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Donald Trump And Rosie Odonnell

Did Donald Trump have the right to verbally comment on Rosie Odonnell since Rosie Odonnell started by publicly making personal attacks against Donald Trump or should Donald Trump have just ignored her comments? What would you have done and why?

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 ---Susan on 12/23/06
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I think trump was prideful in making a remark in response to a pointless "attack."

We think of people as having full control of their faculties when they malfunction and act poorly, but the reality behind that behavior is influences on their spirit from others.
One can draw no other conclusion to the verses given in 1 Timothy 2:24-26

The way to respond to Rosie's comment is with the word or not at all, maybe just wish her a merry Christmas.
---Pharisee on 4/25/08

Donald has the right to comment, but he should have taken the high road and ignored Rosie and the bag of hot air she's become. She's not worth watching. She turned me off when she invited Tom Selleck as a guest on her old show and then picked a fight! Who in their right mind would want to fight with Tom Selleck?
---Milly on 6/19/07

I think Donald Trump had every right to give Miss America anouther chance. But I think He should have just let Rosie's comment slide istead of making a big deal of it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. After all Christ gave us a second chance when He died on the cross for our sins.
---Jean on 6/19/07

somebody had to put Trump in his place for this we Thank you Rosie you are the women we love you here because you tell it like it is we need more people like you on this earth love ya your friend wanda (i hope we can be friends)
---wanda on 3/18/07

A "verbal comment" is way different than what Trump did! He went on every talk show he could to personnally bash Rosie. Things like, fat pig face, and she should be depressed after looking in the mirror, etc. Not very professional or billionairish! Too much time on his hands. I won't watch his show anymore.
---Sandy on 3/17/07

My god tells me not to judge AND be giving..... give her a break and STOP THE HATE
---Strong_Turmen on 3/14/07

Rosie calls herself a Catholic. By their fruits you will know them. I think Donald was just defending himself from her venomous mouth. I have got to beleive Pride comes before a fall, the Bible says just watch their end. Her name Rosie O'Donnell, Should be renamed "Thorn On'Donald"
---Cynthia_1 on 3/5/07

Scott, i do agree, there life is nothing, nothing, with out jesus, and living the life God wants them to live. They must forgive each other, keep GOD,s all GOD,s laws.
---winni on 3/5/07

You could turn it off. One less "Viewer".
---Cindy on 2/15/07

I am shocked that the ratings for the view have gone up since rosie joined the cast. it is sad that this is how our nation chooses to pick its voices. I have e-mailed my views to Barbara and just told her how offeneded I was that Rosie makes light of the fact that her lifestyle is not really not compatiable with christianity. I think we should form a campaign and all write in. The gay community has really orgaznied themselves and I think we should respond in some way.
---Latria on 2/15/07

do the world a favor ban rosie from tv then go after nancy grace.
---mike on 1/19/07

Why does Rosie speak about Donald Trumps morality without seeming to realize her own? Why do people evade speaking about this womans life style. It seems as if people tend to believe that thier is nothing wrong with it. They evade it (even some Christians) It is not spoken of by many.
---Chris on 1/16/07

I never did like either one of those show's. The View, it was just 4 woman trying to talk over each other all the time, and the Apprentice, just boring.People trying to get more money more money more money.I considered both shows a waste of my time.
---sue on 1/15/07

Barbara: I stopped watching the View after Rosie became a part of it. It had class prior to her arrival. Now, it is trash.
---Madison1101 on 1/14/07

Rosie is not funny. She is simply an annoying oversized loud-mouth. Ugh, why in the world would anyone watch the View now???
---Barbara on 1/14/07

My feelings exactly Lynn, Peg, and Ella.
I might also add that they both need Jesus in their lives, and if He is supposed to be in their lives, they need to let Him show up.
---lynet on 1/12/07

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This feud between Donald and Rose, they have money but obviously no class, very pathetic people.
---Lynn on 1/11/07

What he (the Don)should have done was laugh! yep thats right I said laugh. Rosie is a comedian she was being funny. everyone is intitled to his/her own opinion and it shows how truely petty and childish Mr. Trump is by responding with angry insults.
---Peg on 1/10/07

That's right, now Donald has lowered himself as well with all the name calling. Where is the integrity?
---ella on 1/9/07

Yes, I do believe that Donald had a right to respond. He made a business decision and Rosie did not like the decision he made and openly attacked him on her TV Show. She did the same with Kelly Ripa.

