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Quoran Agree With The Bible

Does the Quoran agree with the Bible?

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 ---SharonL on 1/6/07
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to all, god is perfect.. human is not,let us all keep silent whilst we are here... and let GOD be the judge among us.. surely he knows what we do not know... he hears what we do not hear... he knows what is in OUR heart, surrender to HIM.. and never to this temporary state.. PEACE BE with you..ISAIAS
---ISAIAS on 11/1/09

David- Islam and the Quoran are in grave error and people who do not see this are themselves blind to the truth.

Few verses that contradict the trinitarian doctrine and/or the divinity of Jesus

Exodus 33:20, John 1:18, 1 Timothy 6:16 - No one saw God.
Isaiah 42:8 - Do not praise and worship images.
Isaiah 45:1 - "Anointed" does not mean "God".
Matthew 14:23, 19:13, 26:39, 27:46, 26:42-44 - Jesus prayed.
Matthew 24:36 - Jesus was not all-knowing.
---Sheila on 12/23/07

An interesting fact about Islam. It can be just about anything a leader wants it to be. If in times of war,it can be a religion of great violence.In times of peace,it can be a religion of peace and meditation and goodness to the fellows. For instance approx 1/3 of Ireland is now Muslim and they claim to be kind loving peacful people and will defened Islam to their death that is this true. But the true Muslim hides the details of ancient islamic religion from converts They teach what they want to create.
---larry9688 on 10/11/07

I'm enjoying the reading of this blog and others but two things are becoming abundantly clear:
1. Unless you can confess that Jesus is Lord (God), you will never agree on the deity of Christ or the nature of God (trinitarianism). Earlier, I stated that there are many similarities - let's talk about those.
2. It seems like the majority of bloggers are Christians, but many are strident, self-righteous, and miserable. What is going on here?
---bartel on 10/11/07

Muslims don't believe that the bible which the chirstians hold in their hands are true, because bible is itself says that it is being interpolated if we read Jeremiah 8:8

We Muslims believe in the Gospel of Jesus not Gospel according to Mark, Matthew or John similarly Moses

Muslims believe in chain of Prophets sent by God.

---Mustafa_Ashfaq on 10/11/07

"Jesus never called His Father Allah"-David

David, your comments are 100 percent incorrect.How can you call yourself a follower of Jesus when you are ignorant of simple truths about him?

David, let's see who is telling the truth? Let's see if you cowardly run away from these questions like other Christians? Please answer these questions?

1.What language did Jesus speak when he walked this earth?

2.What is the name of God Almighty in Jesus' native language?
---Lari_S on 10/4/07

Do you believe the phrase "All good is God's good?" Most major religions have beliefs that are similar to Christianity and God blesses those that honor His commandments, whether or not they know Christ. Of course, on many levels the Quoran agrees with the Bible! On the other hand, Christians confess that Jesus is God, not just a prophet. In this, Christianity is unique among religions.
---bartel on 10/4/07

Some Muslim people are murderers (and perhaps thus deserve the description "murderer")
But most are not
In Northern Ireland, both nominal Roman catholics and nominall Prostentants murdered each other during the Troubles.

I say nominal because I do not think either Catholic or Protestant clergy condoned the murders
---alan_of_UK on 10/4/07


In Muslim countries, if any Muslim converts to Christianity, that is a crime punishable by death. (For this reason, any Christian attempting to proselytize an Muslims in such countries is taking very great personal risks, both for himself, and for them).
---StrongAxe on 10/4/07

David, you refer to Muslims as murdering vermin.

You then say that they hate Christains and Jews.

With Christains having attitudes like yourself, you certainly wouldn't expect them to love us.
---matthew on 10/3/07

RitaH, there is no forced conversion or compulsion in Islam.Unlike Christians, Muslims don't condemn people to Hell if they don't accept Islam.The Holy Quran forbids forced conversion in Islam.Surah 2:256 states,

"There is no compulsion in religion,

Lari S - you wrote this earlier - why? it is my understanding that if a muslim converts to Christianity they can be stoned and they do believe in conversion by sword.
---Andrea on 10/3/07

Some on these sites claim special gifts, prophet, healer, evangelist, etc. But by their fruits ye shall know them. Words twisted to encite hate, misunderstanding, and lies will win know one. Paul said he was all things to all people. We should follow his advise, know your subject before regurgetating hate, and spewing fear. Love removes fear.
---dan on 10/3/07

