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Who Would You Chat With

If you could chat with anyone from the Old Testament who would it be?

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 ---Sergio on 12/15/06
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Abraham for his strength and his faith and all he went through to become strong in the Lord, and Ruth, as well for her strength, faith and determindnation to go forth..
---mary on 1/21/07

Jesus, for sure!
---Geoff on 1/16/07

Mark, I stand corrected, thank you. But I would still choose David as Solomon disobeyed God in his later years and David didn't. Hope I got that right.
---Virginia on 1/15/07

Of the OT males, I'd talk to Joseph's brother Reuben, and of the OT females, I'd talk to Ruth.
---Donna on 1/1/07

Abraham or Noah.
---Ryan on 1/1/07

If I could talk to anyone it would be Yahueh as if I am talking to him I am in his Kingdom which he has set up on earth, and I am immortal. Now that would be a WOW.
---Toby on 1/1/07

It would have to be Adam. I would love to know what it was like to be on an earth totally devoid of sin and its devestation...and want to know why he chose to give that all up...
---betty8468 on 12/29/06

Deborah, without question! :) She was real and living proof that women are not inferior to men, otherwise God would not have called her to do the things she did :)
---Mary on 12/24/06

It would be between Joshua and Abraham. to have that much faith in God and to walk that close to him. And to sit down and talk with Melchizedek while he blessed Abraham with tithes, I love to have been there. And Joshua had so much courage, when leading the people into the land of Canaan.
---Rebecca_D on 12/23/06

Solomen - He was the richest and wisest king that ever lived besides Jesus. Maybe he could give us all some good insight to life. From the New Testiment of course Jesus - so we all could find out what is really what.
---Leslie on 12/22/06

it would be esther because she was very brave. iwant to be brave like her
---KIMMA on 12/22/06

Actually soloman asked God for wisdom instead of riches, that was david's son
---mark on 12/20/06

King David because I love the psalms and because he asked God for wisdom instead of riches.
---Virginia on 12/20/06

Mima, LOL I have no idea. I've been in serious spinal pain and I've been out of it lately, so I guess I was having one of those absentee minded moments. I figured Bathsheba got pregnant and when David found out, he had Uriah murdered, but I'm sure it was MORE than 48 hours. Please LOL with me. I've been in serious spinal pain...on meds right now. I love you guys, thanks for bearing with me.
---Donna9759 on 12/19/06

Thanks for catching that.I must of had to much going on at that time.
Would love to talk with Moses.
---JIM on 12/18/06

Donna, its because hes a guy
---mark on 12/16/06

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Sergio, please post some more questions, they're uplifting.

I would ask King Solomon, how in the world did you manage all those wives. (All the sour marriages, bad divorces, lonely singles are very depressing). How did he handle such a mess.
---Tracy on 12/16/06

Esther, David, Solomon, Paul. The list would go on and on. As a woman, love to speak with the women leaders. Oh yes, the woman at the well, and the woman with the issue of blood,Hosea etc......Dana9769
---Dana on 12/16/06

Donna; please tell me how you arrived at 48 hours concerning David's sins.
---Mima on 12/16/06

Enoch, i want to know how he was able to get so close to God that God just took him away b/c of him getting so close to God
---mark on 12/15/06

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Ruth. I would ask her about how she got the courage to travel with Naomi, as a young widow, and move to a strange land.
---Madison1101 on 12/15/06

God performed more miracles under Moses' leadership than anyone else in the Old Testament. I'd want to chat with Moses.
---faye4464 on 12/15/06

Moses for sure. I want to know how troubling it was to cope with the grippers all the time. LOL
---Cheri on 12/15/06

Methusalah...He has the most to tell!
---Susie on 12/15/06

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The Apostle Paul isn't in the Old Testament. He appeared on the scene after Jesus was resurrected.
My answer is: King David. I need to know "What was he thinking" when he had God's favor on his life, got anything from God he wanted, and yet he gave into his flesh and committed adultery and murder all within 48 hours. How can this be? When he walked so close with God?
---Donna9759 on 12/15/06

Elijah for sure.
---Pharisee on 12/15/06

Now that's a hard question!
---Sergio on 12/15/06

Apostle Paul.
---JIM on 12/15/06

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David....I would tell him not to go up on the rooftop, it's not worth it. Then I would ask him about those beautiful songs...and folks, as I'm typing this, something just happened to me...Oh my.

Lucifer, before the fall, made music in his being. He was so jealous of David and the beautiful music, he placed that temptation there for him to stumble. But David was still a man after God's heart.
---Raine on 12/15/06

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