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Science And Evolution Conflict

Our pastor says, "Science and evolution do not conflict." He is well educated in the sciences and the Bible. I have an issue with this, but am not educated enough to discuss it. My husband says this is no big issue, is my concern unfounded?

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 ---Darla on 12/30/06
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Sophia: "There is no significant conflict between science and evolution...
Evolution is the explanation relative to facts related to organisms' diversity."

Not hardly! Evolution violates hundreds of scientific and mathematical facts. As an explanation of the diversity of life, it is a miserable failure. It can't even postulate a credible hypothesis for the origin of life from non-living matter.
---jerry6593 on 2/28/08

There is no significant conflict between "science and evolution". Science observes facts and does experiments to determine the best explanation it can come up with for those facts. Evolution is the explanation relative to facts related to organisms' diversity. Some religions, just like people, dispute about the facts. Whereas some dispute about the explanation of those facts. As more facts come in, the explanation may be adapted somewhat or if necessary discarded.
---sophia on 2/18/08

Surely science is amoral. It could be used for both good and bad. Good: the three wise men were thought to be astronomers who used their knowledge of the skies to follow the star to Bethlehem.
---Ed on 2/17/08

Ed, Because the lizards split up in two groups, birds and lazy crawlers (Lounge lizards). They know all the daytime T V shows though.
---John on 6/29/07

Ed, As others have already pointed you, you misquoted the verse. However, you are correct in that we are always to position our hearts to forgive. But, taking it literally (490 times) is the door to understanding the bigger meaning. I agree we aren't to be legalistic, but that does not mean we're to "spiritualize" it either.
---daphn8897 on 2/22/07

Ed: Along the lines of checking through all of Scripture for parallel passages and my comments about there being many Gospels to help us understand, have you ever read Luke 17:3-4 in relation to Mt. 18:22? "if he sins against you seven times a day, and returns to you seven times, saying, 'I repent,' forgive him." So that's 49 times each week, but with NO TIME LIMIT for the future! It becomes obvious by comparison, these numbers mean more than literal limits; IDIOMS for 'always'.
---danie9374 on 2/22/07

danie9374, gotcha... now I see how I confused you. I was using the term "private interpretation" as if it meant you can read a scripture and decide it means one thing while I decide it means something completely different. When they are God's truths, not open for change by twisting them to match a particular doctrine. But, definately as individuals we are to study and find those truths in the scripture ourselves. As long as we are seeking truth, not making doctrines where they dont belong.
---tofurabby on 2/21/07

2. (I tell you what, my own writing is starting to confuse me now.) Let's leave it at what you wrote last... it did clear things up, whereas I seem to be throwing fire on the confusion. We are in complete agreement.
---tofurabby on 2/21/07

While I'm thinking about it: PRAYING to understand Scripture, just like PRAYER for any other kind of an answer from God, doesn't mean we can always sit on our butt to receive them! Instead of expecting Him to 'zap you' with some special insights, maybe you better do something too; like study some grammar, geography, history, etc. Do you expect God to always drop our food out of the sky too? An unbeliever may say I got things on my own, but I'm still going to give God the glory!
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

Ed my understanding is the quote should be read -seventy, seven times i.e. 490 times. This is what my KJV, NIV and Greek Interlinnear say. Jesus was most likely alluding to Lamech's comment in Genesis 4:24 where he promised to be unmerciful 490 times.

So what's it mean? Forgive those who sin against you, not once,twice but even 490 times if necessary or maybe even more. I think you have created an unnecessary either/or situation here.
---Warwick on 2/21/07

-1- Tofu: To be completely clear on this exhcnage between us, my misunderstanding of what you meant came from what seemed to be an emphasis on your part that someone 'alone' (one meaning of 'private') couldn't understand God's words. SOME people actually do interpret 2Pt.1:20 that way! (Sorry for thinking you did too.) My perspective the whole time was from either a Christian already filled with the Spirit, or one whom He was actively working in their life to save; [cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

-2- whereas I now see your words "because it is not for me to decide what it means" are really speaking of WORLDLY men (or sinning or just plain ignorant Believers) and NOT one who is praying for understanding, and committed to spending the time and using whatever skills God has given him to find the truth. Hopefully it's now clear as to how your comment baffled me a bit at first. It seemed you meant other men had to agree for it to be true; instead of learning what GOD Himself meant!
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

Tofu: Oh, and YES, I do believe 2 Peter 1:16-21 applies to all of Scripture as well, but wanted to emphasize the phrase "no prophecy of Scripture" from v.20, so that people could see it was the same subject in v.21 when Peter wrote "no prophecy" there as well! Words in Scripture don't have to be 'predictive' to be called prophecy; it's really anything God has revealed to us, something He wants all of us to know about Him and whatever else we couldn't know on our own!
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

danie9374, I posted my last comments before seeing your response. Glad we agree that God is the author.

