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Where Did Jesus Live

After Jesus left His mother's home, did He ever have His own place to live?

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 ---carol on 12/13/06
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.nicole, As I said to the idolaters before, Jesus was refering only to himself, the only Rock and foundation of his church, when he asked about his very own identity. Jesus did not call Peter Rock, nor Stone, instead he called him Simon Peter, which indeed was his proper name. Some cultures, like Indians, do use names of animals or names in nature when calling people names, like, "Sitting Bull" or "Half Moon" or "Running Bear", but the Jews use formal names: Jesus, Simon Peter, James of Zebedee, John, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James of Alphaeus, Thaddeus, Simon the Canaanite, Judas Iscariot.
---Eloy on 9/9/08

"katwkhsen" kata + oikos= set house--Eloy

How can I trust your translation if you can't even translate Peter to Rock?

You placed Greek to suit your stone business, when everyone knows Jesus spoke Aramiac to His Disciples not Greek.

Aramiac, I do know does not have a word for stone!
It only has Cephas which means Rock.
I will have to use common sense guided by the Holy Spirit.

The Temple was His Church because of His Father. But, it wasn't were He slept and took up residence.

You still didn't answer: the Priests and Scribes not knowing Him.
Thats the answer I am waiting on.
I can't comment on the Greek.
Just keep it simple for me.
Answer about them making His House a market?
---Nicole on 9/8/08

Eloy ... As I said before you must be right, with your superior knowledge and insight.

But why does my earlier error make a sinner?
---alan_of_UK on 9/8/08

Truth is made up of many parts of one whole, and when a person extracts one part or removes one verse from it's whole or from it's context, they frequently arrive at untruth. Jesus was only homeless in the sense that he left his home in order to go out and minister to the people. Even as I write this, Jesus is in his very own house in paradise, and he is presently building glorious and unspeakable dwellings places for those of us whom belong to him.
---Eloy on 9/6/08

.nicole and alan, Your added meanings to the verse I quoted from the literal Greek are unsubstantiated. The Greek word is, "katwkhsen" ( < kata + oikos= set house). nicole, as far as Jesus not having a pillow for his head, that is because he was departing away from his home, just as every person whom leaves his home in order to go out preaching does not take his home along with him, and when Jesus was departing from his place to cross over the sea to continue on his mission does not mean that Jesus has no home, for scripture clearly states in more than one place that he indeed has his very own house. alan, Gk: "
---Eloy on 9/6/08

My KJV in Matthew 4 just says He "came and dwelt in Capernaum" which need not mean He owned a house or home, He may have been lodging with friends.

But Eloy has an advantage over most of us in that he reads the Greek originals, and finds in Matthew 4 that He "set house in Capernaum"

I suppose Eloy is right since his knowledge is greater.

But I don't understand why my lack of knowledge on that point should be a sin.
---alan_of_UK on 9/5/08

AlanUK is right. The temple was His Father's house. But, not physically.
He told the Disciples He has no where to lay His Head.

Eloy, you need to read your Bible again.
Luke 19:45-20:1-7
If the Temple was His home, how come He let the people turn it into a den of thieves?
According to you He sleeps there at night.

Chapter 20 the chief priests, scribes and elders are questioning Jesus by which authority can He clean house.

Eloy, can't the owner of the house do whatever he wishes?

If Jesus lived there physically, the Priest, Scribes and Elders would know this.
None of them knew Jesus.

He did not live in the Temple physically.
This isn't a sinful answer. It is a common sense and logical answer.
---Nicole on 9/5/08

Eloy:Could I please have your view om Matt.8:20.I compared it with your quote of Matt4:13 'BY THE SEA"it does not mention a home.I know it is a moot point but here we are dealing with Truth,however small, we surely do not desire to mislead those who seek Truth, and have other disbeliefs to contend with.
---MIC on 9/5/08

Eloy ... If I was wrong or had incomplete knowledge, does that make me a sinner?

Or is my sin the fact that I don't accept exactly what you say first time, or query it?
---alan_of_UK on 9/5/08

""While my Lord went outside to evangelize, he also had his own house.""

Jesus might have had a house in Matthew 4, but He didn't have one in Matthew 8, by His own words.

