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Joel Osteen's Lakeway Church

Can we talk about Joel Osteen in a constructive way? I am not getting his messages. To me, they are not deep, yet he gathers 30,000 people each Sunday. Is it me that's the problem because I don't like surfacy teachings? Please don't clobber me for this question, please be polite in your responses.

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 ---Donna9759 on 1/9/07
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to joel osteen, the gospel (good news) is that if you try your best, God will do the rest, for he looks at your heart and blesses you for your efforts.

to the apostle paul, the gospel is that we are sinful to the core, but Christ came and offered to cover our evil with his righteousness so that God sees us as also being righteous.

Gal 1 says that there is only 1 gospel that saves. the problem with osteen's "gospel" is that it leads to condemnation, not salvation
---Christian on 12/21/09

I finally got to see Joel Osteen on TV for the first time this week. Judging from his perfect hair and perfect wardrobe, his suave manner and his audience of tens of thousands, I would probably not be too wrong in guessing that he is the fourth member of the Trinity. God bless.
---JohnnyB on 3/27/09

Re: Joel Osteens Mansion.Judge not!
---Danelle on 3/27/09

ALL denomiantional "churches" are a product of Satan who is the father of confusion. Christians among denominations and within denominations bicker among each other about who is the true church and who has the better church. Jesus is not returning to join with (marry) a denomiantion, a building, or a non-profit organization. He is returning for his people. Contrary to popular christian belief, you don't need to join a church to be a christian. The way to the Father is through Jesus only, not through a denomiantional "chruch."

All you need is to do an online bible search for "one another," "each other," and "encourag" and meet other christians on a daily basis.
---Steveng on 3/26/09

Joel Olsteen shows in a very simple way on how God operates and how best to approach him

How true fact it is SO simple his message is NOT from The Father in heaven

Joel SIMPLY preaches another Jesus....

2Corin 11:4
For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him

Joel leads MANY away from TRUE Christ ...if any man preaches his OWN (simple or any other) message apart from WORD of God Christ SAID they were FAR from HIM Mark 7:6-7

Joels message BOLDLY contradicts the WORD (who is Christ) of God ...Joels preaching is ANTICHRIST
---Rhonda on 3/25/09

Veronica Barry, how can Joel Olsteen talk about the best possible way of getting to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, When on live television (Larry King Live) Joel Olsteen denied and rejected Christ several times
---Rob on 3/24/09

Presently, Osteen is popular.

Saw a video of Osteen preaching. His message featured the equation: total victory = perfect health and financial success. This sounds really good from a worldly perspective, but in reality, God reveals His power to bless man more effectively through biblical accounts of loss and restoration.

The life of king David is a perfect example of this. Anointed to be king, then targeted by Saul. Becomes king, commits adultery, then driven into exile. Later, his kingdom is restored.
---Nik on 3/23/09

Joel Olsteen talks about the best possible way of getting to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior. God and the understanding of him is simple, why make it more complicated than it is? God is a God of love, and of perfect love, peace, and tranquility. Being in his presence and feeling his goodness is like a breath of fresh air that washes over you and carries your soul away. Joel Olsteen shows in a very simple way on how God operates and how best to approach him. God and the secret thereof is the walk of faith (100% faith) irregardless if hell is breaking down your door or not and Joel shows some advances steps on how to get in this direction.
---VERONICA_BARRY on 3/21/09

Hi. I also listen to Joel sometimes however I do not get my "meat and pototoes" from him. His message does have a place but it cant be the only thing you are listening to. I do not believe I can grow into a strong, usable woman of God eating only "cotton candy" messages every week. I believe as a christian I am responsible for what I feed my spirit. I go straight to the source,the Bible. Nothing or no man can replace knowing the word for yourself. I do use other sources besides the Bible but what I choose must line up with the Bible. Again this is why it is so important to know the word for our self.
---bev on 10/2/08

