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UFO At Chicago O'Hare Airport

Did flight attendants at Chicago OHare Airport really see a UFO? Was it really the remnants of a Russian's space station seen in Colorado skies?

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 ---margaret on 1/4/07
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No Russian space ship, please! I know nothing!
---Vlad on 6/7/08

We were at a hotel in the desert. Steve was out walking the cat and called to me to come out. About 100 yards away was a high block wall, no markings of any kind. We watched as aircraft that looked like giant spiders took off and circled and then disappeared behind the wall. Had he not seen these 'things' on the Discovery Channel we would have been puzzled. They are 'drones' controlled by computers that could read a newspaper from the air, no pilot.Some see things like this and consider them UFOs.
---NV_Barbara on 10/5/07

Love them UFO's, baby! I see one now.. uh no, it's my mother-in-law. O well, keep looking. Those curlers on her head through me off.
---tick on 2/9/07

Tell him what he's won there, Johnny!
Yes Jim, He's won an all expense paid one way trip to the planet, Shaba Do! And yes Jim, he'll be wisked away on a Binford 6000 Interplanetary cruiser across the Galaxy to be droped off at 10,000 ft over Putmoot Crater!
Excursion price does not include tax, licence, and applicable fees.
Brought to you by the Putmoot Chamber of commerce.
---Gary on 2/8/07

In the Bible where it mentions that Satan (JOB 1) is roaming in and out of the earth scene. In other parts fo the bible where it states that Satan is the Prince of the Air. And the Unidentified Flying Object that took Elijah into Heaven. For one to Rule out UFO's as being completely unrelated to the bible or demons for that matter, is foolish!
Once again, I'm not saying my belief is 100% right, but it is plausible! God bless!
---DePuTy on 2/8/07

Jose, Loved your siting. Or did you miss it? I saw it, Jose! Or is that Jose'? I don't speak the language, I just know some english and a lot of Plutonian. Sure get's a little nippy at night, back home.
Bad enough that we're on the endangered planets list. Geeshh!
---Zeebwin on 2/8/07

You think that I believe in UFO's? You have got to be kidding me. I don't see no stinkin UFO's mang!

---Jose on 2/7/07

Believing that "aliens" are demons is no more crazy than believing "ghosts" are.
---Matthew on 2/7/07

Even though I mention that the UFO phenomena might be evil angels, I didn't say that my belief is absolutely right!
First of all, If GOD is real - NO myth! Evil angels have to be real also.
Has there ever been contact with these UFO's? NO! With ALL of our technology this day and age, I wonder why?
2 KINGS 2:11
"suddently a CHARIOT of FIRE and horses of FIRE appeared.. Elijah went up to Heaven in a whirlwind."
UFO? I'm not coo coo, My assumption is highly probable!
---DePuTy on 2/7/07

let's not go off the deep end here. I can't believe that UFO's are from satan. This is crazy thinking. You have no proof. Please don't tempt the men in the white coats to come for you. Let's come down to earth.
---mike on 2/7/07

The Martians just contacted us. They got a look at that latest photo of that diaper wearing Astronaut. They promised not to attack us as long as we don't send her back up.
---John on 2/7/07

DePuTy, I have read a lot of your responses on these blogs, and so far you have been very credible, but this is fanaticle. Unless you have Bible based proof that UFO's are demons, then how can I believe you? Something that you don't understand, you figure it must be demons. I can't believe you any more. Your fishing now in a desperite attempt to prove they are demons. Yeh right, the devil wants the whole world to know he's coming, and in a space ship too. COO COO!
---Pete on 2/6/07

We don't know with 100% certainty that Satan come's unnanounced.
The mere fact that Satan is the prince of the air and roams in and out of the earth scene (explained in JOB), can also imply that UFO' could be spirits.
After all, that is exactly what they are Unidentified Flying Objects!

Satan's job is also to decieve the world. Many people don't believe in GOD because they don't see UFO's fitting in GOD's plan (bible), thus continue to have doubt and continue to be decieved.
---DePuTy on 2/5/07

Anyone here know for sure that UFO's are demons? Or course not! If you did, then people would back away from you. The devil prefers to come unannounced.
---demon_chaser on 2/5/07

I see UFO's all the time, don't you? I think that was an eraser flying by my head. Adult education can be rough when it's mixed with kids.
---Joe on 2/5/07

Not all of the falling angels are reserved for judgement day.
JOB 1:6-7
One day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came with them. The Lord said to Satan, "Where have you come from?"
Satan answered the Lord, "From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it."
This scripture including other parts where it states "Satan is the prince of the Air" make it clear that NOT ALL evil angels are inprisoned until judgement day.
---DePuTy on 2/5/07

