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Condition Of Adam's Offspring

Prior to the fall of Adam and Eve what period of time passed? During this period of time did they comply with God's directive to, 'Be fruitful and multiply?' And what became the condition of their offspring after the transgression of Adam?

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 ---Ryan_&_his_dad_Bob on 12/31/06
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Adam and Eve only had children after the Fall.
---Helen_5378 on 12/19/07

Lisaaa! :-D You're trying to make the tail wag the dog.

The conversation we're having is starting to make me feel like I'm in Bill Murray's movie, Groundhog Day. Again and again and again...

No mas!!! Thank you. This is where I get off. :)

God bless!
---Leon on 1/15/07

Leon, thanks for your answer. Let me say that what Bruce wrote was correct when speaking of God's Justice. What Kay wrote is what I was answering to you. The word "if" gives an implication on something that is a possibility or not. So what Bruce said, to me is correct. Why not follow what Scripture tells us and not what it doesn't tell us. It would all be assumption and not fact. I understand we have to assume some things but there has to be facts in order to assume something.
---lisa on 1/14/07

3. The problem with theories is that many times we go way to the left. Or many times way to the right. We have to take Scripture as a whole from not only passages in Genesis but throughout Scripture. And when we do we get a balance of God's Word. If there was children born of Adam and Eve before the fall, those people would have a generation growing that was sinless, with no sin nature and God does not tell us that or we would have two classes of people from Adam and Eve.
---lisa on 1/14/07

4. The one's Scripture speaks of "no one righteous" the other, "the one's that are righteous" but Scripture doesn't mention righteous people without sin. So our conclusion is that there s only one class, "no one righteous" no one who seeks God. So that assumption has to be wrong since God did not tell us there was another kind of class. Of course when we are saved, we do become righteous again, same as Adam before the fall, but through the righteousness of Christ.
---lisa on 1/14/07

Lisa: It's okay! I'm not thin skinned. :)

I stand on what I said 1/2. It's not likely A&E were celebate after God told them to "be fruitful & multiply". Adam called Eve, "the mother of all living" before God put them out of the garden. Cain & Abel, etc., weren't born in the garden.

Nothing I've said is based on assumption.
One of Ryan's initial questions asked if A&E were fruitful & multiplied. The Bible indicates YES! (Gen. 3:20)

God bless. :)
---Leon on 1/13/07

Ryan, Leon implied "if" there was other people at the time. No where in Scripture does it say or even implies there was others before the fall. Of course you can say "if" if you want. You could also say, the world was distroyed before God created it again in Genesis 1:1-4, but it is only an assumption not Scriptural. We take what God gives us as His word and not add what we think. Yes, we could do that for conversation sake, but it would not be Scriptural.
---lisa on 1/13/07

2. I myself have theories too, but they would not be Biblical. I suppose everyone has many theories and it is good to have them sometimes because it enables us to continue to search God's Word. So it can have a good purpose but there is a small possibility that we could believe something not there at all. So there is a danger in adding something we think to what is not there.
---lisa on 1/13/07

3. He is correct in that God never goes against His nature, character, and His attributes. for God cannot solve a contradiction. It would go against who He is. I hear people say, God can do anything, and not to set limitations. I don't think this people realize there is things God cannot do. And because of who He is that He cannot do those things. The Bible gives several things God cannot do. He cannot lie, He cannot die, He cannot be eternal and created. He cannot go against His nature.
---lisa on 1/13/07

4. He cannot be God and not be God at the same time and in the same respect. In the dilemma of the rock, the answer is no also. God cannot build a rock so big that He could not move it. Why? If God ever built such a rock He would be creating something over which He had no power. He would be destroying His own Omnipotence. God cannot stop being God; He cannot not be Omnipotent.
---lisa on 1/13/07

Leon, If I mentioned something to you that I had misunderstood please forgive me. I read what you put down and assumed you meant there was people before the fall other then Adam and Eve. I thought that was what we were talking about. That is why I answered the way I did to you. If I have hurt your feelings, I am very sorry. My answer was not to redicule you, but just to answer what I thought you were saying.
---lisa on 1/13/07

Lisa, Leon is correct. You did misquote him. He never questioned the justice of God. Leon provided an honest answer to the blog question. Biblicaly honest that is.
---Ryan on 1/12/07

Lisa "4.": On 1/5 I said, "All" persons living (however many there were when Adam disobeyed God) ." That could mean Adam & Eve only or A&E plus an untold number of pre-fall children. However, I didn't say others beside A&E were there. I wasn't there, so I don't know. All I'm saying is IF there were others there, they "All" suffered the consequences of Adam's sin . (Ro. 5:12, 19)

Please exhale & think it thru. :)
---Leon on 1/12/07

Lisa "4": " say were there, which we completely disagree with."

