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Distance Learning Degrees Valid

I am thinking of getting a distance learning degree. Would a typical employer view a distance learning degree as valid or as subpar?

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 ---Tommy on 1/4/07
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Darlene is correct. It's similar to the difference between a GED and the High School diploma. The GED is not equitable to the HS diploma.
---June on 5/11/08

I would suggest to only get a Degree on line from a regular College not just the online type. Employers sometimes do look down upon or disregard those types of Degrees. There are many fine regular colleges which offer online study,check into those nearest you in your State. It also depends a lot on what kind of Degree you are seeking. If you are a Christian I would say pray and ask God to lead you.
---Darlene_1 on 9/13/07

Check out your school with DETC it is a nationally recognized accrediting agency. If the college does not have accredation - I'd hate to go there. I expect that Distance Learning is going to grow in volume and it's not as easy as many people think. The courses are tough and intensive. I think a smart employer would know that it takes an extremely motivated person to get an online degree. Some may be skeptical at first but as it becomes more and more prevelant minds will change.
---grace3869 on 1/6/07

A lot will depend on the credibility and reputation of the institution running the program. Many Colleges and Universities have some courses that can be taken remotely but usually will require some campus attendance at some point. Most diplomas will not show the the status of attendance. Transcripts my if they have unique codification that can be associated with a distant learning course offering.
---notlaw99 on 1/4/07

Almost all denominational Bible colleges have online degrees today.
---Susie on 1/4/07

Doubtless there are some outfits offering online degrees, just like diploma mills with a modern twist.

Others are reputable universities offering on-line study as a form of extension work. One such is University of Phoenix.

You need to check.
---Jack on 1/4/07

There are many reputable universities and colleges who offer online degrees. If you get an online degree from any of these, future employers will most likely not even know that you obtained your degree online. Most legitimate colleges/universities give you an opportunity to march in their graduation if you complete your degree online. There are also many, many, many scams out there online. Check the school out. If any school is offering an online education quick, watch out!
---Susie on 1/4/07

Also, most employers only consider degrees to be Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, etc. They usually don't consider an Associate degree as a complete college education.
---Susie on 1/4/07

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