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Is Watching TV Worldly

Is watching TV worldly? Sometimes I think so because all that TV is about is the world.

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 ---Sharon on 12/11/06
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Even when walking on the streets, one decides what & what to focus on & not to look at, the same has to happen to our habits of watching TV. TV itself is not bad but the human use of TV is sometimes good or bad.
---Adetunji on 12/2/11

television and internet are like everything else. It is what we do with it that matters, or should I say it is what we don't do that matters.
---shira4368 on 11/21/11

Television is bad but the internet is okay? Pot calling the kettle black.
---Jed on 11/18/11

On ocassion I will will turn on TBS or DAYSTAR just to see what is their latest scheme or scam.

They claim the be spreading the GOSPEL, BUT WHAT THEY ARE SPREADING IS NOT THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, Galatians 1:6-10.

These networks have so many people being DECEIVED, chasing after the things of the WORLD, and not the TRUE THINGS OF CHRIST!

They are SERVANTS OF SATAN, who are only MASQUERADING as being of GOD, 2 Corinthians 11:1-15.
---Rob on 11/18/11

hello,Family of God.. TV time waster & crafty a tool of Satan uses (often) capture your mind,take away and destroy any talents,gifts,beliefs (In God/Faith/devotion.. steal your praise & prayer time,dedication to the Lord!and yes! I got rid of the TV months ago!Much more happier & relaxed...
---ELENA on 11/18/11

yes. however we can control what to watch or how little we watch tv.there are other productive things to do besides watching tv.
---candice on 11/18/11

smile!they used have these commercials/if it was 'bout candy!old lady runs/kitchen/same time short time.. Brings... she is "eatin'candy!"and so and so on..same thing happenin' today! Doesn't t.v. Dictate to the world?wear this! Eat this!?? You bought what!???
---ELENA on 11/17/11

I have heard that watching t.v. isn't bad if you can block out the bad things. What is your take on this?
---Anonymous on 11/17/11

The Holy Spirit will let you know if an addiction is developing. Just don't worry so much and trust in the Lord to guide you.

Thats right tell Christians its all up to the Holy Spirit dwelling in them to guide them so they believe they have ZERO responsibility ...that's leading someone AWAY from God not closer to God ...precious gift of Gods Holy Spirit dwelling in true Christians can be pushed away so one may continue to do what they want

Chrisitians should be asking themselves why they watch shows involving rape and murder, and vulger twisted humor as most comedy shows today on tv are ...why would one mindlessly sit in front of the boob tube to waste away their time or even have it on in the "background"
---Rhonda on 8/20/08

What are you watching? PBS, news programs, most documentaries, how-to programs, and sports (well, maybe not the more violent sports, LOL) are all types of programs anyone can watch without worry.

There are also classic films, shows based upon literature (such as Pride and Predjudice), lots of quality music--all are acceptable.

The thing is, watchers need to differentiate between "living in the world" and "worldly". After all, there's quite a gap between the Home and Garden channel and HBO.
---Nancy on 8/20/08

I overcame this by understanding what bad things can come from watching TV. What you watch matters so don't watch horror movies,violent movies etc. Anything on TV where the message is sinful avoid. If the message is good and will lead you closer to the Lord then its ok. Addiction you have to watch out for. Don't make TV important. Remember that God comes first in your life. The Holy Spirit will let you know if an addiction is developing. Just don't worry so much and trust in the Lord to guide you.
---Matthew on 8/16/08

Blessings Sharon, I believe that TV can be worldly if you do not use Godly wisdom and Knowledge as to what you should watch and what you should not. If you are watching say, something that is violent, or has sexual content in it , then I believe that as a christian, we should not watch programs such as that. Even christian channels we have to be wise about. Are they preaching a false Gospel? We serve a Holy God so we have to make wise decisions. We glorify and please the Lord. Just my opinion.
---Cynthia on 10/9/07

I just love "I Love Lucy" and "Leave it to Beaver". Wordly, I don't know, is it?
---catherine on 10/9/07

All tv is not wordly. Watch christian stations if you are that concerned. I watch TBN, Daystar, some BET is ok(gospel). There are other Christian stations around the world. I do discriminate as to what I watch. There is a lot of junk on tv.We have to live down here(Earth) try to enjoy your stay without compromising your faith and you will do ok. Everything is not off limits and wrong for Christians. Just love God sincerely with all of your heart and follow His commands and you will do ok. Relax.
---Robyn on 10/9/07

As we must live in the world, TV is a representation of the world. Both reality and fantasy.
As a Christian in the world we must face choices daily between Godly and wordly.
What you choose to view on TV is no different, what would Jesus tell you to watch?
---walte7749 on 10/9/07

The Worldly are those who follow after the passions of the flesh according to,I believe 1John 2:15-17 The World caters to the fleshly desires of sinful nature. Jesus said that what comes out of our hearts defiles us, murder covetousnes, envy etc. The Worldly also have a certain mindset that is always against God they are enemies of God just like we were before we repented and turned to Christ. Love Not the World John Said in his epistle. The only thing we can do is Love God and Others showing mercy.
---Edwin_Larkin on 2/22/07

