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Santa Clause And Rudolph

What can you say about having Santa Claus and Rudolph and Snow Man on Christmas celebration?

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 ---aluh on 12/13/06
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The probably DON'T report on the OTHER turkey that likely makes it straight into the White House kitchen...
---StrongAxe on 11/21/07

As long as children know it's just a make-believe fictional story, it's probably harmless.

Unfortunately, young children below a certain age aren't able to distinguish fantasy from reality.

When such children learn to believe in the Invisible Trinity (Santa and Jesus and the Easter Bunny), and later in live discover, much to their disillusionment that Santa and the Easter Bunny are fictional, how can one blame them for later believing Jesus is fictional as well?
---StrongAxe on 11/21/07

All my kids watch a cartoon called "Nicholas, the boy who became Santa" about the bishop with a special devotion to the Christ Child. He was a generous man who actually did give out presents anonymously. As they get older, we teach them that WE now give them presents in the spirit of Nicholas who gained this generosity because of the grace of Jesus Christ operating in his life. We exchange presents with others to commerorate God's gift to us (Jesus)
---Greyrider on 11/20/07

As Santa is based on a 'saint' an looked after children good. Rudolf a fun song. Frosty now that he is PC and got rid of the corn cob pipe ah who cares?
---dan on 11/20/07

If I have a choice, which I do, I will take the extreme on the side of Almighty God. Have a good dasy.+++
---catherine on 11/20/07

What a contrast, nancy/catherine.
From one extreme to another.
---Rebekah on 11/20/07

Let me tell you something. If I was raising kids today I would get in so much trouble, especially as big a mouth as my son had. I would not be able to lie about such things. As far as decorations goes, I wouldn't. Put Jesus out there instead. Afterall, He is alive. This snowman, and rudolph, and santa clause, isn't.
---catherine on 11/20/07

All three are part of our culture, and none of them represent any bad ideals, so go ahead--just remember to remind your children that they are fiction (or, in the case of Santa Claus, a fictionalized personage). And point out that they are not part of the religious part of Christmas, just the literary and cinematographic entertainment parts.
---Nancy on 11/19/07

I do not object to a little levity for the children, but I make sure that my children know the truth about Christmas.

I had to boycott a Santa Clause parade because they chose put hold it on a Sunday between 10 and noon.

As a Catholic I have many more opportunities to go to Church, but most Protestants have only one or two services and often only between 10 and noon on Sunday. It was grossly inappropriate to hold a parade during a time when we should be worshipping God.
---lorra8574 on 3/30/07

A report last week stated that only 1% of Christmas cards in our shops feature nativity scenes, shepherds etc. The remainder are puddings, robins, holly (if you are 'lucky') and, worse still, ridiculous jokey (sometimes filthy) cartoon type cards. The rot set in a long time ago when children were encouraged to say thank you Santa rather than thank you Jesus and thank you to those who actually purchased the gifts. When Jesus is replaced with anything else at all it is a steep drop down into hell.
---m.p.a. on 12/14/06

I prefer to err on the side of God. Not trying to be over devout, I am saddened by how much secular we see & how little Jesus in this time. I know it is not Jesus' Birth date but it has been set aside for hundreds of years as such. How many places have Santa & the tree in homes, public buildings, city streets, schools, but Jesus is not allowed. What a statement it would be to see every Christian have ONLY things that applied to Jesus as yard displays or in their homes or in their businesses. Oh my.
---mikefl on 12/13/06

If my Christianity was that shakey I would be in trouble. I do think the Birth of Jesus is over shadowed by these images especially in the times we live in and that is sad that many dont know the true story of why Christmas was brought about. It comes down to teaching once again in the home what is right, true. But they were happy children stories just like the Mother Goose stories I grew up on and I see them merely as stories. I know this is a hot button for many but to me they are just fairy tales.
---Jeanne on 12/13/06

Ryan: I like the older pictures of Santa Claus, dressed as Father Christmas, which reminds me of the story of St. Nicholas. Christmas is a great opportunity to for the Lord to work on people's hearts to be open to the Gospels. It allows me to share WHY God sent the Lord, and how His birth fulfilled prophecies. I also agree that the Resurrection is where salvation and life are.
---Madison1101 on 12/13/06

Christmas is not about the birth of Christ and is certainly a mixture, hodgepodge, if you will, of traditions from various cultures, including Rome. While the birth of Christ is monumnetal to the Christian, the true worship is over Him overcoming death and being raised from the grave. Christ was not born in the winter the flocks were still out in pasture. The holidays are a time of family and friends and a wonderful time to minister to people about the resurrection and ascention of the Lord.
---Ryan on 12/13/06

My wife loves the traditional decorations of santa, snow men and trees so my home is decorated very traditionaly. I do have a nativity scene displayed that my grandmother got in Jarusalem, maybe I'm just a hypocrite. (Although I never suggested having a form of celebration was wrong during the holiday seasons).
---Ryan on 12/13/06

Good points, Jack; you are a refreshing breath of moderation! :) God bless you :)
---Mary on 12/13/06

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While Santa Claus (no e, please Moderator) is a legend based on a real historical person--St. Nicholas of Myra, known for his charities and zeal for the full deity of Christ--is there any real harm to allowing some fun and games (as long as they are acknowledged as such) as part of the Christmas celebration--as long as they don't overshadow the real point?
---Jack on 12/13/06

Part II:

Around Thanksgiving, a turkey is presented to the President of the US--supposedly meant for the White House table. He officially pardons it, and it goes to a petting zoo. It always gets reported in the news.

Does this bit of mirth overshadow what is supposed to be the meaning of the Thanksgiving feast?
---Jack on 12/13/06

Those characters are part of the secular celebrations of Christmas, they have nothing to do with the birth of our Lord. I would hope that believers would not decorate with those things, as they are not pointing people to the real reason for the season, that of the birth of our Saviour.
---Madison1101 on 12/13/06

I'd say you've turned a very Holy event into a pagain holiday and circus and a mockery of our Lord Jesus's birth. Repent and be baptized and BELIEVE in the Lord Jesus Christ and in what His word says the birth of our Lord is all about.
---Donna9759 on 12/13/06

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