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Supernatural God Experience

Has anyone had a supernatural experience with God, like a vision, or hearing his audible voice? Can you tell me about it. If it was from God, you know it without a shadow of a doubt.

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 ---Sharon on 12/11/06
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God told me after that "experience" that I needed to fall asleep and when i woke up everything would be ok. I woke up and then then almost immediatly doubted that experience was god, i said "thats insane and im pretty sure there is no god" well i contonued to live my life the way i always did. 2 weeks later I was tested with all my promises to god, I broke them all and the moment i broke the last one i realized that was a test from god and how foolish i was
---Tyler on 8/24/11

was raised a christain but started to realy doubt god. A day came when out of nowhere I became "temporarily insane" i guess I would put it. anyways I couldnt stop repeating "god, I am a sinner" and "this is a wake up call".. God told me if I took LSD again there would be consequences. so I pleaded with god to make this insanity stop (I was rolling on the ground in mental pain) he said ok, I am going to forgive you and and im going to check up on you in a little while to see if you listened to me.
---Tyler on 8/24/11

I have a ton but a really cool one...I was playing at church for one of the first times and I was so scared I prayed for help and as I prayed I tripped and fell backwards but before I hit the wall behind me I felt someone catch me and when I turned to thank one was there and right after that...I wasn't scared anymore
---Austin on 8/23/11

I have a book called in Due Season: We will Hear God's Voice" Where I have had the experiences you all are talking about. I also have seen angels, have anyone else had angelic encounters?
---Leslie on 8/11/11

---Donna66 on 5/26/10

i like this response. thank you for not sharing.
---aka on 7/18/11

when I was 18 years old back in 2008, I was watching the TBN channel. They were showing a movie . During the movie , i started to cry because I was so happy that the character in the movie turn his life around and gave his life to god. So I started to cry to the Lord saying " Lord please hug me. Can you please hug me ? I just want to hug you. I said this while lying on my back. As soon as I said this, all of a sudden , i felt heat come all the way from my feet to the rest of body. And then I heard something deep in my ears as if it was a ocean , and it was very loud too. this happen for about a least 5 minutes. When it stop , I immediately said " forgive me god forgive me. " My room felt so peaceful.
---Michelle on 7/17/11

Hi, yes I had a direct audible voice from the Lord in 2002. I was going through so much stress, I just lost my mother, sister and grandpa and my remaining family I felt was mistreating me. I fell asleep and had a dream. In this dream I asked a question... I can't remember the question I asked but I got a response from the Lord. He said In due Season, all in due time. I never really read all of the bible and what I did read but I can't remember verses too well, but I do know that I was awakened by this voice and the next day I was eager to read the bible to find out what God was saying to me. A man on a Christian radio station spoke of Galatians 6:9 and I knew that was the scripture God wanted me to read.
---Leslie on 5/26/11

"Welcome to the Kingdom of Jehovah!"
---Mark on 4/21/11

The word seems to suffice for me but I don't deny it for others.
The more time I spend IN the word the more God shows me THROUGH the word.
The revelation is supernatural but not necessarily an experience.
---larry on 3/28/11

I was lying down and had a vision. In the vision God wanted me to sing a song and give my testimony. And this women would give her life to him. I asked the pastor if I could give my testimony and the Holy Spirit fell in the room. I looked up while I was testifying and this women staggered to the Alter. What A Blessing!
---Michelle on 3/25/11

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---Heli_Ebook on 2/26/11

I have had more than One exp. over the last25 years I have had about 12-15 Experiences But I must find someone who does'nt think I'm out of my mind or a Schizo
---Jimmy on 2/12/11

I didn't believe in God at all for about four years. I was 20 years old and I was about to go to sleep it was 2 am. I laid down on my stomach and I felt this warming power over my back, Ive never felt anything like this before, so I sat up and looked around but there was nothing there, I dont even know why I looked around. Then I laid down again but I felt the same warming power on my back so I said to myself lets see where this is going. Then I was on my back and my head moved. I didnt move my head God moved my head. And I said to myself God is real.
---Supernatural_experience_part1 on 2/9/11

