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I Married A Skih Woman

Married a nonpracticing Sikh woman; have recently rededicated my life to Christ. She says she doesn't know me, that I have lied to her about who I am, that she cannot trust me. She wants out, divorce or other way... four children. She laughed when I told her God can help her and give her peace.

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 ---Rob on 1/5/07
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1 Cor 7:12 ..If any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away.

14 For...the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean, but now are they holy.
15 But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.
---a_servant on 7/11/07

Giving your life to Christ should make you a better husband and father. If you are pushing your faith on her she will not see the Christ in you as anything less than barbaric. Go and love her to pieces and she will want what you have. You can start by apologizing to her for not telling her about your faith. She is right, you lied . I think you can win her but it will have to be with love, not new rules and regulations.
---john on 7/11/07

I would like to encourge all those married to sikh to quietly pray asking god to send someone to witness to them. Dont be discouraged. There is nothing impossible with God.
---Maya on 2/14/07

If you preach to her she'll not listen read what Corinthians has to say about being unequally yoked, but if you are wise you'll read between the lines and pray for sanctification and there's a possibility that you may win her to Christ. Love/cherish her the same as Christ did the church nothing has changed just her perspective, but love will find a way.
---Carla5754 on 2/14/07

I am also married to a sikh man ( punjabi) He was clean shaven but had the punjabi bangle and the sikh knive( which should be tied around his waist) I could not share with him about christianity. I went into closet and prayed for almost 6 years before god sent someone to take him to a punjabi christian gathering ( underground meeting. He was instantly touched by the Holy Spirit and got slain and he was crying out for forgiveness for almost half an hour on the floor.
---maya on 2/14/07

After few visions and dreams he had, and after counsellings from our church elders, he himself got his bangle and knive removed and destroyed. Praise God.
Its only God who can do miracle and it only happens when we are ready to accept the miracle. He was a man who even burnt the bible i was reading and God touch him miraclously and I just want to share with you Rob.
---Maya on 2/14/07

If you love her, love her for who she is not what she believes in.
I'm a Catholic, White irish descended Canadian, and if i fell in love with a brown sikh, hindu, muslim etc woman i would do what my heart told me to. Quite frankly i don't think Jesus cares, after all he himself wasn't Christian was he? He showed unparralelled love and caring for those we as good Christians shun, are we really following in his footsteps by being so negative and condescending?
---Tim on 2/14/07

I looked up Sikh (Sikhism) this is a little of what it said:

Guru Nanak's Hindu and Muslim followers began to be called Sikhs (learners). He taught them to bow only before God, and to link themselves to the Guru, the Light of Truth, who lives always in direct consciousness of God, experiencing no separation. Through words and example, the Guru demonstrates to followers how to experience God within themselves, bringing them from darkness into light.
---Pat on 1/17/07

It appears to me that Sikhism is a muslim religion. Maybe it will help us to reply to Rob with this understanding. Rob, I am happy that you rededicated your life to Christ. Christ is the light and will show you the way. God bless you brother!
---Pat on 1/17/07

."What is a Sikh woman?"

I think it is a mispellung, meaning she is ill.
---John_T on 1/16/07

* Rob: I do trust that all things work together for good for those that love the Lord.*

That's the spirit, Rob! Focus on your faith, keeping peace in the home and just keep letting your light shine.

"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well." -Julian of Norwich

God bless & heal,

---augusta on 1/9/07

Rob ::I do believe you have something in your favour IE a good sikh woman will follow her Husband & acknowledge his authority with Love kindness & devotion & will NOT question his decisions .All you have to do is get her to think like you Time is to your advantage as you pray for guidance.Blessings God made woman to love & protect.
---EMCEE on 1/9/07

I'm with Donna9759 - What is a Sikh woman?
---Pat on 1/9/07

Paul deals with this sceanario in I Cor 7:7-16.
---Bruce5656 on 1/9/07

When we met, lets just say christianity was not my priority. I had recently been divorced and was pretty much focused on myself. I had been saved 6 years prior to this, but had really put it on the back burner. I just thank God that He never leaves us, even though we turn our backs on him. I do trust that all things work together for good for those that love the Lord.
---Rob on 1/9/07

Rob, Since you have married this woman, against Biblical commands, you must understand that it is going to be difficult at best to "win" her to Christ. As has already been said, you need to keep your rules to a minimum, show her the love you are commanded to show herin Ephesians ch.5, I think it is, be extra nice to her, not compromising your faith, ask her forgiveness for your deceit, and try to work things out, because those four children need BOTH parents.
---tommy3007 on 1/7/07

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Rob...Imagine if your wife suddenly decided to become a practicing Sikh. Would you feel deceived? There are four children to think about here. You must do everything possible to make sure that your children are born again before it is too late. I will pray for your wife and children to accept Jesus Christ as Lord. You can be a tremendous witness to them.
---Susie on 1/5/07

I know how you feel, I've been there. Never go any farther than they allow. Give them space. You will win them by the example you show. You also have God on your side because He also wants them saved. Don't make them feel second rate now that you have found all the riches in the world. If what you have is real they will be drawn to it. Keep the new rules and regulations to a minimum. Your rule is the love of God.
---john on 1/5/07

I have read the blogs on being unequally yoked and know them from my Bible reading. But what to do if you are already married?? Is anyone else going through something similar or has gone through it? I need help on how to deal with this.
---Rob on 1/5/07

Practicing or non-practicing, you are unequally yoked and have been since the wedding. Unfortunately, if she chooses to leave, there is nothing you can do about it but watch and pray. It takes two to make a marriage work. If the unbelieveing spouse leaves, we are ordered to let them go.
---Crystal on 1/5/07

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I'm curious, what is a Sikh woman? Never heard of them before. Even if you were a backslidden Christian, you should have known better than to marry a non-Christian, but since you did, you should pray and ask Father God, Jehovah God what to do about it. Why don't you two try counselling and you can pray and fast for as long as it takes to get through her hardened heart.
---Donna9759 on 1/5/07

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