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Was Jesus Illegitmate

Was Jesus an illegitimate child in the eyes of the world?

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 ---john on 12/9/06
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Furthermore this teaching did not come as early as Jesus death but needed some time to evolve in th masterminds of the great Jewish leaders.

it was when Christianity became a statereligion under Constantin that the second theory was invented. this to prevent a forced acceptance of our Messiah.
---Andy on 3/18/09

Jody. this teaching was generally given (and still is in fundamentalist rabinic schools). and was the first great organised counterattack against this NEW SECT IN JUDAISM. Paul believed this before his conversion, so did many of his fellow-jews, others advocated a more liberal way trying not to offend God they advanced the "two messiahs theory", in which they said that Jesus was the Messiah for the Gentiles, and that their own messiah is still to come (todays generally advocated jewish point of vieuw). it is quite normall that The leading jews tried to make Christ iligetimate and even a "bastard". this would completaly block any claim of Jesus and his followersupon the throne of David.
---Andy on 3/2/09

I seriously doubt it or it would have been used against him. They used anything they could drum up to tarnish and disclaim Jesus and this is not mentioned in the New Testament. I think they believed that Jesus was the son of Joseph.
---jody on 2/26/09

Catherine you wrote,"Abraham's wife had a baby and she was around 150 years old." In order to be a little bit more accurate I unbelieve some study will show that Sara was ninety years old when she gave birth to Isaac.
---mima on 2/26/09

According to ertain Jewish sources, Jesus was the son of a roman soldiers and a verry easy girl (Mary)
also other Jewish teaching say Jesus was a rebel bastard leader who after being defeated by a great Rabi, went to Egypt to learn wichcraft and returned performeeing fake miracles.
To us he is the son of Gosd through Mary. it is Blasphemy to Jews, madness to the world but for us, the way to salvation.
---Andy on 2/26/09

The union was Spiritual Christ was born taking on human flesh but was in heaven from the beginning the understanding is therefore Spiritual not physical ( not born of the same connotations) as children are born today out of wedlock equating one to be born illegitimately.

Jesus's birth is as written born of a Virgin, given by God through the Holy Spirit.
---Carla3939 on 2/26/09

Those concepts don't carry ant weight where God is concerned he is the father of all. The marriage is Spiritual not physical.
---Carla3939 on 2/25/09

yes and no the son of god was born in to this world thur a real woman thou he was not made by a man but by gods wholy sprit. this is how i seen the man of god to be brout to his oun world. in oder to see how the world will theat one made from his oun the event you don't get it ask god your self .. treat outher as you want to be treated
---sean on 1/12/09

God has no illligtamate sons,or daughters.and please was jesus illegitimate?the world knew him not,so if they thought this it would be normal,but still incorrect.
---tom2 on 1/12/09

I DO NOT BELIEVE SO. Many thought that Jesus was the natural son of Mary and JOSEPH. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Note: Not first miracle by God concerning a birth. Abraham's wife had a baby and she was around 150 years old. Jesus had four half-brothers...James, Joses, Judas, and Simon. And an unspecified number of sisters. Mark 6:3, Luke 4:22, and check out also, Mark 6:3. A correction: Sarah was ONLY 91 when she had Isaac, the child which God promised to them. Have a great week, everyone as unto the Lord. Please++
---catherine on 1/12/09

YES ,In the eyes of the world Jesus was illegitimate. Also every born-again Christian is illegitimate in the eyes of the world. Those with Imputed righteousness can never be accepted by the world. The sooner a Christian understands this the sooner he could be at peace with the world. The world will never be at peace with the Christian but he can be at peace with the world.
---mima on 1/12/09

John 8:38-41 says (YAHUSHUA/JESUS speaking to the Pharisees) "I speak that which I have seen with My Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father. They answered Him and said unto Him, 'Abraham is our father'. YAHUSHUA saith unto them, 'If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham. But, now ye seek to kill Me, a Man that hath told you the Truth, which I have heard of GOD: this did not Abraham. Ye do the deeds of your father (Satan). Then said they to Him, 'WE BE NOT BORN OF FORNICATION, we have one Father, even God.'" That statement "....not born of fornication" was a remark which insinuated that YAHUSHUA was really born from Mary by pre-marital sex, rather than miraculously by the Holy Spirit.
---Gordon on 1/12/09

His legitimacy was probably doubted - but this was all part of God's plan!
Jesus suffered in almost every way a human can, this is just one example of how he was a social misfit to his peers. He was hated for all sorts of reasons, despite being wholly blameless. Yet look at how the world has changed because of his life!
---Graham on 1/12/09

Joseph was clearly of the knowledge that he was not the father of Mary's forthcoming baby. This must have concerned him, and for a moment he probably though the baby would be illegimate, as he thought of "putting mary away"

But he learnt the truth and accepted Mary as the true and pure mother of Jesus.
---alan_of_UK on 11/10/08

Mima"I think you slipped on Blacl Ice with your unintelligible answer.would you please explain what you are saying by your statement"many of these answers deny, that the statement about Jesus being the only way to Heaven.?""Joseph knew he wasnt the father of the child"He thought the child was illegitimate ??I am really interested in your reply which to me is full of innuendoes.
---Mic on 11/10/08