Is not the casting out of ALL fear supernatural? That is what perfect love does. Before relegating "supernatural" to only those things that can be discerned by the five natural senses, consider that the absence of any fear in a man's life is not only supernatural but incredible evidence of the perfect love of God working in his life.
---Linda on 1/25/11

Proof that God is working in your life is great, however, if you need this type of reassurance of God's love for you, you have a problem. "But he answered and said unto them,'An evil and sdulterous generation seekedth after a sign, and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas, For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly, so shall the the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth...'" Matt 12: 39 - 40
---Harold on 1/25/11

I've had many supernatural experiences from God. Once he changed my voice when I was reading in church. It was beautiful and commanding at the same time. Once while reading the Word scripture was pulled forth from the Bible in front of me into 3-dimensional letters. Many more - our God is so powerful and wonderful.
---Karen on 1/22/11

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Many times, i have received direct answers to questions that I asked God(thro' Jesus) from an audible voice without any apparition whatsoever.
---Adetunji on 1/11/11

wow what did he say??
---CRYST4L47 on 1/8/11

I have heard God's voice loud about two weeks into salvation. I went to my room after an argument with my husband. I said to God, "I am trying so hard". He said, "This is all for a purpose". For the first time in my life, I was able to JUST get up and bounce out of my room..Also I have seen the risen Christ with my very own eyes, twice. Once full form and the other one was a bust. Satan, tricked me in that one. Said that it was my imagination. Got a second Chance when Jesus appeared before me again, full form. This time Satan could not trick me. Also, God has actually spoken through my mouth. His voice, but my words. That one is hard to explain.
---catherine on 11/25/10

I was living in sin during college and a lot of bad things happened to me as a consequence of sin. I finally decided enough was enough and repented and married a good god fearing man. Still feeling guilty of all the bad sins I had done I started crying out to God alone in my living room and began to cry. Instantly I had a revelation from God. He spoke to my heart and said I punished you because I love you and your sins are forgiven. I suddenly felt a warmth fill my entire body of intense overwhelming love. I suddenly reliazed how much he loved me and his love was all I needed. I cried due to joy and told him my life is completely his He's been answering my prayers ever since. I prayed for a child that same year and a week later I was pregnant.
---Julie on 11/24/10

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I was living in sin during college and a lot of bad things happened to me as a consequence of sin. I finally decided enough was enough and repented and married a good god fearing man. Still feeling guilty of all the bad sins I had done I started crying out to God alone in my living room and began to cry. Instantly I had a revelation from God. He spoke to my heart and said I punished you because I love you and your sins are forgiven. I suddenly felt a warmth fill my entire body of intense overwhelming love. I suddenly reliazed how much he loved me and his love was all I needed. I cried due to joy and told him my life is completely his He's been answering my prayers ever since. I prayed for a child that same year and a week later I was pregnant.
---Julie on 11/24/10

I'd been away from God in a life of personal sin for three years and had just left the hospital with internal infections and treatment that had left me weak and sickly. I was ordered to come back if I raised a fever again, and was consuming 18 doses of antibiotics daily. Doctors had told my mother I was near death but safer at home than exposed to hospital infections. That night a demon manifested and told me he had come to take me out. I cried out to God to forgive and save and heal me. Then the demonic presence vanished and I heard the audible voice of God call my name and give me instructions for the following day. I obeyed and I was fully healed and restored!
---Nola on 10/26/10