Islam and the Quoran are in grave error and people who do not see this are themselves blind to the truth. Jesus never called His Father Allah and if you believe that then you must have heard it from a deceiving Muslim and not someone with Bible knowledge. They are the murdering vermin, not the Christians! They hate Christians and Jews without reason.
---David on 10/3/07

Lari_S on 9/26/07 You stated using the Catholic Encyclipedia, that no where in the O.T. is the third person of the trinity mentioned. I hate to say it, but you and your Catholic teaching are very ignorant of what the teachings of the Bible are and should not venture an opinion unless you have looked for yourself to see what it says!
---David on 10/3/07

In all the countries of the world were Islam has been, and is in power, other religion is violently opposed and conversion to any of these religions is illegal and worthy of death. The Quoran does teach that Christianity and Jews qualify for death. How ironic that the very people protected by law have such a religion of hate.
---john on 10/3/07

2Lori)Reevaluate please: Of the world religions,Islamic faith is the only one who seeks to destroy Christians. They are clearly the spirit of Anti-Christ. A conversion to their faith whould be blasphamy of the Holy Spirit for a Christian if you are one. You would be doomed to HELL.On the other hand,there is hope for the Muslim to convert to Christianity since they never believed in the first place.Please,do not defend their concepts and grow strong in Christ. Stay away from Muslims:)pls listen,luv jody
---splaa6685 on 10/3/07

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1 )Lori s on 4/1)first off your statement gives me chills when it starts off with " ''the Bible and the Holy Quoran" for the record let me honor the Lord by restating that as " THE HOLY BIBLE AND THE quoran"..thanks..also, I can see by your beliefs that they line up with an ultimate conversion experience into the antichrist faith of the Muslim/Islamic religion. Who is the anti-Christ? ANYyone who openly denies the Son is the spirit of antichrist. This is taught in the HOLY BIBLE.
---splaa6685 on 10/3/07

In some places it does many other places it does not.
---Justin on 9/30/07

"Lari S: Allah is NOT Jesus' god! Allah is no god at all. He is the figment of Mohammad's evil mind."-Jerry6593

Jerry,your incorrect comments continue to manifest your complete ignorance about the true historical Jesus.Whether you like it or not, it a fact that Jesus called his God Allah-Alaha when he walked this earth.Please answer these questions?

1.What language did Jesus speak when he walked this earth?

2.What is the name of God Almighty in Jesus'native language?
---Lari_S on 9/30/07

!)Emotional responses like Jerry6593 do nothing to win Islamics to Jesus. Looks ignorant. Address issues of the Bible vs Quoran. If you have not read the Quoran,then I suggest that you do not respond. These are serious times and Muslim nations are pointing fingures at the emotionslism of what they call Killer Christians and when you view the numbers of Arabs that we have slaughtered these types of responses only prove their points. They say that Christians are satan. That Christians are terrorists.
---splaa6685 on 9/30/07

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2)I do not mean to single Jerry out. This is common. Be aware that there are Muslims in EVERY nation now as what the Quoran taught. These people monitor every Christian activity such as this site. There are Islamic's who are lieing members here on this site. They are actually taught to lie to infedels. Anything that they have to do to take over the world which is the goal of the faith. They must kill anything in their way. The radicals believe suicide martyerism of infidels gain highest in afterlife.
---splaa6685 on 9/30/07

3)Others of the Islamic faith need to "fill" themselves with infidels by killing a preordained number different for each soul.This religion is both political and spiritual. The Quoran is both a documment of World control (like constitution)and Spiritual Wisdom. It cannot taught on one blog.Nothing like the Bible.We should not insult the Muslims but rather seek to save them from their heritage. Name calling only alienates them.WE LOVE God because He 1st LOVE us.Do we show the HATE that we accuse?
---splaa6685 on 9/30/07

4) Muslims are skilled at converting infidels. As I said before,they are taught to lie and will say what ever it takes. One common lie is that they would never hurt you and that who ever told you that (us government)are lieing. That they love you and want a good life for you and not PAIN AND DEATH(their words). They will try for awhile but watch out because if you do not convert(repent form infidelism) you could be dead unless it is a FULL(of infidells)muslim.
---splaa6685 on 9/30/07