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Worldly, I will tell you what it isn't. ENJOYING YOUR LIFE, and putting God first is not worldly. Getting your eyes off the gifts, and on the giver, is not wordly. ENJOY.
---CATHERINE on 1/24/07

Wordly can be viewed as anything of the world. Things that are sinful,secular and enmity against God.
---Matthew on 1/23/07

Could someone please provide a meaning of what is worldly?
---TDG on 1/23/07

It does matter,how we build Understanding and Wisdom. I would rather watch public documentaries and Nature shows, than what I see in "reality TV" today. In II Timothy I read,'the Lord's servant must not quarrel,instead he must be kind to everyone,able to teach and not resentful.Those who oppose him,he must
gently instruct'.To me, tools of Religious foundation pave a shining path for God's Glory.
---rosem4839 on 1/23/07

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After much praying and studying I have come to the understanding that items like TV,video games,books,musical instruments etc. are amoral. In and of themself they are neither good nor bad. It is what we use them for that matters.
---Matthew on 1/19/07

I don't believe watching TV is all depends on what you are watching. We have been blessed with free will both naturally and spiritually.It is up to us to monitor our own homes. We need TV to know what is going in the world. Just like I tell my husband who is also my Pastor,"how can you pray if you don't know what to pray for." We have to be informed of our surroundings. The bible tells us,'My people perish for the lack of knowledge'.Hosea 4:6
---lina on 1/13/07

there are alot of people who can't get out and go to church and depends on t.v. or radio, sure there are alot of junk on t.v. but God gives us the smarts to used to decide what to watch and what not to watch.
so think it depends on what a person watches..shira8444
---shirley on 1/12/07

TDG, good idea!
---faye4464 on 1/11/07

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I used to watch alot of Christian programming. Since I have been on Christianet, I watch very little. When I watch it now, the lights of Hollywood turn my stomach. The secular 'role' models for young people are reminders of ancient Rome. It's one big human worm pile.
---Hudson on 1/11/07

Heard once a testimony. They watched TV all the time. Heard on Christian radio to try a test.

Don't watch TV for 6 weeks. Go back and watch as normal. Call and tell if you notice anything.

The person called back after six weeks and reported how shocked she was at how much she didn't notice. She saw the filth, sin, wickedness, immorality... Her biggest shocker was that she did not realize how desensitize she had become.

Like the saying goes,

If you are in it, you can't see it.
---TDG on 1/11/07

Garbage in, Garbage out.

Plus, Paul said, "All things are permissable, but not all things are profitable." What profits your spirit man? TV profits your flesh and feeds your flesh, not your spirit man. Jesus said, "My words are Spirit and Life" not TV.
---Donna9759 on 1/10/07

How to tell if something on TV is good?

Make a list of TV programs God will be showing in Heaven?

Remember Jesus taught "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"

This is so convicting, but so loving of God.
---TDG on 1/9/07

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Umm my last response numbered IV) I meant to post in the OSAS blog, Sorry.
---Matthew on 12/25/06

IV) I know my Grandmother very well and she would have not asked me to help or told me what she was doing if I had went to the other room. I never had so much fun wrapping gifts before. It is moments like this that I see God directly affecting me and changing me and I know I am saved. Not because this happens but because I have faith that in abiding in Christ I am saved. Moments like this are just nice little reminders of God's work in my life.
---Matthew on 12/23/06

I still believe there are good things to watch on T.V. I consider anyhthing good as something that keeps your heart close to God. There are good drama movies that were probably not inspired by God but at the same time gets me to think about God. I see Godly truths in movies that may have not been made by a believer. People are saying here, if it's not inspired by God then it must be avoided because it of the Devil.
---Matthew on 12/23/06

II) Truthfuly I believe the Holy Spirit gives people different convictions. Just because you are convinced to stop watching TV for good(people who are told to remove the tv from their life) and that it is a sin for you doesn't mean it is the same for all other Christians. It is important to trust our own convictions and not everyone eleses with the exception of course what the Bible says not to do.
---Matthew on 12/23/06

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III) There are what you can call grey areas that God will deal with each and everyone Christian differently. I know of a Godly man who had smoked for a while and was finally told to stop not because it was a sin but because he was a role model for other Christians and non-Christians and therefore he SHOULD stop. He of course quit. There are Christians who will never be told to quit watching TV in general.
---Matthew on 12/23/06

Depends on what you watch..there are a few good preaching shows that are good for your soul.
---don on 12/22/06

yes i believe the tv is worldly ,but mind you there is good canells to watch like (on cable ) 22 ctn christian telivision network, 5 the hallmark channel ,2 i it is pretty good and a few more like 12 channels i think my cousin has sky angle it is a christian company blocks out bad tv programs .
---kimma on 12/22/06

TV is a form of communication. So, with any form of communication it can carry/portray good and/or evil. Unfortunately, these days it is carrying far more evil than good. Bottom line, it is corrupt at best - as we are still in a fallen world.
---daphn8897 on 12/21/06

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Thank you Rev. Herb. HELLivision it is.
---faye4464 on 12/18/06

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and feels like a duck chanches are, it is a duck.

