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Is It Love Or Lust

I am attracted to the opposite sex, but its much more like lust and not love. I've asked Jesus to change me & I've accepted Him as my Savior, but I don't feel different. Can He change me?

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 ---JRLU on 1/2/07
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Wonderfull to know How much God loves us! I struggled long time..It's been a process! Yes,I truly can say I know It's the best thing God did for Me I cried,pour'd out my heart to Him...Itdidn't happen o'er night but, he gave ME deliverance! NEVER give up! Jesus is there! He hears you... His way SO MUCH BETTER! Seek Him!Have aRELATIONSHIP Let HIM BE FIRST! If it is HIS will HE will Eventually n HIS TIMING bring a mate... but,give HIM first place ...Everything will fall n line. Bless you ELENA
---ELENA on 7/1/11

nothing in Holy Word describes the act of "accepting Christ as Savior so he will instantaneously change you and you will "feel" different

aside from having that misunderstanding as flesh and blood mortal men we will be attracted to the opposite sex

lustful thoughts can be overcome in time - we are not made in the flesh to be perfect no man is without sin ...the process is to overcome it is a lifetime process

finding someone to love and marry will require an investment in yourself to determine what you want and an investment into finding that someone to love
---Rhonda on 5/14/11

Yes Jesus can change you.But your obedience is a choice you have to make despite the difficulty you will face in controlling yourself to stop lusting.Confess honestly to God and He will give you strength to overcome
---mj on 5/14/11

What is Faith?
---Matt on 7/15/07

Being born again is not a feeling. If you sincerely asked Jesus to save you and you repented of your sins then you have been born again. You will not change overnight but you need to hold onto your belief that Jesus saved you. Follow with baptism then join a good Christian church. Read God's Word and follow what is says in the bible. Little by little you will begin to change and desire to do things God's way and not your own. Many blessings in your new life with Christ.
---Robyn on 7/9/07

Keep trusting in God, and realize this one very important thing, no matter how things look - You are a "NEW CREATION IN CHRIST JESUS". Old things have past away and all things have become new.
Realize this, and you will change.
---John on 7/9/07

JRLU, it's great that you KNOW this is lust and not love. Resist the lust and it will flee. Memorize Luke 10:19
---faye4464 on 1/9/07

JRLU, it's great that you KNOW this is lust and not love. Resist the lust and it will flee. Memorize Luke 10:19
---faye4464 on 1/9/07

#1 john , you do not accept Jesus. This is a ludicrous teaching. Your will to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior has no bearing on weather or not you are saved, Romans 9:16. You may only come to the Son if you have been granted access by the Father, John 6:65. You must confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart He was raised from the dead, Romans 10:9; but you can only do this by the power of the Holy Spirit, I Corinthians 12:3.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

#2 john, To say it is mans will to accept Christ is to put authority upon the individual therefore putting Christ in subjection to the will of man; that would violate God's sovereignty. So it is impossible to accept Jesus, He must accept you. John 1:11-13 and Matthew 10:40 speak of receiving Jesus but that is only allowed if the Father grants you access in the first place, John 6:65. If you told the Apostle Paul you accepted Jesus in your heart he would either laugh or give you a very bewildered look.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

Ryan. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to accept Jesus?
John 1:11-13 says that jesus came and his own received him not. But, as many as did receive him to them he gave the authority to be the children of God.
JRLU is as saved by accepting Jesus as you are by asking Jesus.
Matt 10:40...receiving Jesus is receiving the father.
---john on 1/2/07

You could have what's called a "spirit of lust." It's a demon and it could be a stronghold in your life. Don't feed it. Resist it. The way you can change is through God's word. Fill yourself with scriptures that you find are ministering to you, memorize them, put them inside of you, and you shall know the truth and the truth (of the Word of God) shall set you free.
---Donna9759 on 1/2/07

JRLU, no one can accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, nowheere in the bible is this given as a directive for salvation. You have the relationship backwards. God is not in subjection to our will, He has never placed Himself under our authority. If one is to be saved it is only by God's sovereign grace and mercy. He must call you to His Son. You haven't changed because your foundation is built on sand not The Rock. You must ask, seek and knock; not accept, seek and knock.
---Ryan on 1/2/07

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