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Non-Christians Supernatural

How come some non christian individuals have supernatural powers? They can heal the sick and tell prophecies. Their followers are intellectuals (doctors, lawyers or academically educated).

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 ---agnea6677 on 1/9/07
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Anoymous, I love honesty above everything in this world except ofcourse God. At least you are honest. PS>>> I didn't read all of your blog. Only that part of it. The part I commented on.
---catherine on 3/28/08

Im not a Christian, i dont have a religion. but i do see Supernatural things. Seeing weird things, Unexplainable moving of objects around me (Doesn't happen often, Mostly hardly noticable movement.)

So, this means, in your perspective, i am a follower of Satan? That doesn't sound so good...
---Anoymous on 3/28/08

Satan has no power over the physical. His bag of tricks include delusion and deceit, and he tries very hard to get people in his grip. No human being is capable of anything without God. He has given us every good thing.

Do you think you became a Christian by yourself? Of course not, you had help. Consider that God may be helping non-Christians come to Him by waking them up to spirituality in unconventional ways. He wants all of us to come to Him.
---Deb on 3/24/08

The Bible says this happens in Matthew 7:21-23. So obviously there will be people doing these things and THINK they are going to Heaven.

I believe that Jesus used His entire brain. Today we only use a small % of it. So maybe they are tapping into another part unused by most. Maybe they are calling forth things that are not as though they were & thus Miracle! Or maybe calling on tthe darkside for it. But it does happen!
---PrincessTookie on 3/21/08

Jesus said that those who performed many things in his name would be called 'evildoers' if they were not true believers. The danger is that they will attract a large following and not take people to Jesus but in the opposite direction. People like Billy Graham who work for the NWO. They use Jesus and the Bible to attract millions, then they take them into the Catholic Church. The others form another New Age Religion and then the two join together.
---frances008 on 3/21/08

Magicians like Criss Angel (fallen angel) have very evil mind control powers, using trickery, camera and mirrors. Mind-freak. Do not have anything to do with such people. Also David Blaine. Too clever for their own, or other peoples' good.
---frances008 on 3/21/08

Who has these powers?
---tofurabby on 3/21/08

Satan is the great imitator. He tries to mimic God and one of his tricks is to divert mans attention away from Christ and into the New Age spiritual activities. Some are bogas. But there are those who are able to preform signs and wonders as the Bible predicted. This is to happen before the return of Christ and many will be fooled by these satanic groups and individuals.
---jody on 5/21/07

All gifts and talents come from God,first of all. No one can heal the sick. Only God can do this. God work through doctors, faith healers and others but He is the only one who holds that distinction.Intellectuals, doctors, lawyers can do nothing without God. God is Alpha and Omega. No doctor can heal you, precious. It is God's Will when your operation goes well and even if it does not.
I say this in love: You must be fairly young because you have a lot more learning and living to do. God bless you.
---Robyn on 5/21/07

The Devil can endow whom he wishes with abilities. Some are merely great imitators. But supernatural powers are also present among Christians too, but may seem less exciting because they credit Jesus for them.
---lorra8574 on 5/21/07

its kinda like the force in starwars...theres a good side to it and a bad side to it both sides have power...but in the spiritual realm Gods power allways is stronger than the enemies power
---mark_B. on 5/21/07

Non-Christians who claim such things are operating with demonic powers and demons. Soothsaying comes to mind.
---Helen_5378 on 5/21/07

Doesn't scripture record acts where angles destroyed cities and people. and wasn't Satan one of
Gods angles. I believe Satan does have power. I see no evidence in the word that states God took his power away when he fell. Also the word says the gifts of God are without repentance. It would seem to me that God could and would give gifts of healing and such to unbelievers if he chooses
---buttons on 1/16/07

I disagree satan does have power, and he is strong. BUT he is limited, in his powers. WITHOUT GOD'S HELP YOU ARE TOTALLY HELPLESS.MOST people don't think satan even exists. AND ofcourse, this makes the devil happy.
---CATHERINE on 1/16/07

GOD WILL only allow satan to go so far and then HE MAKES him back off. YOU know the book of JOB. SATAN was allowed to do everything but, kill JOB.WE BETTER be GLAD that GOD is GOD. WE WOULD all be in so much trouble.
---CATHERINE on 1/16/07


The answer is SIMPLE. God is not a respecter of person, and God is above ANY religion, whether Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc. I have read about many of the people who you described. In fact, there is one with us right now. Peace Profund
---I_AM_I on 1/15/07

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There is no power but of God, Satan gets his power from you, there is two kinds of power dunamus and exousia, Jesus gave his disciples exousia power as you can see in Math.10:1 and other places, this is the same power the devil has, it is given by God. Only Jesus has dunamus power. The devil steals his power by getting you to submit to him and do his work, as he also tried to get Jesus to bow to him, he wanted to use his power just like he used Adams.
---exzucuh on 1/15/07

Leslie-"Satan has great and limited power, but GOD has ALL power." How is this possible? I agree that GOD has ALL power, but this leaves NO POWER for satan.
---peter8365 on 1/15/07

Powers come from two different sources (God & Satan). Satan has great & limited powers, but God has ALL powers. These non-Christians get their supernatural powers from Satan.
---Leslie on 1/14/07

Satan has powers too. Besides if you read your bible faithfully u will find out just how much power Satan has. He is the force behind any supernatural power that an unbeliever has.
Be careful not to get so caught up with the powers that these people have and forget your mission on earth. WHich is to know Christ and take Christ to those who are bound by sin, satan and the world.
God bless u
---ulikka on 1/9/07

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Personally, I don't believe they have supernatural powers.
---Pat on 1/9/07

Witchcraft, sorcery - psychics, magicians, false 'healers', false prophets - have been with us since the fall.

They are 'blessed' from the dark side. It appeals to the intellectual mind because man's logic explains and defines it.

The unbelieving (person) has opened the door for demons to reside in their life. If the door stays open, demons gain possession of that person.
When people are born again, demons have to move out.
---Rachel on 1/9/07

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