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Are Infants Born Idolaters

Ephesians 5:5 <---Does this speak about infants being idolaters for being born with the ability to know good and evil? Just because of Romans 3:23? Wasn't Jesus born as a human with ability to understand good and evil?

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 ---Pharisee on 1/1/07
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Thats a no-brainer.Judge what? The way we cry as a baby.Or how many steps we take
trying to walk.The world is the only ones
that make the not-guilty,GUILTY.Parents
are held accountable by God for the children until they reach a certain age.
Through the intellect of the spirit a child can learn what affects he oe she get from their actions of crying ,and laughting etc.
An idol is something you worship.Knowledge is supose to come from the parents to the child. They should know as they grow.
---Jack_8773 on 1/4/08

If infants are born pure, would it be better than they die at birth rather than mature into impurity and be damned?


Ask yourselve, who make the baby mature into impurity and be damned?

Muslim believe that babies are born pure, sinless. That is why muslim birth rate is so much higher than christian. Every mother will cry at the loss of the baby, at the same time is happy to know that her baby is in heaven.
---Sheila on 1/4/08

Jack 8773, please provide scripture to support your claim that babies will not be judged.
---Ryan_Z on 1/3/08

No. Ephesians 5:5 speaks of sinners do not inherit holy heaven. And Romans 3:23 speaks of both Gentiles AND JEWS of covenant had sinned (note also: sinned "-ed" is past tense) equally. And Jesus is God, and always has the mind of God, before and during and after his incarnation in Bethlehem.
---Eloy on 1/3/08

It is written,...they go astray as soon as they be born,speaking lies.We know.We just don't understand.But we understand other things.Such as crying.OF BOTH THE MALE AND FEMALE GENDER .It is used as a tool.Even before you could think you could use and did use it as such...most times,and other times as communication.When you have no say-so you can't be held accountable.It falls on the parents, until a certain age. After which,they become guilty,for they then have a choice.Babies will not be judged.
---Jack_8773 on 1/2/08

#1 Cynthia, your statement on the 24th:

Everyone is born with the sin nature. An infant does not know what is right and wrong, until they reach the age of acccountability. Parents have the responsibility of teaching their children right from wrong. Any infant that dies before the age of accountability is ushered into Heaven to be with the Lord for eternity. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 12/24/07
---Ryan_Z on 1/2/08

#2 Cynthia, You posted this a a factual teaching. When asked where your support was you offered none. Your teaching is false. Their is no such thing as an "age of accountability". All humans are accountable to God. No one gets a free pass. As your friend in the Lord it is my responsibility to point out the error of proclaiming a doctrine that does not exist in scripture.
---Ryan_Z on 1/2/08

#3 Cynthia, for the truth concering this topic I suggest you study scriptures like Psalm 51:5 and I Corinthians 7:14, they are a good starting point. Whatever you do please do not proclaim the false doctrine of the age of accountability and do not teach the false doctrine that all babies that dies before the false age of accountability are ushered into heaven, they are lies.
---Ryan_Z on 1/2/08

Ryan Z, I never stated that I was teaching this as a doctrine, I am only giving an opinion as is everyone else. What are you getting so offended about, friend? Nothing that I stated is offensive, and I am not going to get into a heated argument over this. God Bless friend!!
---Cynthia on 1/1/08

Cynthia, you are proclaiming a doctrine that you cannot prove with scripture. Does that bother you? What say you of catholic, mormon or jahovah's witness doctrines that cannot be proved through scripture? I believe it is dangerous ground to go out and teach something as doctrine that you cannot prove with scripture.
---Ryan_Z on 12/29/07

And the dead in Christ will rise first and the living will be caught up with them. This is the first resurrection in which God has chosen to be in heaven. Blessed are these who will not see the second death.

At the second resurrestion (at the end of the thousand year rein of Christ) all the others who have died in all of history - infants, toddlers, children, teens, young adults, adults, and seniors - will rise and stand in front of the throne of God to be judged.
---Steveng on 12/27/07

Mankind belong to the animal Kingdom .Animals teach their young to survive That is also the duty of each child's parents, but being endowed with a soul & intelligence we have greater propensities of learning.who is our Maker to whom we owe if you are an idolator You know where you got it from.
---Emcee on 12/27/07

If infants are born pure, would it be better than they die at birth rather than mature into impurity and be damned?
---InimicusStultitiae on 12/27/07

Ryan Z, I believe that the age of accountability is different in every child, some children mature faster than others. I do not know of a scripture that states the exact age of accountability, but I believe that a child should be converted as early as they can understand. We as parents are instructed to train our children in the way of the Lord. If you know of a scripture, please share it with me. God Bless you Ryan Z
---Cynthia on 12/27/07

Cynthia, in what book of the bible will I find the established age of accountability?
---Ryan_Z on 12/26/07

There was this lady speaker at a revival who claims to have seen hell. The road curved in front of her house. A drunk driver missed the turn and one second she was taking a nap next second she was flying through the air. She died then was revived. She saw hell. She said she saw a lot of children, she thinks 12 years of age was the youngest she couldn't tell, she didn't see any babies
---nina on 12/25/07

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Babies are born Pure. They cannot tell, what is right and what is wrong. What happen if they die young? Go to Hell? They did not get a chance to defend themselve to say that 'they have Not commit any sin'.

Only Christians believe that babies are born sinner.