As I gloss back over some of the previous postings on this blog it amazes me to see that there are people out there that actually consider Joel Osteen to be a legitimate teacher of the word.My mother used to watch this guy until I asked her to watch him for a week and jot down each time he actually made a bible reference in context.The experiment was a success and she now sees him for what he is...a slick motivational speaker,a smart business man and truly a false teacher.I think that we should all get off of the computer and pray for his congegration and their eternal security.Wise up Lakewood Church...find a church where the pastor at least opens his bible during the service!!!!!
---ron on 10/2/08

Standing in a garage does not make you a car, just as claiming to believe in God does not make you a Christian. The devil believes in God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Heaven, Hell, sin, the cross, the blood, etc. - and the devil is NOT a Christian. So many people wear the badge of a Christian, but their hearts are FAR from God.
---Leslie on 9/30/08

"...and believe you me if a church is growing that fast someone is doing something right."

Large numbers are not always valid indicators of someone 'doing something right'. One needs only to study the events described in 1 Kings 18 to dispel this notion. Verse 22 reads, 'Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of the LORD, but Baal's prophets are four hundred and fifty men.'

"Jesus did too if you think about it."

Another comparison of Osteen to Jesus?
---Bobby3 on 9/30/08

muslim watch and listen.......And the best thing, they knew you use the Bible and presented Jesus is savior.

Anyone can present Christ as a savior but that doesn't mean they are presenting Christ from God and HIS Word

interesting you feel muslims "know" Joel uses the Bible if Joel is MORE important than God ...this is one of the biggest identifiers of a FALSE PROPHET when the messenger becomes more important then the message and WHO it is from

there is a big difference between learning about God and obeying God then listening to a motivational self help guru talk about motivational rah rah and occasionally slapping a quote from scripture over it that is irrelevant to the message he is giving
---Rhonda on 9/29/08

Joel Osteen was given Lakewood church when his father died.He has never been to any formal bible schooling(that is why his messages are superficial).He has a congegration of 30000 because of the groundwork his father layed and they have an awesome worship band.People today are looking for some kind of emotional experience and the worship band provides that for them.With his messages being as shallow as they are,to have a congegration that large is a sign of what "christianity" has become for alot of people.When Joel stated that Mormons were christians that should be our indicator to his credibility!
---ron on 9/29/08

I conclude in Apostle Paul writings in the Bible that, "He is happy when the gospel was preached by anyone on whatever motive, for the gospel of Christ has the power to save every person.

If this is the most effective way to share the gospel to many, its a good means to reach for them.

Looks comfortable, but for those who are interested to go deeper, they can pray and God surely answer those who seeks to be deeper in God.

Joel, keep up the good work, your style is widely encouraging and acceptable even in the homes of muslim nations. Its amazing to know that muslim watch and listen in your teaching in whatever intention they had. And the best thing, they knew you use the Bible and presented Jesus is savior.
---sun on 9/29/08

I am not very familiar with him but the few times I've heard him he did talk about God at least to an extent and he does speak positively and believe you me if a church is growing that fast someone is doing something right.I have also heard his church does lots of good works.Jesus did too if you think about it.
---shirley on 9/28/08

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Joels messages are not from God

...if you're trying to tie in Gods Holy Word to his messages this is why you are not "getting Joel"

as someone already mentioned Joel is just another motivational speaker in a sea of many thousands today

he has one-uped all the other motivational speakers by tying in a church making his fluffy speaches all non-profit

Joel is a very slick charasmatic motivational speaker ...true businessman - that's it

...there is nothing to bash his books are great ...nice real life stories of wonderful things happening in his life and the lives of a few others ...his message is not from God it's from his wallet
---Rhonda on 9/27/08

I used to listen to Joel Olsteen a lot and enjoyed it. But, he isn't telling it like it it. He is glossing over the truth. Never says anything about Hell and how not to go there. In this day and age we need straight talk, I think he's afraid of hurting someone's feelings or losing an audience. He should be more concerned about their salvation.
---Paulette on 9/27/08

