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Are Mormons Going To Heaven

Are Mormons going to heaven? I have a very close mormon physician, We have the best talks. My heart is broken on the fact, I was taught and believe mormons are not christians. Insights?

Moderator - Most Mormons are very nice and moral people which makes them very likeable, however they serve a different god.

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 ---mike on 1/5/07
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Its ironic that many here totally deny and ignor most of the bible. When I quote the bible, I believe what it says and live it by example. Will you make it, I doubt it. You turn your backs on the one person you profess to love. Everyone sees who many serve from their words here. Judgment day reveals your lives to everyone and you cannot run or hide. Your lives will be exposed for all to see your wickedness. No unclean thing enters God's kingdom. If Jesus were reading these, he would be ashamed of many.
---ashley on 6/25/07

2-the Savior knows his sheep and they know his voice. You know someone who follows Jesus Christ by their example, their actions. Not in hypocrisy like many professing his name. Forgiving others that hurt us, obeying the commandments. Realizing we make mistakes and never committing them again. Many believe it doesn't matter what they do in life, they are saved. That's a falsehood that will be revealed at judgment day. All the weeping, wailing in the world will not stop you from being cast out.
---ashley on 6/25/07

"Jesus' feet will land on the Mt. of Olives and He will rule in Jerusalem 1000 years. We will rule with Christ on earth, but as spirit beings, teaching the unconverted humans (as those still subject to death)." Audrey on 1/5/07

Amen Audrey. I stand in agreement with this post 99%. We only differ in this "No one is going to heaven when they die." Beloved heaven is where the Father abides & as you have stated He will be on earth de-facto & we will be with Him. That is Heaven;o)
---Josef on 6/24/07

LL, you can produce every scripture in the Bible for Ashley, he won't be able to address it.
You're right, mormons are not Christians. They have a different Jesus and serve a different God. It is an illusion that Joseph Smith cooked up and he carried it away until finally, mormons have to swallow the entire whale.
He is here to defend his pea patch, as if standing guard over the blog will make it all disappear. It's driving him crazy.
---Gail on 6/21/07

Mormon men without their holy drawers on would all look like plucked chickens ready for the pot.
Here's the interesting part. When Ashe/Dave's days are done here on earth, he won't remember any of that mason ceremonial jargon; what will be ringing in his ears, will be the Word, Jesus Christ. It's good that he is here, because the Scripture he's reading here will be brought back to his remembrance, over and over.
Repent, whoever you really are, the Kingdom of God draws near.
---Gail on 6/21/07

LL; show me the source of your information. book name, chapter, paragraph, page number. I want to see what you just said for myself. I deal with facts from the achives of history. I have the whole library of church history. Show me. It has to be a real source, not a figment of someones imagination. do that and I will take you seriously. f.y.i. God said, we have to expel Adam from the garden before they eat of the tree of life or he will become as one of us. A GOD. dispute that it is in Genesis.
---ashley on 6/21/07

Brigham Young taught other doctrines that Mormons would like to forget. He taught that Adam was God who took on a body and came to Eden (in Missouri) with one of his heavenly wives, Eve. This Adam-God fathered Jesus by having sexual relations with the Virgin Mary. Brigham Young declared, "He (Christ) was not begotten by the Holy Ghost"

Mormons are not Christians!
---LL on 6/21/07

A doctrine Mormons don't like to talk about...Mormons believe that Christ's blood could not atone for certain sins, but rather require a man's own blood. Another could kill him as a righteous act as Brigham Young described as "loving our neighbor as ourselves...if he wants salvation and it is necessary to spill his blood...spill it."

Mormonism is not Christian!
---LL on 6/21/07

look at the archives of history, catholics murdered millions in the name of the pope. protestants fill 93 percent of the prisons for murder, rape, child molestation, theft, drugs, alcohol abuse. adultery and fornication run wild. funny, only a few LDS's are in prison and very few are ever convicted for the above reasons. who follows the Jesus of the bible. you don't have to be a genius to see the answer. live what you preach. lead by example. it makes you hypocrites in every sense of the word.
---ashley on 6/20/07

The below statement show how heaped in falsehood the LDS is.
(Jesus said live separate from the world. the only people that do that are LDS's
ashley on 6/19/07)
Maybe Ashley has become a god all ready for she seems to know what all people do in their spiritual lives. Maybe she is trying to trick us into thinking the LDS is good.
You know they like to trick people with lies.
---Elder on 6/21/07

Having spent 30 years in the Mormon faith (most of 20 years active and 10 years to leave), in my opinion, Mormons are not going to heaven. My reason? Mormonism is a relationship with a religion. As a born again Christian, I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Something I never had as a Mormon. We are not saved by our works, as LDS believe. Eternal life can not be earned.
---Sherri on 6/20/07

now Gail- You have offered only rhetorical attacks. The comment about Jesus and Lucifer are shallow. Without knowing the theology its holds absolutly no weight.