Visions are definitely true and real experiences. We should always use the Word to judge our experience. It is true that no one has seen the Father. We must remember that Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead. He is the same yesterday today and forever. He will definitely visit us as He visited Paul in Acts 9. Phillipians 1 15-18 makes it clear that we are to celebrate that Jesus is being preached. Even if you don't have a crazy supernatural encounter He will definitely do for all what He has done for one. It is also impossible for Satan to come preaching the Gospel. The Bible says a kingdom cannot be divided against itself. The kingdom of darkness cannot come preaching Jesus. I pray the Lord blesses all of you, in Jesus name.
---Joshua on 10/12/10

I heard God speak to me, audibly, one night years ago, before I was saved. I was at a very low point in my life where I did not know why I was even alive. He said "Carrie I love you, I loved you before and I will always love you." I did not really know it was God at the time. But as years have passed, I know it was him. Saving me, from myself. Praise God.
---CARRIE on 9/14/10

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When I was a lil boy, my grandmom took me to the church, she said: "God will heal you today" I just believe in that words...
I was so sick in that moment, I just wasnt able to walk...
But, when the pastor started praying, I closed my eyes, when he said amem, I was healed, I dont felt anything in special but, the disease was taken from me... God lives...
Jean, from Brazil!
---Jean on 8/19/10

An almost silent voice claiming to be Jesus spoke to me the night I was cramming for a final. I said, "Prove it", and then He told me a 2 hour long poem about scripture, and then said, "Because you have never asked for a miracle, I will show you one. It will snow tomorrow in your hometown, on Dec. 7. On December because that is the month in which they celebrate my birth, and on the 7th, because that is my favorite number. Because the snow only falls in your hometown once every 10 to 20 years, to predict the exact day it will fall would be nothing short of a miracle. If it does, then you will know I am God." My dad, excited, texted me that day to tell me it was snowing in my hometown.
---sarah on 7/6/10

Yes. When the wicked man ran his car into a tractor-trailer coming home from my uncle's funeral, Just before the last in pact God flashed faith in front of me... About three weeks prior God had warned me, He said, "you are stronger than you think, you'll see"! All I saw was faith, its not easy to explain this one. Not a scratch on me. However, sitting out in the middle of nowhere waiting for the police to finish their job I kept saying to God, "I don't belong out here". Sitting on the banks. He was fined over a $100.00. No doubt Satan was trying to kill me....I love praising my God. I may had already given this testimony, before. My God lives.
---catherine on 6/24/10

What I've learned from the supernatural experiences with evil is that I'd much rather talk about my experiences with God. If you are having supernatural experiences with evil there is more than likely an open door somewhere. You may not know what it is right now but the only way to find it is to search the Word. Or ask a trusted friend or pastor.
---fay on 6/24/10

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I have had supernatural experiences with evil. It came at me as a drove of cockroaches that filled the whole kitchen and disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. I was 21.
---mylene on 6/24/10

Everybody that is saved by faith has had a supernatural experience with God
---michael_e on 6/7/10

That reminds me of a song by the Fox Brothers called The Middle of the Night.

In the middle of the night,
I was on my knees,
Called on Jesus, to hear my plea,
I got so excited, never gonna try to hide it,
I thank God every day, for the middle of the night.

In the middle of the night,
In the middle of the night.
He put his hands on me
In the middle of the night.
I got so excited
Never gonna try to hide it
Jesus saved my soul
n the middle of the night,
---fay on 6/4/10

At night as I prayed in repentance and called out to the Lord God, he heard my cry and came into my apartment. And through my watery eyes I could see the room filled with his light. I have seen Jesus firsthand, he touched me and healed me of all the fatal diseases. The Lord God Jesus has long black hair and a beard and is crowned with a bishop's miter, and he was wearing a white linen caftan. And from my crying eyes I looked up into his eyes, and he looked down upon me and I heard him say, So this is what I made. And he turned to go back up to continue to build all the dwelling places, and he went up right through the glass.
---Eloy on 5/31/10

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This statement by Catherine:
"If you receive it, you know it....Experiences." Is so true.
---mima on 5/30/10