I have seen Joel Osteen attacked, and I did not like what they said, because I can see that anyone's word can be twisted to make it look as if they are teaching against the Bible. If he starts to promote joining together with Catholics and Protestants, or other false religions, then I will know he is a false prophet. I don't know a lot about him. He seems a nice character, not that that tells us anything much.
---frances008 on 9/26/08

Mr. Osteen, in my humble opinion, is not a preacher, but an inspirational speaker. You'll never hear him speak of doctrine, or take a stand on a contrivertial subject because that might cost him finacially.
---trey on 9/26/08

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The Bible says we are to TEST the spirits to see if they be of God. Joel Osteen talks more about his books and how to "feel good", and yet never has mentioned God or how to "be good". This is UNBIBLICAL in ALL ways.
---Leslie on 9/26/08

Please don't get me started on Mr. Osteen (PART 1):

"When he teaches he puts it in a story or in a real life situation to make it plain for you to understand. If you think about it that is the same way Jesus taught as well."

I strongly disagree with this comparison. Jesus spoke in parables very often according to the Gospels. And several times, as it has been recorded, those who heard did NOT understand. The disciples would go up to Jesus and ask Him to explain the meaning of the parable. Jesus' teachings required the listener to THINK very hard about what He said in order to gain full understanding. Check out Matthew 13:13.
---Bobby3 on 9/25/08


"Do you all remember when Jesus disciples came to him and asked him about the man they had encountered (who wasn't following Jesus)but was preaching in Jesus name?"

True, but let's not forget this: It also says in Scripture that some will come and use His name that they might deceive many. Therefore, it is necessary for us to TEST all things and hold on to what is GOOD. We cannot blindly accept someone's teachings just because they speak of Jesus. What of Mormons and JWs? Shall we agree with them just because the name Jesus is used in their teachings?
---Bobby3 on 9/25/08


My objections to Osteen: First and foremost, I disagree with several elements of WoF (health/wealth, name it/claim it) theology contained in his teachings. Secondly, very rarely does Osteen (and he'll admit this) touch on topics such as sin and death, things people (perhaps not constantly) need to hear about to fully understand AND appreciate the gospel message. And thirdly, Osteen is actually dangerous in this way:

'The one on whom seed was sown on the rocky places, this is the man who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy, yet he has no firm root in himself, but is only temporary, and when affliction or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he falls away.' (Matthew 13:20-21)
---Bobby3 on 9/25/08

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Joel Osteen's Church is called Lakewood Church.

Have you noticed it is not called Lakewood Christian Church? Could this be because Joel Osteen, himself has denied Christ on public television?

It is just like that Television Network that claims to be the fastest growing "FAITH BASED" Television Network, but does not use the name Christian.

They all claim to be spreading the Gospel around the world, but they will never tell you the Gospel they are spreading is not the Gospel of Christ, Galatians 1:6-10.

I wonder why people do not take head to the warnings found in scripture, Romans 1:18-32, and 2 Peter Chapter Two.
---Rob on 9/25/08

I think your question is a good one. In response I would like to share a few things with you. First, I think you are mistaking "surfacy" for simple. Joel is very down to earth and that is how he preaches. When he teaches he puts it in a story or in a real life situation to make it plain for you to understand. If you think about it that is the same way Jesus taught as well. He didn't say it in words that people wouldn't understand, He used things in their everyday life to give them an understanding of what He was talking about. I agree Joel will probably never be invited to speak at a tent revival but he will always have a large crowd because people want to learn about the love of God and he does in a way that people can understand.
---Wendy on 9/24/08

Do you all remember when Jesus disciples came to him and asked him about the man they had encountered (who wasn't following Jesus)but was preaching in Jesus name?Go read what Jesus response was,I don't know the chapter and verse,but Jesus answer was,he who is not against us is for us.Joel is definetely for God even if we don't agree 100% with him.His message has probably changed more lives than everyone on this site put together and I'm sure God approves of him and he is Gods servant,who are we to judge him for he will either stand or fall before his master.I'm not a member of his church.
---lee on 9/23/08