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I sometimes get disappointed when I don't see a UFO for awhile. Their fun to watch. Common now, winter can be boring. You know what I mean.
---Kelly on 2/5/07

I like that Martian add counsel thing. LOL! Cool! In a world....Ha ha ha!
---Pete on 2/5/07

Those UFo's can't bother you. Keep your chin up, your head held up high and walk into victory! We will all walk into victory! Then we'll hold hands and pray, have milk (water for you LI's) and cookies, get our blankies and take a nice nap. Then have new strenght for more victories.
.......the bear
---Cubby on 2/4/07

I have seen a few UFO'S. Nothing happened. They don't bother me. They look cool though. There is probably a very reasonable explanation for them, but anytime something cannot be explained, there will be people around who will let their minds run away with them and build on something that is not there. It's called fear.
---John on 2/4/07

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I am not scared of UFOs. God told us to fear not. There is always a reason for something. Just remember that if you trust in God, then you have nothing to worry about. A lot of people saw one last week in my area, but the authorities said it was just burning space junk entering the atmosphere.
---Dan on 2/4/07

I know what you mean MikeM. Living in Las Vegas you get so you don't even notice the 'aliens,' they're everywhere!
---NV_Barbara on 2/4/07

You are correct, Bulldog. They are not fallen angels, as some have speculated.

2 Peter 2:4
For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell (Tartarus) and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment;

Jude 1:6

And angels who did not keep their proper domain, but left their own habitation, He has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day;

Fallen angels are reserved for judgment day.
---Joel on 2/4/07

Geeko Insurance customer: "My UFO crashed into another craft that said "Ernie's crop dusting".
Translation: "In a world where both of our UFO's were totally under water".
GI Cust: "What am I gonna do? Our leader will be angry! I'll call Geeko!"
Translation: "But a new wind was about to blow".
Cust: " Yippie Yaee woo hoo!"
Trans: "Payback, this time it's for real!"
Brought to you by the Martian add councel. Nanoo-nanoo
---Zeba_deba_do on 2/4/07

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Ramon, I totally agree with you. I don't believe in flying craft from another planet either. Sure is a fun topic though. I saw a UFO one night and it came so close I could see someone waving at me. He was waving at me to pull over. It was a cop. Me drinking Osiffer? Just kidding about the drinking thing. Isn't this blog neet? Or is that neat? One is alien to me.
---Pete on 2/4/07

I don't think that they are demons. This is man's opinion, and man is very falable, even Christians. Satan is more crafty than that. he does not want to announce his presence to everyone. These UFO's can all be explained, one way or another. I know the Bible and there is no place in God's Word that we should be cautioned about aliens. Jesus did tell us something though...FEAR NOT.
---Dan on 2/4/07

I don't care who wrote those books, Bulldog. These are books compiled by man(not the Holy Spirit)to twist the scriptures to line up with their beliefs or fears. That is why I don't take even Christian books totally gospel. I ONLY trust the Bible. These men that you mentioned may be good men but still men with their faults.
---Ken on 2/4/07

Bulldog; I would not be quick to quote Mr Martin. He was a guru of sorts to fundamentalist. He has said, (I have it on tape) that "Jews are children of the devil" He has said the "Dinosaur bones are invented" He was the last word in religious intolerance and bigotry. He represents the lowest common denominater in protestantism.
---MikeM on 2/4/07

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Juan, you have the right idea. Noted Christian apologist, the late Walter Martin saw a UFO, and he stated what you just did. Chuck Missler and Dr. Mark Eastman have a book called "Alien Encounters" that looks at this from a Biblical perspective.

These "aliens" are not interplanetary but interdimensional. They are demons and can, do, and have throughout history manifested themselves in our space-time.
---Bulldog on 2/4/07

I predict many more aliens will be seen in the near future! This will occur as the next election draws near!

I have seen plenty of aliens. They walk the streets of Hollywood Ca. (If you live in So Cal you know what I mean)
---MikeM on 2/4/07

UFO, it means unidentified. If I see an airplane or balloon, or whatever and I can't identify it. It's a UFO. So, yeah I believe. Do I believe in flying craft from another planet? No.
---Ramon_Sandoval on 2/4/07

Did you say BIG FOOT! I'm having enough trouble keeping up with UFO's with lights. Do's big foot have lights?
---Pete on 2/3/07

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On the UFO issue one as a Christian must consider a few things.
First of all, If we believe GOD is real, Satan and evil angels are real -NO myth!
Second; GOD is everywhere, no place to hide from him, he is EVER KNOWING!
The bible states in different places, that Satan is the Prince of the Air.
If GOD is REAL! UFO phenomena could be Evil angels. High probability = REALITY!
I'm not saying I'm right; but my assumption is highly probable.
---Juan6693 on 2/3/07