If you receive it, you know it....Experiences. Yes. The reprobate mind wrecked his car drove it right into a tractor trailer on purpose. I was sitting right there next to him. Saw the whole demonic stuff. Just before the last hit, God flashed faith right in front of me. I was warned a couple of weeks earlier. [not in specifics]. Or I never would had taken the trip. No cars involved. Satan was trying to kill me. Not a scratch on me. Ha. Have had many.
---catherine on 5/30/10

Sister Susan, what you saw is a manifestation of God for no man has seen God and lived. You would not survive his Glory.
---larry on 5/26/10

I've had a few "supernatural" experiences. I never share them because they would have no meaning for anybody but me. I didn't have these experiences because of spiritual maturity or as a spiritual gift.
If I had had more faith, I think, I wouldn't have needed anything out of the ordinary to convince me of God's power or His mercy toward me.

I don't believe that everything revealed to us by God needs to be broadcast. He knows us as individuals. If I'm not cautious, what He spoke to me, might be misapplied by you. I am not an oracle of God.
---Donna66 on 5/26/10

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In July 2003 I was given a vision & Jesus was ini t talking directly to me & we were in the garden of Gesetheme (sp?) anyhow..he gave his answer to what I was seeking & it weas so clear as if I were actually there. He showed up 2x's that summer /fall in a dream & I know it was from him because the message which I can't share because personal reasons showed me to coutinue forward in my walk with God & his son Jesus.
---candice on 5/26/10

I Have had many supernatural encounters with jesus the father and holy spirit. I was taken up and was taught many things from jesus..He reveiled so much about us and The love for his father ..I come back changed each time.I only share details with those who are open... and not for a debate... Thank you so much for sharing your encounters He loves it when we talk about what he has done for us ... sue
---susan on 5/26/10

it seems to me that some believe that we cannot see or hear the lord? he is to them a archaic long distant god without personal concern, still those will now say they have a relation through the bible, but how do you know that God is not talking again,is he a different God than in the time of Abraham, Samuell David, Isaiah, Jeremiah Eliah? all of them where simple men, yet God talked to them. God talks to me almost every day, problem is that i fail to listen many times. andhe told me to tell you all to learn how to listen, then you also will hear his voice, hey maybe he will show himself one day to ya.
---Andy3996 on 3/22/10

One of the greatest supernatural experiences that happened to me is that I became born-again twice all over again: I was dying and the Holy Spirit told me that I needed to reinvite Christ back into my heart and life: so in repentance I cried out to Jesus, and Jesus personally came to me in body, and he physically touched me, and he ministered to me and he healed me. I went back to the doctors for my regular treatment and astonishingly the tests revealed that the chemotherapy somehow was working, for I was in my second year of chemotherapy which was not working at all, and the doctor was seriously going to discontinue it because it was evident that I was dying. With men this thing is impossible, but with Jesus all things are possible.
---Eloy on 2/28/10

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I have received the divine mercy. I have visions of the red lettering in the bible. I have been taken to greener pastures by the holy spirit. I have seen projection movies in my minds eye.
---tammy on 2/28/10

Rhonda, thanks for your answer. I did go back and read it. I now understand there is two Rhonda's. Sorry I just didn't get it and now I know why.
---MarkV. on 2/24/10

well MarkV if you were to read the blog posts you would see I copied the post by a Rhonda and disagreed so I'm unsure what you believe in my post is in agreement with Catherine seeing I understand visions are NOT from The Father in Heaven only RCC believes and promotes pagan visions

True Christians understand we believe in FAITH through the written word of God not the blurry-eyed fantasy inspired visions of physical man
---Rhonda on 2/19/10

To Kelly, I appreciate the statement by---Kelly on 10/19/08. Kelly this happened to me. I was called to a prison by some preacher friends to hear a prisoner speak. Upon his opening his mouth and speaking the holy spirit begin to say to me, EVANGELIST, EVANGELIST,EVANGELIST and so we made arrangements to meet him in Mexico and upon his release we did so and he became a very good evangelist with over 3000 conversions in a two-year period of time. So your story really rung a bell with me.
---mima on 2/12/10

