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Divorce Closer To God

Is this what God wants? Me and my husband have split up off and on through out our four years of marraiage. Main problem was him not wanting to work. I know it's a sin to get a divorce. Is it possible for God to want us to divorce so that the Lord and I can have a closer relationship?

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 ---Beth on 12/27/06
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I don't know the details, not my business. If your husband is refusing to seek gainful employment, he is likely depressed and you would be a grossly negligent wife if you did not first force him to seek medical assistance (use his family in this). Talk to his physician on your own for advice and/or seek counsel from local services in your area.
---lorra8574 on 7/4/07

P2: If he is just lazy around the house, go on strike yourself. You picked him, and you knew what he was like before your married him. You can devote your life to God while married to him, but I do not know that you need to divorce him unless he is hurting you in some way.

If this is your problem, it can be very annoying, but you need to focus on meeting your own needs yourself and less on trying to change him. Give him his own room to wreck and you keep your area clean and neet.
---lorra8574 on 7/4/07

Scripture says that God hates divorce. 1 Corinthians advises married people not to divorce, but to reconcile. Do you really believe that God would want you to go against His Word?

If you believe that God wants a closer relationship with you, stop using your marriage as an excuse to not have one. Get closer to God and see what He can do with your marriage.
---Madison1101 on 7/3/07

Beth, Try taking your focus off of what your husband isn't doing, or won't do, and concentrate on walking closer to the Lord, reading/studying His word, praying, and see what the Lord can do with your marriage through your devotion to Him.
---tommy3007 on 12/29/06

It's possible for you to grow closer to God through your adversity.

Well said Grace, it's possible if coming to God through repentance (stopping) and telling your husband what has happened (honesty) because God would want you to be honest (meekness if for his sake)

You'll find God if you try and imitate him in the person of Jesus, and then you'll have more answers than you ever did questions.

Sin brings death, spirit is life and peace - Romans 8
---Pharisee on 12/29/06

it could be that he suffers from an emotional problem that hinders his work ethic. There are many people with depression or other mental illnesses who cannot maintain steady employment.

Betty: I agree that the husband needs to get closer to God as well. Unfortunately, he did not seek our advice, and therefore, we cannot advise him of that.
---Madison1101 on 12/29/06

It's possible for you to grow closer to God through your adversity. My relationship with God grew stronger as I went through the trials of a disintegrating marriage.

You and your husband probably need to find out why he can't or doesn't want to keep a job. If he was like this before you married him then you took on this obligation.

---grace3869 on 12/28/06

Pray and ask God what His will is for your life. It's understandable that you want your husband to be more responsible. Have you considered/tried counseling? It might be helpful.
God Bless
---lynet on 12/28/06

Divorce is sometimes a bad solution to an impossible situation. It can be compared to a very dangerous radical operation that is necessary to have a slim chance to save the patient.

As far as a "divorce to bring a closer relationship with God," consider the words of St. John, "If a person cannot love his brother [or her husband] whom s/he can see, how can s/he love God whom s/he cannot see?"
---Jack on 12/28/06

I would add to Madison that your husband needs to get closer to God as well.
---betty8468 on 12/28/06

Beth we cannot ascribe human failure to God's will in something he desires for us not to separate.
---Pharisee on 12/27/06

I know a lady who took your similar situation to the extreme. She did what you are thinking about, then started wearing a wedding ring, saying she was married to the Lord. It was a perversion of the "Bride Doctrine". Madison gave you a sound word.
---Cindy on 12/27/06

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