I have read your posts and agree 100%. I am just so hidious at trying to explain what I am thinking. I do think we are saying the same thing. (also, remember I am a young Christian and still have much learning to do.)
---tofurabby on 2/21/07

Danie you are 100% right. From my experience many problems some have with understanding Scripture stem from one fact - they don't read it. I try to read it from cover to cover each year & have done so for ages. The result? Scripture interprets Scripture! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to get its point.

What's the saying: a text taken out of context is a pretext!

It's His story, a book & like any book is best understood by starting at the beginning and following to the conclusion.
---Warwick on 2/21/07

danie9374, after reading your posts, I definately think you misunderstood what I was trying to explain (not suprising, I tend to be pretty poor at giving my thoughts). I am not sure how you came to the conclusion that I think man has to tell us how we can be saved, but that is far from what I believe. I believe that all we need to know is written in the Bible and firmly believe we can all understand it. But people, as you said, change it's meaning to fit their lifestyle. This is not acceptable.
---tofurabby on 2/21/07

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2. Just curious, "the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost." Were not ALL the scriptures written the same way? ...or was it open to "private interpretation" when Matthew wrote his gospel? Still seems the overall concept of this scripture fits all scripture even though Peter is applying it to prophecy. I could be wrong.
---tofurabby on 2/21/07

Tofu: OK, you finally expressed your thoughts in a way all Believers can agree with; it's really the same thing I'm saying: That Scripture is from God, not men. And neither can other men, esp. without the Spirit, ALWAYS tell us what God's words in Scripture mean! As you said: We MUST be 'reading it the way God meant it to be read' or we're wrong. Hopefully my other posts here explain HOW we can strive to accomplish that.
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

**4** HAVE any of you ever wondered: 'Why did the Bible record so many of Jesus' parables and words AND in FOUR different Gospels?' It's obviously so we can have a good understanding of what He really meant by all the redundancy, all the messages speaking about the same topics! Yeah, it takes time reading through all of them, so what! THEY ARE THERE to keep you from MISUNDERSTANDING what He meant! Do the homework. Become the disciples He asked us to be!
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

Ed: As I already explained in my note to Porter about this [2/18], it's like your choice #2. THE MAIN PROBLEM everyone having difficulty with particular phrases in the Bible seem to have in common is this: THEY DON'T READ ENOUGH of the CONTEXT of Scripture! Read Mt.18:23-35. If necessary, read EVERYTHING else in Scripture about forgiveness! The ONLY thing limiting God's forgiveness is if we are NOT TRULY repentant!
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

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**1** Those capable of understanding God's words aren't limited to 'doctors who can do brain surgery' or 'rocket scientists'! BUT it still takes TIME and EFFORT. Much of Scripture can be understood almost immediately by simply reading passages in their full context. Yet as Peter said of Paul's letters (2Pt. 3:15-16), for some passages, you may need to read whole epistles, perhaps even ALL of Scripture, before making any final decisions about them. But those phrases are rare; not common. [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

**2** THE REASON Christians TODAY need pastors to help them understand the Bible, shouldn't be because they don't know how to read; it's only because none of us are the original recipients of those messages or letters that we are truly ignorant of some of their contents. So in order to attempt fully understanding in the same way those listeners or readers were able to, we ourselves (or our pastors) must study the languages, idioms, sayings, customs, cultures, etc. of those people! And if in [cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

**3** a few cases there are some minor details we still don't 'get', don't worry about them. God always makes sure we CAN understand what He wants us to! However, be CAUTIOUS of ANY church or 'Bible teacher' emphasizing THOSE difficult to understand words (such as Mormons 'baptism for the dead'); satan puts such ideas in false religions ON PURPOSE, knowing they'll cause the "unstable [to] distort, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction." (2 Pt. 3:16).
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

=1= JUST HAVE TO SAY: It's really sad so many people (from ALL monetary levels) appear to be illiterate, at least when it comes to the Bible. It makes me wonder 'Do schools even teach kids HOW TO READ books anymore?' BUT an important factor is the sheer number of FALSE TEACHERS who've effectively poisoned the collective mind of this country into believing Scripture is a 'closed book,' one only the 'enlightened' have any hope of understanding so THEY must tell 'followers' what God wants them to do! [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

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danie9374, I saw your (5) comment after I posted... sorry about that.

you said:
if NO ONE can interpret a 'single scripture because it is not for me to decide what it means' AS YOU SAID, then you're basically saying: ONLY MEN can tell us HOW to be saved.