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Rhonda, you and Catherine said almost the same thing and you say her statement is false but yours is true. How it that?
How can a vision be false if its a vision?
---MarkV. on 2/12/10

God is supernatural. Everyday we hear His voice when we read His word or He speaks in our spirits -Dorcas

Isn't it a supernatural experience when we begin to worship Father in Spirit and in Truth and we know that we know we've touched Him? - Donna

Yes ladies, without discounting anyone's vision it should be noted that Salvation is supernatural and out of all the wonderful stories submitted on this blog, salvation is the most supernatural of all experiences and recieves the loudest praise in heaven.
---larry on 2/12/10

I experience a vision of the Lord and heard His voice. That's how I came to be saved. My life has never been the same since. Jesus is real. I saw Him and heard Him.

your experience contradicts Gods Holy Word

Christ stated no man has seen or heard The Father in Heaven

either believe Christ and Gods Word or continue to live your lie and spread the lie to entangle and deceive others into believing you and following your antichrist experience

the type of experience you had was either a delusional wishful fairy tale in your head or an experience of having a demon present

Demons can transform themselves into ministers of light to DECEIVE
---Rhonda on 2/11/10

ABSOLUTELY! I have a had a vision of Jesus Christ full length. I was having problems with Satan one night. Jesus appeared, stretched out His hand, Satan ran. [a short version of my experiences]. I have heard God's audible voice. He said, "this is all for a purpose". I have also had a bust form of Jesus.
---catherine on 2/8/10

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Taken to the hospital,freezing,shaking out of control,I couldn't breath and died in the emergency room.I was revived but my brain wasn't functioning.I couldn't speak or understand anyone and they couldn't understand me.I realized 12hrs later, I didn't need to understand:God could explain.I stopped-spoke tongue-understood them-and they understood me.
The doctors were explaining I could be like this for months,years,the rest of my life...
I asked God:He instructed me to turn my head to the right,when my cheek hit the pillow,I would be out:he's showing me something.
I woke up normal,doctors(8 of them)didn't understand.I was hospitalized with a 15 day treatment for insuphalitis(spelling?)Medical papers documented the recovering as miracle.
---char on 2/7/10

I experience a vision of the Lord and heard His voice. That's how I came to be saved. My life has never been the same since. Jesus is real. I saw Him and heard Him.
---Rhonda on 2/3/10

I would like 2 say i have the gift of prophecy and i speak in unknown tongues and i talk 2 god out loud and he talks back. We should always praise him no matter what. Jesus said if ur ashamed of him he would be ashamed of u before the father. Also if u are a true child of god there is no way u can have a experience thats not of god. The devil has no power over christ. If u do u need to seek the real thing and ask for discernment. Jesus said if the blind lead the blind will they not both fall in the ditch. Seperate fact and fiction as jesus said use wisdom and knowledge in all things. I will not have ye ignorant brethern. Lets not be carnal church.
---Mae on 10/23/09

Yup!!! I love em, well most times anyway. Depends, Ive had bad ones where God has shown me an actual burden on me. I was hunched over yet I couldnt get it off. It was so big and was like carrying a huge bag of cement but felt like potatoes and yet it was neither of those things. I just begged God to get it off me. He was just showing me how big a burden I had been carrying all my life. Ive had an arm around me. Ive had the Holy Spirit in my room in 'person' form. Ive had the healing heat of God heal my stomach cramps one time when I was in worship. Ive had heaps more but this is limited so..yeah!
---Liz on 12/7/08

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Sue, I know it was probably long ago, as you seem able to talk about it now, but I want you to know how sorry I am about your son. Be sure he is with God, no matter what anyone says. You may never know the answer to the various questions about the reason behind it, but speaking from a similar experience, I was shown supernaturally that my loved relation was taken straight to be with God and have been given the knowledge that this person who also died young is now with God.
---frances008 on 10/20/08

