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Female Cover Their Head

Is it compulsory for a female to cover her head in a church service?

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 ---dotun on 12/23/06
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LOL! :D Good one Trina :D
---Mary on 8/19/07

No, it is not. Some days I would like to put a bag over my head, because my hair is wild. Or maybe a bag over my face with two holes cut out so I could eliminate any identification. Then maybe a muzzle so I can keep my mouth shut. Or maybe a football helmet with face and mouth guard.

No, you don't have to cover your head. That was tradition. I'm glad I live in the USA where women can live without covering their entire body up.
---Trina on 8/19/07

Now that is an inspriation. The head covering as applied by the expanded ordinances of man-made tradition IS;
A BARRIER. A barrier to Christ. Amen Rachel.
---jhonny on 1/21/07

This is the oppression of liturgical action, that you do it. What you think whether right or wrong is rebellion to authority. To put Paul's name on this head covering practice is a fraud.
---jhonny on 1/20/07

1 Cor 11:3,4,5

The true head of every man/woman is Jesus Christ, not hats, prayer shawls or hair. Jesus is the head, our Teacher. Through Jesus Christ, we are capable of reading and hearing God's Word, without a covering.

False teachers claim must have a spiritual covering; submitting yourself to a pastor. .

Every Christian is accountable to God for our relationship with Jesus Christ.
"Coverings" will not be there to speak for us.
---Rachel on 1/20/07

It is just as oppressive to be forced to take off a head it is to be forced to put one on. Either way, it is the woman's choice.

---Rahel on 1/20/07

Yes, women should cover their head. with their LONG hair (she must not look like a man) or a bonnet. Ask Jesus. Read your bible. He has a personal answer for you. I think long hair looks a million times better than extra short hair, and if I see a little bonnet or similar, I wonder: she may be a sister of mine. just with the long hair, she may be just another girl.
---george on 1/20/07

What do you mean by accredited falsely to Paul? It's there in black and white.
---Caring on 1/20/07

I like it, I like it alot. And the Christian woman should feel greatly honored by this. This reminds me of a bride wearing a bridal veil, and are not Christian women the bride of Christ? or are they without him and still joined to the world?
---Eloy on 1/19/07

It is oppressive that a woman should wear a bonnet or some head dressing as part of some religious instruction accredited falsely to Paul. I agree women should cover their head. With their HAIR.
---jhonny on 1/19/07

1 Corinthians 11:15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her HAIR is given her for a COVERING.

Paul was dealing with some conflicting beliefs the Greek Woman shaved their heads as a religious belief Paul was trying to change that tradition by explaining to them what God expected from them. But there is no law concerning the covering of a womans head with a rag, as you see Paul said her hair was her covering.
---exzucuh on 1/19/07

According to Paul, women should cover their head but since you gals don't like the idea, you push that part of the Bible aside.

Double standard?
---Caring on 1/19/07

And in vain they worship Me
Teaching as doctrines the
commandments of men...
you hold the traditions of men-the washing
of pitchers and cups, and many other such
things you do.

You reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your tradition.
Mark 7

In Matt 27:51, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom, the earth quaked, the rocks were split;
The traditions of men were put away.

Men and women no longer need barriers on their heads.
---Rachel on 1/19/07

Do you have a barrier on your heart? Jesus doesn't need a hat on your head to give Him honor and reverence. Jesus needs all of you, no barriers. Jesus paid the price to obliterate the traditions of men.
---Rachel on 1/19/07

A woman's veil is a type and shadow of the covering of the Spirit of God that covers his bride, the church. How we live in the natural bears witness to what we believe about spiritual matters at the throne of God. A woman's hair is given her as a covering. Her long hair represents her subjection to her husband as the church is subject to Christ. Not demeaning, but showing honour unto the Lord in this life.
---Frank on 1/18/07

Is it compulsory for a man to cover his head in a church service?
---Rural_Cafe on 12/29/06

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Thank you Msfari....for that revelation.

I do not always cover my head. More often, I do not...because I do not [at this present time] feel the conviction to. I respect you for your choice... Continue to enlighten...
---Reiter on 12/29/06

Yes Yes, if some someone believes that he/she is of christ or is saved, then Jesus said if you Love me you gonna keep my Laws...John 14:15.....then why can a woman stay without a veil on her head if she claims being saved? this is mandatory every time for we are free to pray always not only when in the chuch.It's God will and it's always a symbol of authority to the angels....whoever have ears hear what God clearly states....
---msafiri on 12/29/06

Scripture written by Paul says a woman should have a covering. It also says her hair is given for a covering (A woman should have long hair and a man short). The reason Paul gives is because of the angels (pastors). It seems this is a symbol of respect to placement (authority). A woman wearing a "hat" or shawl is RCC tradition passed down to the denominations. Note that when the woman washed Jesus' feet she dried them with her hair (must have been long hair?).
---mikefl on 12/23/06

Only for those who say they believe and obey what the Bible says.

But my guess is that a lot of people here will make this Word of God of none effect by their traditions.
---Jack on 12/23/06

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