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Online Marriage Tips

Could you give me some online marriage tips? My marriage is in good shape, however I think we can all improve our relationship with our spouse with practical marriage tips.

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 ---Moderator on 12/8/06
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To keep your marriage strong, you should have a date night each week with your mate regardless of how busy you are. Spending time with your mate is important.
---Jimmy on 12/2/07

Take time for the little foot rub...
a favorite dessert...a good movie...
and most important...listening to your Lover...

---Reiter on 12/30/06

My marriage has been a battle the entire 11 years, with me and God waging war against the principalities of darkness. Pray and persevere: God is faithful.
---Sheryl on 12/27/06

I agree with your statement. As a matter of fact, I have shocked people with my conservative views. I am a single, professional, successful woman. I've never married, but I do believe Christ is the head of the household and the husband is 2nd in command. I would like to exchange emails with you on the subject if you'd like to.

Merry Christmas,

---Karen on 12/24/06

I believe that for you to have a good marriage both partners need to know the God that they serve, be obedient to his word and love one another, respect and understand why your both in the marriage. It is beyond me how people can say they love God yet fall out of love with each other and are both saved. For me either one or both are living a life of unbelief/misunderstanding somewhere, either person/person or of God if there are marital problems.
---Carla5754 on 12/23/06

I think following the Bible and allowing Jesus to control your life that all you do is through love,,,,the rest should all fall in place.....focus on him...he takes care of all our needs
---Douglas on 12/22/06

The first words are committment and tenacity! After that, make a genuine effort to increase your communication and conflict-resolution skills - they are the basis for agreement or understanding in all other areas! There are good online marriage enrichment courses such as those that we offer.
---docpotter on 12/20/06

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Three key elements in any marriage.
---Ken on 12/18/06

I also agree with the date night. Praying with each other helps to bring a very intimate bond & it also helps with the 2 becoming 1. Finding little ways, as well as big ones to demonstrate your love by putting the other first & make it a daily habit.
---PJ on 12/17/06

That's great. Very hard to find good marriage nowadays. Continue to serve and worship God. It take 3 persons in a successful marriage. God, you and your spouse. Ephesians 5:22-33.
Let love the common denominatior in your marriage. 1 Corointhians 13:4-7. Love never fails.
---agnea6677 on 12/17/06

As has already been stated, communication is vital.The scripture says, "don't let the sun go down upon your wrath." Remember, you're one in Christ. No longer two but one.
---Darrell on 12/15/06

There is always room for improvement in a marriage. I really like the triangle idea, with God at the top.
---Angela on 12/14/06

"Sammy...Good can always get even you proposed a great blog question" Reiter, who is Sammy. This question is posed by one of the moderators so how do you know the name is Sammy?
---m.p.a. on 12/14/06

Scott made a good point that we often's important to keep the 'wandering eye' in affair begins with a lustful look...rachel...
---Reiter on 12/13/06

Attitude plays the biggest part of a relationship. If both partners respect each other as they wish to be respected and stay away from too much advice from relatives and friends, and make their own choices, both would feel appreciated and important to each other. And after all, that is what each other want, to know they are loved and appreciated. They must put God first and seek His direction.
---Leona on 12/13/06

My sense of humor is operating today so I'm going to let it roll right out. The best online marriage tip I would like to give is the same tip the Apostle Paul gave, "It is better to remain single as I am." If only everyone got that revelation that Paul got, there would be alot less divorces today, amen?
---Donna9759 on 12/13/06

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The most important thing to remember about your marriage is that you need to stay committed to each other. Not just as husband and wife, as friends, and as our Lord's children.

Remember even if you look at another person in a lustfull way, you have committed adultrey. Love one another with all your hearts.
---Scott on 12/13/06

Communication is the key. Talk out little hurts, don't keep them inside and explode later. Do silly things together, and laugh at them. Say "I love you" often, and show it in many ways.
---Lindy on 12/12/06

Write her a selection of love notes and place them in her coat pocket, Bible, newspaper, cupboard, among the clothes for ironing, on her pilow , in her clothes drawers etc etc
---Graeme on 12/12/06

Just draw a triangle. Write at one end of the basisline your name and at the other end the name of your partner (wife or husband). Write at the top the name of Jesus!
This is the only way a Christian AND happy or blessed marriage has to look like!
Every line added or blotted out, will let your triangle fall down and destroy your marriage sooner or later. It means, that always three persons (Jesus on top!) have to be involved in your marriage, no one less and not anyone more.
---Ernst on 12/12/06

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The most important thing in a marriage is to have a Christ centered relationship. It is also very important to have real communication, trust and respect. My marriage ended because we did not have these things. It takes both of you to keep the love and committment strong every day.
---Angela on 12/12/06

What is important is the love and respect with each other. I have been married for 35 years now but still growing strong. We always speak the words daily "I LOVE YOU". they say if you are married too long you treat each other as brothers and sisters but in our case the Love still grows stronger and much stronger now that we are old. Try our formula.
---ana8864 on 12/10/06

Serve each other.
---sue on 12/10/06

My parents have been married 50 years. They have 'rules'. No TV during the day until the news. From sunrise 'til sundown, they visit back and forth. They've camped, fished, and traveled together. No separate vacations. Communication every day. I have not observed a fight in 50 years. They wait on each other, hand and foot. Major surgeries, hardships have drawn them closer. Dad calls Mom, "My Chick, Love Dove, etc.", goofy nicknames but endearing.
---Raine on 12/9/06

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Communication is the key to a happy marriage. Speak to each other daily. Be sure to find at least one night each week no matter how busy you are to spend quality time together. This can make a big difference
---Muriel on 12/9/06

Sammy...Good can always get even you proposed a great blog for you will differ from tips for her...but since you receive the Tips:

Consider your wife's needs...if she is modest...she may not ask you...but use common sense...

Keep up Romance...a few carnations...playing the songs she likes...strolls through parks...a favorite's what's little that matters...

---Reiter on 12/9/06

Be considerate of your mates feelings. If you make coffee, get him a cup too. Dont go to sleep mad.Do something everyday together even if it's a little thing like talk. Remember the Golden Rule. (I've been married over 25 years to the same guy!)
---SUE on 12/9/06

I TOTALLYYYYYYYYY Agree with having a date night!!! It's so important, because we get caught up in the hussle & bussle of our daily duties, desires, & etc. Never forget your an individual, yet your in unison with your spouse. To maintain balance, read together & pray together, & then will come all the other goodies!! BE BLESSED & IF ANYONE HAS ANYMORE MARITAL ADVICE, I'd LOVEEE TO HAVE SOME TOO!!! hehehhe
---Julie5346 on 12/8/06

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