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What is the Messianic Kingdom

What is the Messianic Kingdom?

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 ---tonne on 1/9/07
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The Messianic Kingdom is the millenial reign of Jesus. A time that has been promised of the LORD "When I will raise up for David a righteous Branch, and He will reign as King". Jer.23:5-8>Psa 132:11>Isa.16:5
This will be the final fulfillment of Father's covenant with Abraham concerning his descendants and their land, when Father said to him, "To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt as far as the great river, the river Euphrates, an everlasting possession." Which is what the "Jews" was expecting during His First advent, thus the main cause of their stumbling. Gen. 15:18>17:8>1Pet.2:8
The fact that that reign is on earth is documented, Rev. 5:10>20:6-9
---josef on 9/19/10

The Messianic Kingdom truly is the World to Come.

There is no literal eartly millennial kingdom. This would be nothing more than a "kingdom of this world" which Jesus said His Kingdom was NOT.
---Jack on 3/24/08

The Messianic kingdom is what the Jews are looking for at the coming of the Messiah. This is why so many of them are confused they expected Christ to establish His kingdom at His first coming. They did/do not understand that payment is required for the transgression of Adam. The Church was a mystery that was not revealed through the prophets. The Messianic kingdom is the millenial reign of Christ when the antichrist and the false prophet have been cast into geenna and satan is bound in the bottomless pit.
---Ryan on 5/29/07

The Messianic Kingdom today is people who have had married into the Messianic line and are trying to overcome the true heirs. These in-laws or I should say outlaws are taking over names and identities and causing the true line to fail so that they can have dominion
---tonne on 1/20/07

The Messianic Kingdom is not of Bush.
---anonymous on 1/14/07

The Messianic Kingdom fights against the powers of darkness who have turned themselves into light. It will be a heavenly kingdom of peace, love, joy, rightousness and those that love and worship the God of Abram, Issac and Jacob.
---anonymous on 1/12/07

The Messianic Kingdom is a heavenly kingdom that is opposed to the wicked system of things on earth today. It will be a kingdom of the true heirs of God, not the ones that cheated, deceived, lied and brought wicked devices to pass. The road to heaven is narrow and be few who find it. The ones that cheated and used scientific measures to afflict God's people are not of the true Kingdom.
---anonymous on 1/11/07

The messianiac kingdom is definetly not the new world order.
---anonymous on 1/11/07

Jack, Jarusalem comes from heaven onto this earth. So it certainly is not of this world.
---Ryan on 1/10/07

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