5)Unless you are specifically called, it is best to stay away from muslims or individuals who have converted to the Islamic faith. But I suppose my message is to not throw daggers at them either as they need salvation too and God is able to save!!!Praise Jesus!!!:):)But so far they have never seen Christian Love.
---splaa6685 on 9/30/07

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Have you ever seen a picture of the pope kissing the Koran. That took place and I have seen a picture of that.hummmm would this fact say anything about the Catholic church accepting Moslems into the fold in days to come. Certainly something to think about.
---Mima on 9/30/07


"..The Catholic Encyclopedia states,..." There in lies the problem. Now I understand why you do not believe in the "person" of Holy Spirit.

If Holy Spirit is just a force and not a person how can He teach, act, and have feelings?

Im not sure I am spelling it correctly but what are the words used during the Catholic genuflect?
---denna7667 on 9/29/07

Lari S: Allah is NOT Jesus' god! Allah is no god at all. He is the figment of Mohammad's evil mind. Islam teaches hatred for one's fellow man and the compelling of one's conscience to believe a lie on pain of death. Jesus gives us freedom of choice. They teach little children to hate Jews and Americans. See the movie "Obsession." Shame on you for siding with such evil, and for using our free nation and it's laws to further your satanic lust for world domination!
---jerry6593 on 9/28/07

"Allah is Satan!"-jerry6593

Jerry, it is shame that you continue to insult Jesus' God (ALLAH-ALAHA).Your comments disqualify you as a true follower of Jesus.You will have to meet Jesus and Allah one day.May they have mercy on your arrogant and misquided soul.You have no more excuses because you have been educated about the truth.
---Lari_S on 9/27/07

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Jehovah is the God of love.

Jesus is Jehovah. Jesus never sinned.

Allah is the god of hate!

Allah is Satan!

Mohammad is Satan's prophet! He was a murderer, thief and pedophile.

The Bible and the Koran do not agree.
---jerry6593 on 9/27/07

1) The Holy Spirit is not a third person of the Godhead.There is no third person Godhead in the Torah-OT.The Holy Spirit as a third person of the Godhead is a corrupted man-made doctrine.
---Lari_S on 9/26/07

2) The Catholic Encyclopedia states,

"For nowhere in the Old Testament do we find any clear indication of a Third Person. Mention is often made of the Spirit of the Lord, but there is nothing to show that the Spirit was viewed as distinct from Jahweh Himself. The term is always employed to signify God considered in His working, whether in the universe or in the soul of man."
---Lari_S on 9/26/07

1) "the Holy Ghost is part of the God head which makes it three persons in one.... You cannot deny the role and/or person of the Holy Spirit."-evangelistjerry

Yes,I can deny the Holy Spirit as a Godhead based on the truth.It is a fact there is no third person Godhead in the Bible(OT/NT).The Holy Spirit is not a person or Godhead.It is the manifest power and spirit of God Almighty.The Holy Spirit was declared a Godhead by men(and not God Almighty)at the Counncil of Constantinople in 381.
---Lari_S on 9/25/07

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2) The New Catholic Encyclopedia states,

"The Old Testament clearly does not envisage God's spirit as a person...God's spirit is simply God's power. If it is sometimes represented as being distinct from God, it is because the breath of Yahweh acts exteriorly. The majority of New Testament texts reveal God's spirit as something, not someone, this is especially seen in the parallelism between the spirit and the power of God."
---Lari_S on 9/25/07

again i say that for centuries people have tried to disclaim the Bible, most of which CLAIM to be Christian. does this mean they are all false teachers no but the fact is the Bible still stood the test of time and ridicule from all those trying to discredit it. and it is also still the largest printed and sold book in the world. so you believe that Paul lied and the writers of the gospels lied if you want, but for me they have survived the TEST OF TIME and I will continue to trust God and His Holy Spirit.
---evangelistjerry on 9/24/07

1) Evangelistjerry,you can't dispute this fact that Matthew 28:19 is corrupt and not the words of Jesus.Your incorrect and bias opinions can't stand up to this truth.Most of your own Christian scholars thoroughly document this fact.The Prominent German theologian/scholar and teacher of the great Karl Barth,Adolph Harnack(History of Dogma)states,

