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Meditate On The Word

What does it mean to meditate (meditate on scripture, Christ) as the bible tells us to do all the time? Maybe what I'm asking is how.

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 ---mark on 12/19/06
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There are several things to do that I consider a must when meditating on a scripture.

I always mull over what it means to the audience it was originally given to, and then I get to what it means for me personally right where I am now.

If we are honest that guy last week or mrs. so in so came to mind first, and that's God reminding us to pray for them gracefully.
Don't forget to pray for you.
---Pharisee on 12/17/07

To meditate on the word is to focus your mind and body into the scriptures. it is the exact opposite of eastern meditation where you empty your mind, instead you empty your mind and fill it with the word of God. many people have forgotten the importance of meditation because of the onslaught of Eastern religions but meditation is an important aspect of Christian spiritual health and growth.
---Jared on 4/28/07

To think, contemplate the Word. To drink it in and make it real for yourself. It must have an effect on you so that you learn something from it.
---Junia on 4/28/07

There's no fast food in the Bible.
To meditate on the Word is to give your brain a bath.
Meditation on the Word of God will always bring peace (Ps. 119:165 "Those who love Thy law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble.").
---Rachel on 4/23/07

I have used scripture as a screen saver and taped it over my sink to think about.
---Madison1101 on 12/19/06

mark, there are some really good responses here, but I'd like to add how I meditated on the word. When I was a baby Christian in 1983, I even do this TODAY, I write scriptures down on Index Cards, and I memorize one or two a day. I say them out loud and I think about what they mean. Ponder a scripture, don't just read it quickly and go on. Stay on that scripture until it becomes Spirit and Life to you, until it ministers to your soul. Amen?
---Donna9759 on 12/19/06

When i think about mediatating I thing about jesus in the garden of geseme. I also like to pray to God and as you and i know I ask in jesus name. I have a new relation ship with god the father . i can have some moments in time when i have difficulty accepting others beleifs so i try to keep my own and listen with a open heart and open mind.
---billy on 12/19/06

To be tuned into Christ continuously!
---JIM on 12/19/06

It means to ponder and diligently seek godly understanding and wisdom concerning God's Word, One can't truly do this unless they let the Holy Spirit lead them, and He leads one into all Truth, as long as He is not hindered. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 12/19/06

mark,its natural.when you have a problem and you roll it over and over in your mind, and contemplate all the various senarios associated with it ,you are meditating on the instead of the problem roll the scripture that pertains to this issue ,or the promises of God over and over, instead of the negative resposes,the positive promises that apply to you as a child of God. THIS IS MEDITATING ON THE WORD.
---tom2 on 12/19/06

In Joshua 1:8 it says,"...meditate therein day and night..." The word "meditate mean to think on, utter, & say. So to meditate on the word you read it, memorize it, & speak it. When you do your faith comes by your hearing(Romans 10:17).
---Rickey on 12/19/06

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