I'm in total agreement with---Leslie'S answer to this question.
---mima on 9/23/08

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He is great to listen to if you are a new convert that is "on milk". I actually think too, that there are the things in The Word that are "vegetable" stage. (between milk and meat). I agree with dana, I love listening to Joyce and Creflo. They break it down and give you the "meat" of the Word. I think the reason Joel has so many followers is because we have to many Christian brothers and sisters that want to stay in "the comfort zone". They don't want God to make them uncomfortable and through this is growth. So really they don't want to grow, they are comfortable with where they are at with God. Me, I want as much growth as HE will give me!
---ginger on 9/23/08

The reason you may not like Joel Osteen and his messages, is because he is part of the Apostate Church. Joel Osteen preaches "Seeker Friendly" (self-esteem) messages. This is NOT Biblical and does NOT line up with God's Word. We are told in the Bible to preach/teach the Bible and ONLY that is what we should be doing. Yes, the Word of God may offend people, but it is better to offend people than to offend God. If you desire to get deeper into God, then go with a church that preaches/teaches the Word of God only, with NO compromise.
---Leslie on 9/23/08

Joel's preaching is sort of like the icing on the cake. I am mostly a Joyce Meyer and Creflo Dollar watcher (both have terrific scripture revelation) and both of these minister's have deeper teachings. Joel is the "icing" when you just want to know things will be ok. One thing that terribly distresses me about Joel ( & I do like him) is that he charges to go to his conferences! $42-$500 per ticket! Joyce Meyer's conferences are free - of course they pass an offering bucket as in any church. But I have to question, does Joel not trust God to provide for him?
---Dana on 9/21/08

roy, the Bible is where you go to if your not happy with Joel..we llike him and his encouraging ways..we also like the Word of God and go to it everyday..Joel is a breath of fresh air every time he comes on tv..
---operator on 3/25/08

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Just because Joel Olsteen has a large (misguided) following does NOT mean that his "teachings" are Christian. The majority of the talks that I've heard him give are not Christ-based at all but are motivational, self-help pep talks. I find it heart-breaking that so many people would pay to hear him speak and freely donate their funds to keep Joel Olsteen in business. We are truly living in sad times.
---A on 3/10/08

1 Corinthians 3:2 "I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able."
You see, milk comes before meat in the church. Millions of people hunger for the basics. It is Joel's niche. Just like there are Pastors who focus on the book of Revelations--or evil spirits, speaking in tongues, or healing--Joel provides an introductory type of gospel--and that gospel is, in spite of the criticism spewed at him from many, in the bible.
---Van on 1/7/08

Joel Osteen is a great speaker, his message is positive, but to dumbdown the word of God is dangerous. To say believe in God and you'll receive that promotion, house, or car is just part of believing and receiving blessings. The focus cannot be on material things or elevating our lifestyle. We cannot place our needs before God. Our belief in Him should be about salvation and eternal life which is the true blessing He will bestow upon us. Unfortunately, Joel does not show us how to receive that gift.
---Wayne on 12/31/07

1) I just found out today that Joel Osteen is coming to San Diego, California (my town) on Friday, January 4th, 2008. I was appalled to find out that you have to PAY for tickets to see him...$18.75 a pop!!! And I am sure there will also be a "love offering" taken. Where does it end? I've been to many, many stadium ministry type events and NEVER have had to buy a ticket, it is usually first come, first in and then an offering is taken. Sheesh...his actions speak very loudly here.
---Holly4jc on 12/17/07

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to all you anti J.Osteen..there are people like us a great many who dont understand your english language much yet, JO gives the gospel so simply in easy english..we all have different levels of understanding the english language..we love JO..please, dont expect us to be same as you.. ..God made us all so pleased for JOs simple english..
---patana on 12/15/07