I think you are misunderstanding what I am wanting to say. Simply, God wrote the book. Maybe I misused 2 Pet. 1:20 when applying it to all scripture and if so, I apologize... cont.
---tofurabby on 2/21/07

2. yet will stand firm that none of scripture is open for interpretation outside of what God wanted it to mean. Only men can tell us how to be saved? Where did you get that? My point is some men say baptism saves, some say giving alms, etc. What does the Word say? Are these people interpreting what they want it to mean or are they reading it the way God meant it to be read?
---tofurabby on 2/21/07

=2= BUT the real reason is much more basic: It's SIN (and people looking for excuses not to listen to God)! Generally, people love being able to say, 'Well, with so many different sects and denominations saying the same words mean so many diff. things, God can't blame me for not knowing the truth! I just do the best I feel I can.' But God knows our hearts. He knows we're sinful people no diff. today than when both Adam (the REAL created directly by God first man as Genesis says!) and Eve too, [cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

3. I am having trouble with my explanation... when I say the scripture is not open to private interpretation... I am not saying we cannot come to an understanding of the truth on our own... I am meaning that we are not to wrest them into saying something that they do not say.
---tofurabby on 2/21/07

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=3= tried to blame their sin on someone else! Does anyone REALLY think they need some 'special insight' (or 'secret decoder') to understand the words of John 14:6 by Jesus: "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me" are speaking of EXCLUSIVITY compared to anyone else in the Universe?! 'The Word' didn't come to earth as 'a way' BUT THE ONLY WAY for us to be saved from sin. Those before Christ were saved by faith in God, [cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

=4= looking forward to His provision of Messiah as the only lasting sacrifice for their sin. Those who lived after Christ rose from the dead, must also see Him as their only means of salvation! It doesn't take a literary genius to understand that, nor should people be fooled (or delude themselves) into thinking Genesis isn't telling us God is the direct (spoke into existence) Creator of all else!
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

Daniel / Warwick.

Can you please answer me this?

When Jesus says forgive 77 times. Does this mean:

1. We literally forgive 77 times?

2. Or something like: always forgive, forgive unconditionally, magnimoniously and sincerely?

Is it 1. or 2. ?
---Ed on 2/21/07

\1\ Tofurabby: The first part of what you asked ("dont you think it could apply to all scripture?") is what I commented on in '//5//'; that both Peter and Paul would agree ALL Scripture (not just prophecy) is inspired! BUT THEN the rest of your post shows you STILL don't understand what 2 Peter 1:20 means: Peter wrote about the integrity (truthfulness) of Scripture here; not how we are to read it! [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

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\2\ And if NO ONE can interpret 'a single scripture because it is not for me to decide what it means' AS YOU SAID, then you're basically saying: ONLY MEN can tell us HOW to be saved. You can't have it both ways! According to YOUR interpretation (which BTW, makes no sense, since you've decided PRIVATELY what Peter means here ;-) ), not even the Spirit could save someone reading the Bible all on their own. Do you now see how erroneous that is? [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

\3\ As I already said in post '//2//,' there are core passages on what it means to be a Christian, on what 'The Faith' once for all delivered to the saints is! When God truly saves someone, they'll be wise enough (led by the Spirit) to seek the wisdom of those more mature in the Faith concerning difficult passages! BUT IF someone needed others to interpret EVERY SINGLE verse for them, shouldn't we wonder if that person is really being led by the Spirit or just a follower of men?
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

Ed: said 'When i was a kid i thought that...' and that's perfectly understandable! No one should expect EVERYONE (including kids) who start reading ANY book to have a firm understanding of all the forms of literature; especially such a large book, written by many authors containing multiple forms (genres) of literature! What would be worse though, is if those kids then believe MORE of Scripture is figurative than it is in reality! As Warwick said, grammatical studies prove Genesis was written as history.
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

danie9374, I understand what Peter meant... but dont you think it could apply to all scripture? Like prophecy, all scripture is inspired by God... not you or me. I could never justify a private interpretation of a single scripture because it is not for me to decide what it means. No human author likes it when people imply false ideas from their works. "dont put words in my mouth" is a common cliche I hear a lot that shows this. Why do we assume that God doesnt mind when we do it to his Word?
---tofurabby on 2/21/07