What -- who is this royal "we" you refer to? :)

Please don't take offense; but may I suggest we all agree with God's word (the Bible) over our self-serving stinkin' thinkin' (opinions)?
---Leon on 1/12/07

Lisa: It's obvious, you Litellacized what I said. If you read carefully my response you'll see I definitely agree, YES, GOD IS JUST. Who am I (or anyone else) to say otherwise? :)
---Leon on 1/12/07

Ryan, sorry if you meant Gentiles who would NOT believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! But it seemed you meant those who racially were not Jews; thus, the reason I pointed out Abel, Enoch, Noah, etc. who were not really Jews! The norm would, of course, have been for Gentiles who did beleive in God to 'convert' to Judaism, but I'm not going to 'put God in a box' and say ONLY those who did could have been saved by His grace through faith in Him or the Messiah if He revealed that to them.
---danie9374 on 1/8/07

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Today, of course (and even in the Apostle Paul's days), it's not all that difficult for God to lead someone who does want to believe in Him to a person (or a Believer to them) who can tell them they must accept Jesus Christ alone as the way of salvation provided by God (John 14:6, etc.)! If any Ninehvites had wanted to know more about God, it seems they would have had to travel to Israel, since Jonah never even wanted them to repent; let alone learn about salvation! ;-)
---danie9374 on 1/8/07

Leon, the destruction that God brought in the flood and other events were in fact just. He was protecting the generations to come. You have not seen God as God, in all His doings. You look at the flood as unjust but there is no injustice in God. He can also take your life this minute if you indangered His purpose for His purpose is always right and holy. So to you it might be unjust but to Him it is right. How little you know of the Omniscience, Omnipotence and Holiness of God.
---lisa on 1/7/07

2. Ryan says amen Leon, but he too is looking at God in the same way you do. While we can only look at one action of God, and we judge it by that action, God takes into consideration all of His people. His plan is not going to be frustrated by anyone. If something, or, one little particle of matter however small it might be could go against God not knowing or permitting, He would not be God. The destruction of many nations had it's purpose, and it was right for God to do what He saw fit to do.
---lisa on 1/7/07

3. Did any of those children lost have a reason to die? Of course they did because those children could have frustrated God's plan for His people later on in time. So it was just, even if you don't see it. Now to condemn the one's with no sin nature, which means they don't belong to the devil since they are not in bondage to sin, as all the generations have been, would be unjust. If there was such people God would have told us and would have made an escape for them.
---lisa on 1/7/07

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4. Just as He does to the lost who are following their father the devil. Who do have a sin nature and have trample God's word and laws. He does tell us that He has given us Christ for that atonement. But no mention of one for those who you speak of in Adam's time that had no sin that you say were there, which we completely disagree with. Oh we could say, we will never know, but God would have mentioned those people to us.
---lisa on 1/7/07

Ryan: Your conclusion ALL Gentiles couldn't be saved before Jesus is WRONG! Did you mean it sarcastically; didn't seem so? Eph.2:11-12 only says YOU who happen to be Gentiles, had no hope; NOT that all Gentiles before Christ couldn't be saved. First, everyone before Israel: Abel, Enoch, Noah, etc. were Gentiles! But so was Rahab, Ruth and many others. God had always provided for those who had faith in Him! Do you think that not a single person in Jonah 3-4 'got right' with God?
---danie9374 on 1/7/07

Amen Leon, preach on brother. Let's not forget that Ephesians 2:12 speaks of gentiles having no hope before Christ. So all gentiles, prior to Christ, are condemned to the second resurrection. And all of this was done for the Glory of GOd so He may reveal Himself to us.
---Ryan on 1/7/07

" changes the very character & nature of God." Not at all Lisa. But, you're right in saying, "His [God's] justice is always right."

- Was the great flood, that destroyed "all flesh" (men, women & children , just? (G6:17)
- Was the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah (men, women & children ) just? (G18:20...)
- 1 Sam. 15:2-3; Joshua 7, etc.,... just? Yes!!!

---Leon on 1/6/07

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Leon, unfortunately biblical honesty and accuracy is not the creed of so many self-proclaiming Christians. Today people supercede biblical honesty and truth with their denominational doctrines.
---Ryan on 1/6/07

Thanks Ryan. It's "all about" being biblically honest & accurate , not self-righteous (unfounded speculations, opinions)...not what we say; but, what God says to us from His Bible .

