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Is Global Warming Bad

Will the world or any portion of the world be destroyed by this alledged "global warming"?

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 ---kyla on 12/23/06
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I saw a news show where they said global warming would bring about the next ice age. Apparently the melting of the ice on the poles would disrupt the currents in the ocean which would disrupt weather patterns and thus bring about the next ice age. It was interesting, but not something we need to worry about in the very near future.
---grace3869 on 3/15/08

Ashley: If you indeed believe the Global Warming hypothesis, and are as concerned about the environment as you claim you are, there are a few things you should do immediately (if you're already not doing them):

(1) Stop eating meat. Food animal production causes deforestation, methane & CO2 production, water consumption and manure contamination.

(2) Turn off your heat & AC: Major fossil fuel burners.
---jerry6593 on 6/23/07


(3) Ride a bicycle only. Even ethanol uses more energy to produce than it provides-and it makes lots of CO2 during fermentation.

(4) Forget the changeover to flourescent light bulbs - too much mercury pollution.

(5) You could stop exhaling CO2, but that would be a little over the top.

Now after you've done all that, go to the ocean, put your finger in the water and see how high the water level rises. That's how much difference you've made to the global climate.
---jerry6593 on 6/23/07

About the Polar Bears.

I recently read there are over a dozen Polar Bears types. Two herds are shrinking in size, four are expanding and the rest are stable.

Instead of depending on scientific methods of determining polarcaps shrinking, try doing a little research about past voyages of famous seamen especially during the 1100 to 1400 AD years. Captains easily plotted their courses near the poles where ice is now formed. Would that mean it was definately hotter during those years than today?
---Steveng on 6/21/07

I support the three R's and I agree that we should avoid polluting our planet, but this is because we are affected locally (cancer, lung problems, etc.), not because this is having that great of an effect globally.

We have been through several Ice Ages interspaced by warming periods. The Polar Ice caps have melted and expanded many times and will continue to do so, with or without our help.
---lorra8574 on 6/21/07

I dont know how far a polar bear can swim, but I do know that sooner or later the earth will eventually have some kind of adverse effect from all the man-made pollution, it's only common sense. My opinion.
---sue on 6/21/07

Ashley: You said "get your facts right before you open your mouth." I think you would be wise to heed your own advice. You seem to be driven by emotion and are easily swayed by political propaganda. Conversely, I am a physicist, and REAL science does not support Al Gore's Hollywood fantasy. "The temp has risen here at least ten degrees each day in the last thirty years." According to my calculations, it is now over 100,000 degrees on your planet.
---Jerry on 6/21/07

Catherine ... The Bible does not say how God made the globe, or the universe.
Might He not have made the Big Bang?
---alan_of_UK on 6/21/07

Living in Canada, The artic ice is melting and yes, polar bears are dying because men are too stupid and arrogant to open their eyes to the problem. When all the ice is gone, the ozone layer is gone, fresh water is non existant, trees are gone and you have no more oxygen to breath, then what will you do. No wonder many species are now extinct in the world. Through ignorance and greed, men destroy everything they touch and don't care.
---ashley on 6/20/07

The public is being bombarded daily from nearly every avenue with the notion that the universe began with a cosmic accident-Sometimes referred to as "the big bang"- And slowly evolved into the universe we see today including all life in it. What [people won't come up with to discredit God.] What will people come up with next?
---catherine on 6/20/07

Sue, I think you fell for the propaganda that the Planet Earth series was putting forth. The Arctic is still covered with ice and polar bears are not starving because they have no ice. If you habitually watch nature shows, you will know that animals die of sickness and starvation, not to mention the ones that are killed and eaten by other animals. Polar bears are highlighted because they are cute and cuddly and pull on the heart strings.
---ralph7477 on 6/20/07

Additionally Sue, polar bears are great swimmers and can swim a hundred miles if they want to. It is quite unlikely that polar bears are drowning, as the alarmists would have you believe.
---ralph7477 on 6/20/07

I watched a special on TV called Planet Earth (i think) and it showed Polar Bears dieing of starvation or drowning because the ice caps that they need to hunt upon are melting. This never happened before.
---sue on 6/20/07

The Bible tells that the heaven & earth we are living in now is reserved for fire, till the day of judgment for destruction of ungodly men.

That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat. (2 Peter 3:7-11)

Why should we worry about this happening gradually in God's patience to give a chance for the rebellious man...

Instead the concerns should be how to address the man made problems due to our sinful nature.
---Ephre3798 on 6/20/07

It seems like everyone is trying to blame something or someone for the climate change - CO2, volcanoes, burning fossil fuels, El Nino, even President Bush.

