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Church Furniture Causes Growth

Is church furniture part of what is causing church growth among the large churches in the USA? For example does the church furniture such as the church seating and church chair selection which causes comfort make more people want to attend a church or is it other types of church products?

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 ---Sammy on 1/6/07
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Of course the church furniture can make a difference! Who wants to sit in a broken chair that hurts their back.
---Tom on 4/27/08

I think church furniture selection can make a big difference in how a visitor views a church. Is the church inviting and comfortable or old and stuffy.
---Tammy on 9/1/07

The spirit of the Lord causes growth in a church.
If old furniture, or a not so up to date building keeps you from attending church, you're not going for the right reason anyway.
---lynet on 1/13/07

the furniture inside the church does not have anything to do with the growth of a church. it is God and his Holy Spirit and his love for people that makes the church comfortable and grow...
---shira8444 on 1/13/07

Personally, I go to church to hear the Word and to worship corporately with other believers. Looks are nice but if you go just for that then you may need to rethink the reason you go.
---Betty on 1/11/07

Do you mean like the coffee and donuts?

Or the church buffet table with 500 desserts and two main dishes?

Or the sticking of the fingers in the light socket, so you can have a shocking experience?
---Rural_Cafe on 1/9/07

I would hope that people come to church because of first a repentent heart,then after being saved a faith to follow and obey and gather with fellow believers,and study and liftup and encourage one another. these things first,then we can move on to the furnishings,which by the way you can,t take with you,but you can help influence a lost soul to live eternally with jesus.attitude,attitude,love God ,love everybody.
---tom2 on 1/8/07

Furniture does not make a church grow, the Holy Spirit does. Should Christian persecution happen within a church ironically then the church grows...the pew makes no difference.
---joan4689 on 1/8/07

By all means, pews should be comfortably padded and there should be proper climate control--cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Then when the lights are lowered to focus on the pulpit, it's so much easier to bow your head and pray for the preacher while he's giving his sermon.
---Jack on 1/8/07

I don't believe it's the church furniture that's causing the growth in the large churches, it's the charasmatic preaching of the Pastor. Pastors are sugar-coating the word and not really telling the truth. They speak of "love, love, love" and don't tell the people that "narrow is the way that leads to life and FEW are those who find it." My ex-husband was an abuser and his pastor told me, "He's a good guy."
---Donna9759 on 1/8/07

The furniture and interior of the church does not need to be ornate; but a effective worship setting adds to the overall service. Chairs or pews should me in good repair. Facilities need be properly maintained. You don't want to have a church nursery or kitchen with lead flaky paint off the walls. The interior should be asbestos free [including floor tile which is all to common in some churche buildings] and handicap accessible including restrooms.
---Phil_the_Elder on 1/7/07

Jack, I would answer in the affirmative.
---Ryan on 1/7/07

I agree with Alan. I know people with dreadful back problems who can not attend certain churches because of the seating. However, I also know others who have found it equally uncomfortable to have to stand and sing for a one hour stretch in some churches. If you opt to sit instead, heads turn and make one feel uncomfortable in a totally different way. I say, stand, sit or take a cushion and/or footstool. Comfort (within reason) leads to better concentration and worship.
---m.p.a. on 1/7/07

**The bible says in the last days people will want their ears tickled and that is certainly happening in worthless buildings made of stone.**

Is that why dispensationism and the pre-trib rapture are so popular--because people want to hear it and believe it?
---Jack on 1/7/07

#2 Do not give credit to any man for being a 'soul winner' this takes away from the Glory of God. Congregational attendance is increasing because people are being told what they want to hear rather than what the bible says. The bible says in the last days people will want their ears tickled and that is certainly happening in worthless buildings made of stone.
---Ryan on 1/6/07

oh yea, I have been looking for years for a church that supplies recliners and remotes.when you find one let me know.sammy actually to me part of the idea of attending church is discomfort,making the flesh uncomfortable.making the flesh comfortable has nothing to do with convicting the heart, and bringing it to I would say the most comfortable furniture in the world in my church would mean nothing to me.
---tom2 on 1/6/07

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#1 What is causing growth in buildings made of stone is an apostasy. People do not find God in a building made by human hands, they find the Son because the Father has called them.
---Ryan on 1/6/07

Pharisee ... I understand what you are saying.
On the other hand, if the seats in your worship place had sharp nails sticking up all over them, would that not affect your attendance, and would you hear so much of what you were being taught?
There must be a line drawn somewhere between discomfort and too much comfort!
Same with the level of heating.
---alanUKquent64534 on 1/6/07

No, that's not what brings people out into the jungle at night in foreign countries where the gospel is outlawed, the Holy Spirit does that.

Nice chairs have more room for unrepented sinners to squirm in that's all.
---Pharisee on 1/6/07

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