Well, I'm very impressed with all of these UFO sightings, but I saw Big Foot!
---sue on 2/3/07

Thank you little green man. Have been waiting for you. Have mass quantities of moon pies and RC cola. This is prime example of food on planet earth. I need to take picture of you holding a moon pie, or else my wife would not believe it. I know you will like moon pies. All my troops must eat moon pies or face court marshall. Maybe we can hold a "Moon Pie" summit between your planet and mine. I like that eeek thing, your speaking my language. Must get back in the water. Nanoo-Nanoo!
---General_Porpoise on 2/3/07

We need a new UFO siting. Especially one that's real big, and has a lot of lights. If we have to take this blog to the desert, it's ok, I'm up for a little field work.
---Pete on 2/3/07

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Krieek eeekKK Cough!

Just to please you 'eeek' General Porpoise!
Kreeek eeeekkkk ccough!

We be flying by!
---little_green_man on 2/2/07

Love them UFO'S baby! yes saaaaaa! Got them UFO's in sight. Maybe in the sky tonight. Bring them UFO's in narly flight.
I need a UFO sighting, now!!!
I have a camera this time. I'll be ready for em. Comon UFO, where are you? OOps. PuuuuuuuchZoooooooooooooooooooooom!!!
---General_Porpoise on 2/1/07

Pete I think that may have been a hang glider that caught on fire when the tipsy one floating on the thing decided to have a smoke. Too many fruity alcohol drinks in his/her system!
---NV_Barbara on 2/1/07

*God bless you too, Matt. No one said that you need a doctor. The answer is Jesus.*

Pat I wasn't talking about me. =)
---Matthew on 2/1/07

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Most of us are not from Puerto Rico, mang. Maybe there are UFO's over Loquio Beach. Oh no, it's must be Apollo 11, mang!
Just quoting my friend from Puerto Rico. He's a fuuny guy with a lot of funny stories.
---Kevin on 2/1/07

Observer, chill man. Little green man means man from mars to most people. I seriously doubt any one meant what you said. In fact, I'm sure of it.
---Dan on 2/1/07

EEkkkk Cough! EEEEk

From up above 'eeeek' we see you SShhheeuumans destroying one another... eeek
How sad!
---little_green_man on 2/1/07

Little green man, did you know that in Puerto Rico the term "green man" means "dirty old man"? RU?

---Observer on 2/1/07

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God bless you too, Matt. No one said that you need a doctor. The answer is Jesus.
---Pat on 2/1/07

In these times of terrorists, it's almost a relief when someone thinks they see a UFO.
Kinda gets our minds off the serious. Relax.
---Dan on 2/1/07

Hi! Little green man.

Pat, I accept your apology, thanks.
No harm no foul. GOD Bless!
---Juan6693 on 2/1/07

If a person had a demonic experience in the form of being visited by "aliens" and came on this blog for help. Would you laugh at him? Would you tell Him to see a doctor? Or would you tell Him you need Jesus?
---Matthew on 2/1/07

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I eek eek from the planet GrinRok!

eek eek eek

Howdy Shheeuummans!
---little_green_man on 2/1/07

All right, I confess, it was me. I was behind the wheel of that UFO over Chicago, last week. I was driving a 59 Chevy with a pumped up motor and some experimental gas and she just got out of control and I ended up over O'Hare airport in a flight pattern. You can imagine my surprise when those F-16's were on me. Good thing I slipped it into second, gave er some more gas, talked real sweet to her , and she got me out of there pronto. Gotta work on my landings, though.
---John on 1/31/07

Juan, Sorry dude. I was just trying to reassure you a little in this very serious world. I meant no harm. Peace
---Pat on 1/31/07

How about a new blog, Barbara. UFO in Hawaii? One was spotted in Hawaii yesterday. I know there is a reasonable explaination for it, but it's fun to get together with such great people here and just relax and joke a little.
Love you folks,- Pete
---Pete on 1/31/07

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We are all entitled to give a piece of mind or opinion on these bloggs.
Pat, since you know it all, I guess we should ALL believe your theory on UFO's.
No one claims with 100% certainty that their belief is the TRUTH, but it is plausible.
And by the way, I thought I made it CLEAR, I'm not freakin out!
---Juan6693 on 1/31/07

NV Barbara - Maybe the lights on them are because the devil turns himself into an angel of light! That's if the UFO's are demons.
---Helen_5378 on 1/31/07

Juan, easy there dude! You DO sound like your freaking out. Just calm down and don't be afraid of NOTHING!
---Pat on 1/30/07

