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Is The Soul Immortal

Is the soul immortal? Or is it possible the soul can be destroyed?

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 ---Ryan on 12/11/06
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He is just like most if not all the others. They INDOCTRINATE people who are gullible, too LAZY to do biblical and spiritual research and who are AFRAID to question them. They survive on people who entrust their spirituality to others. They can never CON someone who KNOWS God speaks directly to him or her. Creflo is like each of your local pastor or preacher. You just have not figured it out yet, because your are not questioning him or her!
---I_AM_I on 7/23/07

Matt 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
---a_servant on 7/7/07


Nice to hear from you. Stay safe!


I hope you and Connor had an excellent getaway.
---I_AM_I on 7/6/07

I Am I and Billy, We have had some some "stormy" weather recently, that is "literally" speaking, which has caused complications in the internet travel. Keep the "FAITH", it will be resolved. God Bless.
---Johnny_5 on 7/3/07

harold, other then, 'Jesus never used proper nouns in His parables,' what makes you think the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man is not a parable?
---Ryan_Z on 7/1/07

All orthodox Christian theology believes that the soul of man is immortal, or never dying. Why I don't know for sure, but it could have something to do with Jesus telling the Jewish leaders that their souls were going to be tormented for eternity. Like the Lazarus story (not parable). No destruction of even the Devil's soul is mentioned anywhere.
---harold on 6/30/07

Matthew 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
---a_servant on 6/30/07

Spiritual deatn is eternal seperation from the Lord. The soul does indeed die but not the same way our bodies do. The soul dies for eternity and will be destroyed for eternity.
What would kill any mortal man will instead
torment the soul for eternity.

2 Thessalonians 1:9
Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power;

Eternal torment is a death/destruction that never ends.
---Matthew on 6/29/07

We are told hell involves spiritual death(rom 6:23),eternal torment(rev 14:11),
everlasting destruction(2 Thess 1:9),eternal damnation(mark 3:9),everlasting punishment(matt 25:26),
,eternal fire(jude 1:7),a place where their worm does not die and the fire is never quenched(mark 9:44)
---Matthew on 6/29/07

"The soul that sinneth, it shall surely DIE."
We are not immortal until we put on immortality at the coming of Christ in the first resurrection against whom death will have no power.
---audrey on 6/29/07

I am I

I dont know why I havnt gotten your e-mails, only God knows. Either way, ill be praying for you. Get me a message by my other e-mail anytime. Ill be taking little Connor to the beach this Saturday and wont be back till Tuesday. If you send me a message before then, ill get back to you ASAP. HOLD THE COURSE BROTHER, and God bless.
---Billy on 6/29/07

Brother Billy,

I am not sure why you have not been receiving them (the last two). However, CARING has been receiving my emails to him. I will otherwise get in touch with you as you suggested. For the benefit of others who MAY find this blog (Immortal Soul) helpful, we will continue our conversation after God helps me through this FIRE (Heb. 12:29 & Jn 4:24) I have been in for a while. God bless.
---I_AM_I on 6/27/07

I am I

No, I didnt get your reply. I sent you a message back so let me know if you get it. God bless
---Billy on 6/21/07


I sent you back an email reply. God bless.
---I_AM_I on 6/15/07

Ryan: Yes, the first lie was "Thou shalt not Surely die." Those perpetuating eternal torment in hell-fire perpetuate the devils first lie and are by default his servants whether they know it or not.
---TS on 6/8/07

Eze18:4 The soul that sinneth, it shall die
Jude1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha...set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire" That Fire does not continue, the Consequence was eternal
Rev21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; there shall be no more death, neither SORROW, nor CRYING, neither shall there be any more PAIN"
No eternal Suffering; those saying so are helping the devil drive people away from God.
---TS on 6/8/07

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TS, **...of the devil for repeating the first lie [He told] told in eden.**

Great observation my dear friend!!! That was the lie wasn't it? "You will not die."
---Ryan_Z on 6/8/07

ashley: You perpetuate a lie.