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//1// Tofurabby and Ed: Using 2 Peter 1:20 as a reference to HOW people should UNDERSTAND what God reveals to us in Scripture was wrong when the RCC did it, and is still wrong today! The topic the two of you were discussing is still valid however, but it's addressed in other passages; not this one! It's very unfortunate that people are still propagating the idea 'private interpretation' (KJV) means someone who's filled with the Spirit cannot understand anything in Scripture... [cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

//2// UNLESS they first ask other Believers! HOW MANY have to agree? The meaning of what God says is not democratic; we know for a fact the majority does NOT rule on that! Does your pastor have to OK it first? Maybe you should join the RCC, so the Pope or priests can tell you what to believe? No. And again, don't get me wrong: I'm NOT saying people have some right to decide His words teach something completely different than what they meant to those whom they were written for! [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

//3// BUT ripping this passage out of its context isn't the solution to that problem!
Let's look at its CONTEXT now:
2 Peter 1:16 says: "For we did not follow cleverly devised tales when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty." With that verse Peter begins a brief section on the Truth of Scripture! In vv.17-18, he writes that he and others heard God's voice proclaiming that Jesus was the Son of God. [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

//4// He continues in v.19, that we now have confirmation of the reliability of Old Testament prophecies! (Jesus fulfilled much of the OT said Messiah would be like and do.) Then we come to v.20, which does NOT speak of ALL of Scripture, but "no prophecy of Scripture..." being one's own interpretation! Why? Because (as 2 Peter 1:21 says): "for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God." [Cont.]
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

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//5// The main theme Peter was writing about in all these verses never changed, it is the fact all prophecies in SCRIPTURE are the inspired words of God; not things men came up with on their own; NOT THEIR OWN INTERPRETATION, not something they only thought about God, but His words! Later on, in this very same book (2 Peter 3:15-16), he calls Paul's letters Scripture too! And 2 Timothy 3:16 applies Peter's thoughts to ALL OF SCRIPTURE; not just prophecy.
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

//6// Anyway, hope that helps some of you in understanding what 2 Peter 1:20 is really about: The Inspiriation (and fulfillment) of Scripture; not what someone who falls into error thinks about it! Peter even continues this theme into the next chapter with: "But false prophets also arose among the people [speaking of the past], just as there will also be false teachers among you," etc. who do NOT speak for God.
---danie9374 on 2/21/07

I'll say this again, There is ABSOLUTELY no proof whatsover that the world and the universe is millions of years old! A study into the 'Supernova' has revealed that the supernova explosion remnants such as 'Crab Nebula or Eagle Nebula' to name a few, have not expanded wide enough to be in the millions, they are in thousands range. Several well know astronomers have brought forth this FACT! The few SNR's that have been found (our galaxy and surrounding) have proved this FACT!
---DePuTy on 2/20/07

As usual, arrogant men that claim God does not exist- try to find excuses to explain this FACT! They claim that we don't find SNR's that have expanded into the millions because they have probably already disappeared over the years! But the FACT is, the SNR's that are visible are only in the thousands range not millions! The bible itself is in the thousands range. Some astronomers that uncovered this FACT don't believe in God themselves, even though some do.
---DePuTy on 2/20/07

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According to Scientist, the moon at one point collided with the earth and is presently slowly receding at 1.5 inches a year. This would mean that the moon would have reached it's present distance in about 1.37 billion years. By the way, this only gives scientist a maximum age of the moon not actual. This is much too young for evolutionist who cliam the moon is 4.6 billions years old.
Once again- FACTS contradict evolutionist!
---DePuTy on 2/20/07

Ed surely some interpret Scripture literally. I've met few. As Genesis is literature I take it at face value unless their is good reason not to. I see no Scriptural reason to take Genesis as other than Historical-Jesus & the Apostles did.

I definitely don't interpret Genesis or any Scripture through long-age/evolutionary philosophies. I believe that's foolishness. See Col. 2:8.