I would pose, "Who is the other Jesus?" Is the 'right Jesus' defined my the majority of people believing a certain way? If thats true, the the RCC is correst, as its the largest religion. Does 'tradition' determine truth? If so, the RCC wins again.
---MikeM on 6/20/07

"Moderator - Most Mormons are very nice and moral people which makes them very likeable, however they serve a different god."

If you've missed the question up above...

They serve a different Jesus. Their Jesus is the brother of Lucifer. That one false belief alone is enough to unravel their theory of Christianity.
---Gail on 6/20/07

Leslie, most members of the church live in complete harmony with His gospel and avoid evil at all cost. We are taught to love Jesus Christ more than the world. Perhaps people condemn us because we are different and do not indulge in the evils of satan, when we are commanded to live separate from the world. Who is the real christian? someone who loves Jesus Christ and shows it through actions every day, or someone who professes to love him and then commits every abomination imaginable with no remorse.
---ashley on 6/19/07

A christian loves Jesus Christ more than life itself. They want to live as an example of him. they know He is the way, the truth and the light. That is why LDS's are hated by the world. We practise just that and many christians are offended. It makes them look bad. They indulge in every sin of the world, yet profess they love Jesus. Actions speak volumes. Jesus said live separate from the world. the only people that do that are LDS's and many ridicule them for doing what Jesus commanded everyone to do.
---ashley on 6/19/07

A christian is one who accepts the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, openly acknowledges Him as LORD, follows as in imitates Christ, & allows for the leading & empowerment of His Spirit. I have not personally met anyone who considers themselves mormon, however those who are not against Him is for Him & He knows His own. Doctrinal affiliation is not the road or roadblock to heaven. The path to The Father lies within an adherence to, trust in & a reliance & dependence upon Jesus thru the empowerment of Christ.
---Josef on 6/19/07

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The ONLY WAY to God & Heaven is by accepting Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord & Savior. This is the ONLY way a Mormon WILL go to Heaven.
---Leslie on 1/7/07

Pharisee...You're right about that! It is definitely not the same spirit that led Joseph Smith when he says he saw an angel of light. How sad that millions of people are being deceived by the teachings of a man who used crystal balls.
---Susie on 1/6/07

Thanks Susie; they have still chosen a different name with LDS.

That's not the problem, I understand what you say, but it's definitely a symptom, and the real problem occurs in that they take the word of their "prophets" over what the NT writers say about the Lord.

Could you imagine if they called on Jesus only to have him not respond because they don't honor him and a demon spirit step up to commune with them posing as a "holy Spirit" That's maybe Mormon reality.
---Pharisee on 1/6/07

I've got news for you. No one is going to heaven when they die. "The meek shall inherit ..'earth'." "No man has ascended into heaven except he who came down from heaven." Jesus' feet will land on the Mt. of Olives and He will rule in Jerusalem 1000years. We will rule with Christ on earth, but as spirit beings, teaching the unconverted humans. The earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord. What a wonderful time that will be. After the 1000 yrs. there will be a 2nd resurrection.
---Audrey on 1/5/07

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It doesn't really matter what they prefer, they're Mormons. You can dip a skunk in bleach, it's still a skunk.
---Michael on 1/5/07

Pharisee...The name "Mormon" was given to them by the newspapers back in the days of Joseph Smith. They prefer LDS. Or, in the case of many of my family members who are RLDS, they like to be called Christians. Of course, the RLDS changed the name of their church to Community of Christ in order to try to distance themselves from the word Mormon.
---Susie on 1/5/07

Yes the majority of Mormons are wonderful people. Better than I am morally. However they will follow Joseph Smith(if they believe that story) to the pit of hell.
---Mima on 1/5/07

You were taught rightly, else why the name Mormon? If they were Christians they'd call themselves such.

There is no way to know on an individual basis whether every Mormon is saved or not, and generalizations can't be 100% correct.

They DO portray a different Jesus than the New Testament writers, and Jesus said if they do not honor him they do not honor the Father. (John 5:23)
---Pharisee on 1/5/07

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Why don't you witness to him and give him the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ? Tell him he's in the wrong kingdom or ask him questions like, "When did you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior?" "And did you receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit yet? Would you like to? Give him the TRUTH. Maybe that's why you're in his life and your paths have crossed.
---Donna9759 on 1/5/07

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