2) And especially after all southern California has been through lately with the fires and many losing all they own, where's the compassion? To charge people money??? For someone who says he wants to encourage people and lift them up to live a happier and better life, how can you come to a city where people have just been through such agony emotionally and financially and have the nerve to charge money to come here what you claim is the Gospel? Shame on you Joel.
---Holly4jc on 12/15/07

J.O. seeks people that at some point found the Bible hard to read and understand. Those that dont like the jumping around the stage and the chanting and yelling kind of preaching. There's nothing wrong with that, God gave us all different gifts and personalities, we cant expect every preacher to preach in the same manner. He (God) calls us to serve Him with what He gave us, not with what someone else has. God bless him for being able to plant soo many seeds for our Lord to harvest when He comes back.
---LaLupe on 12/13/07

Rob, I was not aware of that. Thanks for the info. The only thing I can then ask is what he meant by that. If he means that some people come to know about God (existence-wise) through other means or religions, that's one thing. There are many who thru science and nature begin to believe in the existence of a God. (It's then our job to show them who He is). But if he is referring to salvation, then that is a false teaching.
---Greyrider on 12/13/07

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Well, Brian, we can do what you just did, and that's SPEAK OUT AGAINST IT, and CALL IT FOR WHAT IT TRULY IS! FALSE TEACHING! YAHUVEH Bless you!
---Gordon on 12/13/07

wonder if when Jesus preached the beatitudes if the people felt good.

There's a reason its called the "GOOD NEWS"
---andre5846 on 9/16/07

---Frank on 12/12/07

Greyrider, you wrote that Joel Olsteen doesn't preach any false doctrines that you ever noticed.

Are you aware that in 2005, while being interviewd on Prime Time Television, Joel Olsteen denied several times that Christ is the only way to God? This goes against what is written in John 14:6.

This also places Joel Olsteen in the catagory of what is written in Matthew 10:32-33.
---Rob on 12/12/07

Here's the easiest way to understand Joel and his popularity. He would be a phenomenal Sunday School teacher for kids 5,6,7 years old. He doesn't preach any false doctrines that I've ever noticed, but he preaches on the level of small children. Life is simple and easy for most children. He gives people an escape. But he, in no way, prepares adults for the realities of spiritual warfare in the real world. He preaches about 5% of the Bible, but we need ALL of God's Word.
---Greyrider on 12/12/07

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I'd rather be poor and like Jesus, than rich and like joel osteen^^

that is all
---Souljah on 12/2/07

Joel Osteen is an inspired teacher and channel for God's word and the Holy Spirit. In my opinion, if you don't get him, it is becuase you are just not tuned into these spiritual places. Pray and meditate more and you may be able to separate the person, Joel, (that you are struggling with) with one of the most divine messagengers I have ever heard. He brings together spirituality in an exquisite and holy way!
---Ruth on 11/24/07

Joel is more of a motivational speaker than a preacher of God's Holy Word. Much of what he has to say may give hope and motivation, but he does not present us with the meat of faith in which we need to be fed. In my opinion this is why his church is sooo big. It is because people are willing to hear the health and wealth Gospel rather than the Gospel in it's entirety. we are called to have discernment and It is good that you are weary of Joel's messages.
---Kristen on 11/18/07

Unfortunately,I would say Joel is Satans John the baptist,remember that Satan appears as an angel of light to deceive,he is smarter and more clever then any human being on the planet,we are no match for his intellect.The feel good gospel is what it is,just like Santa Claus,it appears very good and nice but water downs and distracts people from the true Gospel.Many people will be deceived with this false Gospel as it is written and there isn't anything I or you can do about it,it just has to happen.
---Brian on 11/9/07

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I think Joel is more of a motivational speaker he tells people what they want to hear. If you are going through a certanin something in your life Joel may have a message for you on that day. I have never heard him speak of Hell. He tells people what they want to hear that's why he has a large congregation.People don't want the whole truth they want to hear what's going to help them make it through the crisis and talking about Hell is not it.
---neeseys on 11/9/07