Greenhouse gases are not the root problem.

The root cause of global warming (and everything else) is not because of what is written above, but because of the increase of sin in the world. It's written that the end generation is the most wicked in the history of the world. But you haven't seen anything yet, it's going to get worse.
---Steveng on 6/19/07

Global warming is a curse upon the earth for the evil of this planet even the people of God have no faith and look to science.

1 Timothy 6:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:
---exzucuh on 6/19/07

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About thirty years ago 'experts' said we were heading for a new ice age & oil was about to run out.

Thirty years later 'experts' say it's global warming & oil is about to run out-again.

Records show Europe suffered an extensive long-term increase in temperature in the 1600's so it's quite likely our planet goes through temperature cycles.

No one has proved that human activity is the problem.

Meanwhile multi-nationals cash in on the fear-$$$$$$$$$$$$$- up go the fuel prices.
---Warwick on 6/19/07

Jerry: I guess life is fine on your own planet. on Earth, men are killing the planet. The temp has risen here at least ten degrees each day in the last thirty years. fifty days over the 100 degree mark. pollution is choking our oxygen, severe storms never seen rage around us. fires burn, floods, tornados, hurricanes. get your facts right before you open your mouth. its caused by gases and pollutants going into our atmosphere. the polar ice caps are melting. without trees, no oxygen, you die.
---ashley on 6/19/07

look global warming has nothing to do with holes in the ozone layer. global warming is due to green house gasses reflecting infered light ( coming from the sun ) back on to earth again and again and again. holes in the ozone layer are due to CFCs extra and the the ozone layer stops in simple terms solar flares hitting earth and has nothing to do with the melting ice caps thats green house gasses. look if you dont understand somthing look it up on wikipedia or somthing and save me the trouble please...
---michael on 6/19/07

Revelation 16:8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

It's all in the book
---exzucuh on 6/19/07

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Ashley: You are seriously mistaken. Both the National Enquirer and Al Gore's "The Convenient Lie" are poor sources for atmospheric science.

Steven: Your numbers add up to well over 100%. CO2 has a slight greenhouse effect only in arid areas where no water vapor is present. It absorbs only in two narrow bands; at 4.5 and 15 microns. Since H2O has already absorbed in these bands, CO2 can't contribute.
---Jerry on 6/19/07

Steven: As for the ozone hole: We can't say for sure but what, as is the case with global temperature cycles, it may be just another natural phenomenon. Besides, I thought that the government's removal of cloroflurocarbons from our aerosol cans and car air conditioners was supposed to fix the problem. Since that didn't work, what makes you think that anything man can do will affect GW?
---Jerry on 6/19/07

Man-made global warming hysteria is one of the biggest scams going. The Earth goes through natural warming and cooling cycles over centuries. Melting glaciers are revealing centuries-old mining and agricultural activities which were going on before the planet cooled. There is a reason Greenland was so named.
---ralph7477 on 6/19/07

Greenhouse gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and a few others. Water vapor takes up about 95% of the atmosphere including clouds. CO2 15%, 4% caused by man. The oceans cover three fourths of the surface, the earth is heating up and, therefore, more vapor in the air? Man have always survived cataclysmic eventsand this one is no different - unless, of course, it's part of the tribulation period. Pray to God that you are worthy for Him to protect you.
---Steveng on 6/18/07

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Greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming. Sulphur and other deadly toxins are released into the atmosphere, creating a shield holding in the heat. The ozone layer or our oxygen already has large holes due to decimation of forests so oxygen cannot be produced. Fact. Temperatures have risen 10 degrees in most countries, severe storms are the norm. Tornados, earthquakes, floods in areas not known for them. Man is killing the planet through greed and selfishness, no one else.
---ashley on 6/18/07

We have more news of 'dangerous weather'... What happens in the future is not ours to decide, but if we beleive it to be dangerous, we should do something (as in Paul's comment about eating meat). I try to avoid doing things that might make it worse (if it is happenning) butI would not argue with someone who disagrees.
---Peter5448 on 6/18/07

I like your answer Faye: "I will say this about "global warming"

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
---Christina on 6/17/07

Global warming may be a major factor in the horrific events of the tribulation period. If this is true, then it is most likely inevitable. As some have mentioned before there are much more serious issues. If the world is going to end then it is going to end. Stopping global warming won't change that.
---Matthew on 6/17/07

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The prophesies concerning the end times does not say who is at fault. The problems could be caused by God, man, or nature. Even earthquakes can be caused by man. As Christians, we are only to be aware of these happenings. They are the signs and wonders as spoken by Jesus, apostles and the prophets. Do not fear for the things that are happening in the world. As a person who is walking in the light of God know and are confident that if they die they know where they are going when Jesus returns.
---Steveng on 6/17/07