Adam and Eve sinned and thus brought sin into the world and their sins passed on to their children. (Genesis 3:1-7)
---Sheila on 12/24/07

Original Sin - all of Adam's posterity are born with a sin nature and are sinful from birth (Romans 3:22-23, 1st John 1:10)

If only those babies know that they are born Sinful from birth, they would not want to be born. They want to stay in the heaven of their mother's wombs forever.
---Sheila on 12/24/07

Everyone is born with the sin nature. An infant does not know what is right and wrong, until they reach the age of acccountability. Parents have the responsibility of teaching their children right from wrong. Any infant that dies before the age of accountability is ushered into Heaven to be with the Lord for eternity. God Bless!
---Cynthia on 12/24/07

To everyone: why I will not dare to say babies will go to Hell, the Bible clearly teaches that all are born in a state of sinfulness. This is cannot be disputed!

Psalm 51:5, "Behold, I [David] was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me." Original sin simply means our nature are corrupt and bound to do wicked.

Babies are not born innocent. Granted, they have not committed any sin, but they suffer from original sin.
---Ramon on 12/23/07

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Those who say babies are born in sin, and will burn in hell if they die are in need of professional help. Their twisted sick theology renders God more capricious than a million Hitlers. shame
---MikeM on 12/21/07

Everybody is born into 'original sin'. But I'm sure if a little baby dies, no matter, he/she will go to heaven.
---sue on 12/19/07

"The newborn infant is without blemish.
---duke on 12/18/07" how can the infant be born without blemish when the Bible says that we are conceived in iniquity?
---Mima on 12/19/07

Children are born into sin. If you let an infant grow on it's own, that child will grow into a rebelious adult. Do some research about feral children.
---Steveng on 12/18/07

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No, No, No: Infant children, who are morally "innocent". and have not yet done anything "morally good or evil" [Romans 9:11], are subjected to physical death as a consequence of Adam's sin. Since infant children have neither guilt nor any sin. And infant children do not I repeat, do not go to HELL but to the Kingdom of God if they die in infancy. Matthew 19:14], since they have no sin to be punished for. Jesus Christ was fully God and fully human. Yes He understood.
---catherine on 12/18/07

Man is born into a corrupt world system and during the first year of his life he falls from grace and becomes an idolator. The newborn infant is without blemish.
---duke on 12/18/07

No children (not even Jesus)are born able to know good from evil:

Isaiah 7:14-16
"14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign, Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel...."
"16 For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good..."
---StrongAxe on 11/29/07

Not only was Jesus born with the ability to know good and evil; He was also able to refuse evil and choose good as a small child, before He could eat curds and honey, Isaiah 7:14-16. No human has the ability, independent of God, to refuse evil. Jesus, as an infant, being concevied of the Holy Spirit, therefore being God, had this ability and is the only who has this ability and through Him you may now have this power of the Holy Spirit to refuse evil.
---Ryan on 11/28/07

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Every person is born a sinner. The only thing that erases that sin is Jesus Christ. When you accept Jesus Christ into your heart as Lord & Savior, that sin nature is erased, and you become the Righteousness of God.
---Leslie on 1/3/07

#2 Mary, Everyone that has died from Adam to today, born of the seed of Adam, is in the grave awaiting resurrection. Hades and sheol give forth all their inhabitants and all are Judged. Praise be the name of the Lord Jesus for taking me in the first resurrection, the resurrection of HIS BRIDE!! and ETERNAL LIFE!!
---Ryan on 1/2/07

Pharisee, you missed the point. Adam was not to eat from the tree from which God had commanded saying, "You shall not eat from the tree." When are you going to stop and study scripture. God did not say, "Because you have the knowledge of good and evil cursed is the ground..." He said because you ate from the tree cursed is the ground..." Genesis 3:17. You might want to read your bible.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

(I) Pharisee, I most certainly do not assert Jesus was born in the same condition as you or I or any other human; to say so is blasphemous. Why are you and I and humanity condemned? Because of the transgression of Adam.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

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(II) Pharisee, Through your father you inherit the earthly seed of Adam; thereby receiving condemnation for his transgression. Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit; hence, He did not receive the inherited condemnation of Adam, the bible says Christ came in the "likeness" of human flesh; however, He was not of the flesh.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

(III) Pharisee, After the judgements God says what? "Behold he has become Like one of US knowing good and evil..." Genesis 3:22. So appearantly the serpent wasn't lying when he said to Eve that she would become like God, Genesis 3:5.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

(IV) Pharisee, The knowledge of good and evil had no bearing on the judgement given to Adam, that was totaly assigned due to a single transgression. The result of the transgression is: sinful man, eyes wide open, dying, having the knowledge of good and evil. God could not allow such a sinful abomination to live in His Garden so He banished them.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

(V) Pharisee, Do not put together what God divides. He gave the judgement for a transgression. Because of what man became there was a consequence; unable to eat from the tree of Life and banishment from the Garden.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

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Mary it is not me you disagree with the bible says babies are conceived and born in sin, Psalm 51:5. It is the inherited conditon, for all humanity, from the seed of Adam.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

#1 Mary, how can anyone be with God all men return to the ground, Psalm 104:29, this is an inherited judgement from the fall of Adam. Ecclesiaties 9:10 says no one has knowledge or wisdom while in the grave. Psalm 115:17 states the dead praise not the Lord.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

Ryan, buddy, you missed the point.

Knowledge of Good and evil is illicit to humans, we aren't supposed to have it, yet the lord Jesus was born in the same condition that you assert is the reason all have sinned and are doomed to hell and the Bible says he was "without sin."

What will it take for you to stop and think about this?
---Pharisee on 1/2/07

Hi; I just have to post this to say not everyone agrees with Ryan--sorry, Ryan, but I don't, on the issue of babies being sinful! I had a miscarriage years ago, and God reassured me my baby is WITH HIM IN HEAVEN. :)
---Mary on 1/2/07

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Scripture says that before the law there was no sin. As laws were made and rules set and boundaries given, mankind reached a point where just to be born meant entering a sinful state. It required Jesus Christ to set us free from the law and entering into grace before our God and Saviour.
---mikefl on 1/1/07

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