I am tired of the back and forth comments on both sides and would suggest that if Donald is going to sue, just sue. Do not give Rosie any more air play.

Rosie needs to stay out of other people's business.
---Myra on 1/9/07

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Again, as previously stated, this is all for publicity. Didn't our parents teach us that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. Live by that Rosie and The "Donald"! Starving people and war deserve more attention than you two!
---kerri on 1/9/07

I believe that Rosie has taken the View as an opportunity to throw insults at anyone she feels does not support her lifestyle. I think Donald was right to have said what he initially said in response to her but then went ahead with his lawsuit because maybe then Barbara Walters would rethink hiring her and finally say..."you're fired!"
---Ted on 1/8/07

I think the sad thing is that people in America are making such a big deal out of it when there are so many bigger problems in the world.
---Katie on 1/5/07

She started it he gets to finish it. She needs to stop shooting her big mouth off.
---Richard on 1/4/07

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I wanted Donald to ignored Rosie since he influences the behavior of millions. People needed him to say we all make mistakes including Rosie and let it go. Rosies comments were not funny but Donalds unwillingness to give her a 2nd chance took away from the other 2nd chance he gave. I pray they will find it in their hearts to forgive each other.
---margaret on 1/4/07

Don't kid yourselves, they know EXACTLY what they are doing and it's PUBLICITY baby.....
---Scott on 1/4/07

Great free publicity for "The View", "Miss America" and "The Apprentice". I think they should be named "The Crude View", "Miss America Gone Wild" and "The Your Mama Wears Combat Boots Apprentice". There is not one of them that our children can aspire to be like.
---michelle on 1/3/07

I don't recall anyone in here saying that we hate Rosie or Trump. Both their lifestyles are an abomination to God. But, He gives them both the chance to accept Jesus Christ and His salvation. They have both obviously declined the invitation.
---Susie on 12/29/06

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After Donald's comments on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight (12/28/2006), I have to side with Rosie. He is ghetto in his comments. Come on! Someone of his stature bringing Rosie's girlfriend into the argument? It just shows his total lack of class.
---Joel_McDonald on 12/28/06

Everyone else has their opinions of him.. Why can't Rosie... And besides I agree with her. I think Men do try and rule over women.
---Kathy on 12/28/06

Christ-like? Those of you who endorsed Trump's comments about Rosie, how do you square his remarks like, "It would be fun to pull money out of her fat _ _ _."? Do you hate her so much because she is gay? Real Christ like!
---jim on 12/28/06

Hit the snoooozzzzzeee button, a horse tranquilizer.
---Todd on 12/28/06

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Elder...You always know just what to say! LOL!
---Susie on 12/28/06

They both need saved! Pray for them.
---betty8468 on 12/28/06

I say may the better man win.
---Elder on 12/28/06

I think rosie is a comedian with a lot of liberal views but so is don.trump (liberal).
Rosie made a statement, she got corny bout his hair and it was hillarious! He was obnoxious with his comments.
---Debbie on 12/27/06

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"Personally, I think bald is beautiful!!!"--Susie

LOL! I think bald spots are cute.
---Kay on 12/27/06

Rosie and The Donald are both "bullies" of a sort. They both think that their money and level of celebrity give them the right to run their mouths about anything.
---ljt on 12/27/06

Am I to beleive that D.Trump actually BOUGHT that hair?? I kinda felt sorry for him before because I thought it was real. But now...what a fool he is! And that show with all those ladies talking at once, I never watch it because I cant understand a word they're saying!
---sue on 12/27/06

I have never watched The View, but I have been seeing those two perverse people arguing in the news. Rosie's sin is no greater than Donald's sin. They are both headed for a lake of fire!
---Susie on 12/27/06

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LOL Lois! It's sad that men think that the hair on their head is so important. Personally, I think bald is beautiful!!!
---Susie on 12/27/06

Trump should have ignored her as Letterman and Leno have both made comments about Trump and his hair style. With all his money he could have bought a good piece of hair. My son did.
---Lois on 12/26/06

Personaly, if I were Mr. Trump I would ask her why is it any of your business on what I do in my personal life?If she has a problem with him she needs to be mature about it and do herself a favor and keep it to herself.
---Brittany_McGowan on 12/26/06

