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Are All Dreams From God

Are dreams from God? Maybe some of them, because they seem to have such significance, but are symbollic, and we need insight from God to interpret them. Do you agree? Or what is your viewpoint?

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 ---Sharon on 12/10/06
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Surely all dreams are not from God. From what God spoke in Isaiah 29:8, our troubles & needs can influence us to dream some dreams.
---Adetunji on 9/8/13

Absolutely agree! God's dreams seem to stick way after you climb out of the bed.
---catherine on 9/4/13

I hardly ever dream but I have dreamed several times I park my car at church, go in and when I come out I can't find my car. I always end up in a bad neighborhood trying to find it and I wake up.
---shira4368 on 9/3/13

I'm thinking they are and that is sometimes the only way He can get through our reasoning. Just had a couple that are totally against what I think is right about the situation. Yet I don't want to dwell on the dreams as am trying to stand in faith, and not give up as the dreams suggest (if not right for me). Comments?
---Lorena on 9/3/13

After praying for a girlfriend my husband had a dream with him and I married living in a house. He was 13 years old when he had the dream and having no clue who I was. He lived in Florida and I was living in Iowa at the time. We meet in July 08 at rock concert. He was stationed in Nebraska. A little over a month later we started dating. Before we got married, we had bought a house. That we love! I just wanted to share with everyone. I love my husband and daughter. This is the happiest I ever have been.
---Ashley on 1/23/10

All dream are from god. Dreams are created with the power of god. What you do not realize is that you are a part of god, and so you have his power. You are percieving your dreams, could it not be said that you are projecting them. The experiences that you have in dreams or day to day life are projected and percieved by you. You are constantly emitting power, love, joy, happiness, energy. You have the free will to manipulate that energy, into a crystalized form which appears to us as matter. PEACE OUT.
---Peter on 4/5/08

i prayed to GOd and that same week i got to diffrent dreams on the thing i prayed for i asked god if my pregnant wife was having a boy or girl i had to dreams about a boy in my dreams blonde hair blue eyes can this be from god?In 2 weeks from now im going for an ultrasound i well see if im having a boy or girl if i have a boy i can say from confidence from my dream it was from god saying im having a boy, i will have an anser i well keep u informed any off u had this happen to u with some conformation?
---robert_m_son_of_god on 7/3/07

The Bible covers a period of 2000 years of human history. There are fewer than a dozen dreams of any spiritual significance recorded therein.

What does this suggest to you about dreams--especially the probablity of one being a message from God?

This is not to prevent dreams from being a key (not THE key) to your own psychology.
---Jack on 7/1/07

john, I agree with you.

But I don't think we always need to go to other people asking them to interpret our spiritual dreams. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will teach us what we don't understand. Of course, the Holy Spirit does sometimes speak through other people.
---Kay on 12/26/06

"If God is to give you a dream then you are bound to know what dream was from him. Chances are though God speaks little to people in dreams if at all. He can guide us well enough through our convictions,the word and his direct guidance."

Matthew, thats right. From my experiences, if a dream is from God, it will often be confirmed with Scripture. A God inspired dream will never contradict what God has already revealed to us in His Word.
---Kay on 12/26/06

"craige-Why would you want to talk about the old age when the only time is now."-Peter

Yeap, sounds like new age to me!
---Kay on 12/26/06

Peter: You are misinterpreting today's technological wonders with people. God doesn't change, nothing is new to him. There is nothing new under the sun. People are the same today as they were in the beginning. Except today, humans have lost their ability to control themselves.

By the way, all technological wonders were taken from nature. The CD rom was invented by an entomologist studying the eye of a certain insect, who was part of the Philips and Sony team of scientists.
---Steveng on 12/13/06

God will give us dreams to show us what we need to pray for and for whom. But not all dreams come from God. I had a dream the other night that my family was celerbrating my Grandma's birthday. I hugged her and she told me that she is celerbrating her birthday on earth while my dad, is celerbrating his 1st birthday in heaven. I don't know if that is just a dream or if there is a meaning behind it. And some dreams are just stupid, and have no meaning. If your unsure about a dream pray about it.
---Rebecca_D on 12/13/06

craige-Why would you want to talk about the old age when the only time is now. You are percieving things now, and you will be percieving things allways. You can either percieve your REALITY (GOD), or you can mispercieve your reality (these are your nightmares). Try not confuse the two. The truth is allways with you, will you recognize it? PEACE BROTHER.
---Peter on 12/13/06

Peter- I hate to sound rude, but what you said was nothing but new age psycho-babble. I've had nightmares before that scared me pretty good. I dont believe those dreams were from God.
---craige on 12/12/06

**What you do not realize is that you are a part of god, and so you have his power.**

Last time I looked in the Bible, God was God and man was man.

Furthermore, God can't be chopped up into pieces. The expression "part of God" is like "neat garbage"--totally meaningless.
---Jack on 12/11/06

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Peter: That's a demonic doctrine. The mind is very powerful indeed. It doesn't know the different between reality and fantasy. That's why God commanded us to be careful about what we think. Dreams are like fish in an ocean. When several collide, they form images. Humans interpret these images thinking they are something they know - much like looking at a large cloud in the sky and saying, "wow, that looks like a...".
---Steveng on 12/10/06

Most dreams are dreams of Jesus, Mary, even coming face to face with God himself. They dream of spirits of the dead, of spirits of the living. Dreams can be manipulated by satan. Making you believe something that is not true, but may be true in YOUR mind. Have you ever heard someone call your name and turned around and there was no one in sight? Have you every thought you saw something moving at the corner of your eye and turn to find nothing?
---Steveng on 12/10/06

Have you ever had a muscle twitch on the shoulder thinking someone qwas tapping you? The mind can play tricks on you, slleping or awake. What does the Bible say about interpreting dreams? You cannot interpret your own dreams, only a person from your church can so you you cannot be your own interpretor.
---Steveng on 12/10/06

If Satan can tempt us in while we are awake, why would he not be able to in our dreams? Or decieve us for that mater.
---buttons on 12/10/06

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Dreams come from three things. Ourselves,God or the Devil. Do not worry so much about what dreams are from God and not. If God is to give you a dream then you are bound to know what dream was from him. Chances are though God speaks little to people in dreams if at all. He can guide us well enough through our convictions,the word and his direct guidance.
---Matthew on 12/10/06

II) Peter I don't mean to offend you, but are you a Christian? There is no biblical proof of what you speak of. What you are saying is very new age which is occultic.
Trust in only the Bible Peter for knowledge. Anything else is an accident waiting to happen. God bless.
---Matthew on 12/10/06

In Acts 2:17 it is prophesied that dreams will be part of the spiritual happenings after the day of pentecost. I would never say that all dreams are from God. The devil always has counterfeits. Some dreams should just be forgotten because they are dumb. If you have a spiritual dream it needs interpretation. Be careful who you listen to.
---john on 12/10/06

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