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Fornicators God Will Judge

When someone thinks they are a Christian, yet they are living in fornication, how can you gently tell them the bible says, "Fornicators and Adulterers God will judge?" without hurting their feelings.

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 ---Donna9759 on 1/8/07
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Hi, speak the truth in love.
---trell on 11/26/07

Here's a related question: How do you know that your marriage is a true and valid marriage in God's eyes and not simply concubinage approved by the secular authority?

For those of you who are married, it should be very easy to give book, chapter, and verse to prove how you are truly married in God's eyes.
---Jack on 11/26/07

EMCEE: I am thankful that you answered my question. God Bless You.
---anonymous on 1/13/07

Anonymous::NO it takes perfect knowledge Grevious matter & full consent
In this case you were forced & not in control of your senses .
---EMCEE on 1/12/07

If they are Christians then they already know the answer to your question.
---Pat on 1/12/07

I would nicely tell the person: "You idiot, you are breaking God's laws" :))
---Caring on 1/12/07

Our Lord is a forgiving King. I do not uphold fornicating by no means, but who are we to judge?
---Marie on 1/12/07

You can't. these people either except what their doing is wrong or they won't. If you make them mad or hurt their feelings, then so be it. It may sound harsh, but my feelings is I would rather someone be mad at me cause of the truth then me not telling them the truth and they die and go to hell. Then it would be my fault for not speaking the truth.
---Rebecca_D on 1/12/07


You are describing rape. No a person who has been raped is not going to be held responsible. They are a victim not a willing participant.
---Bruce5656 on 1/9/07

What if people were forced to fornicate thru the drug cartels and slipped aphrodisiacs. Are they directly responsible for their sins or is the person that slipped it to them responsible? Will God hold them accountable for sins that they committed thru drugs of error that were enforced thru the demonic occult sciences?
---ananymous on 1/9/07

Use the Word of the bible without implication of why it is presented and let the accused be brought to repentance, His Word cuts deeper than any two-edged sword. There needs not to be any accusation but let conscience be opened by the person's own perspective and not by your accusation.
---joan4689 on 1/8/07

Ask them to read 1 Corinthians chapter 6. Then ask if they wish to discuss it with you.
---Madison1101 on 1/8/07

Tell them exactly what it says. God will judge. Not us or anyone else. I do believe that through Jesus all kinds of sins will be forgiven and those Christians may still be judged innocent. It's all up to God.
Judgement doesn't automatically mean guilty in every case. Especially when Jesus makes intercession.
Blessed is the man to whom God does not impute sin.
---john on 1/8/07

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