Greyrider, You hit on a good point.That is the biggest problem of Joel Osteen. That's what makes him a false teacher. You have to preach the WHOLE TRUTH! To preach about both Sin and Holiness, about Heaven and Hell. GOD is not just a God of Love, He is ALSO a God of Wrath. And modern day "GOD wants ME to be happy!" teachings are leading the way to the AntiChrist. Because, with him, it will be all about "the self". And, most of all, worshiping him (the AntiChrist)!
---Gordon on 11/9/07

He teaches love and hope.the guy has a great smile
---joany on 11/8/07

Joel is not superficial. I think People are jealous of him. He speaks in a very simple fashion. He inspires people to seek the Lord.
His style is different but effective.
People shouldn't be so quick to judge him and knock him down. Only God knows his heart and can judge him.
As for going to church , it is an obligation. We care called to praise God.
# Romans 10:17
So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
---Lisa on 11/8/07

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I have heard him preach he does preach the word of GOD.It blows my mind that he does not mention our LORD in his books without our God he would be no one
---sandra on 11/8/07

I have yet to understand what all of these people see in Joel Osteen. I don't get caught up on people anyway. I look at how Christ is working through someone. We can do nothing on our own. We are totally dependent on Jesus. People have many motives for attending certain churches and following certain people. Some go there because they can hide among the large crowds and not have to do anything. Some want to have it said they attend a large,beautiful church. People are very superficial. Many more reasons.
---Robyn on 11/7/07

He has a big audience because he knows how to speak well. He tell's stories, interesting stories. He can hold people's attention. Thats all.
---sue on 11/7/07

What Joel preaches is truth. However, he tends to preach partial truth. Hell is real. Sin is real. Sin is also very destructive. Ignoring it is dangerous. I think it's fine to listen to him as long as he is not the only preacher you listen to. Instead of worrying about offending people by talking about sin, he should tell them that Jesus loves them and He can help them overcome sin. We're all sinners. None of us are perfect.
---Greyrider on 11/7/07

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I have watched Joel and he ministers very good.
He testifies to the goodness of the Lord.
---Lisa on 11/6/07

Whether or not a Church is of God or not is NOT determined by the size of the congregation. It amazes me how many times I have heard,"It must be of God,it's growing in number?" Whether or not Joel is saved or not is not for me to determine,although I do not agree with his tactics and lack of preaching against sin.But as for me,Ihave tried to watch him and get Nothing out of him spiritually what-so-ever.He will stand for his own actions and me mine.
---Tommy on 11/5/07

---Zac on 11/4/07
yes faith comes by hearing! Read your Bible.
Romans 10:17
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

I think people are Jealous of Joel.
He brings the good news to people. God Bless him!
---Lisa on 11/5/07

We are in the last days. There are many new pastors like wolves tempting us with their "live better yous," or "free holy spring waters." They use God's word to serve themselves and their offering plates. They ask for donations and pledges. Jesus asks for what is not material. Faith and trust. No man or prophet can bring you the truth, none but the Holy Spirit. Find Him only through prayer and love. "The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose."-William Shakesphere
---Zac on 11/4/07

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When a preacher says they don't like to talk about sin for example, that is an element of apostacy. It is moot whether they play good music or offer encouragement (as every bible believing church should). Jesus came to "seek and to save that which was lost." Jesus Christ preached love & encouragement, but he also held no punches as to the wrath of a mighty and righteous God wherein it took God's very own Son to satisfy the judgment of God against sinful man.
---Chad on 10/18/07 thing I know I DO like about that church, the music is awesome. I have 2 CD's from the church, Cindy Crus (hope I spelled it right) was the worship leader, but they might have been recorded back when the dad was alive. As for the current preaching, well...I think the ENTIRE Bible should be preached, not just the warm fuzzies. How do people get saved and repent with just a message of "I'm OK, you're OK"? Yes, God is love, but He also brings correction and judgement. Balance is key.
---Holly4jc on 10/16/07

Seems to me he's the devil preaching earthly pleasures, not heavenly rewards. I'm pretty certain he's the Antichrist.
---Wally on 10/15/07

