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Does The Bible Teach Science

Does the Bible teach science?

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 ---tonne on 12/28/06
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The Bible does contain scientific truths.
---Kay on 1/12/08

Science is a poor argument for atheism. Atheism as a faith,as it is- is not bolstered by science.

1. In college not one professor who taught any natural science was an atheist.

2. Western science itself was spawned by occultist(Alchemist, metaphysicians))and Christians(Kepler, Newton, and others)

3. The seperatiom of religion from science is a complex sociologuical issue, names like Marx, Freud, and Huxley come up.
---MikeM on 5/29/07

1) If your definition of science is "the belief that everything is the result of natural causes/processes" as most people think of science these days then no, the Bible does not teach "science" (which has become a synonym for naturalism.)
---Anthony on 5/28/07

2) Notice that this approach to understanding everything excludes the possibility of discovering supernatural causes. Using the common definition of science these days forces you to avoid finding God, Who is by definition supernatural (beyond nature) and works through supernatural means. Pretty helpful way of interpreting the world around you if you don't WANT to find God...
---Anthony on 5/28/07

I'm not too sure what you mean by this question.

Galileo said, "The Bible does not teach how the heavens go, but how to go to heaven."
---Jack on 5/26/07

"Kay, you're so smart, that I suspected you're Canadian!!!!"

Caring, you're funny.
---Kay6588 on 1/21/07

Kay, you're so smart, that I suspected you're Canadian!!!!
---Caring on 1/21/07

anonymous: Hurray for Kay!

And that's just a handful. There are hundreds of these tibits of scientific information within the pages of the Bible. If you have done your study of the Bible, reading it from beginning to end, you, too, will find these nuggets of golden information.
---Steveng on 1/20/07

In no way does the Bible conflict with science. Few know that western science has its roots in the judeo-Christian tradition. Kepler, Newton etc. were all religious men. And yes, most of his life Charles Darwin was a religious man, an Anglican. The atheism seen in much of todays science can be blamed on the Huxley's and the 'overall' secularization of American society.
---MikeM on 1/20/07


Here are some of those scriptures.

Leviticus 15:13- wash in *running* water
Leviticus 6:28- disinfecting by scouring
Leviticus 13:46-quarantine
Numbers 19- Antiseptic (hyssop oil and cedar oil)
Leviticus 17:11- life is in the blood
Genesis 17:12- instructions regarding circumcision
---Kay on 1/19/07

tonne, the bible teaches spiritual truth,it teaches us of Gods nature,its teaches us of his plan for our salvation thru jesus,it teaches how we are to live after we accept also tells of the history of the jewish people,and prohisies of coming eventsthroughout history for oh say the last 4 to 5 thousand teaches faith,trust,love, many things BUT NOT SCIENCE.
---tom2 on 1/19/07

No, the Bible does not teach science. But there are science facts sprinkled throughout the Bible that were not proven until only the past 100 years. These science facts gave glory only to God.

The Bible does not teach religion. The OT taught us the relationship between God and his chosen people. The NT teaches us how we can have a relationship with God through Jesus.
---Steveng on 1/19/07

"Do you agree with what Hitler did to the 6 million people in Germany?"

anonymous, no way! Why do you ask?
---Kay on 1/19/07

"Kay: Could you please show me where the Bible has advanced medical science besides in Rev.?"

Yes, just give me a moment to look up the scriptures.
---Kay on 1/19/07

Kay: Could you please show me where the Bible has advanced medical science besides in Rev.? I know that the Bible does have holy oil for the annointing but where else is medical science used? Do you agree with what Hitler did to the 6 million people in Germany?
---anonymous on 1/19/07

"Does the Bible teach medical science?"

The Bible does have advanced medical knowledge throughout its pages.
---Kay on 1/17/07

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Does the Bible teach medical science? Were humans meant to be living test tubes? Was Hitler justified in what he did to 600,000 people in Germany? Should medical science be used to control the thoughts, actions and behavior of another human being?
---anonymous on 1/16/07

I beleive that herbs were created to heal people. Man has used them for evil purposes today and they have caused a multitude of sin. (Addiction, Prostitution etc...)
---tonne on 1/13/07

The Bible was meant to teach holiness and the way to heaven. We walk by faith not sight.
---tonne on 1/12/07

If we read in I John 4:4 "Greater is He in you,than He who is in the World", that means Jesus is apart from the World. It is stated in I John 3:1,"the reason the World knows us not,is that it knew Him not"; We are born of a "Creator", and there is no proof of a "big Bang" explosion. We must go to the "why" of existence, and that is through God, not by some worldly idealism.
---rosem4839 on 1/10/07

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"Teach science?" Of course not, but there are many comments in Scripture which show that someone [i.e., God] knew facts about life on earth BEFORE anyone who discovered them later! Conclusion: Men didn't reveal these things to us!

Tonne: If you're the same 'Tonne' who asked the question; I think you should have told us you already had an answer, and just wanted to say what was on your mind.
---danie9374 on 1/10/07

**there is Science when the angels pour out the wrath of God on the world.**

How is this science?

Science is about, ultimately, observation and measurments of the natural universe.

A mystical vision is hardly science.
---Jack on 1/10/07

tonne, i hope it wasnt to teach religion, religion is what Got the pharasee's screwed up
i would say it is to teach bout relationship w/ Almighty God
except OT, which is religion...hence why it says in Galations(I think chpt 4 or 5) Pauls says that the law basically binds us, like out sinful nature does, but the only true freedom is found in the promise of Christ, and Christ himself
---mark on 1/9/07

Science is the study of the physical and natural world and phenomena, especially by using systematic observation and experiment.
The Bible does not use systematic observation and experiments to state God's truth about the object of science (the physical and natural world and phenomena),therefore the Bible does not teach science. However, the Bible tells us God's facts about his creation which science should attempt to prove since God is the creator of the object of their study.
---Edmond on 1/9/07

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Ephesians 3:17-18

That you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height - to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge.
---Pat on 1/9/07

Astronomy and Geology is definetly in the Bible and in Revelations there is Science when the angels pour out the wrath of God on the world. The herbs were meant for healing not controling or addicting people to drugs. Your body is a temple and we are supposed to keep it holy
---tonne on 1/9/07

The Bible is not a scientific textbook, nor was it written to teach science but religion. If a person wants to know about science then he should get the latest medical textbook on medical science. The Bible teaches astromomy and geology. The fact still remains that God made the universe at command which is more momentous than all the discoveries of sciences
---tonne on 1/9/07

God is a scientific God. For example: look at where the Earth is in relation to the sun, and planets, and look at how the Earth is tilted, and how it rotates on it's access. God created it this way, so as to sustain life on Earth. This is not taught in the Bible, but we know it just by looking at nature. Even the tides in the ocean are timed by the moon.
---Leslie on 12/29/06

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