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Do The Gifts Still Exist Today

What about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? As a Pentecostal Christian, I feel the power of God, almost daily, go through me. Are the gifts still in order of edification today or do they still exist?

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 ---Joe on 12/5/06
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If the Giver still exists, the gifts still exist.
---Linda6563 on 3/22/08

Mark: Glad you are finally coming around ;)
---TS on 4/2/07

YIppee, TS you wrote something i finally agree w/
---mark on 4/1/07

ALL of the Gifts of the Spirit are available. Just be careful to test them against the scriptures. There are still Prophets that have dreams and visions even today.
---TS on 4/1/07

The Gifts are still present and ongoing. They are not there for our entertainment and they never stopped.

My grandmother was healed by a local priest who has always denied that he had any such gift. But the whole town knew it and saw it in action. He was a humble man of God and used his gifts where needed and only in Christ's name. It was not his mission to go on crusades and heal every Tom, Dick and Harry for a small donation.
---lorra8574 on 4/1/07

Preach it Gabe, haha, whose eric??
---mark on 3/31/07

"Jesus began to denounce cities in which most of his miracles had been performed, because they did not repent. Woe to you. If the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes.. it will be more bearable for Tyre and Sidon on the day of judgment than for you. Capernaum,.. you will go down to the depths. . But I tell you that it will be more bearable for Sodom on the day of judgment than for you."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"If the gifts ceased why is there purpose to edify the church? Aren't we the Church? It didn't say they were for edification of the Apostles or the edification of the Church in the Bible. Remember Paul gives an anology of how the gifts should work. If we all have the gift of prophecy we would all be a hand. If we all had the gift of healing we would all be a foot. Why would he give 5-10 verses about how we should operate in them if they were JUST for the Corinthians?"
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"I believe Acts 10 Peter said Jesus went about doing good healing those who were oppressed of the devil because God was with him. Notice that. God was with him. Is God with you? The reason Jesus did these things was because God was with him. If you're born again He's in you. The Kingdom of God is within."

For nearly 1000 years there was no discussion on the Gifts of the Spirit. But in the Late 1800's and Early 1900's people began speaking of the gifts."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"Some of the gifts were perment and others were temporary."

Rev. Herb, Which gifts are you referring to? What period of time are you talking about? During the 1,000 year reign of Christ & beyond, tongues will cease, & the "gift" of healing won't be necessary because there will be no sickness or death during the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth -or- in Heaven.
---Mrs._Morgan on 3/31/07

"the majority of the church isn't evangelizing to the world. We just go to our once a week congregation and preach a salvation message to people who are already saved. What pastors need to do is equip the church and get them trained to go out and evangelize. Unbelievers won't go to church unless it's a "special event" easter, christmas,. The only two ways a believer will go to church is if the Holy Spirit is leading them to find the truth or they hit rock bottom."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"Many people say yes Love is better than the spiritual gifts, but that's not what Paul was saying. He said if I had Faith to move mountains and didn't have love it would be useless. Notice he's talking about the Gift of Faith. So what he's saying if he's operating in the Gift of Faith without Love his intention is in vain. But if he uses the gift of faith with love towards people then he's operating correctly."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"When I talk to people about healing and salvation I very rarely mention the gifts of the spirit. God still heals through humble servants. By faith and grace alone. Jesus referred to us "the church" as his disciples also. So disciples would include us. Operate out of authority in Jesus Name and trust in His written Word, the Bible. Focus on giving God the Glory and thats where we should all be focused."

God Bless
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

ERIC, "Jesus Christ is that which is Perfect. We won't need the gifts in Heaven. If the gifts of the Spirit were just FOR the APOSTLES then why did Paul tell the Corinthians that they were abusing the Gifts. If they were abusing the gifts they had to have them? right. Paul also tells them to covet the best gifts. He wasn't saying Love was a better gift. Rather he was saying use the gifts out of love."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

ERIC, "If we use the gifts out of pride or for our own benefit they will lead people astray. Why is it that so many Christians give satan credit for having power but when a Christian operates in the gifts of the spirit they get looked upon? I'm talking about normal everyday Christians who don't want to be seen and ask for money. We say wow these psychics and witches have so much power. The Holy Spirit needs a vessel to possess just as much as the devil. Let the Holy Spirit flow through you."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

ERIC, "Dispensationalism started around the 1840's by a 16 yr. old girl named Margaret Mcdonald who had a vision of the pre-trib rapture. John Darby accepted the vision as biblical. So John Darby influenced C.I. Scoffield. Scoffield then wrote a Bible aka the Scoffield Bible with pre-trib notes in it. Many dispensationalists are cessationists but yet accept a vision from a person as valid. I see some contradictions here. I thought visions weren't for today but yet they believe this one."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