Genesis was written factually and simply so that we 'modern' people, as confused as we are, could understand.
---Warwick on 2/20/07

-Why can't you're literal understanding of the Prodigal's Son not be your own "private" interpretation?
---Ed on 2/16/07

2 Peter 1:20
"Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation."

Because we are told the scripture is not there for our own interpretations.
---tofurabby on 2/20/07

When i was a kid i thought that when Jesus said "forgive 77 times" (i think the quote is) i literally had to forgive 77 times. Until someone told me that what Jesus meant was: always forgive, and be magnimonous and generous in your forgiveness.
---Ed on 2/20/07

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Ed, "Why can't you're literal understanding of the Prodigal's Son not be your own "private" interpretation?"" You assume any understanding is private. That presumption is manipulative and evasive. It seems to me that you would rather misunderstand scripture in order to be comfortable and/or polically correct. You're presenting a man centered rather than a God centered gospel which denigrades the integrity and authority of scripture, and is dangerous for your soul.
---daphn8897 on 2/20/07


Creationists often interpret things as literal, as opposed to understanding God's allegorical message (yes, God is often literal too.)

If we go around forgiving 77 times (New Testament) then we are being pedantic, and missed the real point of the message.

How could God explain Creation properly to people uneducated in pyhsics (including quantum physics) and biology (including darwinism)and where a literal explanation of creation would take millions of words?
---Ed on 2/20/07

Ed My point is: How can you believe anything about Evolution when it is fraught with so many lies and frauds? One must ask what the motive must be to got to such lengths for a fairy tale. I think the answer begins with the Father of Lies.

Why do you accept the x billion year old universe? Where's the proof? Certainly not the bogus Hubble constant?
---jerry6593 on 2/20/07

No Ed the important thing is that God tells absolute truth.

If billions of years are fact God lied. By rules of context & grammar He described -six ordinary days- if desiring to convey eons of time He made serious gramatical mistakes. That's what you're saying!

Jesus told us man was made at the beginning of creation-not eons later. Either Jesus got it wrong or is a liar.

He said how can you believe me about spiritual things if you can't believe me about earthly things? How indeed?
---Warwick on 2/19/07

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How big is the universe? How many stars? The Bible indicates there are very many. How far away are they? How fast does light travel? How long has it taken for the light from the distant stars to get to us?
---alanUKquent64534 on 2/19/07

daphn8897: I wanted to message you about this ['flat earth' belief], give you some further links, etc., but see you removed yourself from the memebers area! Oh, well... Daniel.
---danie9374 on 2/19/07

Don't know much about Evolution theory.
Would go a long with their belief that the universe is billions of years old, and everything wasn't created in just 6 days.
The important thing is that the magic bean containing the beginning of life, eminated from God, the Creator, not from nothingness, and that the magic bean contained all the "DNA" for how creation and life should develop.
---Ed on 2/19/07

Yes, Ed, Christians have proof of creationism.

How do you know God exists?


It is in our spirit. God placed the understanding of eternity in our spirit.

I know it's true.

It's not in our intellect. It's in our spirit man.

We know that eternity is endless. There is not a wall, and beyond that another dimension of space. God placed in all of us an understanding of God. He is eternal.

I know God exists and Creationism is true. God's Word is true.
---Cindy on 2/18/07

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Danie as usual you are well informed.

Isn't is amazing how quickly people accept hoaxes especially those aimed at ridiculing or disproving the Bible.

I suppose it makes unbelievers feel comfortable in their dis-belief.
---Warwick on 2/19/07

daphn8897-"The early christians believing the earth was flat was not because scripture said it was." Although what she said about Scripture is true, there were barely a handful, if even that, of Christian writers who could be interpreted as believing in a flat earth. The 'flat earth belief' was actually a hoax! It began with fictitious tales Washington Irving told about Columbus, and was perpetuated and given weight by lying atheists seeking to replace belief in God with Darwinism.
---danie9374 on 2/18/07

Ed: You said "The evolution theory is based on scientific study, on the research of material matter." Please elaborate on this study and research. Evolution teaches that life came from inorganic mater in complete violation of natural law and the mathematics of probability. That's not science, it's blind faith in the supernatural. Where is the scientific study and research in such hoaxes as Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Archaeopterix, the Marsh Horse Series, Haeckel's ontogeny forgeries, etc.
---jerry6593 on 2/18/07

Porter, I too thought of jumping on DePuTy's quote of Mt. 18:22 ("Jesus said..., 'I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.'" NAU), but then saw the NET Bible has only 77, yet notes it could be '70 x 7' instead. There's confusion in Gen. 4:24 too; where KJV has '70 + 7' but Septuagint '70 x 7'. BUT THE ACTUAL number doesn't matter in either case; both are 'hyperbolic' in meaning. Lamech's anger was extreme (any number he decided), but Jesus said to ALWAYS forgive!
---danie9374 on 2/18/07

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DePuty You have mis-read what I wrote. The overwhelming linguistic evidence and that from the rest of Scripture confirms the days are normal days.