Scripture says there will be "no more death, nor pain nor suffering"

To put people in eternal torment violates this scripture, makes God a sadist and you a tool of the devil for repeating the first lie told in eden.
---TS on 6/7/07

I am I

I had sent you a post but it didnt make it to the blog. Ill drop you a e-mail on the penpal section concerning your last post to me. God bless brother
---Billy on 6/2/07


I knew from early that you knew about Ray Smith. He sounds like a nice guy from his site and someone I would love to speak with. Since you have met him twice, is he as cool as he sounds? More importantly, and as you know, I WILL GO TO SOURCE TO FIND THE TRUTH. One of God*s beauty is ITS ability to disguise ITS many messengers of light, even in the form of those who are considered mentally ill, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, pagan, heathen. Have I left any one out? God bless.
---I_AM_I on 5/31/07

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I am I

Im doing some research on what youve given me. I see youve checked out Ray Smiths web page. Ive used some of his writings to help in my posts. He does have a way with words. Ive meet him twice personally. He does do his part to tare down what the enemy has put up between us and God. There are areas of his teaching that I dont agree with, but to each his own. God bless brother
---Billy on 5/29/07

everyone will be resurrected into immortality. that is fact. no one ceases to exist or vanishes into nothing like many like to believe. the righteous inherit their reward after the judgment. the wicked inherit eternal torment in satan's kingdom. what is that torment. they will know what they could have had through repentance and obedience to God's laws but chose to rebel. to say anything else contradicts the whole bible and the truth is not in them.
---ashley on 5/29/07


Yes, those teachings are from the Nile Valley myths, which Judeo-Christian-Islam is based on. As I have stated in the past, a myth in ancient traditions conveys TRUTHS. Today, myths are viewed as being unreal and containing no truths. Myths show the religious progression of civilizations through the AGES as they answer the questions: WHAT IS GOD? WHY AM I HERE? WHERE AM I FROM? WHAT ARE BODY, MIND,
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07



Anyone who can understand some of those myths will appreciate Jesus* teachings even more. In fact, that person will come to appreciate the *pristine* or *mystical* teachings of Christianity like never before. That is a guarantee! All religions, whether from the Nile Valley or whether Christianity, Judaism or Islam, are made up of MYTHS,
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07

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RITUALS and SPIRITUALITY OR MYSTICAL TEACHINGS. The first RESURRECTION in a *religion* comes out of the Nile Valley resurrection of Asar (whom the Greeks later named Osiris). There are books on the resurrection of Osiris. Those books deal with the myth of the Asarian *religion* or teachings. The rituals surrounded Osiris are found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which is more correctly called the Egyptian
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


Book of the Coming Forth By Day or Light. This book is MYSTICALLY known as the Egyptian Book of ENLIGHTENMENT. These two books surround the birth, life, death and resurrection of Osiris. There are other related books, but the Book of Enlightenment is more widely known. This book has been translated less than the Bible. A popular translation (maybe the first one) is by an author name BUDGE. There are mystical translations available.
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


Similar to how the Bible must be SPIRITUALLY discerned, so too these and other related books. In fact, all spiritual books must be spiritually discerned. Otherwise, the person reading and trying to implement the teachings will be CONFUSED and LOST!!! Even more effort than is required to read and study the Bible and practice Christianity will be needed to understand some of what the GREAT ancient Egyptians knew, PRACTICED and
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


passed on in their languages or methods of communicating. To dated, people are still trying to decipher the spiritual teachings of the Egyptians. Moses knew their teachings according to Scripture. Acts 7:22. Very few of their mysteries have been *understood* and that will remain the case until these so-called Egyptologists (with their hidden agenda) become students of spirituality. They are using their intellect ONLY to unravel these mysteries.
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07

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Ancient Egypt/Ethiopias territories extended to Palestine and as far East as India and China/Japan. The myth of the VIRGIN BIRTH of some of God*s messengers found its way into many traditions (India, China, etc) and it relates back to Osiris and his son, Horus. It is readily accepted that Christianity is grounded in Egyptian teachings. Even the Christian Ray Smith has an article on this. We both know that Ray is generally on point in his quest to free
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


the minds of his fellow Christians. His interpretations on some scriptures are very good. However, even Ray is a baby in his understanding of the teachings of the ancient Egyptians. While his article acknowledges Christianitys Egyptian heritage, it shows his BIAS and lack of SPIRITUAL understanding of Egyptian teachings. If Ray is struggling with Egyptian teachings, can you imagine how involved they are. The many gods and goddesses tend to confuse people.
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