I agree with John. I don't watch either show. I don't feel that only the daily universal horrors should be the focus of all television, but I don't approve of all the comedies,day/nite time soaps, and reality shows either. Telvesion programming had been going down the tubes for years now, and the decline continues. I see it as a ploy to keep our minds off the reality of the world issues, and I won't even go into childrens programming:(
---lynet on 12/26/06

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Well said John T!
---NV_Barbara on 12/26/06

Trump and Rosie feud aside,what is the worst is that the view fired a Christian,Star Jones,who took a stand for Christ and made her faith plain,and hired Rosie who is doing nothing but constant promoting of her Gay lifestyle and talking about her "life partner" and gay family as if it is normal. Sicking!!!! Barbara Walters slapped every Christian value in the face when she fired Star and hired Rosie.
---Darlene_1 on 12/26/06

It is like having one sewer rat saying another sewer rat smells funny.
---John_T on 12/26/06

I agree with Barb. I stopped watching the View when they put Rosie on, and I have not watched the Apprentice ever. Neither of these two people appeal to me as entertainers or celebrities. Who cares what they say to or about each other? They are petty, and interest in them is as well.
---Madison1101 on 12/26/06

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I feel Mr.Trump should of taken the high road. Everyone has the right to defend themselves, but his comments were evil. And
I personally lost a great deal of respect for him.
Rosie was just being the comedian that she is. Had Jay Leno said the same thing there would have been no issue.
---Jana on 12/26/06

I think that The View should replace Rosie with someone who doesn't have such a big mouth. I don't blame Donald for saying all that he said.
---Kay on 12/26/06

I think that, Mr. Trump did the right thing for his reply to, Rosie O'Donnell. Every word he said is true. She is a very rude person and Barbara Walters has condoned this type of behavior; which in my opinion puts her on the same level as Rosie. It's about time that someone put Ms. O'Donnell, in her place.
---Alice on 12/25/06

I have better things to do than to be concerned with these 'plastic' people. I've never watched the 'View' and I mute the TV when Tabloid TV runs their ads. Trump makes me nauseated when I see him and that dead looking red thing that rests on his head. A bit of INNOCENT TV is OK but I avoid the rumor mills, frankly I don't care. What I think won't change them, but I am admonished to pray for them.
---NV_Barbara on 12/25/06

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Me personally- I think they both need to go sit down somewhere and be quite.
---craige on 12/24/06

I agree with RA. If only these people would give their attention to important things and not such things as Rosie and Donald's crap this world might be a little bit better.
---sue on 12/24/06

Could it be that Rosie O'Donnell feels guilty about something and maybe that's why she's always attacking others? Now what could Rosie feel guilty about? Star Jones said the name of show should be changed to "Rosie's View". Me? I don't like to see folks run their mouths like Rosie. I'd probably yap back at her like Trump did.
---Nellah on 12/24/06

I thought that Rosie O'Donnell was wrong to voice her opinions about Trump on The View, it was not the place. I thought Trump showed absolutely no class by even commenting on what Rosie said. If it really bugged him, he should've "rose" above it. He should have ignored everything and shutup
---ljt on 12/23/06

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I think the whole thing was a set up for some great free publicity. They are actually friends.
---john on 12/23/06

Ratings, ratings, ratings. Rosie is low enough to walk under ants. Her morality is even lower. She attacks anyone and everyone. Hardly anyone cares for her performances. She is vulgar and filthy in her mind. So she uses her biggest asset.... her mouth.
Now those who would not watch the Witches Brew, Ah, I mean the View are straining to see what will happen next.
She tried and was shut down by Kelly so now she uses Trump.
---Elder on 12/23/06

First of all, I would not haved put Rosie on The View. She is such a low-class comedian. I don't blame Trump for answering her. What she said was just an indication of how low-class she really is.
---Susie on 12/23/06

There are soldiers and innocent bystanders dying in Iraq.

If we only use 10% of our brains, just think what would happen if we used the other 30%.

Rosie and Donald, the View and Mrs. Universe, their millions will go on. While they're making their millions, the rest of us should use our heads, besides something to part our ears with.
---R.A. on 12/23/06

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Exactly what I'm doing now: ignoring BOTH of them.
---Jack on 12/23/06

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