Now either Jesus is a liar, or you misunderstand the Gospel, Eloy.
---katavasia on 9/5/08

.alanOfUk, you are not unknowing of your wrongs. While my Lord went outside to evangelize, he also had his own house. And the witness by Matthew records this in lit.Gk: "And leaving behind that Nazareth, he came along, set house in Capernaum, that beside the sea in borders of Zebulon and Naphthalim." Matthew 4:13.
---Eloy on 9/5/08

Eloy ... what was sinful about my answer, even if it was incorrect?
Was it that I thought differently from you?
is that a sin?
---alan_of_UK on 9/4/08

Matthew 8:20 should answer that question.
---katavasia on 9/4/08

.alanOfUk, you continue to sin. Yes, Jesus most certainly does live in his very own house, and he did not build his house to be unlived in, just as each person lives in their own house, and yes, just as the poster has asked.
---Eloy on 9/4/08

The temple was God's house, so Jesus as God had the right to drive out those who were defiling it.

Doesn't mean He lived there physically, which I think is what the questioner asked.
---alan_of_UK on 9/4/08

The temple was his home, that is why he had the right to drive the people out of it with a whip. If the temple was someone elses house, then he would not have the right to throw the people out of someone elses house.
---Eloy on 9/4/08

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John 1 35-39 Verse 58 "Where are you staying" That indicates a lodging place, not necessarily His own home, and certainly not His own house

Mark 2.15 Jesus was at Levi's home, not His own house!

The Luke passage does not indicate He had His own permanent home. It is far more likely, but not of course proven, that He travelled from place to place as Rebecca describes.

And whilst His spiritual home on earth may have been the temple, there's no evidence that He used to live there, whch is what the question asks
---alan_of_UK on 9/3/08

Jesus had a house. Read it with your own eyes:
John 1:38-39
Mark 2:15
Have a happy day!
---Cal on 9/3/08

Yes Jesus did have a place where He lived. Luke 9 v 58 which is mostly quoted to mean he had nowhere to live is clearly taken out of context.I would urge to read from verse 51 to understand the context. Jesus was not welcome in this Samaritan village hence his remark in v 58.In addition read John 1 v 35-39 where John and two others followed Him to where He stayed.
---pkay on 3/20/08

I believe that when Jesus traveled around from here to there. Those that welcomed him, he stayed with for a few days and went into the next town. Mt 8:20 and Lk 9:58 just says that when he was born, he had no place to lay his head. That isn't talking about when he got older. Jesus didn't stay at one place all the time, for he traveled, and while on his journey he stopped in different towns to rest. I believe he rested in the town (city)he stopped at.
---Rebecca_D on 5/30/07

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He stated very plainly that he didn't.

Matthew 8:20, Luke 9:58
---Pharisee on 5/30/07

Many times while he was preaching out in the field he was homeless, yet he is the King Most High and the High Priest, therefore his home was the temple.
---Eloy on 12/13/06

Jesus lived and worked with his family until he began his ministry. He lived according to the Word,take no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. If your are not accepted in one city, shake the dust from your feet and flee ye into another for you cannot cover all the cities of earth before the Son returns.He owned only the clothes on his back and trusted God for everything. That's true faith.
---faye4464 on 12/13/06

Donna, it matters not at all. I am just trying to learn.
---carol on 12/13/06

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There is no Scriptural proof that Jesus owned a house. He may have had several he was able to stay in wherever he went. Just because he was in a house doesn't mean he owned it. He taught to "sell everything you have, come and follow me" If he taught that how could he justify owning his own house?
---john on 12/13/06

Most scholars believe that Jesus lived and worked in Capernium prior to his ministry. But as Pharasee clearly points out we dont' really know because during his ministry he didn't live anywhere. All ideas are speculation, but since he always returned to one gerneral area it could be thought of atleast that that was where he lived. Or atleast the family.
---Jared on 12/13/06

He stayed alot at Lazareth's house. There's many scripture references to this effect. Also, it says that when the people went their way at night, Jesus went to the mountain to pray. I believe whoever invited Him in, He stayed at their house IF the Father told him to do so. He dined at Matthew's house, but probably didn't stay overnight. What does it matter? Did having His own place give him status? (just kidding).
---Donna9759 on 12/13/06

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