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What Does 7 Biblically Mean

I keep seeing 7's. Does anyone know the biblical meaning for this?

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 ---Chris on 1/4/07
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In need of answers as to God's reasons and/or purpose?
Look into the eyes of a a butterfly with a child...lay in the grass on a Spring day and count the clouds.Once you do these things,close your eyes & thank our Lord for the gift of beauty & wonder.
For a bit of a more technical answer, read below to Stevens post,he also hits it perfect. God Bless and have a wonderful day.
---Beverly on 3/21/10

What are the biblical numbers and their meanings
---Desiree on 3/21/10

Don't get caught up in the meaning of numbers. They are very deceptive. The meaning of seven is different depending what culture you live. In China, seven implies anger and abandon. Every religian, including Wicca and New Age have their own meanings. Humans cannot comprihend why God chose certain numbers. His thoughts are way above our thoughts. He may have a reason or it was just arbitrary or maybe it was a number He liked.

Besides, debating the meaning of numbers takes us away from what is more important - worshipping God and spreading the gospel of the Kingdom of God and how to get there.
---Steveng on 7/19/09

The number 7 is the number of completion.
---Fuschia on 7/15/09

Usually the term "SEVEN" will mean completness or completely.
But there's several exceptions.

In Rev. for example a seven headed beast can signalfy and possiably refer to Rome the city of Seven Hills ruled by the Church. It can also mean in Rev. five fallen empires, one existing and one to come.

Here also is an example:
Peter asked Jesus how many times should I forgive one who has sinned aganist me in one day SEVEN? Jesus said no, SEVEN times SEVENTY.
(This would not mean 490, but instead COMPLETLY times seventy or INFINITELY.)
---Charles on 7/6/08

Thank you for your help. My daughter-in-law keeps dreaming about the #7 and it has appeared a few times in her everyday work. Now she thinks is evil and she might have to worry about my grand daughter when she's with me
---Barbara on 5/8/08

You may have heard the year 2007 means, the year of completion. The number seven means, completion, to be complete.
---Danielle on 12/25/07

Jesus is 77th in the direct line.
Jehovah has 7 letters.
Sign of forgiveness.-70 times 7 forgive.
7 sacraments
7 Virtues, 7 Deadly Sins
---julie_Bourgeois on 11/18/07

It can mean completion, rest, God's number. Not a lucky seven ( for christians we don't believe in that ). Putting everything in order.
---Juliet on 11/10/07

Below is a list of numbers written in the Bible with their meanings.
Number Meaning
One - Beginning, one
Two - Witness, separation
Three - The Trinity (Godhead)
Four - Earth, creation, world
Five - Grace, cross, atonement, life
Six - Man, beast, Satan
Seven - Perfection, completeness
Eight - New beginning
---Phyllis on 1/10/07

And the FINAL part of God's plan happens when the Father Himself returns with a 'new heaven and a new earth'; after all people are finally truly BORN AGAIN,into a 'spiritual body' being true sons of God. Right now we are only flesh and blood,and heirs, awaiting that awesome 'change' when this mortal will put on immortality! WOW!
---Audrey on 1/5/07

Not to sound facetious, but sometimes our minds will think of certain things, and then for whatever reason will fixate on them and look for those same certain things; so it could mean, narrow-thinking, for I also keep seeing 0 thru 6, as well as 7, and 8 thru to the end.
---Eloy on 1/5/07

7 is very significant througout scripture. It is the number of completion. 7 days to a week, etc.. I find it interesting to speculate that God created man nearly 6,000 years ago, and that we are nearing the return of Christ, who will usher in the Kingtdom (which will last 1,000) more years. SEVEN thousand total.
---Audrey on 1/5/07

They're all 'good years' if you know the Lord. I wouldn't let the study of numbers become a doctrine. It sounds too much like an astrological reading.
---Trace on 1/5/07

I have been told that the number 7 was God's perfect number. Throughout the bible different things comes in seven's.
---Rebecca_D on 1/5/07

Certain number have higher occurrence rates in scripture weather in cardinal or ordinal form 6, 7, 12, 40, 88, 100, 1000, 144,000 ext. Basically they are just numerals. I don't think people should be concerned by phone numbers with a sting of 6s or 7s in them and I don't examine the serial numbers on paper currency. And we have previous blogs getting into Hebrew number construction and the use of alternate combinations of letters when the normal combination Is also a proper name of God.
---Phil_the_Elder on 1/4/07

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One of the other interesting number problems is dates; counting years from a BCE to CE period.

1 BCE and 1 CE are the same year the Greeks and Romans had no concept of zero or negative numbers when the year decremented to 1 they just started incrementing again the next year. and a lot of software dating and calendar computation tools don't allow for it. The Hebrews never had the problem because there calendar always incremented years.
---Phil_the_Elder on 1/5/07

There is really no algorithmic method of computing exact dates in the ancient Hebrew calendar system. Some months officially have 29 days some have 30. The new month begins with the direct observation of a new moon reported to the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem. When synoptic conditions prevented the observation of a new moon you can get a accidental long month that will mess up computations. But they could always tell wen Sabbath was.
---Phil_the_Elder on 1/5/07

Completeness...fulfillment of the promise
---Joseph on 1/4/07

Most frequently 7 means one more than 6 and one less than 8; 111 in binary system.

OTOH, maybe you just need new glasses if you keep seeing sevens everywhere.
---Jack on 1/4/07

LOL, you are funny!
---chris on 1/4/07

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Seven denotes spiritual perfection.
---Jen on 1/4/07

I think it means God's complete number..The 7 candlestix, 7days, 7spirits,etc,
---mimi on 1/4/07

Most frequently 7 means one more than 6 and one less than 8; 111 in binary system.

OTOH, maybe you just need new glasses if you keep seeing sevens everywhere.
---Jack on 1/4/07

I find the study of numbers very interesting. They can't be used to prove or disprove doctrine, but in some cases just as types and shadows they will confirm doctrine. Having said that, I have found the year 2007 has a beautiful numerical interpretation: #2 = witness; #1000 = Glory of God; and #7 = God's perfection or completeness. The year 2007 is a "witness of God's glory and His perfection." This is a very good year.
---Debbie on 1/4/07

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I would like to know how we get 7 being the number of completion when it was in 6 days, not 7, that the Lord created everything. Souldn't 7 be the number of rest seeing that this is what He did on that day? Just wondering about this.
---john on 1/4/07

We're all seeing the number seven. It's now 2007. I wouldn't place too much emphasis on it. Your mind may be readjusting the year for you, so that your checkbook will coincide.
---Trace on 1/4/07

God's perfect number of completion.
---Donna9759 on 1/4/07

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