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Suppose Pat Roberston Is Right

For one crazy moment, let's suppose that Pat Robertson is right. What country has both the technology and the resourses to kill "millions of Americans" on our own soil? Can you really see this happening?

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 ---Crystal on 1/5/07
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Crystal, I just posted the headline that's on ABC news: American Passports Found on Bodies of Al Qaeda Fighters in Somalia. They said DOZENS of passports were found. How should we be praying? For them to be stopped? or for them to repent? What? How?
---Donna9759 on 4/23/08

Any country is capable of doing this - a dirty bomb is just some nuclear waste and some TNT so
God has not given you a spirit of fear

Pray - Good Lord you who cover the earth protect our country and our minds that we may not fall victim to idle words.......
---Andrea on 8/16/07

Many countries have the technology to destroy millions of people. All it would take is one nuclear bomb. But, I'm not looking for a bomb. I'm looking for Jesus to come back!
---Susie on 8/16/07

In one sense, Christians are very political in there thinking. Is God a political being? I say yes, But his politics are not of this society. He has his own view of government. His view of crrect and right politics. His kingdom_his government, is not of this world, but he does have a Government.
---winna on 1/20/07

Um the Soviet Union killed nearly that many people. in the book Father Arseny 1893-1973 it states that Sovietskilled 600 bishops, 40000 priest, 120000 monks and nuns. this was just under Stalin, and this was only Russian Orthodox Christians. could it happen in the USA, Yes it's possible, but we should pray that it doesn't.
---Jared on 1/20/07

I do agree with you frank, The scriptures say,s that satan is the God of this world. This is NOT God,s world! It should now be evident that the devil GOVERNS a vast realm of falling spirits, they decieves, confuse, and influences over all the governments and activities on earth. Eph6:12 Christians wrestle against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world.
---winna on 1/20/07

Leon....DVD or CD....I don't know the difference either. Our kids got us a DVD/VCR combo for Christmas. First one we ever had. Now if we can just learn how to use it....LOL
---Susie on 1/19/07

The only country that was known for mass killing is Germany when they executed 6 million priests, prophets and holy people.
---anonymous on 1/18/07

Susie: I meant to say "cd", not "dvd". I'm old school (45s, lps, cassettes) & really get confused with all the new technology. :)
---Leon on 1/18/07

Susie: My philosophy is it's better to be bald & in my right mind versus having a head full of beautiful hair & being clueless. :)

"Men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti." :) (Source: Focus on the Family dvd, Delighting In Your Spouse's Differences by Bill & Pam Farrell)

Very good (edifying) stuff on this dvd. I ordered it on line.
---Leon on 1/18/07

Leon...Thanks! Now I know what my husband's problem is. I believe that "bald is beautiful" though.
---Susie on 1/17/07

Mrs. Morgan: Thanks for the compliment. No, I'm not a school teacher. However, I've always tried to be teachable despite the fact "a friend" once told me the reason I couldn't grow hair on top of my head is because it's too hard ((smile)). It's a guy thing -- we're still very good friends. (Pv. 27:6, 17)

God bless you too! :)
---Leon on 1/17/07

Leon, That's true , He probably meant to say "what person in their right mind"? And he wrote "lunatic" probably because of the [premise of] someone "killing of thousands of people", which is lunatic. BTW, Are you a teacher, or maybe you were just a very good student in school(smile)? God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/16/07

Leon...Good one there! I love oxymorons!
---Susie on 1/16/07

When Jeremiah gave the word of the Lord to Israel that they would be destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and that their only hope was to submit to him as Gods servant, All the prophets ,spoke contrary and they called a fast to humble themselves before God. But God would not except their repentance, But they would not believe Jeremiah because he was one man speaking a word that did not sound like God and no one gave witness to it. But it came to pass.
---exzucuh on 1/16/07

Tonne on 1/13: "What lunatic in his right mind ..." Hmmmm! Isn't that an oxymoron (impossibility) since one who is a lunatic (insane) couldn't possibly be in his/her right mind?
---Leon on 1/15/07

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I'm just thankful that I am in that "tiny" percentage that hears from God.
---Susie on 1/15/07