God bless!
---Leon on 1/6/07

You are trying to make sense of what the penalty is for the decidents of Adam and what is written in God's word Leon, but you still have to consider what Bruce said, and Kay also. You see if people were alive before the fall, I mean children of Adam and Eve, and the same penalty were to fall on them, it changes the very character and nature of God. His Justice is always right. To say He will punish the one's that were without sin, is to be unjust and God is not unjust.
---lisa on 1/5/07

2. When God's justice is given out, it is always correct and due. He does not punish more then a person deserves. If He was to punish the one's without the sin nature, it would not be just. The one's lost with a sin nature, do what they want and it comes from their hearts. They are enslaved to sin and under another Father. The one's that were born before the fall would not have the sin nature and would not deserve justice as the others for they would not be enslaved to sin.
---lisa on 1/5/07

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It doesn't really matter where all the people came from after the fall. Just remember the flood and that all of us come from Noah, Shem, Ham and Jepath and thier wives. Everyone on the earth was destroyed except for them. They had then had to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth.
---Phyllis on 1/5/07

Leon, that is the most biblicaly honest answer to this question I have seen, thank you.
---Ryan on 1/5/07

Kay: I believe the answer is in the Bible though many argue against it, i.e., "by one man [Adam] sin entered into the world, & death by sin...". (Ro. 5:12) "... by one man's disobedience many were made sinners ...". (Ro. 5:19)

"All" persons living (however many there were when Adam disobeyed God) suffered the consequences of Adam's action. Why? Because Adam was God's delegated authority on earth. He was responsible for all....
---Leon on 1/5/07

1John 3:12 states Cain was of the wicked one. Sorry about the typo
---tonne on 1/3/07

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Fine Bruce 5656. Suit yourself with your own speculations ;but, please let the Bible speak for itself even if what you hear goes against the grain of your beliefs. Certainly, we're all yet learning...don't & won't ever know it all. The Bible becomes abundantly clear to all who buy the truth & have an ear to hear what the Lord says.

By the way Bruce, who authored the Bible? Was it you, the others you referenced or was it God? I'm not trying to be ugly. :) I hope you get the point.
---Leon on 1/3/07

"Tim. states that Cain was of the wicked one so their was some marital conflict in the garden."

tonne, Timothy doesn't state that Cain was of the wicked one. Cain being of the devil had nothing to do with Adam and Eve's marriage. Cain murdering his brother was not something that his parents marriage caused.
---Kay on 1/3/07

If Adam and Eve had children prior to the Fall, wouldn't those children be without a sin nature? Cain was their first born and we all know that he definitely had a sin nature. Any children born prior to the Fall wouldn't have inherited a sin nature. Since death is the result of sin, would that mean that those children born without a sin nature never experienced death?
---Kay on 1/3/07

I think the question is very thought provoking. Haven't you ever wondered where all the peoples of the earth came from. They were told to "fill the earth" It may not be in the bible since it is not relevant to God's plan of salvation for man, but it is fun to consider.
---Buzz on 1/2/07

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The type of speculation you enter into here does not interest me. I am content to let the bible speak for itself. The concept that God was prepared to put death on a generation of people that had no personal sin goes against the principles of justice which characterize who God is. I agree with others who have suggested that if there were other offspring it would have been important enought to have been noted.
---Bruce5656 on 1/2/07

Tim. states that Cain was of the wicked one so their was some marital conflict in the garden. I do not know if they were twins but it is very possible because it states that Eve had Cain and then she had Able.
---tonne on 1/2/07

Ryan & Bob, & Buzz: I agree. It's not likely A&E were celebate after God told them to "be fruitful & multiply." Adam's only sin (transgression) was eating the forbidden fruit. In the garden, Adam named his wife Eve, "the mother of ALL living."

Bruce5656: Adam was God's delegated authority on earth. Adam was responsible for the overall well-being of Eve, ETC . When Adam sinned death came upon him & "ALL" persons under his authority.
---Leon on 1/2/07

Ryan - "Do not add to His words, lest He rebuke you and you be found a liar" (Proverbs 30:6). If they had children before the Fall, then given it's importance, it would surely be in God's Word.
---Helen_5378 on 1/2/07

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greetings.question 1;About one hundred five years.2;Yes.3;They blended into the existing human population before and after.
---earl on 1/1/07

The answer may be hidden with the one about "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" Or, "what is the sound of one hand clapping?". A fact we do know is that throughout the Bible lineage is important. Offspring is important. IF there were children born to Adam/Eve in the Garden, it surely seems it would have been noted there.
---mikefl on 1/1/07

1 Corinthians 15:22 "For as in Adam all die"

If Adam and Eve had offspring before they sinned, this statment would not be true unless God were to punish people who had not sinned for someone elses sin.
---Bruce5656 on 1/1/07

Buzz, that is exactly what I am talking about. Did Adam and Eve ignore this command from God while they lived in the Garden?
---Ryan on 1/1/07

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#1 Helen 5378, you don't know that. THe bible does not specify how long the age of innocence was and we do not know if Adam and Eve complied with God's directive to, 'Be fruitful and multiply.' while they lived in the garden.
---Ryan on 1/1/07

#2 Helen 5378, The question is posed to inspire thought as to what would happen to any offspring Adam and Eve would have had while living in the garden, after Adam's transgression. Your response does not inspire anyone to think, as-a-matter-of-fact your response does just the opposite and it encourages people to close their minds.
---Ryan on 1/1/07

Ryan, Are you referring to Gen 1:28 when he told Adam and Eve (prior to the fall of man) to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth? Interesting question. I believe Helen answered hastily.
---Buzz on 1/1/07

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