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Volunteer Work With Others

Do any of you do voluntary work of any kind? Does the political correctness we all now have to 'suffer' affect what you do or has it made you decide not to volunteer in any capacity?

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 ---m.p.a on 12/16/06
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I work at a restaurant with many unbelievers. I am fortunate to find that some want to talk about "religion". I use my break time to sit and talk with them and share my faith. It's an awesome opportunity to share Christ. I even invited one coworker to church...and she came! Praise God!
---craz4horses88 on 4/2/08

I am a volunteer with a Christian charity and we are not prevented from speaking about Jesus during our day to day work. However, when it comes to trying to seek funding to help keep the charity going nothing must be mentioned about Christianity on application forms or in meetings, or we would not get funding. In fairness though, muslims wouldn't get funding from these same organizations either if they mentioned their faith
---RitaH on 3/28/08

We do a lot of volunteering and usually have no problem. There was one instance when we wanted to become foster parents that we backed off because we couldn't agree to the severity of the political correctenss demanded by us.
---john on 3/28/08

You can find non-political things to volunteer in. I volunteer a lot at my church and also volunteer at my daughter's school and the local public library. And occassionally other community events.
---grace3869 on 5/31/07

m.p.a., I volunteered to go on a short term mission to Scotland about 8 years ago. I was appalled at the lack of Christianity there. Churches were closing and people were turning them into Pubs. Here in America people are not like that. So I know what you mean there. I volunteer at our local Library and hope to also volunteer at our local Domestic Abuse Safe House. I use to volunteer in the office of Hospice.
---Norma7374 on 12/30/06

m.p.a.....In the US we have freedom of religion although there are those who would like to take that away from us too. I can talk about Jesus anytime, anyplace, anyway that I want including where I work. However, it is not something that we should force feed anyone. I wouldn't volunteer for any organization which required me to compromise my faith.
---Susie on 12/20/06

Things may be different in U.S. but in Britain many organizations insist Christians 'leave their Christianity at home'. For example, in an advice centre, a young girl wishing for information about an abortion would have to be given just what she asked for. A Christian worker would be in deep trouble if they pointed out what the bible said on this issue or mentioned God or Jesus at all. I'll personally never do secular voluntary work again because they all seem to be anti-Christian but pro EVERYTHING else.
---m.p.a. on 12/19/06

A Christian should show Jesus in their life no matter where they are. If the people around you can't tell that you are a Christian by your life, you better examine yourself closely. I work in the secular world, but I don't leave Jesus at the door when I walk into my office. Although many people I work with are not Christian, when they need prayer they come to our family.
---Susie on 12/18/06

I've volunteered at my son's public school for 6 yrs & have taken my Christianity with me. When we eat lunch in the cafeteria we pray before our meal. And I still say God bless you when someone sneezes. I think that God needs to be in every part of our lives & I try to bring Him with me wherever I go & because of my openess about God as my friend I've many opportunities to share & invite people to church. Many people are more open to having a "relationship" with Christ than is believed.
---PJ on 12/17/06

I am registered in 2volunteer jobs one which brings me in close contact with many ethnic societies of the world.Religion is not a problem, as its not a requirement
infringing on anothers rights.Courtesy is however required & is one of the attributes of any faith, In any nationality.
---Emcee on 12/17/06

I should have made my question more clear. I had not intended to ask about Christian voluntary work but meant working for secular agencies, charities etc. where you could meet a diverse range of people and political correctness might make it difficult (or even impossible) for you to continue working there without compromising your own faith.
---m.p.a on 12/17/06

All ministry which we do is voluntary. We have no problem with being politically correct in prisons and jails or homeless shelters. We preach the gospel and many are getting born again in every service. There are organizations for which I would not volunteer as they are more interested in being politically correct to ensure they receive government grants.
---Susie on 12/16/06

I am involved in 6 kinds of voluntary work, four of which require police checks on me.
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/16/06

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