"It cannot be directly proved that Jesus instituted baptism, for Matthew 28:19 is not a saying of the Lord."
---Lari_S on 9/24/07

2) "The reason for this assertion are: (1) It is only a later stage of the tradition that represents the risen Christ as delivering speeches and giving commandments. Paul knows nothing of it. (2) The Trinitarian formula is foreign to the mouth of Jesus and has not the authority of the Apostolic age which it must have had if it had descended from Jesus himself."
---Lari_S on 9/24/07

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regardless of whether or not you want to dispute Mat.28:19, there are still too many other references about the Holy Spirit that indicate his part in the God head. Just because it's not written down in the word form (trinity) doesn't mean it's not true. And I would also point out that there are many so called scholars out there now as there has always been trying to discredit God's word or just to make a profit or trying to make it a feel good message.
---evangelistjerry on 9/23/07

part 2 have you personally see the manuscripts, have the writes of this dictionary seen the manuscripts. whether Jesus actually said the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost is disputed or not, the Holy Ghost is part of the God head which makes it three persons in one which is why it is called trinity. You cannot deny the role and/or person of the Holy Spirit.
---evangelistjerry on 9/23/07

also do you deny or dispute what is said "He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost.
---evangelistjerry on 9/23/07

The corrupted verse Matthew 28:19 is not the saying or words of Jesus.The Anchor Bible Dictionary states,

"The historical riddle is not solved by Matthew 28:19, since, according to a wide scholarly consensus, it is not an authentic saying of Jesus, not even an elaboration of a Jesus-saying on baptism."
---Lari_S on 9/23/07

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But as long as some people believe it and some don't, it is disputed - which means it cannot be "an undisputed fact".
---StrongAxe on 9/23/07
Are you serious? ROFL..
---alexia on 9/23/07


The fact that there are many people who swear by the King James Version means that those same people believe that Matthew 28:19 is genuine. You may not believe it. Some of the best scholars int he world may not believe it. But as long as some people believe it and some don't, it is disputed - which means it cannot be "an undisputed fact".
---StrongAxe on 9/23/07

The Quron and Bible will appear very close, same story different sides of the fence. The middle east races are divided by their relationship to Abraham. Thru Isaac - Jews, thru Ismael - Arabs. Christ is the final judge in the Quron.
---dan on 9/22/07

Laris::I suppose acts1:4-5 is also wrong .If so the whole of christendom to you is a sham. Do we believe God or your brilliant but False Interpretation.The bible warns us to Beware of false prophets and soothsayers.
---Emcee on 9/21/07

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Though denna and I may not agree on everything, I completely agree with her on Mat. 28:19. You say it is undisputed that its a corrupt verse. Does that mean that all the verses about baptism in the Holy Spirit are corrupt. If the Holy Spirit is not part of the trinity then what good would it do to be baptized in the Holy Ghost. What about Mat. 1:18 is that corrupt also, if the Holy Ghost is not part of the trinity then Jesus was not who the word says he is because it says that
---evangelistjerry on 9/21/07

Part 2 Mary was with child OF the Holy Ghost. Luke 1:35 says that the Holy Ghost shall come upon her, if the Holy Ghost is not part of the trinity or the Godhead as found in 3 scriptures, then why is the Holy Ghost' roll so important.
---evangelistjerry on 9/21/07

1) Denna7667, it is an undisputed fact Matthew 28:19 is a corrupt verse that was not spoken by Jesus.Jesus never said these words.
---Lari_S on 9/21/07

2)The Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge states,

"Jesus, however, cannot have given His disciples this Trinitarian order of baptism after His resurrection, for the New Testament knows only one baptism in the name of Jesus (Acts 2:38, 8:16, 10:43, 19:5, Gal. 3:27, Rom. 6:3, 1 Cor. 1:13-15), which still occurs even in the second and third centuries, while the Trinitarian formula occurs only in Matt. 28:19,.."
---Lari_S on 9/21/07

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3) "Finally, the distinctly liturgical character of the strange, it was not the way of Jesus to make such formulas... the formal authenticity of Matt. 28:19 must be disputed..."
---Lari_S on 9/21/07

lari s. are you familiar with Twelve House? I've recently read similar positions from him, and I must say that I don't agree.
---Malcolm on 9/19/07