I am 14 years old. This past summer i went to a church camp in Chico. I came in search of my calling that God has on my life. I prayed every morning and night and everywhere in between. I had prayed that He would tell me who I am supposed to be. Odd enough that week the "theme" for the camp was "God's Will". I went up on an alter call to find my calling. I began to to worship and then there was this deep voice inside and it felt like it was just rattling my bones. All it said was "Evangelist" 7 times. It was so powerful and I knew it was the voice of God. I just began to cry and thank God. He is so amazing. This goes to show that just because you are young doesnt mean God won't use you to do something amazing!
---Kelly on 10/19/08

I am in my third year of college and was really doubting the idea of God. I was raised a Christian and was very upset by this. After hanging up the phone, my phone immediately started playing "Here in Your Arms." I played around with my phone for awhile, pushing every button that may or may not have been pushed, and no song played. Later that night, when telling my friend this story at the bar, the song "You Gotta Have Faith" came on. In my 2 years of patronizing the bar almost 3 nights a week, I have never heard that song before. Then the next day, I left the room and said I may or may not come back to watch a movie.
---Brad_Kaupla on 10/7/08

I had a dream and I was walking at night, it was like a park...trees, pathways ect.... But then I cam across white living stones...they were stationary but they were filled with life, I heard God speaking to me as I walked beside the stones, I feared walking on them. He talked and talked for it seemed a long time...I could understand, but when i woke I could not recall our talk.
---Kim on 1/7/08

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My son died at age 19 when he was away at college. We wrote letters to one another and one letter we both talked about a double rain bow. We both saw it even tho we lived several miles apart. Ever since he died there has been a rainbow in the sky on my birthday and on mothers day! Could this be a sign from God letting me know that my son is fine? My son committed suicide. I read what a rainbow means in the Bible.
---sue on 11/29/07

Whilst beside my very seriously ill ten year old sons bedside in hospital, a small bird whose old English name was Hedge Sparrow hit the window, at that precise time the Holy Spirit said to me "Not one sparrow falls without the Father knowing", the bird made an excellent recovery as did my son ,Glory to God!!
---theo on 11/29/07

greetings.There are "without shadows of doubt".
---earl on 12/31/06

"Yes, but I find sharing your experiences goes over like a lead balloon. Everyone has their own meter for establishing what's legitimate, self-seeking, (desire to have your name in lights), too much pizza before bed, or nuttier than a fruitcake." ---Very True anonymous, sometimes it's best to keep silent, unless God CONFIRMS that "experience" and moves on one to speak about it, only then will it be EDIFYING to other's. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 12/30/06

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Since being baptised in the holy spirit I have had several experiences. When I was pregnant with my second child Anna-I dreamed she was born with hole in her spine. This is a disease but I dont know the name of it. I prayed and sought GOd about it daily begging him to heal my unborn baby. Sure enough when Anna was born she had an opening on her back--only one thing--it was CLOSED. It was just like in my dream only it was closed. I thank GOD for her and the vision and the ability to pray!
---Amand9339 on 12/30/06

New years Eve Church service,singers singing praise to God,I saw with eye of my spirit a scene on high. At first I was far away but rapidly moved close and saw the face of Christ,no it wasn't an actual face but a light ,however, I knew it was Christ's face and He was smiling. Felt a peace I've never felt before or since,I knew was in the presence of Christ ,He was the peace,it was amazing. Told the Pastor,he had me share and the whole Church received a blessing with a strong anointing.
---Darlene_1 on 12/30/06

I couldn't begin to tell of all the supernatural experiences I have witnessed since I recieved the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Our God is a supernatural God and we are supernatural servants of His. Many don't believe and the signs don't follow them.
---john on 12/29/06

