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Pray The Same Prayer Daily

Is it a sin to repeat the same prayer every day of the week several times? A minister prays a very lengthy prayer over and over. He starts the prayer with "Lord, we come boldly to your throne, with a holy violition, taking the kingdom by force." Is this Biblical?

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 ---Sally on 1/10/07
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Believe this: Not everything God may tell us to do may not be recorded in the Bible. I would think that praying the same prayer would be boring to the listeners. I wander why preacher is not praying by the power of the Holy Spirit. The words within themselves are okey as long as words are coming from God. Ask preacher for his salvation testamony.
---catherine on 11/9/07

Sally, have you ever read how many times King David cried out to the Lord to be delivered from his enemies? (in the Psalms) You may want to study the Psalms and write them down, it's ALOT. Plus, what the Lord showed me a long time ago is that a cry is a continuous whale. When a baby cries, he/she doesn't give up until it gets the need met, amen?
---Donna9759 on 11/9/07

*PRAYING FROM THE LIPS. I admit when I pray over my food, it does seem that way. GOD does hear the prayers of the righteous. I am focus on GOD.*

Giving thanks for our meal can be from the heart. It's all about your heart wishing to please God through thanks. If our heart isn't in it then it will be just praying from the lips.
---Matthew on 1/13/07

It is popular to hear people use chants and ritual prayers, some from scripture and some from men. But as I read some responses a thought came to mind. If I were in front of Jesus to worship Him, would I recite the Lord's prayer or some memorized prayer or would I open my heart to Him and speak my true feelings? When I pray (talk to God) I don't expect to hear recorded answers. I hope to hear personal feelings from God. Should God expect less from us?
---mikefl on 1/12/07

PRAYING FROM THE LIPS. I admit when I pray over my food, it does seem that way. GOD does hear the prayers of the righteous. I am focus on GOD.
---CATHERINE on 1/12/07

donna your reply is the only one I prefer...yes, it is right and Amen
---bob on 1/12/07

Sally asked: "Lord, we come boldly to your throne, with a holy violition, taking the kingdom by force." Is this Biblical?

It sounds Shakespearean to me. Do we need to use bombastic words when we talk to God? It would be more natural if we talk to Him like we talk to our earthly father.
---Caring on 1/12/07

This is the mistake many people make, they pray from the lips and it doesn't come from the heart. Many people pray out loud just to be heard, in Matthew 6:6 it says to enter into thy closet and close the door and pray to the Father in secret. If a prayer comes from the heart, God will hear it and in his time he will answer.
---Rebecca_D on 1/12/07

The best prayers and the prayers God appreciates the most or those that come from the heart and not off paper or even our mind. When we reveal our hearts to the Lord he is able to help us change even more then if we don't. Nothing gets done if you just repeat an already prepared prayer you memorized or read over and over and over again. Pray from the heart and the heart alone.
---Matthew on 1/11/07

"the only repetitions that are vain are those by Catholics."

A little tongue-in-cheek here! I'm sure that prayers that are asked out of the will of God are also vain.
---Sally on 1/11/07

No. I John 5:14 says that if we ask anything according to His will/word He hears us. In Jeremiah 1:12 God said,"...I watch over My word to perform it."
In Isaiah 55:11 it talks about God's word & it not returning to Him void. All the minister is doing is putting God in remembrance of what His word says.(Isaiah 43:26)
---Rickey on 1/11/07

Remember, the only repetitions that are vain are those by Catholics.

Protestant and pop-evangelical repetitions--and especially one's own-- are NEVER vain.

Think about it.
---Jack on 1/11/07

Matthew 15:21-28 tells the story of a woman seeking help for her daughter. Verse 25 in the Amplified Bible says, "But she came and, kneeling, worshiped Him and kept praying, Lord, help me!"

At the end of the story Jesus commended the woman for her faith and granted her request.
---DoryLory on 1/10/07

It's not a sin to ask over and over, but the reason you ask over and over is a sin you don't consider.

It's called unbelief, and as long as you walk in a flesh tent you'll struggle with that one my man.

God understands our limitations, and desires, but he wants your relationship to him to be your greatest desire, then he can increase your faith to the point that you ask while asking rightly and the wind picks up.
---Pharisee on 1/10/07

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