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ERIC, "Cessationism was introduced into the church in the 15th century. Up to the 15th century the gifts had been practiced and in use until some church leaders who tried to say the gifts were false miracles. B.B. Warfield wrote Counterfiet Miracles.. Charismatic Chaos by John Macarthur and Counterfiet Revival by Hank Hannegraff. They believe every single charismatic/pentecostal believer acts like the top name "stars" of christianity.. just in it for the money and not for souls."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

ERIC, "If miracles are for today why do we see them in foreign countries and not America? I'll give you one answer. Unbelief. Do you remember when Jesus went to his own hometown and couldn't perform one miracle because there was so much unbelief. Sounds like mainstream America. Sounds like religion."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"The reason other countries such as Africa and Asia see them is because they read the bible as a child, with child like faith. "Don't let that false prophet who lays hands on the sick come to you, that stuff isn't for today". I've heard numerous preachers say that. I actually heard one say "I'd question it if a person does anything miraculous today". Something so normal up to the 15th century has become a hot spot in Christ."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"The three main reasons for miracles are

1. They help lead the lost into the kingdom of God
2. The nature and character of God (ex. I am the Lord who Healeth thee)
3. They show the world how much God loves and cares for them. (The goodness of God leads to repentance).

Discerning False Miracles and True Miracles.
True Miracles=point to the resurrected Saviour Jesus"
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

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"Lead us into a closer relationship with the Lord
A greater love for the Bible and to see the lost saved

False Miracles
1.point to the person perfoming the Miracle
2. Will not glorify the Holy Spirit. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will not glorify himself but will glorify Me.
3. A desire to have power to control people. (witchcraft)
4. In love with miracles, rather than Jesus."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"Now lets talk about the use of gifts in a post-modern era. Postmodernism is a philosophy in todays world. They believe that there is no absolute truths. They believe that what shapes reality is an experience. In other words, if they can experience something they'll believe it to be real. If they can't experience it they say how do you know it's real."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"They say I'm entitled to what I believe and your entitled to what you believe and let's keep it at that. To be honest that type of thought scares western christianity. We say we can't experience anything today let's just read the Bible and wait for our home in heaven. Spiritual experiences tend to scare alot of Christians also."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

" Many Christians go in the ministry without the knowledge of the Holy Spirit which is a downfall. They come in with a "Jesus only" message which leaves no room for the Holy Spirit to work. The church can write the Holy Spirit's resume. Holy Spirit you convict the sinner and give us the fruit of the spirit. As for the Gifts you know longer do them so just do your job. Jesus came to restore mankind to the Father. Not so we can sit around and wait for heaven."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

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" I know the Apostles had power to perform signs. It was the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit didn't change. Were they given a different Holy Spirit? The Bible says I am God I change not". It doesn't say once the canon of scripture is complete I will be floating "out somewhere". No, He's in you and He's in me. Sure God's in Heaven and Jesus is at the Right hand of the Father, but God the Holy Spirit is in us."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"every miracle Jesus and the Apostles did "multitudes came to the Lord". I know Jesus healed the 10 Lepers only 1 came back to glorify him but the majority of the miracles that were done added to the kingdom of God. "An adulterous generation seeks a sign." What was Jesus talking about? He was talking to the Pharisees who said, come on Jesus if you're really God PROVE IT! I'm not going to believe words, Prove you're God."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

Dr. Wayne Grudem is Research Professor of Bible and Theology at Phoenix Seminary. He holds a B.A. from Harvard University, M.Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary and Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge.
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"The cessationist community that is ready to pounce on anyone who speaks of subjective forms of guidance; ready to pounce on anyone who speaks of dealing with promptings of the Lord in one way or another; that is highly suspicious of any emotional component in worship or prayer."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

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"There is a segment of the cessationist community that is so suspicious of any emotional component, any subjective component in all of our relationship with God and with others that it tends to quench a vital aspect of the personal relationship with God in the lives of ordinary believers. And that can tend to a dry orthodoxy in the next generation that abandons that faith and the church spiritually becomes dry and static, and I'm concerned about that."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"While we're still officially cessationist we can...become too rationalistic; give too high a priority on knowledge instead of relationship and this can produce in us a bibliolatry (believing in the Father, Son and the Holy Bible)." The net effect of this is the depersonalization of God and that part of the motivation for depersonalizing God is the increasing craving for control."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"We want to affirm that God is still a God of healing and miracles; Evangelical rationalism can lead to spiritual defection; the Holy Spirit's guidance is still needed in discerning the will of God; we must not avoid the sufferings of Christ in seeking out the power of the Spirit; and then they talk about the witness of the Holy Spirit."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

"If we taught about spiritual gifts that were consistent with Scripture and which put safeguards against abuses, that we would see a much greater explosion of the powerful working of the Holy Spirit in bringing more unbelievers to Christ and in bringing physical and emotional and relational healing to people within our churches and in bringing us to new levels of joy in worship beyond the very positive things that we see today."
---Gabrielle on 3/31/07

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Continuationism - "the assumption that miraculous gifts are normative and have continued in uninterrupted operation since Pentecost."