1) Several years ago, while still with my ex, he was on a 3 day binge of alcohol and crack cocaine. I spent a couple of hours on the floor of my living room praying, and was clearly led to read Luke 11. When I got to Luke 11:20, I knew to speak this out loud and had assurance that God was dealing with the situation. Luke 11:20 reads: But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come to you. cont...
---christina on 12/29/06

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2) Hours later I found out my ex was in an accident, had crashed into a utility pole. He later told me, it was as if he was driving into the finger of God...he turned to the Lord. I spent days praising the Lord for that one.
---christina on 12/29/06

reading the responses here I feel compelled to add that supernatural experiences may be of God, or the enemy. We MUST discern the spirit, does it point to Jesus Christ, glorify Him? (And not just any interpretation of Christ either) I've had supernatural experiences before being saved, thought it was God, it felt good, loving etc etc, but denied the true Christ/Savior. Experieneces after saved are too wonderful to put to words, but glorified Jesus.
---christina on 12/28/06

sharon, I have seen the spirit cure brother was weeks away from death and was cured.I have seen many signs and wonders.having been on mission trips too africa, and central america. I have seen the work of the holy spirit in peoples many numerous times.
---tom2 on 12/27/06

I had a dream that I was hiding in the back-seat of a car while my bro. & his girlfriend were sneaking off to get married for 3-days. Well, sometime later that year my mom told me that they actually did.
---Rick on 12/12/06

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I had an experience with God. He spoke to me, but not in the way that humans speak. This is the closest that I can explain it. I saw what would look like a tv channel with a bunch of the static, inside of it it was like electricity. The elecricity was Him speaking to me. He said, just a little belief.
---Chris on 12/12/06

greetings.Did Jesus say that ye have neither heard his voice or seen his shape at any time?I have no doubt that people hear voices and equally people do hear words of truth but that is not hearing voices.When john was hearing lightning and thunderings a unknown personality assisted him.he also attatched who he saw to the voice coming from him.John began worshiping him knowing not to worship any other than God.Jesus' statement stands.
---earl on 12/12/06

I knew a lovely elderly lady she has since passed. She told me when her husband died she felt all alone, couldnt drive any more so seldom got to church for fellowship a very lonely time. She had no children, out lived her family & most friends. She was deep in prayer kneeling by her bed & she felt a touch, turned & "saw" Jesus she said he smiled & said her name "Mary" & was gone that quickly too but it lifted up her spirits. She said who was I for Him to come, touch me & say my name.
---Jeanne on 12/11/06

God is supernatural. Everyday we hear His voice when we read His word or He speaks in our spirits. We are trained to hear what people speak in the natural, but many times Christians do not understand the supernatural. The things that are not seen are more real than the things seen. We walk by faith and not by site. When God speaks He will always back it up with His WORD. THE WORD OF GOD. One will never have doubt, when abiding in His word.
---Dorcas on 12/11/06

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I had a God experience. It was very audible. I was dealing with something that was very hard for me & being a new christian at the time I always talked, prayed, read etc. I was driving home when I out loud asked God "what should I do"? In a voice plain as yours or mine He answered. I have no doubt that He spoke to me & that I heard Him. I've had others, but this is one that I will never forget. I believe He was just showing me He is who He says He is & that He does listen
---Jackie on 12/11/06

I had an experience with god that was so powerfull I cannot use words to explain it. Words are to limited. I was in a dark room laying down, when a light came upon my vision. It enveloped my entire field of vision, but it was not the light in a dark room that shed my doubt. It was the feeling of regaining my vision, coming home to an all loving god. While i was there GOD was communicating a powerfull and universal truth to me. Articulating this communion into words is another matter. PEACE OUT.
---Peter on 12/11/06

Yes, but I find sharing your experiences goes over like a lead balloon. Everyone has their own meter for establishing what's legitimate, self-seeking, (desire to have your name in lights), too much pizza before bed, or nuttier than a fruitcake.
---anonymous on 12/11/06

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