However, the many gods and goddesses are aspect of the ONE GOD. This is the same thing with Hinduism. This is no different than the Christian trinity, which is an Egyptian concept Hinduism borrowed and Christianity usrped. Also, it is no different than the Christian demiurge (two Gods) theory of creation that you eloquently wrote about last year. Again, this theory came out of Egypt and Plato, being a student in Egypt, brought it to Greece.
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


I have not googled resurrection and reincarnation. However, if you do, I am sure you will find articles and books stating that resurrection is rebirth and reincarnation is rebirth. You may even find some books and articles telling you that resurrection is at the end of reincarnation. I have several books on Jesus written by an American minister and prophet (Edgar Cayce). Cayce clearly got the deeper meaning of both concepts. Although
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07

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I have seen his name disparage on this site, Cayce confirmed by *prophesy* some of the people and events in Scripture. He even prophesied the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls and Nag Hammadi discovery. The man mentioned the names of some people who helped Jesus and who are not named in the Bible but are known in at least one mystical organization I am familiar with. The then North Atlantic head (who was a Christian) of
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


this worldwide mystical organization wrote two books on Jesus and spoke about the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi discovery before they occurred. He too mentioned people who *taught* Jesus. Since they both men addressed Christian REINCARNATION, their works are ignored by orthodox Christianity. Also, reincarnation is disparage in the West, just like the ancient Egyptian *religion* or teachings. At various times throughout history,
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


the teachings or *religion* of ancient Egypt were thought of as more spiritually fulfilling than Christianity. What do you think happened? Christianity *CRUSHED* those teachings! Nonetheless, people are still fascinated by mystical or spiritual teachings. This is what is driving the NEW AGE movement, which is also being disparaged. A new-ager or someone who understands the use of (1) MYTHS, (2) RITUALS and (3) SPRITUAL
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


or MYSTICAL teachings in religion will be able to discern SPIRITUAL TRUTHS (God) in ALL religions or belief paradigms. God (spiritual or mystical truths) transcends ALL religion. Thank God!! Anyone who says God is the basis of his or her religion and not one else*s has yet to even get on the path to discovering God in his or her life. Anyone who professes this is manifesting the EGO (which deals with a sense of SUPERIORITY) and not God.
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07

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Finally, despite all effort to get rid of the pre-existence of the SOUL (5th Church Council when it anathema the then deceased Origen), reincarnation (pre-existence of the soul) can be EASILY discerned in Scripture. You may find some of these scriptures if you google reincarnation and Christianity. There are books and articles on it. Even the Hebrews/Israelites were expecting the REBIRTH (reincarnation) of one of their previous
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


prophets as the Messiah. I have a book that quoted an old encyclopedia on reincarnation in Judaism. Christianity came along and said there is only one death (*Heb. 9:27) and then the judgment (*resurrection* or immortality). A deeper understanding of the Bible CLEARLY shows this is not true and that understanding is consistent with the oldest teachings known to humankind, the Egyptian Mysteries, and all subsequent traditions that stole or borrowed
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07


from the Egyptians. The Egyptian Book of Enlightenment and Edgar Cayce are a good start on reincarnation and resurrection. I am confident you will be led by the Spirit of God as you begin to further unravel this law of nature and the universe or cosmic. At the end, your research should lead you to * THE DEATHLESS SPIRIT IN SCIENCE.* Science proves that SPIRIT (God, us, etc) cannot die (as in non-existence). God bless brother.
---I_AM_I on 5/28/07

1/ Hello brother Ryan

No problem on your delayed responce. Just remember that Gods truths are not popular with the church world thats still in the wilderness. God has blinded their eyes. You will be ridiculed by others and told that you are believeing doctrines of deviles. Well, from what ive seen from your posts on other blogs, your no stranger to ridicule.
---Billy on 5/28/07