I really don't like to appear judgmental but to me Pat Robertson is the prime example of someone that cannot decide if he is a preacher or politician. And since we cannot serve both God and mammon, if he's a preacher I shudder to think of the fate that awaits those who trust him. Getting wrapped up in current affairs is for the citizens and not the clergy. I don't recall Paul or Peter having anything more to do with government than being jailed and put to death.
---Frank on 1/14/07

ONE way to get someone to obey the devil and disobey GOD IS, to throw out that word, judging. WHAT about righteous judging? JESUS IS only against, as far as judging goes, hypocritical judging.GOD does give HIS PEOPLE the right to judge. IT is called righteous judging. good day
---CATHERINE on 1/14/07

"What lunatic in his right mind would want to kill thousands of people?" --tonne, In many American's eyes that is a highly [relative] question. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/14/07

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What lunatic in his right mind would want to kill thousands of people? It is not for us to Judge people but God. Only he know their entire lives and can judge.
---tonne on 1/13/07

And for one crazy moment, let's suppose that Steveng is right. And you would be in that tiny number that hears from God, yes?
---Chuck on 1/13/07

Mrs Morgan: "But It's better to listen to God." That's a nice bit of advise, but not possible. Most Christians, and I'm talking about 99.999999%, are not able to talk, listen, or communicate with God. This is why God sent prophets, apostles, angels, and other Godly men and women to talk to the people. Unfortunately, in today's world, only a handful are truly listening to God and warning the people. And it's these people who the Christians are persecuting.
---Steveng on 1/12/07

Lee: That's 2 Tim 1:7. Are you making a prophecy? :)
---Leon on 1/13/07

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(I.)GOD says this about some who claim to be a "prophet": (Jeremiah 23:21-22). God wants His people to be aware of this, that's why He said it. I believe some Christians don't want to see that which is plain, so they complicate things, being more concerned by "not offending" someone,
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/8/07

(II.)But It's better to listen to God. Christians are really hurting people(not edifying them) by accepting "prophecies", even though those "prophecies" are not confirmed by God. If God sends a "prophet", that prophet will [always] be CONFIRMED by His Word. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/8/07

2 Tim. 2:7 for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and selfcontrol.

True, but I am sure plans are in the making for Israel to attack Iran's nuclear facilities this year and that could set off a reaction from all over the world.
---lee on 1/7/07

Pat Robertson is a false prophet.

During the last (or the one before) presidential elections, Robertson said that God told him to become president. At the beginning of last year, Robertson said that the east and west coasts are going to be destroyed by hurricanes and tsunamis before the end of that year. If the mass killings were to happen, it won't be because of his mouth, but what he conjectures by listening to current events.
---Steveng on 1/7/07

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Besides, Robertson didn't say the magic words "Thus said the Lord..." nor did he put a condition on it like, "Repent America or God will distroy the east and west coasts."

If the mass killings happen, Robertson will surely bask in the glory and people will flock to him and, therefore, donate more money to his organization.
---Steveng on 1/7/07


---Leon on 1/7/07

i've heard a number of people talking about it before Pat Robertson ever did. like, the news reports give many ways in which it might happen..
:nuclear missiles., ie. threats from Iran, China..
:weather disasters, volcano eruptions, earthquakes.
:deep impact, asteroids..
:economy decline.

better to ask, "where could it not come from?"
---JaeR on 1/6/07

Yep! And it is too bad that the people in New Orleans didn't heed the call. They're getting ready to party down there again. What gets me is that they expected Americans to rebuild their city so they could throw another party!
---Susie on 1/6/07

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"I'm not looking for a bomb. I'm looking for Jesus to come back!" --Amen, Susie! Those that are Filled with the good Holy Ghost will be ready. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 1/6/07

who says it has to be on our own soil, he never said that it would be on our own soil, research man...and w/ the condition of america and the church in america, i wouldnt be suprised if God did such a thing to try and give us a wake up call like he did w/ katrina in new orleans...I hope hes wrong he even said it himself, soo LETS START PRAYING, and humbling ourselves even if you dont belive Pat
---mark on 1/5/07

There's a Gospel song with the refrain:

Many things about tomorrow I don't know or understand/But I know Who holds the future, and I know Who holds my hand.

That's all any of us, including Pat Robertson, needs to know.
---Jack on 1/5/07

Suppose he let his charismatic tendancies get the best of him and lied. That's closer to the truth.
---Darrin on 1/5/07

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