If it looks like the world, sounds like the world chanches are, it is HELLivision.
---Rev_Herb on 12/18/06

If you do not believe that HELLivision is worldly, watch the cartoons you let your kids watch. Witchcraft, magic, new age religion. bet you never really noticed did you.
---Rev_Herb on 12/18/06

There are only two forces in the world. God and satan. If it is not from God it has to be from satan. "Choose ye this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord." If it's not from God we don't watch it. You can't serve two masters.
---faye4464 on 12/17/06

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True, it is happening now but in 20 years its going to be unbearable that there is nothing good to watch
hmm i like Home Improvement its clean (majority of the time) and halarious, so yea but in 20 years there will be no more shows like home improvemtn to watch, even watching the news will be bad but yep i guess we'll have allow God to use us to bring Revival to america to stop that from happening
---mark on 12/13/06

Mark: why wait twenty years, it's happening before your eyes at this present moment.
---Steveng on 12/13/06

yes t.v. is worldly. There is nothing wrong with watching t.v. unless you put that in front of God. Example stay at home from church just to watch a movie on t.v. it isn't the t.v's fault or what is on it, that make us sluggish, or changes our walk with God. It is our fault, because the t.v. has an on and off switch. I tend to agree with Mark, t.v. programs isn't what it used to be. I'm only 31 but I can remember good-clean programs, now it is hard to tell what you will see.
---Rebecca_D on 12/13/06

Wait for 20 more years, and we wont be able to watch tv b/c its going to be filled with junk, or mabye christians 20 years from now will be so desesitized to it that they wont think that some of the things are bad??
---mark on 12/12/06

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It is important to mention that TBN has brought many to Christ. Some of their shows are questionable and stray from God(Paula White interviewing Donald Trump). Many of them though are good.
---Matthew on 12/12/06

Eloy: "There are Christian programs and Christian music on TV."

Have you seen some of those "Christian" programs? Look at TBN. They turned Christianity into a three ring circus, especially late nite on Fridays and Saturdays. They only chose people who believe in their way of thinking. Their programming includes secular metalic music pretending to be Christian. They show horror movies.
---Steveng on 12/12/06

Watching TV is not wordly. It is what you watch that makes it worldly. Paul said "whatsoever things are lovely, and of good report, think on these things" so judge your watching by this standard.
---barba5348 on 12/12/06

There is good fun and there is bad fun. There is good entertainment and there is bad entertainment. Even good entertainment can become bad if we allow it to control us. We need to avoid attachments. Trust in the Lord always and let him control your life always. In doing so he will let you know if you are doing something too much. So don't be afraid to watch TV. The last thing God wants is for you to be afraid of doing things that are fun and good. Let Him take control and TRUST in him to guide you.
---Matthew on 12/12/06

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Watching Tv is not worldly it is the kind of program you watch that either makes it worldly or not worldly. we have some pastors preaching on air. Also, we shouldnt get so addicted to watching tv thereby making it an idol we should spend more time in building our spiritual life

Watching of TV can be compared to brousing on the internet: there are so many bad websites but there are also very good ones like this one so u just have to carefully choose what you watch
---goodness on 12/12/06

It can be worldly and not. A wholesome movie, Discovery channel, educational movies is not worldly. If its rated X its for the adults only is worldly. Being in the television the whole day is not good. Anything in excess is not good.
---ana8864 on 12/12/06

There are Christian programs and Christian music on TV.
---Eloy on 12/12/06

Christians have replace God with another idol - entertainment. Even 90 percent of the Christian entertainment is not any good for the soul. Jesus would definately not be listening to ipods or watching TV. There is too much to do. The harvest is huge, but the workers are few. You would have God's approval and the angels of heaven would be jumping for joy if you replace every minute of watching TV and listening to music with helping the poor and needy - feeding them, clothing them, quenching their thrist.
---Steveng on 12/11/06

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It depends on what you watch. There are lots of Christian TV programs available. TV is like a lot of inventions - it's not the invention that's wrong, but the people who use it wrongfully. To state that all TV is about is the world is not accurate.
---WIVV on 12/11/06

It certainly can be if we allow the "tube" to dominate our time and based on what we watch. They have some good shows like the History channel, The Discovery Channel, Court T.V., The Animal Planet, etc. We need to limit the amount of time we watch T.V. and make good choices.
---Lone_Wolf on 12/11/06

The Apostle Paul said, "All things are permissable, but not all things are profitable." Jesus said, "the flesh profits nothing." TV in my opinion is feeding your flesh, your carnal nature, your mind. Garbage in, garbage By the Spirit we are putting to death the deeds of the flesh, amen? Just watch a little and make sure it's something fun and clean. Then go and spend time with Father God, you'll enjoy that much more and it's much more fulfilling.
---Donna9759 on 12/11/06

I agree. TV has an uncanny abiblity to suck you in. My mother-in-law recently received cable, after not having it for over 35 years. The day after she received it she was rather sluggish. When asked why she replied, "I was watching TV all night." The question I like to ask myself is, "Self, if you can spend 2-3 hours watching TV or in front of a computer or playing a video game isn't the bible all that much more interesting and productive?"
---Ryan on 12/11/06

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