to contribute to the family. Am I the only one who sees this?
---Crystal on 12/14/06

Jeanne, how wise you are. I agree with you that this lady is hurting but the problem is how. She has the gun to her own head and is pulling the trigger herself.
Her posts show the husband left her physically. They also show that she left him first mentally and spiritually. She has stated, in no simple terms, he will not be allowed by her to take the leadership or come back no matter what the Bible says. She never really took him as a mate/husband to begin with. He was just a replacement.
Cond #2
---Elder on 12/14/06

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Cond #2
She qualifies her children by the "good" things they do, working, chores and so on. Why, I am at the point to think that according to her, her children don't even sin. I plainly see her attack on Bible standards.
I see these and other things. I know that most of her problems would go away immediately if she became obedient to God.
But, apart from her, thank you for your comments. God Bless.
---Elder on 12/14/06

I believe that this woman needs and deserves help.
Maybe her husband corrected the children in an improper manner. I don't have him here to deal with. I respond to the things being revealed by her. I cannot help the husband by proxy.
He is willing to come back but she punishes him and says no. The answer should be, "You can come back after we both get Christian counseling to correct the problems we are experiencing."
---Elder on 12/14/06

NMH, ask Pharisee why he uses that title.
He will tell you as he did me. It reminds him that he is one step from being a Pharisee. So are we all.
Some need to step up to come back up to the level of a Pharisee. Some will become one by stepping back.
A Pharisee attitude is in the heart no matter what the body actions are. They would stand around and gain support from one another for their unbibical actions while dressed in religious garb also.
---Elder on 12/14/06

Elder when we were married of course I did, I adored him, cherished him. I mean no disrespect to U as U know all marriages are diff. my ex was arrested and is serving time for almost killing me with a knife, broken bones etc. He also stabbed his boss and his mom the same day so it is apples and oranges, U didnt know this so no problem. Oddly enough Elder he was very gentle with the kids I was more stict. We may not agree Elder on some things but I respect your stand.
---Jeanne on 12/13/06

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Dale you are taking this personal it is only views from our Biblical standpoint/ and life. You say "high" 5'ing hey help comes from groups/talking it out & hearing as on here both sides. Dale you asked of my studies I teach as a doc I dont know if we can name such things. Most 1st marriages are when young, some to leave etc. 2nd marriages tend to do better due to age, experience. It is a study again not law - subject to change. You say fur is flying no its lifing up someone in a hard time.
---Levi on 12/13/06

Elder I did as you asked, I do listen to even opposite points I dont want to ever be "closed" minded. I see a lady that is "hurt" even her name NMH might be her way of dealing w/it now. I just dont think it is best to put more negitive feelings on a wounded person, they "cant" hear right now they are "bleeding" they can only see the massive "blood" 1st the "blood" must be stopped then as they are stronger they can hear "all things".
---Jeanne on 12/13/06

2nd part to Elder as I stated I respect that you take a stand on blogs. U and I are sometimes on the opposite ends but that is fine, iron sharpens iron. Talking, hearing all points is good for us. I respect your point, Dales, and Susie I just think we must try and lift her up first an encourage our sister give her truth-yes yes of course- but covered in love. I am glad U feel that you can approach me even scold me that is good it shows me you have backbone I admire that might not agree but admire. Shalom!
---Jeanne on 12/13/06

My husband walked out on me and our two children also. My Pastor counseled me and He stated that there are three reasons that God approves of divorce. If we are physically or mentally abused, if our husbands commit adultry, and if the husband is unsaved and he leaves let him go. If he returns be the Light of Christ for his own salvation. My husband committed adultry and left. He in turn asked for a divorce. I will keep you in my prayers.
---Julea5498 on 12/13/06

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Yes, I noticed that your husband left you. I also noticed that you are "not missing him". I also have learned that you lost the love of your life and best friend. I'm sorry about your loss. I counsel people who are contemplating remarriage to only marry if their love for their potential spouse is as strong or stronger than their former spouse. As we grow older, there are circumstances where people want companionship and not love. But, the potential spouse needs to be aware of that.
---Susie on 12/13/06

"I'm sorry I didn't wait even longer before I remarried."

Regret has a way of showing through in a person's life. As I said before, it isn't just about the daughters. It is much deeper. You cannot expect a man to want to live with you if you are regretting marrying him.
---Susie on 12/13/06

More drama. Why did you marry the second time around? 'He wanted to rule and it ain't gonna happen'.

Crystal and Not Missing Him, why did you marry for a second go around? It wasn't for the children, why did you bother?

Were you equally yoked as Christian women with Christian men?
---Dale on 12/13/06

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