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Online Dating Tips

I'm new here but seriously looking for a Godly woman to settle down with. Can someone give me online dating tips so that I can use for dating?

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 ---tony_legend on 12/8/06
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Find out what her beliefs are. See if she believes to the length and depth that you do about Jesus. How faithful is she to her walk with the Lord? Be gentle with her, not pushy. Ask lots of questions about her goals, her desires, dreams, and what she desires in a man. I spoke to a man I met here on ChristiaNet for 8 months, he said all the right things, sounded Godly, etc., but when I met him, he was the complete opposite. Meet her in person asap.
---Donna9759 on 2/28/08

Oh brother. Have you come to the right place or what! This is dating central. I suggest you click on the blue line, read all about Relationships. Then move on to Marriage, also on the blue line. Take a look at the relationships that are in a bind. Determine not to make those mistakes. :-b
---Cindy on 7/7/07

I am beginning that same journey. It is hard for a Christian to meet new single people. I am in the process of divorce, after my Christian husband had an affair. I don't know where to begin either.
---Tammie on 2/12/07

Hey what more scripture do you need "Seek & YOU WILL find" but if you need more Gen 2;22-24::Ecclus7;21Prov;5:18-19. Ecclus25V1-2. & lastly Tobias 8;4-5
---EMCEE on 1/19/07

Also.... just to stir the pot a bit. What scripture is there, if any, that says we can or are to "date"? And, perhaps we should define "dating."
---daphn8897 on 1/19/07

Emcee, You are funny, but you are right. Tony, bottom line I think is to be real. It's okay to put your "best face forward" - just be sure that it's really your face. ;o) We all want to present the best us we can. Most godly women will appreciate that.
---daphn8897 on 1/18/07

Trust in your heart that there is someone out there, but my take time to find them. Even if they aren't christian doesn't mean they won't change. God has always to be opened minded. If we weren't, no one would've believed in Jesus.
---Lois1111 on 1/3/07

Hi,I know what you mean I was actually told that a Christian should court not date. There are many sources online, look up Courting or Christian Courting. Very helpfull. There are even a few good books. Good Luck.
---judit4846 on 12/19/06

Get to know each other before you start dating. Be friends first. People are generally less pretentious with friends. Dating should only take place when you are fairly certain the two of you would be compatable in a marriage relationship. So much heartache could be avoided with this very simple step.
---DoryLory on 12/10/06

First, take a deep look into the face of Jesus. See His love, His meekness, His humility, and realize that this is what makes Him strong. Accept His grace to cleanse you from the faults He reveals. Realize your weakness and His perfect strength.

Now you are prepared to let Him lead you day by day. Don't try the dating game as such, but seek to be a friend and to be friendly. Let His glory and love be seen in you--unselfishly, with no strings attached.
---Wayne87 on 12/9/06

Recognize that people can say one thing and be another, therefore let Him tell you the truth of the matter--ask Him for wisdom in each decision, guidance at each step toward even the decision to date a person. Even meeting a person face to face doesn't always reveal what they are--it takes time. Watch how they relate to challenges and temptations. Above all, be totally honest in your sharing (even though others might not be). May He bless you.
---Wayne87 on 12/9/06

Tony ::Hey Guy be yourself dont put onairs & graces just be Tony & I am sure you will be hooked in no time if you are not already there are many damsels some in Distress & some just dying for the opportunity,to meet "Tony The Tiger" GRRRRRate,Now ladies pick your partner.
---Emcee on 12/9/06

Behave like a Christian when you are online dating and dating in person. So many of the Christians guys are just like the world.
---Jane on 12/9/06

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