Cessationism - "the belief the miraculous gifts such as healing, tongues, prophetic revelation, and supernatural knowledge pertained to the apostolic era only, served a purpose that was unique to the era before the New Testament was complete, and passed from use before the canon of Scripture was closed." It's contrasted with continuationism.
---Gabrielle on 3/30/07

Some of the gifts were perment and others were temporary.
---Rev_Herb on 12/28/06

All Gifts of the Spirit still exist and are active today.
---Leslie on 12/26/06

this question is answered in Acts ch. 2 v.39
Read chapter 2 entirely so you don't take this out of context and you will see this is for ALL that the Lord has called.....
---Deborah on 12/7/06

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**As a Pentecostal Christian, I feel the power of God, almost daily, go through me.**

Just one thing. Keep in mind the analogy in the Four Spiritual Laws booklet: Feelings don't fuel or run the train. First come facts, then faith (response), THEN feeling.

And feelings DO come and go. Facts, faith--and especially love (regardless of feelings) remain.
---Jack on 12/7/06

Linda, "If the Giver still exists, the gifts still exist." Good answer!
---Christina on 12/7/06

Yes, as long as the Holy Spirit of grace is here upon earth there will always be supernatural manifestations, but very soon the rapture is going to take place and all of the believers will called up into the heavens and the Holy Spirit will also be gathered back up also, and then there will be no shekinah left down upon the earth, only misery and unbelief.
---Eloy on 12/7/06

Joe::I believe many people may be moved to believe that they are filled with the Holy spirit.But it is dependant on 2 things God who knows & those who think they know .I firmly believe that to be so gifted one must be pure in thought word & deed as I also firmly believe that the HS will not abide in one who is steeped in any form of Transgression.The Hs is sent to strenghten & guide .Not Cleanse. That is done by Jesus following sincere contrition& a purpose of ammendment.Would you agree?
---Emcee on 12/6/06

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of course gifts for the ministry and encouragement of the community are still around today. they may be in a different form than they were in the past but The spirit still gifts and calls people to ministry, and I seriously doubt all the gifts are listed in scripture. I'm not about to put God into that small of a box.
---Jared on 12/6/06

The application of gifts are as rare as in Moses' time (Moses being the only person to part the waters). Doubt and a cold heart have kept Christians from applying the gifts. When was the last time you passed a young person in a wheel chair and thought to yourself, "I wish I had the power to heal that person." But you didn't. You were afraid. Your faith is weak.
---Steveng on 12/6/06

If we don't have Spiritual gifts why have pastors and evangelists?
---Pharisee on 12/6/06

I remember a song from a few years(spelled decades)ago called "Turn your radio on". While it was neither scripture or hard rock there were some good analagies. We must keep the path open between us and God (both ways). We must avail our spirits to the Holy Ghost and use those gifts He provides. Not having specific gifts does NOT mean we are either not Christians or even lesser than others. God is using us in His way in His time.
---mikefl on 12/6/06

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I am a charismatic christian & although I have not been given the gift of speaking in tongues, I have been given several gifts. I believe that the gifts are free to those who want them & are still present today. I do agree with the reply that they can become stagnant. But they can be revived again & that does depend on the persons willingness to seek it.
---Jackie on 12/6/06

The Church has it's tools and marching orders until Jesus comes back. There are gifts and ministries given by God to be used to build the body of Christ. Unless there are body parts missing we need everything.
---john on 12/6/06

God says there is NO shadow of changing with Him. He also says I am the same yesterday today and forever so the the answer yes. He also says he is not like man and can NOT lie.
---Jeanne on 12/6/06

If God is the same yesterday, today and forever, then what he put in effect (the gifts) are still in effect today. The gifts of God are not taken away from people once they have them, however, they can become stagnant in a person's life. The gifts do most certainly exist today and are in operation in some churches that believe in them.
---Donna9759 on 12/6/06

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You've asked a good question, Joe.

I would say that there are TWO tests for tongues, healing, prophecy, or any other such sign:

1. What doctrine comes with it? I've seen some deny the physical resurrection of Christ while "ministering in prophecy."

2. What's the FRUIT of the sign in the lives of the people involved?
---Jack on 12/6/06

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