James is on the right track. GW is nothing more than a religio-political ploy to grow the power of government. Do you realize that all this "the sky is falling" hype is over a 0.6 degree temperature change over a 100 year period, made with a 1.5 degree measurement accuracy? No "real" scientist would call that statistically relevant. The infrared absorption spectrum of CO2 clearly rules out its significance as a greenhouse gas. Al Gore is a lying politician. That's his job.
---Jerry on 6/17/07

Global warming is nothing to be compared to the heat this world will feel if it doesn't set it's focus on Jesus and keep it there.
---Frank on 6/12/07

Parts of the world are already being destroyed by the very real global warming.
What is causing it is perhaps more debateable, but it is happening
---alanUKquent64534 on 6/12/07

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People should not be concerned about "global warming", They should be more concerned about allowing the Holy Ghost to remove all the spots and wrinkles from their garments(Revelation 16:15), getting the gospel of Christ to the lost before it's to late(Luke 10:2), because the Lord is coming SOON. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/11/07 warming is a story of a runaway train.The brake handle was thrown out the window long ago.To decrease contamination one must slow down the train.If the train was to slow then will brake backlash occur on a global scale.A depression like never before will soon occur.The economy will be in jeopardy.All rapid slow downs of manufacturing causes instant economic failure when the world population is extremely dependent upon the train keeping apace with the population growth.Nobody wins here
---earl on 1/11/07

I will say this about "global warming"

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
---willow on 1/11/07

I agree with James on this point. Why do they call some areas "one hundred year flood plains?" They undoubtedly know that the earth cycles, so why are they trying to control through fear of destruction. God created the earth to sustain itself.
---faye4464 on 1/11/07

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The Bush administration does not deny global warming but they do little about it. They have politicians and lawyer edit scientific papers. I have seen them.
---Katie on 1/11/07

Virginia ... sadly many Christians on these blogs are closing their eyes to this issue
---alanUKquent64534 on 1/11/07

I think that global warming has very little, if anything to do with us. I think that it's just a natural cycle that the earth has been going through since the beginning. I wouldn't be surpeised if Methuselah lived to see 2 or 3 cycles. Just a thought.
---James on 1/10/07

What I do think is, that the democrats want to monitor everybody's life so we will have to pay extra for energy.
---James on 1/10/07

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Just saw a very scientific and scary program on PBS this week about the measurements and chemistry of global warming. Their conclusion was that if we don't do something to stop it this decade, what Katie said in this blog will happen. New York, Florida and coasts will be flooded, many plants will not survive and famine would result, etc.
---Virginia on 1/10/07

R. A., I know your kidding about Al Gore inventing the internet. Al Gore claims this, but of course he's been proven wrong. That's a good one. You made me laugh!
---Joey on 1/8/07

greetings.Is global warming, warning?The mouths of prophets from long ago have revelated to future mankind that our future as we know it will abruptly end by the material mindedness of man's deliberate self greed and gratification.They claim as did Jesus restate and John also that this is irreversable.Is it'sooner than one thinks'?Will (being prepared) sublime faith the only solution for enduring the perils man he is about to for go?Does any body know what time it is?
---earl on 1/5/07

The number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has almost doubled in the last 30 years.2
Malaria has spread to higher altitudes in places like the Colombian Andes, 7,000 feet above sea level.3
The flow of ice from glaciers in Greenland has more than doubled over the past decade.4
At least 279 species of plants and animals are already responding to global warming, moving closer to the poles.5
---Katie on 1/5/07

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Deaths from global warming will double in just 25 years -- to 300,000 people a year.6
Global sea levels could rise by more than 20 feet with the loss of shelf ice in Greenland and Antarctica, devastating coastal areas worldwide.7
Heat waves will be more frequent and more intense.
Droughts and wildfires will occur more often.
The Arctic Ocean could be ice free in summer by 2050.8
More than a million species worldwide could be driven to extinction by 2050.9
---Katie on 1/5/07

Global warming is a serious problem!

God has given use serious problems to fix before and we can fix this one!

The peolple in the media who say global warming is not a big issue (witch is very few)are usally funded by polluters.