Witness testimonies of what God has done in their lives is what counts. People's faith is strengthened by Joel and He speaks of the Lord as good. And God is.
---Lisa on 10/15/07

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I really appreaciate the fact that he is cleaning the name of God, God is not this evil father that fills us with trouble and then punishes us for something he himself "sent". I believe that is exactly what we need, a simple message where we learn to be responsible of what we do. People having better lives because they understand his messages is already a big favor for us all, in a world where most churches are based in guilt and shame, nice remembering Jesus message was about love and life.
---Audrey_Rofield on 10/14/07

There are hundreds and thousands of motivational speakers around. We don't need anymore of them. We need preachers, teachers,apostles etc...after God's own heart.
Who will preach the uncompromised Word of God. If I want jokes and cotton candy I will go to the circus for one and a comedy club for the other. Joel Osteen is too light for me but each to his own. People are so easy to fool and rob. If I were not a Christian I would like to be Joel Osteen.
---Robyn on 9/16/07

I wonder if when Jesus preached the beatitudes if the people felt good.

There's a reason its called the "GOOD NEWS"
---andre5846 on 9/16/07

Continuation: We are not a finished work we are changed from glory to glory and only God knows our individual plan and we are not to interfere in the individual plan he has for each one of us, we are to mind our own affairs, it is not our responsibility to handle the affairs of the other persons plan that God has already finished. I shall say no more.
---Bella on 9/16/07

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Many are called and few are chosen. Our responsibility is to walk out our own salvation until Christ comes. Christ told us what He expected of us, so that we would mirror his image in love to a lost world. Many people have alot to say about people and the world around us. Jesus said many things before he was crucified, but he made sure we understood that we would be persecuted because of him. He also told us to get along for love covers a multitude of sins.
---Bella on 9/16/07

Many are called and few are chosen. Our responsibility is to walk out our own salvation until Christ comes. Christ told us what He expected of us, so that we would mirror his image in love to a lost world. Many people have alot to say about people and the world around us. Jesus said many things before he was crucified, but he made sure we understood that we would be persecuted because of him. He also told us to get along for love covers a multitude of sins.
---Bella on 9/16/07

i am a muslim from malaysia and i find that his work are very deep with a affections towards god plus his simplistic approach which helps in helping others to understand what christianity in daily lives is all about.holistic motivational approach for a guide to daily life.maybe others can try that for a start.
---Shafinaz_Hasny on 9/11/07

there seems to be a lot of jealousy amongst christians when one pastor is a rich is not their fault others dont have what they have..we are all given a chance to prove ourselves and do well..Joel obviously did well educationally or whatever his chosen study was. To say he has a watered down preaching of the Word is being judgmental of God's servants...He is a very motivating speaker in good positive spirit
---jana on 9/8/07

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Lakewood Church has many ministries and do wonderful work here in Houston. They have the money and resources to do so. Joel Osteen himself is not and never will be a preacher. He may become a better speaker one day. I believe he loves the Lord. He and his family. Most people like a watered down gospel that makes them feel good and requires nothing of them. If this is what you are looking for, Lakewood is the ideal place for that. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
---Robyn on 9/1/07

Hi I watch Joel preach almost every Sunday night because I am sick or have no way to church. I was wondering if you understand that Joel uses the points he makes as examples to the scriptures he preached? All pastors especially Baptist do that. Joel is a wonderful pastor, and I wish I could go see him preach in person..
May God bless you and fill your heart with Spiritual knowledge.
---Victoria on 8/30/07

Joel picked up the church when his dad died and it just fell into his lap, he never even wanted to be a pastor in his younger years, his Daddy was a very deeply spiritual man, and wrote many books, there is a noticable difference between the father and the son in that way, and I will go so far as to say that I also share your opinion, he is just a little bit to light and fluffy for me personally, but I am sure that as time goes on God will give him more insights, and his preaching style will change.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/6/07

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