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2/ Ryan

Count it all joy brother! Please let me know what you discover in your studies from your Rotherhams, and also from the web page I sent you. I love you brother!
---Billy on 5/28/07

#1 Billy, I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond, I was out of town with no access to a computer. One thing that has helped me clear up my confusion is the purchase of a Rotherham's Expansive translation. It translates 'for ever and ever' into 'unto the ages of the ages' and 'eternal' as 'age-abiding'.
---Ryan_Z on 5/27/07

#2 Billy, I have begun to understand your position much better and I am begining to agree with you and your perspective on scripture concerning these matters. I am still studying and thank you for the web site my beloved brother. God bless you.
---Ryan_Z on 5/27/07

I am I

Good to hear from you again. How do I do a search with google or where can I research those ancient teachings, and would these also include the Nile valley myths that youve spoke of? God bless.
---Billy on 5/26/07

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Were you able to look it up?
---Billy on 5/26/07

9/ Ryan

Even Christs reign doesnt last forever. 1Cor 15:24 Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.[25] For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet.

Verse 28 says, And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.
---Billy on 5/26/07

10/ Ryan

I dont know if this will help answer your question, but if it doesnt, ill give you something to look up that gives a great indepth study on the words aion and aionios. Ill put it as post 11 in case it doesnt make it. God bless brother.
---Billy on 5/26/07

11/ Ryan

world wide web dot drewc dot net/articles/article3 dot html#1
---Billy on 5/26/07

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Conclusion: Concerning the punishment of the wicked-those determined by the Father to be intrinsically worthless-their tumult, torment & anguish will be eternal, as in age lasting, or lasting for the duration of this current age which continues until the heavens & the earth are renewed for the timeless eternity, as in forevermore. Immediately prior to that they will experience their final punishment, a cessation of life. Never to live again, Satan & his followers are consumed & will be no more.
---joseph on 5/26/07

Pt4. ..."He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still; and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be holy still". All who have heard the gospel of Christ & rejected it, will be rejected. Those who have had no opportunity will be raised in the first resurrection & taught during the millennial reign. Isa.54:13 was initated during The Lord's first coming & will be continued when He returns. Cont..
---joseph on 5/26/07

Pt 3. If we receive the witness of man the witness of God is greater. This is the witness of God, He has given unto us eternal (Perpetual thru the ages, this one & the next) life, & this life is in & of His Son. He that has the Son abiding within has life. He that has not, does not. Man will either receive the gift of life or the penalty of death. And there are no second chances. When Jesus stands up to judge mortal man the declaration is made,... Cont...
---joseph on 5/26/07

Pt2. Thus, the results. Isa.26:14 "[They are] dead, they shall not live (2421-Strongs-be revived or restored); [They are] deceased; (7496-Strongs-from its root, caused to cease, to be wholly consumed) they shall not rise; (6965-Strongs- Rise again, Continue, remain, etc) therefore (Justly) hast thy visited (judged) and destroyed (8045-Strongs-brought {them}to nothing), and made all their memory to perish." The wicked will not even be remember after their judgment is executed. Cont..
---joseph on 5/26/07

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"Is the soul immortal?" No. The soul that sins by a refusal the acknowledge, confess & embrace the life that is in Christ, made possible only thru the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, shall die, body & soul. Zech.14:12 "Their flesh (1320-Strongs-body, person) shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, & their eyes shall consume away in their holes, & their tongue shall consume away (4743-Strongs-Melt & vanish) in their mouth." Cont...
---joseph on 5/26/07

1/ Ryan

This is true that the words aion and aionios are used abundantly through the scriptures, so the purpose of it must be important. But its abundant use doesnt mean its something that its not. Its very important that we interpret it for what it is. Age abiding life is what Christ offers to His elect for the purpose of reigning with Him with a rod of iron through the millenium. You are correct that this opportunity is for only a select few, and for this select few,
---Billy on 5/26/07

