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God Being Taken Out Of Schools

Why are Christians allowing God to be taken out of our schools by people who are of no importance, yet manage to get it done? Why aren't we fighting in numbers to overrule them and put our God back in all the schools?

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 ---carol on 1/10/07
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This isn't even a matter that needs a fight. Simply tell your children to bow their heads and pray. It's that easy.
...But that's against the rules!
Yeah. And?
"For am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ." -Galatians 1:10
---Ariel on 11/12/09

Every single one of us will have to some day answer to God for this stuff. And I don't care how holy you say you are. Or how long you have been saved. You had better get off your duffs and start standing up for God and His laws and righteousness.
---catherine on 12/31/07

If you want your kids to be taught particular sectarian values about society or God- and if you dispise science (like evolution)and want you want them kept joyfully ignorant send them to s private school where they can be installed with your idiosyncratic docternal blinders. At such a 'school'you can keep them in a state of 'bliss.' As for me, I want my kids to 'think.'
---MikeM on 12/30/07

Thousands of our best and bravest men/women have died for our freedom, one of those freedoms is freedom to choose religion or not. Just like God gives us freedom to choose Him or not. Teach your children, don't depend on the government.
---sue on 12/29/07

Nancy--why not expect the government to pay to teach kids about God when they pay to have them taught that we came from monkeys by way of evolution??
The people I was referring to as of no importance are the people who do all they can to make GOD seem unnecessary and the Bible clearly states that Jesus said- whoever is for me will not be against me- Yes, I am a Christian and that makes me bold enough to say what others will not.
---carol on 12/29/07

First off, it isn't 'our schools', it's EVERYBODY's schools!

If you want religion in your classroom, don't expect the government to pay for it. Or be prepared to have EVERY religion taught.

You want your religion only, go to a parochial school. That's what they're there for!

And I must say, it's a darn shame when any professed Christian considers another human being 'of no importance'.
---Nancy on 12/7/07

Christians of all denominations need to ban together to battle this one.
the atheists are brainwashing you out of your mind....don't believe what they say is justifiable.
The Bible, the cross, the Pledge of allegiance..prayer all are part of the USA and belong in the public's the atheists we need to curb and stop.
---lisa on 12/7/07

Leslie: How do you know how hard I work? You don't know, because you don't know me. I just believe that your testimony here would be better received if you spelled the language correctly, since you bragged about working in the public school system.

Obviously, I hit a nerve, or you would not have attacked me, or my work. I suggest you get over being hypersensitive. Learn to spell our language so you can communicate it effectively.
---Public_School_Teache on 12/6/07

John; govt. heathen school? Sorry, I was compelled to attend a protestant fundamentalist school as a teen. They had list of books not to read, monthly book burnings. Questioning doctrine was not tolerated. You were free to attend the school, be social and have lots of friends, as long as you locked up your mind, no thanks, I have my kids in pubic schools where they are allow to THINK unfettered by crippling dogma. All the teens who came out of that school were automatons, ignorant, unable to funtion.
---MikeM on 2/7/07

Dave, bless you. You said that so well. UNbelievers stands around with blindfolds on, while the WORLD falls apart all around them.
---CATHERINE on 2/7/07

I wrote that society weakened when prayers were taken out of schools and I am correct to say so having lived on the Earth for the past fifty years. God may be in people's hearts or in their homes, but we live in the real world where drugs, crime, murder are now running rampant because people did not have the courage to stand up to an atheist and tell her NO. God is taken out of our lives in public and for someone to say otherwise are deceiving themselves and the truth is not in them.
---Dave on 2/7/07

Anyone who is unhappy with govt. schooling can always send their kids to a Christian school or teach them yourself like the Bible says. There is no Scriptural evidence anywhere for us to send our kids to a govt. heathen school 6 hours a day 5 days a week to be taught mostly by immoral unbelievers. Nor is there any support to show that your little kids are the evangelists to the wolves they are placed in the middle of.
---john on 2/7/07

SUE, GOD IS great. And I want to thank YOU for standing up for GOD. He is looking for some good MEN AND WOMEN.
---CATHERINE on 2/6/07

Me: Who says God is kicked out of the schools? I am a believer and I have been teaching in the public schools for 20 years. As long as I am there, He is there with me, in me. Don't you people get it?
---Madison1101 on 2/6/07

So god should be kicked out of schools, he should stay where he belongs alongside mikymouse and spongebob...
---Me on 2/6/07

Prayer and faith in God begins, and ends, in the childrens home. Teach your kids that they can pray where ever they are, they dont need PERMISSION from the government!
---sue on 2/6/07

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I really didn't see Catherine expressing any fear, Medison.
---Marsha on 2/6/07

Dave: Christians and society do not need organized prayer in public schools. That is such a lie. The public schools need believers to be there, filled with the Holy Spirit, teaching the children and the Christian children need to be there as well. God is in our society within the believers. Christians need to witness to unsaved folk, and be in the Word, praying for lost souls. That is not the public schools' job, it is believers responsibility.
---Madison1101 on 2/6/07

