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The Three Wise Men

I heard three different radio preachers talking about the Magi today. So, just who were the Three Wise Men? Where did they come from? Were they sent or just went? What were they seeking?

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 ---Leon on 12/18/06
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---Leon on 12/23/06

Excellent exchange gentlemen. Interesting points.
---jhonny on 12/22/06

Jared, if they understood so much why did they have to ask where the Christ child was? You will notice that they were quoted to from "the prophet," Matt 2:5. They were certainly in the wrong place. You will also notice it was Scripture that gave them the answer they needed.
---Elder on 12/21/06

Elder, the Magi went to herod first because he was the Ruler and they were prominate people from another country. they were trying not to start a war yet to honor the new king. it was diplomatic not a misunderstanding of scripture.
---Jared on 12/20/06

**By traditions of man is man figuratively forced to believe a supernatural event over a natural one?If a man were to provide a credible explanation, who judges it?Is he to remain a fool that you say he is?**

There are many naturalisitc explanations for this supernatural event--all of them with flaws.

I prefer to leave the Star of Bethlemem in the category of supernatural miracle.
---Jack on 12/20/06

Since someone brought the star up take the time to see and remember where it led the men.
The star first led the men to Herod who was the enemy of Christ. He wanted to kill the young one. He issued orders to kill all those males 2 and under to be sure he got the Christ child, the promised King.
The Men found where Jesus was at when they turned to Scripture.
Proves we can't trust following stars, huh?
---Elder on 12/20/06

LOL Bob! I know what you mean! My name is not "Susan" or "Sue".
---Susie on 12/20/06


Do not fall into a trap seeking to destroy your credibility and/or faith! Pray before answering.
---John_T on 12/20/06

My name is not 'Bobby', science says a lot of things on a lot of subjects. It's like the creature telling the creator what to do or say, so what.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/20/06

It is a myth there were only three. Triune fixations. Myth honors Mithras, part of a triune sun deity worshipped in a feast on Dec 25. from where the word myth is derived. And to invent events into myth is honoring the wrong diety.
---jhonny on 12/19/06

greetings.for Jack.By traditions of man is man figuratively forced to believe a supernatural event over a natural one?If a man were to provide a credible explanation, who judges it?Is he to remain a fool that you say he is?
---earl on 12/19/06

There are only 3 wise men in my eyes: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Okay, Okay I know they aren't "men" per say, but they are the 3 wisest folks I know. Wise men seek HIM!!! Amen?
---Donna9759 on 12/19/06

It is possible that these were not the only royal visitors to Jesus. Just the only ones recorded in the Bible.
---Susie on 12/19/06

Good comments! Thanks.

True, the Bible doesn't say exactly how many wise men there were. I'm just curious. Certainly many more than three could've appeared before Herod (Matt 2:7) in his court. On the other hand, how many could've fit into "the house" (Matt. 2:11) where the toddler Jesus was? Maybe not all at once. Then again, maybe so. I don't know! If there were more than three, wouldn't there have been other gifts along with the gold, frankincense & myrrh? Maybe there were....
---Leon on 12/19/06

Earl, seeking a natural explanation for a supernatural occurrence (as I believe the Star was) is a fool's errand.

Bobby, astronomy and astrology were not separated until the 1800's. Johannes Kepler, father of modern astronomy, also cast horoscopes.
---Jack on 12/19/06

They could've been 'astronomer's' unlike 'astrologer's & No one knows their numbers.

It's been said it would take a caravan to disturb or capture the imagination of a city, & safely make such a journey.

One thing should be agreeable is, the shepherds saw a babe in a manger, the magi saw a young child, undeniable proof it took years to prepare/make the journey after seeing His star, whenever/however it factually appeared.

Can't give that fellow Moses credit for this event!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 12/19/06

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greetings.Jack.Why would there be a problem with conjunctions of planets?
---earl on 12/19/06

They were indeed Wise Men as they brought gifts to the KING OF KINGS!!!!!
---Susie on 12/19/06

St. John Chrystostom, inventor of expository preaching, writing in the 4th century said it was a noetic star, i.e., a vision given to them.

I feel that speculations trying to find a natural explanation--conjunction of planets, Halley's comet, a nova--are pointless.
---Jack on 12/19/06

all really good answers...I believe that they are from the persian empire which streched as far east as india. I think they probably were trained under the direction of people trained by Daniel. They watched the stars which is something zorastians do (religion of persia) And they knew the various traditions (even the hebrews watched the stars)
---Jared on 12/18/06

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it's pretty intresting if you really look into it. according to the Nativity movie it was 3 stars coming together (which is probably close to true) I know Mars, Jupitar and Saturn all have very significant meanings in Jewish traditions.
---Jared on 12/18/06

Some derive magistrate from magi, and thus call them kings, others derive magician from magi, and thus call them astrologers. The magi came from Arabia and Persia, because scripture reads that they came from the east to Jerusalem, and east of Jerusalem is Arabia and Persia. King Herod sent them to Bethlehem to search for the King of the Jews, and they followed the star to Bethlehem where Jesus was.
---Eloy on 12/18/06

The three is traditionally derived from the 3 gifts given to Jesus. But the actual number of Magi is NOT in the Bible, so let's let alone.

Some conservative scholars believe that the "star in the east" moving and alighting over the HOUSE (not manger) could have been the Shakinah Glory, because it behaved like no other star has done before.

Again, that also is extra Biblical speculation, so I let it rest.
---John_T on 12/18/06

There was more than one but we don't know how many more there were.
We are told there were three gifts so people think there were three man.
---Elder on 12/18/06

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Long standing tradition--the same tradition that gave us the Bible to start with--says there were 3--named Melchior (Japhetic), Caspar (Asian), and Balthasar (Hamitic).

The same tradition says they began their journey in Persia.
---Jack on 12/18/06

An ancient hymn for this day answers the rest of your question:

"Your Birth, O Christ God, shone on the world the light of wisdom, for at it those who worshipped the stars were taught by a star to worship You, the Sun of righteousness, and to know You, the Dayspring from on high. O Lord, glory to You."
---Jack on 12/18/06

i recently read that these magi were studious men in the Mazzoroth. a long line dedicated group believed to be appointed by Daniel to track the birth of Jesus whom he'd been told would come. using the march of years by the Daniel-prophecy they calculated the approach of Christ's birth. used scripture references to locate then went to give gifts in welcome.

it could be possible. find the article on a jewish or christian website, sorry i forgot which.
---JaeR on 12/18/06

The Maji were probably astrologers from somewhere in the east (east of Bethelem). They saw a strange star that they thought heralded an important birth and came seeking for the one born. The number 3 comes from the gifts of gold, frankincence and myrh but there could have been any number. Trust this helps.
---Darrell on 12/18/06

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Three? What scripture says there were three?
---Susie on 12/18/06

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