Agteed there is no trinity in the bible, but there is plenty of reference to Jesus being God, so that makes two gods. Either you develop a theology of trinity or You remain polytheistic. You cant pick and choose literalists!
---alexia on 9/19/07

Muslims believe that they must kill infidels and that killing them gains them a grater place in their heaven. An infidel is a nonbeliever in the Islamic religion. I have been told by a MUSLIM that you earn more points by killing Chirstians and Jewish infidels. How can anyone believe this is not a violent religion?
---jody_martin on 9/19/07

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1)denna7667,it is a shame that you would twist biblical scriptures and take them out of context to erroneously prove a Trinity.None of these scriptures state or prove God is three persons.It is a fact the OT/NT do not contain the doctrine of Trinity.The Bible state many times God Almighty is one and it never states God Almighty is three persons.You can't find one authentic verse in the Bible which state God is three persons.All you Trinitarians can do is twist scriptures and take them out of context.
---Lari_S on 9/19/07

2) Denna, are you aware that Matthew 28:19 is a corrupted verse which was not the words of Jesus ,but a 2nd century invention of the Church of Rome? Yes or No
---Lari_S on 9/19/07

Lari S,

The please explain:
Matthew 28:19
2 Cor. 13:14
Isaiah 48:16
1 Peter 1:2
Matthew 3:16-17
John 14:16
Genesis 1:26, 11:7

All born again believers know there is a trinity. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit.)
---denna7667 on 9/18/07

Alexia, thanks for your comments.The proof is Jesus and his disciples never taught that God Almighty is a Triune God(Trinity-God is three persons).This doctrine is a deviation from what Jesus taught and believe in which is the absolute belief in only one God Almighty.If you are a true follower of Jesus then you should follow and believe in what he taught and believed in which is the Shema.Please read:

Mark 12:29,32
Mark 10:18
Matthew 19:17
Luke 18:17
James 2:19
---Lari_S on 9/18/07

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Lari S "there is no forced conversion or compulsion in Islam". It is happening in many parts of the world, e.g. Indonesia and India. If you believe it isn't, then you are being deceived by those you speak to. There are beheadings, mutilations, even crucifictions of Christians. There are forced conversions where men, women and children are forcibly circumcised. If they don't 'agree' to it they are killed. Homes of Christians, even whole villages are burned to the ground.
---RitaH on 9/17/07

lari, to say trinity is not in the bible does not negate its truthfulness. Do you have any proof its untrue?
---alexia on 9/17/07

RitaH, there is no forced conversion or compulsion in Islam.Unlike Christians, Muslims don't condemn people to Hell if they don't accept Islam.The Holy Quran forbids forced conversion in Islam.Surah 2:256 states,

"There is no compulsion in religion, truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error, therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing."
---Lari_S on 9/16/07

1) "Jesus is God.Just as is the Father and the Holy Spirit-three Persons in one God!!!"-Jerry6593

Jerry,your comments manifest your complete ignorance about the origin of your pagan belief.

Are you aware "God is three persons" is a pagan Greek philosophical concept and not a Hebrew Biblical concept?

It is an undisputed fact Jesus and his disciples did not teach this pagan concept.There is no concept,idea or term of "God is three persons" in the Bible.
---Lari_S on 9/16/07

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2)Trinitarian scholar/theologian Christopher B. Kaiser,Professor of Historical Theology at Western Theological Seminary,in his book(The Doctrine of God)states,

"When the church speaks of the doctrine
of the Trinity, it refers to the specific belief that God
exists eternally in three distinct persons who are equal in deity and one in substance. In this form the doctrine is not found anywhere in the New was not so clearly articulated until the late fourth century AD."
---Lari_S on 9/16/07

Lari S...i'm goign to try and do this i dont have my islamic refrences on me at the moment so i will just say and if i can find my information i will post sura's. In the quran, 1 God, Allah. But it also says that Gods spirit is as close to your jugular vein. It also says that the Quran is eternal, taken write out of heaven. Guess what the quran says that allah is only eternal. If you count those thats 3 in one.
---mark_B. on 9/15/07

Our God is 1 God, hes is God the father, he has a spirit (holy Spirit), and the difference is that our holy word is not a book at all, it is jesus christ, the word made flesh, who is also God. 1x1x1=1

the one i like its infinity x infinity x infinity= infinity, b/c God is infinite
---mark_B. on 9/15/07

Just a couple of major difference is Islam teaches that all humans must pass through and may or may not stay in hell. It is decided by Allah at the time.