2/ Ryan

the life they live on this earth is the training grounds to prepare them for this great and nobel task. But this is only half of the purpose for His elect. After humanity has continued to live under the rule of Christ and His elect for a full 1000 years, then God will seak an accasion to end humanity as we know it. This will be accomplished by loosing satan out of the pit. At this point there will never be another fleshly soul born on this earth.
---Billy on 5/26/07

3/ Ryan

This is where those that havent listened to what you had said about children not going to heaven would run into a big problem. Lets take into consideration that the first resurrection has already past. The only other alternatve is the second resurrection. So what resurrection will the children and babies be in at the end of the millenium if the first resurrection has already past? They will be in the second resurrection which will be cast into the lake of fire.
---Billy on 5/26/07

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4/ Ryan

There will be no souls saved through the millenium to have the opportunity to partake of aionios life "not eternal life" because the first resurrection has already past. The other half of there purpose will be to stand with Christ to judge those "1Cor 6:2" that didnt make the cut of the first resurrection to reign with Christ through the ages. Christ and His elect are this fire that will chasten and burn the evil works from their souls "Jer 5:4".
---Billy on 5/26/07

5/ Ryan

Again this judgement cannot be eternal because if it were, the end would never come. Eternal death, or annihilation means death continues eternally. This goes against scripture that states that Christ will defeat death, hell, and the grave.

You said If this word only means 'age' with a definite begining and end then Christ was promising an 'age' of life.And His diciples said He had the words of an 'age' of life.

The word that is correctly used to describe age
---Billy on 5/26/07

6/ Ryan

abiding life is aionios, not aion. Aion is one age out of many ages, aionios would be saying age abiding, or living through the ages. This is how the scriptures are used to describe life through the ages, not eternal life. Children will be born and men will die through these ages, but Christ elect have the privilege to live and not die through these ages. Matter of fact, they will never die because they will have immortality.
---Billy on 5/26/07

7/ Ryan

But living forever isnt whats being addressed here. Having life through the ages is whats being addressed, because God will still be operating on a time frame. Yes Jesus does have the words of age abiding life. Those that dont heed to those words will not obtain this life through the ages "aions".

You said the only scripture that speaks of believers receiving immortality is found only in I Corinthians 15.

Reading the first part of 1Cor 15 is speaking of the
---Billy on 5/26/07

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8/ Ryan

resurrection in general, because of it speaking about all being made alive in Christ, but every man in his own order. There are two resurrections. The latter part of this chapter is speaking of the first resurrection because of it speaking of those in Christ, so both resurrections do receive immortality.
---Billy on 5/26/07

1/Billy and Ryan Z

Billy, you are welcome.

Unlike Geoff, I find that BOTH of your posts have COMMON SENSE and are well reasoned out. It is indeed refreshing to watch both of you stick to a point (e.g., aion or age). After aion you briefly discussed God being the potter and creating US with a design DEFECT. To discuss whether we are a design defect is to get DEEP into the PHILOSOPHY of God and the nature of humankind. That discussion will lead us back to the question
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

2/Billy and Ryan Z

of the blog: immortal soul? Ryan Z, you are doing what any OPEN MINDED person searching for answers to the keys to LIFE would do: study, pray, meditate AND ASK QUESTONS! Your dad gave you great advice when he told you to keep an opened mind when studying Scripture because THE TRUTH will emerge! As you know, Billy has an opened mind! That is one of many reasons why I enjoy having discussions with him. Another reason is the FACT that he will stick to the
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

3/Billy and Ryan Z

discussion and remain with it through completion or until the parties agree to disagree. Some people are on this site to just ARGUE or give their unreasoned or INDOCTRINATED OPIONIONS. There is a purpose why God gave us not only instinct, but the ability to REASON. It is wonderful that you are researching *universalism* at the impetus of Billy. However, you should be careful not to lead discussions with the labels you give yourself. People will remember
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

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4/Billy and Ryan Z

how you label yourself and attack you based on that label. I have seen it done on this site and in society. Even Billy has been attacked because he identified himself with the universalism teachings. Some people love to ask others for labels about themselves in debates, arguments or discussions. In the religious context, the label people like to ask for is your religion or beliefs. You will spend more time defending all the CRAZY tenets of a man-made religion instead of
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