My point is that people often begin with non-Biblical views and then interpret the Bible through that 'filter.' Scripture tells us to interpret via Scripture with careful study, asking the Holy Spirit to enlighten us.

It is not that I am right but that linguistic rules and Scripture show the truth. If I wasn't here nothing would change.
---Warwick on 2/17/07

I believe jesus was saying to forgive continously all day long and night ong everytime someone asks for forgivness.
---tom2 on 2/17/07

It's actually seventy times seven (490), which means a lot.
---Porter on 2/17/07


Fair point. I have no evidence. Just as Creationists have no evidence that their face-value interpretation of the Creation story is correct.

Jesus says we must forgive 77 times (I think that is the quote). Does he mean we - literally - have to forgive 77 times, or that we must be magnimonious and sincere in our forgiveness?
---Ed on 2/17/07

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I respect your views on the Creation days, and you might be right! But who are you to tell others that they're wrong and that only you are being guided by the Holy Spirit? After all, it could be the other way around! Repsect others views as we respect yours. I'm always open to other peoples views and beliefs when it comes to the Bible, after all we are all still learning! God bless!
---DePuTy on 2/17/07

DePuty-If creation days aren't days of about 24hrs language lacks meaning. God writes creation days have evening & morning, then adds a numeral to each creation day- 'and there was evening and there was morning-the third day.' In Hebrew whenever 'day' is accompanied by a numeral it means 24hrs.

Other views exist because people use sinful mans philosophies to interpret Scripture rather than interpreting Scripture via Scripture under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is where error begins.
---Warwick on 2/16/07


Why can't you're literal understanding of the Prodigal's Son not be your own "private" interpretation?

Surely learning the message of forgivenss is a billion times more important than whether the Prodigal Son actually existed or not.

Surely we can get bogged down in literal interpretations of stories at the risk of losing the heart of the message that God is telling us?
---Ed on 2/16/07

All the science in the world and all the knowledge people seem to have about how evolutions is to be believed, will never be able to save a soul, give confidence and faith to a broken heart. Since I have been on line there is many that doubt God's words, it will continue until Christ comes. Just as fast as God created, He will bring to an end this sinful world. underlined sinful. It will happen in the just as fast. Thank you Daphn for standing up to the word of God. And all the glory to Christ.
---Lisas on 2/16/07

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Ed, your response to me didnt provide any evidence for your claim.
---tofurabby on 2/16/07

Ed, I certainly appreciate science. The early christians believing the earth was flat was not because scripture said it was. As far as the prodigal son - both. I do believe scripture is inerrant truth, and is not open for "private" interpretation. Why would God give us a manual for life that is hard to understand? We make it hard when we put our own spin so that we can be comfortable.
---daphn8897 on 2/16/07


The evolution theory is based on scientific study, on the research of material matter.

Do you believe that the world is flat? All the first Christians believed it was. Thanks to science we know the world is round.

Do you believe the Prodigal Son was an actual person from history? Or do you believe that the Prodigal Son is just a metaphor for forgiveness?

Do you believe that the Bible contains not one metaphor - and that we are meant to interpret every word as literal?
---Ed on 2/16/07

First of All- God has not time, he made time for Man! According to his plan and purpose! Jesus Christ said who ever believes in me shall not perish but have ETERNAL life! Eternal has not Beginning or End!
The bible has given us important CLUES with the creation days so that we may be able to understand future events (prophecy). We DO NOT limit God's power by placing time on the creation days- God is EVERLASTING! The time frame is important to us! God wants us to be ready for future events!
---DePuTy on 2/16/07

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greetings.for daphn.How many theories of evolution are there?Are there as many as there are doctrines and churches to fill them?In specific ,what theory of evolution are you pointing out?
---earl on 2/15/07

Science is the study of God's creation. Sometimes those who study science gain knowledge that leads them to believe that they do not need a god to explain everything and therefor God does not exist. As one who has studied science and the Bible, God is more than an "explanation" for what we don't understand. Science helps to explain how things work and sometimes how they came to be as they are now. But science usually does not contradict the Bible and sometimes complements it very nicely.
---lorra8574 on 2/15/07

Ed, The theories you state as fact are not fact. They are theories. There as still so many holes in the THEORY of evolution, that it really takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does creation. Evolution is just another "religious" notion - a musing by a man who wanted no accountability to God - so used his imagination to create an alternative "creation" story. It is a lie who's "missing links" have yet to be found - and never will be.
---daphn8897 on 2/15/07

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