In the Koran there are seven gates or levels, for each class of sinner. Tradition has it the second level referred to as Latha is reserved for Christians.

Muslims claim there can be no equal to God (Allah) in any way shape of form. Therefore totally discounting the Trinitarian theology.
---denna7667 on 9/15/07

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"Jesus is God...He is also a prophet.."-Jerry6593

Jerry your comments are both insane and illogical.How can anyone take you serious.Listen to how asinine your comments sound.You say and believe God Almighty is a prophet of himself...WOW!!!!

FYI,God Almighty is not a prophet.Jesus is not God Almighty.Jesus worshipped,feared and prayed to God Almighty.Jesus was a prophet and servant of God Almighty.
---Lari_S on 9/15/07

Lari S: Jesus is God. Just as is the Father and the Holy Spirit - three Persons in one God!!! He is also a prophet since He made prophecies! Duh! Why is that so hard to understand?

If Muslims indeed believe that Jesus was a true prophet of God, WHY DO THEY NOT BELIEVE HIM when He said:

Joh 14:6 .... I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Doesn't that make ALL Muslims INFIDELS?
---jerry6593 on 9/15/07

Lari S: By the way, the Koran is not holy. Only God can make something holy - like the Sabbath Day, for instance. Muhammed was not God - thus he can't make the Koran holy.
---jerry6593 on 9/15/07

lari S...please there is a such thing as law of abrogation found in Quran, there are over 71 suras that direct to it...Law of abrogation basically means that anything that comes after in the quran is the way you should go...1 half of the quran was written later than the later half. There are over 100, i think its 170's but i've forgotten, that are sword verses(telling someone to kill/hurt someone else) that were written later than the "peace" verses
---mark_B. on 9/15/07

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Lari_S You say that the Koran does not teach hate etc. and that Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet. What explanation do you have then of the happenings around the world where people of religions other than Islam but Christians and Jews in particular are maimed or killed (in horrific ways) if they refuse to convert to Islam? Do you know of any Christian country in the entire world that treats Muslims that way?
---RitaH on 9/15/07

Only ignorant,disrespectful,beligerent and intolerant individuals believe the Holy Quran teaches hate.
---Lari_S on 9/14/07

would you please explain this to Osama and friends. Most of Iran too - oh a few million others
---andre5846 on 9/14/07

Lari s.......even though you are a muslim...GOD loves you very much.For if you believe Jesus was a prophet you must believe that he spoke the truth in what he said.This being said you must belive Christ when he said God did not send Him to condemn the world but to save the world through Him.For all who call upon the name of the lord shall be saved.
---JIM on 9/14/07

1) "the Koran does not teach hatred."-Alexia

Alexia,thank you for your comments.You are correct that the Holy Quran does not teach hate.The Holy Quran teaches and commands Muslims to treat non-Muslims fair,kind and equally with justice.Only ignorant,disrespectful,beligerent and intolerant individuals believe the Holy Quran teaches hate.
---Lari_S on 9/14/07

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2) Surah 60:7-8. states,

"It may be that Allah will bring about friendship between you and those whom you hold to be your enemies among them, and Allah is Powerful, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful... Allah does not forbid you respecting those who have not made war against you on account of (your) religion, and have not driven you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly, surely Allah loves the doers of justice."
---Lari_S on 9/14/07

"Lari S: Yes, of course I believe what the Bible says about Jesus!"-Jerry6593

Jerry,thank you for agreeing with the Holy Quran and the Bible by admitting the truth that Jesus a prophet of God Almighty.Since you have admitted the truth about Jesus then you should apologize and repent for incorrectly and blindly believing and saying Prophet Jesus was God Almighty.FYI,God Almighty is not a prophet.
---Lari_S on 9/14/07

Lari S: Yes, of course I believe what the Bible says about Jesus! But DO YOU?

If Muslims indeed believe that Jesus was a true prophet of God, WHY DO THEY NOT BELIEVE HIM when He said:

Joh 14:6 .... I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Doesn't that make ALL Muslims INFIDELS?
---jerry6593 on 9/14/07

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