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What Is The Christmas Story

What is the Christmas Story? Who knows the true meaning of Christmas? My church celebration and decorations look just like the world's. Is this the true Christmas Story?

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 ---Jimbo on 12/9/06
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I will celebrate Nativity, for it has a place in History! Thank you Jesus! The Babe the man the King the Savior!
Won't you join!
---paul on 11/27/08

"The angel said to Joseph the son of David, fear not to take to you your wife Mary: For that which is come into being in her is of the Holy Ghost. She will bring forward a son, and you will call his name Jesus: for he will save his people from their sins. And the angel said to them, Fear not: for here I bring you good tidings of great joy, which will be to all people. For to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. For to us a child is born, to us a Son is given, and His name will be called, Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." Matthew 1:20,21+ Luke 2:10,11+ Isaiah 9:5.
---Eloy on 9/25/08

The Christmas story is God with us as our redeemer and friend.

That's a bit different than Santa Clauss is coming to town, and all the other non-sense that our children are being taught about this holiday.

God with us, hey in light of that let's teach children to be self absorbed, spoiled and selfish people.

Child abuse in the name of God. Double Phooey, triple humbug! The spirit of the holiday is humble service, not self indulgence.
---Pharisee on 9/24/08

Where do you think the world got them from?

Read Matthew 1 and Luke 1-2.
---Jack on 8/26/07

The Christmas Story is that Jesus, who has always existed with God the Father in Heaven, laid aside His glory to take on humanness. Jesus is both fully God and fully man. He was born of a woman from God's Spirit. As a man he lived a sinless life and then was crucified for our sins, clearing our guilt sentence. Decorations can be a distraction, but if you have received God's gift of forgiveness in Jesus, there is a lot to celebrate.
---Sheryl on 12/27/06

Jimbo, I'd ask your church elders why they decorate in such a way. if they have an answer that points to christ then that's good. if they don't point to christ then that isn't good. Many of the traditional decorations: Trees, Holly, ornimates, candles, and other greens have strong symbolism that does not detract from Christ but support the Gospel. Look up the meanings be hind the traditions and you will be amazed and accept most of the decorations of our day.
---Jared on 12/21/06

If the decorations don't point to christ then I'd push that the church wouldn't use them. Everything in the church should point to Christ in some way.
---Jared on 12/21/06

I would encourage you all to look up the christian meanings behind all the christmas traditions, it would greatly enhance your worship during this season. The tree has a rich history that is amazing. Look it up it's easy to find, and if your church doesn't know the meanings behind the traditions tell them.
---Jared on 12/21/06

Holidays such as Christmas are just open for evangilism because many people don't know why they do the things they do. and they are usually open for discussion. it is amazing how the entire nation for one day can live out the gospel of christ at christmas even if they don't know why. Our jobs is to give them the meaning and to encourage them to stay in the communion of the saints.
---Jared on 12/21/06

Interesting approach, Mata.

Poverty and domestic violence can be eradicated by simply banning Christmas.

Where did you EVER get this wonderful idea?
---Jack on 12/21/06

**The same letters that spell SANTA also spells SATAN. Both are pictured in a read suit.**

In most other langauges, the Christian feast on 25 December is called NATIVITY, or something similar.

Rearrange the letters in GOD and you get DOG.

And many pictures of the historical St. Nicholas, he is NOT wearing red.
---Jack on 12/21/06

absolutely Rev Herb..absolutely..and it spells sad times for many poor family, many poor wives who gets beaten up, women raped, etc etc etc. It is a sad day. Not Christs birth..He brings glory to His people, not sadness..the wickeds are the ones who enjoy it.
---mata on 12/19/06

Hark! The herald angels sing!
Glory to the Newborn King
Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild
God and sinners reconciled
Joyful all ye nations rise
Join the triumph of the skies
With angelic hosts proclaim
Christ is Born in Bethlehem
Hark! The herald angels sing!
Glory to the Newborn King!

Charles Wesley
---Raine on 12/19/06

We think we are celebrating the birth of Christ at Christmas, when in fact it is his death. Mass means bloody sacrifice and Christ Mass is the bloody sacrifice of Christ. The same letters that spell SANTA also spells SATAN. Both are pictured in a read suit.
---Rev_Herb on 12/18/06

RebeccaD, that was sweet. It seems like you've been away a long time.
---Cindy on 12/13/06

The birth of Jesus Christ. You mothers out there, can you imagine having your child in a stable? And laying him in a manger? A manger is dirty, it isn't like having a crib by Jenny Lynn. Mary didn't have that, she didn't have all this fancy stuff they have now. It didn't matter if she did, because Christ was born, so he could die and take away our sins. If someone thinks Santa Claus and presents/decorations is the meaning of Christmas, there is something wrong with them.
---Rebecca_D on 12/13/06

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Jack I bet Bishop Nicholas would turn in his grave if he knew what the world had done with his examples of love and charity. The so called spin-off "Santa Claws" exhibits little Christianity today and is all about getting gifts ($$$) to people rather than love of God.
---mikefl on 12/12/06

I agree with John. The thing that distinguishs Christians from the world is our love for others. Religious legalism is a poor substitute. It has the appearance of being spiritual but lacks the power.
---DoryLory on 12/10/06

To me, our "church" is a group refuge from the world, not a part of the world. It is a place we can respect God without having the "faith police" telling us no. So yes, the church should reflect the Biblical accounts of Jesus's Birth. Those who sing or speak have the authority and duty to share facts of that time and the wonderous hope His birth would bring...and has brought. As Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's & to God what is God's... MHO.
---mikefl on 12/10/06

**That's a bit different than Santa Clauss is coming to town,**

The original Santa Claus was Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra, known for not only his charity to those in distress but zeal for the truth of the Divinity of Christ. His feast day is on 6 December.
---Jack on 12/10/06

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The movie "The Christmas Box" tells it best, other than the Bible. The first gift of Christmas was a Child wrapped in pure love - For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son.
---Leslie on 12/9/06

Just because your church's celebration look just like what's going on outside doesn't mean a thing. You wear the same clothes and drive the same cars and eat the same food as the world too don't you? Enjoy the celebrations. I think the world is the one who is trying to copy. Except they do it without Jesus as their reason.
---john on 12/9/06

Ive been watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" for as long as I can remember. Linus said it best when he went out on the stage and said "for unto you is born this day in the city of David a savior, tis Christ the lord"

THAT is what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown
---NurseRobert on 12/9/06

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