Every one should watch an Inconvenient Truth and get the facts regardless of your political views are world is getting hotter and hotter and God wants us to do something about it!
---Katie on 1/5/07

greetings.Until recent years man did not have the power to destroy his self.Now he has.There is no age to look back on.Is the age of mechanization,industrialization and technology an unforeseen pandora's box?Many say this great stone is very sick and dying.Medical examiners have posted warnings for years.Is there a cure on the horizion or is death eminent .
---earl on 1/2/07

Ralph7477 - Whatever it's cause, God is in total control of the weather and He determines each and every day just what the weather will be.
---Helen_5378 on 1/2/07

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Helen, the lack of rain in Australia at this time is primarily due to the El Nino weather pattern cycle which is particularly strong this year. This El Nino cycle in the Pacific has been going on for centuries. I welcome the El Nino because it keeps the snow away from my area and we have had a very pleasant warm winter so far. Warm winter weather saves lives and conserves heating fuel. Warm weather is good.
---ralph7477 on 1/1/07

Joe; What is the 'protective canopy' that protected man? This is something I missed in scripture. As to warming, the evidence is becoming stronger, even the republicans are admiting it. It is true that during interglacal periods there has been much warming-but mans affect on this climate is clear.
---MikeM on 1/1/07

AlanUKquent - No, God is holding back the rain that is all. It is known as a drought, and we have had many of them here before. We need to pray more for God to release rain.
---Helen_5378 on 1/1/07

There was a period of global cooling that likely started reducing the lifecycles of mankind. In one case, I believe it was initially decreased by 33%. You might say Noah's sons suffered the most, and several centuries later, humanity suffered the most loss, in terms of life expectancy. What if global warming was a precursor to restoring the protective canopy the earliest part of humanity benefitted from?
---Joe on 1/1/07

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Alan, have you ever considered that the world has been abnormally cold for the last few hundred years and it is now going back to where it should be? Historians say that the planet was very warm in the middle ages. Apparently the planet was not destroyed because here we are living on it.
---ralph7477 on 12/31/06

Heloen ... I read that there are severe water restrictions in parts of Australia. Perhaps they are not to do with climate change?
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/31/06

greetings.We have already entered the 'long winter' of material mindedness.
---earl on 12/30/06

such people suppose that its something that man is doing that causes it. but its actually solar warming., that also warms the other nearby planets...

the gw statements ignore historical records that show its not so, and also blame & hamper technology without providing workable solutions.
making it a sin & guilt without redemption kind of religion based on evolution.

why fear man's fears?
---JaeR on 12/30/06

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Remember, Al did invent the internet.
---R.A. on 12/29/06

AlanUKquent64534: Don't get dismayed. I am a physics teacher and I believe that GLOBAL WARMING would create changes in our lives in the future. Don't get dismayed... everyone has the right to say what he/she wants to say/believes.. I am hearing you.
---bebet3754 on 12/29/06

I don't know. Ask Al Gore. He seems to know everything from, him starting this whole internet thing, to being the glogal warming guru. He's the genius, just ask him.
---Smiley on 12/28/06

Things are definitely heating up in the world and it is interesting to be able to track it scientifically, but the world will not be destroyed by global warming, unless of course this warming turns into the fire that Scripture prophesies will destory the earth. Fire will destroy the earth.
---Sheryl on 12/27/06

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Helen ... I would like to add to my post that if anyone can show me that electical power, computers or aeroplanes are mentioned in Scripture, then I will believe in them.
Until then, I have to regard my use of them, and my correspondence with you and the other members of CN, as being completely self-delusion and fantasy
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/26/06

AlanUKquent - I do read the international news and all the other news every day online. I do not agree that there is global warming, and I do have the right to believe that ok. I believe it is going to be used as a means to control the people. The whole world has fallen for it. We are right in the end times, and antichrist will soon be revealed.
---Helen_5378 on 12/25/06

I would like to add to my post that if anybody can show me that global warming is in Scripture, then I really will believe it.
---Helen_5378 on 12/25/06

"Global warming" is real, and the term covers all the environmental pecualiarities whih are happening ... including yuor in australia, Helen.
Here in the UK we have just had the warmest year on record, and many of the glaciers and snow peaks in Europe are losing their snow (rapidly) Polar ice caps are melting rapidly. May I suggest you read the international news to find out what is going on.
---alanUKquent64534 on 12/25/06

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I do not believe that the so-called "global warming" is real. Here in Australia, we are having winter-like days in summer. It also snowed here on Christmas Day, right after having terrible bush-fires! It is no hotter now than it was fifty years ago.
---Helen_5378 on 12/25/06

I think it's serious. Global warming is the adverse reaction to all the pollution people have done to our earth for many, many years.
---sue on 12/25/06

People are over reacting about global warming, many people just believe what people are saying about it, global warming is just the changing currents, which happens in a pattern every so many years...Dont worry the worlds not going to drown in water
---mark on 12/24/06

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