To the unbelievers, yes, but, to the believers.. no. And the truth is that his mother, Mary, actually could have been stoned to death... under the law at the time, this took place, so, it required great faith, on her part to participate in this.
Can you even begin to imagine what that had to be like for a young girl.... standing alone. With the highest calling a woman could possibly have, and really no one to talk to about it. Knowing how much women enjoy each others company, and like to discuss things, I think Mary was very much alone, until she went to her cousins house, Elizabeth, John the Baptists mother. Amazing... indeed.
---Gayla on 11/8/08

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An illegitimate child is I believe one born out of wedlock. Jesus was born in wedlock. He had apparently been conceived by Mary in the betrothal period, true. But betrothal was different to our idea of it, as in engagement, that can be called off. It was more binding than our engagements. It was a contract.
---frances008 on 11/7/08

Because it is recorded what Joseph said,
""Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily." Is very easy to surmise from this statement(Joseph knew he wasn't the father of the child) that Joseph himself thought the child was illegitimate (was fathered by someone else).
This should come as no surprise the world thinks many things, knows the answers to the blog" Are Hindus in heaven". Many of these answers deny that the statement about Jesus being the only way to heaven.
---mima on 11/7/08

It makes me sad disappointed in humanity to even Think of such a question, leave,alone asking it, when we already know from the story of the 1st christmas written in the word, angelic salutation,the reason for His coming and the reason for Her acceptance, right frm Genesis.But it takes all kinds to make a world and we are not safe guarded from evil content even on CN.
---Mic on 11/7/08

Of course, the record shows Mariam was pregnant before she married Joseph, therefore outside of wedlock she "apparently" yoked with a man and became pregnant. When Mariam told her engaged man Joseph that an angel came to her and told her she is pregnant, Joseph concluded that she had intimate relations with another man and now is pregant from him. The fact is according to Jewish law and civil law being pregnant and not married is considered whoredom and fornication, for the proper way is to first become married and then to become pregnant by your married husband. But the truth is, Mary was reporting the truth.
---Eloy on 11/7/08

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"Was Jesus an illegitimate child in the eyes of the world?"

No. In the eyes of the "world" Jesus was the son of Joseph.
---Josef on 11/6/08

Since Mary and Joseph had been formally betrothed (though technically not married) Joseph was his putative father, and my understanding of Jewish law Jesus would be considered legitimate.

>> "Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily."

Put her away, is a Hebrew phrase meaning "to let her go, release her." He had a right under Torah to do this, which is why the Spirit visited him to show the ligitimacy.

---kenrank on 11/6/08

wow! thats interesting, have you noticed that in the generations leading up to Christ, Judah fathered a son by Tamar who played the Harlot, then at birth Pharez was born, this being the one that his brothers hand came out first then drew it back and Pharez came out before him. I wonder how these thing relate? It seems like the lineage of Christ is plagued with barren women or unloved etc. and now a question like this.This could be a GOOD topic.
---Tim on 9/25/08

Here is an answer that is so good it deserves repeating."Obviously Joseph thought the child was illigitament until the God visited him with a dream.
---Jared on 12/11/06" the question, if it ever existed in anyone's mind has now been solved.
---Mima on 8/12/07

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Keep in mind that "legitimate" and "illegitimate" are concepts of civil law that originally affected inheritance.

Since Mary and Joseph had been formally betrothed (though technically not married) Joseph was his putative father, and my understanding of Jewish law Jesus would be considered legitimate.

Does it matter at 2000 years remove?
---Jack on 8/12/07

Obviously Joseph thought the child was illigitament until the God visited him with a dream.
---Jared on 12/11/06

How do we get momzer out of winebibber, friend of sinners or glutton? I would never draw that conclusion out of any one of the three derogatives. Please elaborate. Thanks!
---AlwaysOn on 12/11/06

I just happened to think of the insult that was thrown at him, "Behold a winebibber and a glutton, friend of sinners." In other words, a momzer.
---Jack on 12/11/06

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Though many religious people/leaders of Christ's day labelled Him as illegitimate, in ignorance. This could not be the case, as by Messia's/Christs own words at age 12, he told Mary & Joseph "wist ye not I must be about my [Heavenly] Father's business"? How else could The Son Of God legally become The Son Of Man recovering what Adam lost [Jn.1:1-'18'] if He existed "from the beginning" of time with G_d The Father & God The Holy Spirit) or Echad/"The United One" of Deut.6:4?
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/9/06

Jesus was definitely legitimate. The terms legitimate and illegitimate were not applied to children until after the fall of the Roman Empire. Emperor Justin enforced the Justinian Code which, among other things, made legal marriage the only legally recognized state of marriage and any children born outside of that state were then deemed to be illegitimate and the father bore no legal responsibility for them. Prior to that, all children were legitimate and fathers were legally responsible for their care.
---AlwaysOn on 12/9/06

(cont'd) Besides, all children that God creates...especially HIS own SON...are legitimate. How could God ever create an illegitimate child? Such a term was a creation of man for social, legal and economic reasons.

I've heard it said that there are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents. lol
---AlwaysOn on 12/9/06

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