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Can Sin Cause Family Problems

Can you suffer financially because of a sin you are commiting? I am involved in a sin, and we are having financial problems. Does this affect my family because of what I am doing?

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 ---CC on 12/28/06
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Yes sin causes problems, but financially it is the mindset. If you think you will suffer loss due to your actions, you will. If you are doing right, it shows, you do better. Funny how God made us. We are in so much control of our well being, based on how we think.
---dan on 12/13/07

Seek ministerial counseling and/or medical help.
---lovable_linda on 12/13/07

not every bad thing that happens to us is Gods judgment but if it is from God rejoice He only chasties His children whom He loves. take time, repent, draw closer to God. God is good, you dont know it but you dont need that thing your holding onto. "Sin will take you farther than you wanted to go, keep you longer than you wanted to stay, and cost you more then you were ever willing to pay" - Pastor Trimble
---Kraus on 12/13/07

Of course. I can only imagine what the sin might be, here's some "what ifs".

If you are stealing from your employer, absolutely.

If you are doing drugs, definitely.

If you are involved in a shady business deal, you bet.

If you are cheating on your taxes, yes indeed.

Financial sins bring financial problems. Bible tells us we reap what we sow.

If this sin is beyond the financial realm, only God knows what judgment is measured out.
God is fair and just.
---Simeon on 12/13/07

What about the Apostle Paul who said he had suffered so many things including being hungry. Does God allow this kind of trial perhaps also to help us learn to trust Him more, to learn to rejoice in spite of difficulties, or even to cause us to be delivered from love of money?
---Mel on 4/17/07

Yes. God called my husband to preach, my husband ran and ran (Jonah) we both were so miserable, we were arguing more, and that was unuasal because that was something we didn't do. When he finally stopped running, the aruging stopped, we are more happy now than ever. We may be struggling sometimes with money. But we are blessed beyond measure. Sin can ruin your and your family's life, if you let it.
---Rebecca_D on 1/4/07

It may, or it may not. Galatians is talking about supporting the ministry.
---Jack on 12/29/06

Yes, definatly, sin can cause not only problems in the family, but also demon possession of you and your family. Sin opens the door for Satan and his demons to control you and your household. REPENT of all known sin, and be washed in Christ's blood. Tithe, give 10% to God, and He will heal your finances and family.
---Leslie on 12/29/06

If God is trying to get your attention He will go a lot farther than giving you financial problems and yes, your whole family will suffer because of it. If you go broke wouldn't that affect them? If you got bad sick the same thing. I urge you to quit being involved with the sin. God will get it out of you somehow anyway so you are better off listening now.
---john on 12/29/06

Yes, we are punished for our sins. The judgment that God puts upon us can come in any form. Whether or not your sins affect your family spiritually is based on their level of discernment to not follow you in the some sin. The way it might affect your family in the flesh is if they are depending on you financially.
---Shawn.M.T on 12/29/06

Regardless of whether or not you are having financial problems, you know you are sinning. That is the first clue that you need to make changes in your life. For you to continue to sin knowingly is an abomination to God and you are in danger of Hell!
---Susie on 12/29/06

I believe that if (big if)a man is accepted as the head of the household then he is responsible for that household. I believe if his sin affects the household it will cause the family grief. I believe if he sins as an individual, the sin is his alone, just as if a wife sins or a child sins theirs is their own IF it is not a household (all know) sin. I can no more carry my wife into heaven than I can keep her out unless we join in our faith or our sin.
---mikefl on 12/28/06

Gal 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
Gal 6:8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
Gal 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.
Gal 6:10 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men...

find out where the question came from and you'll know the answer.
---scripture on 12/28/06

cc. since adam and eve sinned in the garden sin has and does cause all of mans sufferings whatever they may answer your question yes it affects you and may affect the people you are in relationship with,if they are concerned with sin at all.
---tom2 on 12/28/06

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