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I Am Extremely Moody

I was told I was moody because my name is Cameron Moody. I think I'm bipolar. I'm on this site because I need God. He has to help me stop being so MOODY.

Moderator - See a doctor and also make sure that you are not holding unforgiveness toward others.

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 ---cameron on 12/6/06
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If you think you are bi-polar or even just have depression, check with a doctor. God gives us the tools to help ourselves - one is seeking a doctors advice when needed. Find fellowship with strong Christians that are not judgmental and that will help too.
---grace3869 on 10/8/07

I've gone thru the change and am on Celexa for mood swings because of it. Medicine does have its place. Keeping my mind on the things of God, praising Him.. all of this does the mind, body and spirit good.
---betty8468 on 12/28/06

Cameron, the mod nailed the answer. Follow that advice.

Since we all have monthly cycles of some sort--women experience it to a greater degree--moodiness can be tied to that. Moodiness can have medical OR emotional causes, only a qualified professional can properly evaluate. You are NOT QUALIFIED.

There can also be sin issues, either done to you or in your heart as a aggravator of moodiness. For that check out a pastor.
---John_T on 12/18/06

Cameron, why dont we change your family name to Happy. So happiness will reign in your heart. That's true stress causes moodiness. The joy of the Lord is my strength! When you wake up in the morning think of God's beautiful creation and thank Him all the time. You are beautiful in the sight of God and that matter most, isnt it? Take car of yourself, you are the temple of the Holy spirit.
---ana8864 on 12/8/06

Find a good doctor. However, there are some personalities that tend to be moody as a normal part of their being . There are a number of factors that may cause you to be abnormal in your moodiness -such as a lack of proper nurtrition, a lack of rest, over stressed, etc. See a doctor. There is nothing much worse than self diagnosis or a diagnosis from well meaning people. A good evaluation of your spiritual condition may also be helpful - but don't use Christianity as a scape goat for your problems.
---wivv on 12/7/06

A dash of this, and a splash of that - perky tips and quips may not restore brain chemistry. Medicine has its' place.
---Dale on 12/7/06

When you give up the entertainment you have and fill those places with God you'll not be miserable.

Wow, it's amazing how one missed word can change the whole meaning.
---Pharisee on 12/7/06

Do a study on the word JOY. Write down all of the scriptures that talk about Joy, "That your Joy may be made full." Peter talks about "Joy Unspeakable." Since the word of God is living and active, and sharper than any two edge sword, etc., and since Jesus is the word and the word became flesh, as you read the words of Jesus, you are putting Jesus inside your spirit man and He will disperse all darkness inside of you and you will no longer be moody. Amen?
---Donna9759 on 12/7/06

Don't believe what you're told about your name. Rather believe that you can do all things through Christ who will strenthen you. The fact that you have admitted that you need God is so very good. It is His peace that will take those mood swings and stabalize you. Get in contact with some faith people and get them to pray with you and help you overcome this. We will pray at this end. You will win.
---john on 12/6/06

Cameron: The mod is right. You should definitely see a doctor, and see if there is a physical reason for your mood swings. If there is no physical reason, ask for a referral to a psychiatrist for some medications to help you stablize your moods. God bless.
---Madison1101 on 12/6/06

Your name has nothing to do with how you act. If you feel as though you need help you are seeking it from the right place. God is able to bring you through anything. Reaching out is the first step. Ask your physician about a good therapist so that you can be properly diagnosed, and follow through from there
You will get excellent support on this site.
Keep your head up, God Bless,
---lynet on 12/6/06

Cameron, God doesn't HAVE to do anything. He is the only one who is toally free. But He heals and helps because He FREELYH WISHES to do so.

Before leaping to a dx of bipolar disorder, you could be suffering from clinical depression, wavering blood pressure, diabetes, or other PHYSICAL ailments, singly or in combination, that affect your mood, and only a good physician can dx it/them.

Remember, God works through doctors, too.
---Jack on 12/6/06

Yes this world can change our attitude every other second. So its important that we are grounded in god's word and if not seek him by mediation. forget the drinking and drugs that will only make your body feel worst and then you have to fight that. Instead enjoy the foods that give you joy and if you need time to be alone go to a place where no one bothers you and pray. and music always lifts your spirits ....however try to listen to good music...not hip hop or worldly music...
---MaryAnn on 12/6/06

Cameron our visceral society makes us dissatisfied with life in General.

Think about a commercial, it's chief aim is to make you unhappy with reality so you'll buy their product. Sitcoms do the same thing, they teach us how to think, but we don't realize it.

When you give up the entertainment you have and fill those places with God you'll be miserable.

It's scientifically proven that the way we think can change our brain's chemistry. choose to be influenced only by Christ.
---Pharisee on 12/6/06

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