No one is freaking out about the UFO issue. The fact is, GOD is real, this of course means that evil angels are real. I am not saying that the UFO's are 100% evil spirits, but if we believe in the Bible, there is a spiritual war taking place as we speak. There is a good possibility UFO's are demonds, after all, has any space ship with little green men been found? No! I wonder why?
---Juan6693 on 1/30/07

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Matthew, Maybe they are angels in the house. Not all ghosts are bad. The Holy Ghost is good. Right?
---John on 1/30/07

I may know the truth about them, but I don't fear them. I know for a fact "ghosts" are demons. To say I know for a fact "aliens" are demons I can't truly say because I haven't seen one. But if "ghosts" are real, then "aliens" being real shouldn't be surprising. I've had things move around the house yet I don't get scared. Why? Like I said before, I rebuke them in Jesus name and they leave. End of that. No big deal.
---Matthew on 1/30/07

Juan and Matthew, calm down now. Your stating to get freaked out. Don't panic. It could be a number of things, but you are not making any sence. Just listen to yourself, It could be this or that. Could be's are what you are fearing. What's the next thing your going to say, that you are like grasshoppers in their sight? Do you know what God says about the fearful? Trust in the Lord.
---John on 1/29/07

That is why people see them and why they exist. These "aliens" are visually manisfestation of demons that are meant to deceive and keep people from the Truth of the Gospel. Their purpose is no different then that of "ghosts".
---Matthew on 1/29/07

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The Devil's job is to deceive the World. Many people who believe in E.T.'s tend to believe there is no GOD because E.T.'s dont fit in the plan of GOD. It is very possible that evil angels could be intentionally showing themselves as UFO's in an attempt to decieve or continue to cast doubt on unbelievers.
---Juan6693 on 1/29/07

I always wondered why people descibe UFOs as being very bright and lots of lights? It would seem to me that they would be dark so we earthlings wouldn't see them!
---NV_Barbara on 1/29/07

Not likely, Juan. They are either space debris, or Gov. experimental or a hoax. The devil does'nt want us to see him coming.
---Pat on 1/29/07

I believe in UFO's... --> Job 1:6-7 'The Lord said to Satan, 'where have you come from?' Satan answered the Lord, 'From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.' The strange lights people see in the sky are evil angels entering into the worlds atmosphere from the spiritual realm.
---Juan6693 on 1/28/07

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Please everybody, we need to keep the UFO blog going. I know most us of don't believe in ET's, but it's fuuuun!!! Just imagine that your alone late at night driving through the desert and you see something that you can't explain right away, and there's no where to hide. I don't know if a moonlit night would be good or not. Silver aircraft show up pretty scary in moonight.
But what if it's dark and stealthy? wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
---Pete on 1/28/07

A 'classic' movie Pete! It was filmed in the desert right outside of Las Vegas when we were living in LV.
Hearing Slim Whitman would make my head explode too!
---NV_Barbara on 1/28/07

The name of that movie is Mars attacks. It was stupid but captivating. It was on T V late the other night. I couldn't go to sleep right away until I saw it.
---pete on 1/28/07

If your ever walking alone at night in the desert, and you see something in the sky, there is one sure fire way to keep em at bay... Slim Whitman music. You know, like in that movie. I think he saved the world with that song "Indian love call". That yodeling is horrific. So just give a little yodel if you see something out of place. What's that! Yodel- a he tooo. Oh that's just one of my cats after my kid dressed him up funny. Whew!
---John on 1/27/07

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Acts 2:19 And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:
---exzucuh on 1/26/07

Hey, I really like this UFO blog! I don't believe in aliens from other worlds but I think it's fun to get a laugh. You guys are funny!!! LOL!!!!! GBU
---Janet on 1/26/07

This is the truth. It just happened lastnight. A UFO was cited over a 10 mile area right where I live! even the police saw it. There has got to be an explaination because I don't believe in any stinkin aliens.
---Pete on 1/25/07

Way cool idea John! I'd love to see 'Knothead' on a skateboard! He doesn't like being in a harness too much, but refuses to use a litter box, so if he's traveling with us we walk him outside. He's pretty smart, once he sees the layout of a place we can turn him loose and he'll wander around but will come back from his starting point or close to it. On that particular trip, he climbed a tree and got on the roof but came down when we called to him.(He's an 8 yr.old Maine Coon)
---NV_Barbara on 1/25/07

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You don't walk a cat, you stap him on a skate board and roll him around Pets Smart's bird dept, just to drive him crazy.
Just kidding. We have 7 cats and we love them. That's nothing, our Christian friends next door have no kids, but they have 19 CATS!
---John on 1/25/07

Wow, Barb, you guys can 'walk' your cat? My cat would have a fit if I tried to put a leash on him!
---sue on 1/25/07

How do you walk a cat? :)
---Todd on 1/24/07

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