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Survival Mistakes

There are many people on the roads during Christmas/New Years. If you ran out of gas or became lost in bad weather, (like couple in Oregon), what would you do to survive? What are the biggest mistakes people make?

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 ---Stan on 12/12/06
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When I was younger, every summer my dad used to take the family camping in the wilderness of the Smokey Mountains for two weeks. Most of the time we would live off the land, so survival skills is what we learned. These skills really came in handy while I was hitchhiking across country in the early 1970s for two years. Although we were equiped for camping, my dad would say that the most important piece of equipment is our personal relationship with God - to guide us out or to guide the rescue teams to us.
---Steveng on 7/17/07

Donna, sounds like Blazing Saddles around the campfire scene.
---Ranch_Dip on 7/17/07

Readying yourself spiritually is more important than surviving in the natural. In my younger years, I was a forest firefighter. I've spent my share of time in helicopters. I moved over into aviation. Survival tips are important, but if something large scale should happen, knowing Jesus Christ is far greater than any other survival tip.
---Rachel on 7/17/07

Take matches, candles, 2 flashlights and some canned tuna and fruit and beans with you along with a can opener. Take large heavy blankets. Take a portable kerosene heater. Buy a kit that has flashes in it. Bring a cell phone. Get the GSB Tracking device installed if you are going hiking. I feel sorry for the guy in Oregon who left his family to go and get help. Sometimes the best thing to do is to stay put, someone will report you lost, and then the search begins. Stay together is a good piece of advice.
---Donna9759 on 7/17/07

Thank you so much for the good advice.
I will make it a point to stock my car.
Happy New Year!
---Nana on 12/27/06

I want to add one item to the Winter Survival Kit.

Aluminum emergency blankets.

They are lightweight, compact and inexpensive.

They can be carried in your pocket or pack easily.

They can be used in your car, (roll the windows up on the edges), to reflect your body and the sun's heat back to you.

On the mountain, used as a reflector of the sun.

Do not leave your car, and do not leave your snow cave. Your chances for survival are far greater if you stay put.
---Rachel on 12/19/06

Never leave the car. Most deaths occur when you leave the car.

Tie a red object to the car antenna.

Huddle together if there are more than one.

Use newspaper for insulation.

What to take before you leave the house.
A winter survival kit.
Garbage bags and plastic bags
A coffee can filled with sand/candles
Bags of hard candy
Paperback books (good fire starter)
First aid kit
Plastic water bottles (can be used empty)
Energy or granola bars
---Rachel on 12/12/06

If you're cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, caught out in the mountains without a car....

Take stock of your surroundings

Seek a barrier to wind and moisture
(A rock, upturned tree will do)

The best is a large evergreen, spruce, or fir tree (trees give off small amount of warmth if alive)

Use tree for natural snow shelter
Overhead branches will be your roof,
pile up snow around the bottom of the tree
---Rachel on 12/12/06

Always carry large plastic garbage bags in your pockets.

Use them as a barrier for the ground and as an overhead tarp.

Always carry a pocket knife

If caught in a storm, when storm passes, cut 3 ft branches off of a tree. Use your shoelaces to tie them to your shoes. Snowshoes to make it out of large drifts.

Use plastic bags to catch melting water from snowdrifts for drinking

Edible plants have poisonous look-alikes
Do not eat if you do not know what they are
---Rachel on 12/12/06

Always carry matches (preferably waterproof) in your pockets

Put something red in the trunk of your car to tie to the antenna

A box of garbage bags and plastic bags/and winter survival kit.

You can burn candles safely in your coffee can with sand in the car. Do not use kerosene in car.

---Rachel on 12/12/06

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