5/Billy and Ryan Z

answering the questions *What am I, What is life and What is God? etc. Nonetheless, study universalism, because the teaching has some PROFOUND interpretations on Scripture, especially the one that ALL of humanity will be saved. That specific teaching is consistent with ALL the ancient teachings I have examined, some of which Christianity borrowed from extensively! Those teachings are consistent on life or lives for the AGES and resurrected (immortal) life.
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

6/Billy and Ryan Z

Paul says the same thing in Cor. 15. That is why I have ALWAYS agreed with Billy on when immortality is put on based on Scripture. However, we disagree on what takes place before resurrected life. All of those ancient teachings speak of resurrected life. The fact that Jesus was resurrected in Scripture is no big deal to people who have looked into those ancient teachings that Christianity is based on! There have been so many resurrections of God*s Messengers of Life,
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

7/Billy and Ryan Z

but Christianity maintains that there has been only one. Christians argue this point vehemently because that is what they have been told. Based on my experience, PEOPLE WHO ARGUE THIS POINT HAS NOT DONE ANY RESEARCH on resurrection or judgment, whether within Scripture or from those ancient teachings Christianity borrowed from. The information is out there for anyone who really wants to know AND PRACTICE this *thing.* There is a missing link
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

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8/Billy and Ryan Z

to the discussion between both of you and others on aion or life for the ages and immortal life (which others on here say is eternal life). In Scripture, this missing link connects the resurrection of the good or just and the resurrection of the bad, unjust or everyone else. In Scripture, this missing link connects the resurrection of life and the resurrection of damnation. This missing link tells us why God CHASTENS or TEACHES us, even in the lake of fire, which is God!
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

9/Billy and Ryan Z

I have asked a few people to research Heb. 9:27 (man die once, then the judgment) because people think that that scripture is in opposition to this missing link. Billy, you have read where I have repeatedly mentioned this link and have promised to post a blog on it: REINCARNATION and KARMA (you reap what you sow; throw a seed to the ground and God give it a body; an eye for an eye; as a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be; etc). Reincarnation completely explains
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

10/Billy and Ryan Z

eternal life and immortal life! Karma is nothing but God teaching and chastening us. When we do not need chastening or teaching, we have attained PERFECTION or we will be described in the same context as the rich described Jesus: GOOD master. Even Jesus questioned the man upon being called GOOD. Scripture says ONLY Jesus has been resurrected to life and it is 100% CORRECT! Not even Paul, who is arguably the founder of Christianity, attained perfection!
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

11/Billy and Ryan Z

Paul even said so in his own words! How many people on this blog and on this site are PERFECT? How many people on this site are JUST or GOOD?

Ryan Z, you are correct that Paul says a SPIRITUAL body will be resurrected. Keep studying.

Billy, I have deliberately laid low recently because some of the comments are mere INDOCTRINATION, as you know! Keep enlightening the masses.
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

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12/ Billy and Ryan Z

It is your God-given duty. God inspires ALL of us, as you know. Some of us are even inspired more than others. Further, God blesses or graces some of us with a mystical or divine experience. Very few people throughout human history are blessed with this! These people do not argue over these things. These are of the flock that unquestionably hears the Good Shepherd*s voice, whether that shepherd is disguised as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Amen-Ra, Osiris, etc. God bless brother.
---I_AM_I on 5/25/07

Billy,I guess one of the major issues to the word 'aion' and 'aionios' only meaning 'age' is the abundant use of them in the gospels,by the Lord Jesus,as a promise to believers.If this word only means 'age' with a definite begining and end then Christ was promising an 'age' of life.And His diciples said He had the words of an 'age' of life.This negates the promise of eternal life and the only scripture that speaks of believers receiving immortality is found only in I Corinthians 15.What say you my friend?
---Ryan_Z on 5/25/07

1/ Geoff

I dont see eye to eye with everything that I am I says. I dont agree nor believe everything that you say and teach is scriptural, but at times I do agree with you wholeheartedly and have wrote you post expressing my agreement. Some that would read my posts of acknowledgement to you would probably think im out of my mind to agree with anything you say.
---Billy on 5/25/07

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