When an atheist lobbied the supreme court in 1963 to have God taken out of schools. that started a domino effect that has now seen God taken out of everyone's lives in the past thirty years. how could fifty million christians allow such a travesty to happen, so one person was not offended. talk about the tail wagging the dog. children are now taught that God is not important, politically correctness is God. it is time to repent and put God back where He belongs. At the CENTER of everyone's lives.
---Dave on 2/5/07

Catherine: What are you afraid of? Why do you think that if mandatory prayer is not in the schools that God is not there? Christians can pray if they choose to. God is not gone from the schools, He is right there in the Holy Spirit in every believer who attends or works there. What are you so afraid of? God does not give us a spirit of fear...
---Madison1101 on 2/5/07

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Who cares if they take God out of school===? well, I care. I love Him. If people think that God ignoreS all of this stuff or that HE DOESN'T SEE, think AGAIN.PEOPLE.
---CATHERINE on 2/5/07

Who cares if 'they' take God out of the schools. Tell your children if they want to pray, to do it. Just quietly fold your hands bow your head and say your prayer. No need to make a big deal out of it.
---sue on 2/5/07

They can try to take god out of but they would be kind of hard god lives inn a lot of us and they would have to put those students out that god live in and iam one of them
---chantell on 2/5/07

I believe that though the government is trying to take Christ out of schools, He cannot TRULY be taken out of our schools unless the christians stop standing for him, i go to a school that is strict about religion issues, but i stand up for God and i pray out loud with a bunch of my friends at lunch, and if anyone has a problem with that, they can start a whole big thing, but God will take care of it, as long as he has people standing up for him, he's not going to let people push him out of our lives.
---Kayla on 2/4/07

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I wonder about the terms "seperation of church and state" and "legal seperation" as in divorce proceedings. It appears that if God honors our laws, now that we have legally seperated our government from Him the next step will be when He divorces us. His wrath should make that evident when he gives our country what it wanted. I recall a king that gave Herodias' daughter what she wanted and she missed out on half the kingdom. Just a thought.
---Frank on 2/4/07

Leslie; I do not equate atheist with evil anymore than I equate theist with goodness. BOTH atheist and Christians in history have often been evil, supporting vile theocratic regimes. Who wants to take God out of America? "secular leftist." As to sodom, and G, they were very religious, pagan,-worshiped Dagon and Baal. in no way "humanist atheist" I support the constitution, a secular goverment, and a religious society grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition. My politics, Libertarian.
---MikeM on 2/4/07

JHonny; I am not Catholic. They had a long monopoly of power in europe, and millions were killed-their dirty laundry list is very long. hardly Christlike.

Calvinists were not pluralist, had no concept of it. Reconstructionism, theonomy, kingdom theology-calvinist products, no thanks.

Through im not Baptist(or Protestant) Baptist of all protestants engendered a greater respect for individual freedom, at least traditionally.
---MikeM on 2/4/07

Nice question.
The real Christians are probably busy trying to keep their faith when the devil comes at them while dodging the heresy that has been displyed in the name of Christianity over the last 20-30 years. Seek ye the old path's wherein lie the good way. Good way being God's way since only God is Good. And the way of God is above to the wise that they might depart from hell which is beneath. In other words, not where the TV evangelists point it to be. (their wallet)
---Frank on 2/4/07

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MikeM Appreciate the historical effort you bring to the blog. What I find uncomfortable is how they are laced with catholic slant and propaganda.
Catholics don't consider it "the dark ages". They liked the Total Control. If it wasn't for the calvinists, we'd all be wearing fish hats. Ex 20:4 "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:"
---jhonny on 2/4/07

It is clear that MOST of you on this issue stand up FOR the atheists who want to take God out of ALL America, and create a humanistic society where it is like Sodom & Gamorrah. God burned them up with fire, and will do the same to America, if it becomes like that. I guess MOST of you want America to be distroyed along with the Terrists.
---Leslie on 2/4/07

I do not know what the true christian is doing these days. Perhaps, they are keeping the pews hot on Sunday mornings. Is this pleasing to God? NO. How come? SLOTHFULNESS will be treated as wickedness. Cowardness will not be welcome in the kingdom of GOD.
---CATHERINE on 2/4/07

Leslie; Whose prayer do you want in schools? The Native Americans have a rather loud prayer, as do the plains indians. A buddhist prayer? A hindu prayer? A Catholic prayer? or one of the myriad of protestant prayers? You solidly stand against the constitution, the first amendment, the establishment clause.

America had far, far worse times than now, from 1861-65 it pulled itself through, both sides prayed hard to the same God.
---MikeM on 2/4/07

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Leslie "You can NOT take God out of the government, or it allows Satan to come in" The president of Iran said roughly the same thing recently. You stand against the constitution, the founding Fathers.I don't know your religion Baptist? In colonial times if Baptist showed up in Calvinist New England they got a hangin.' Catholic arrived in protestant holdings hanged or burned. Read the "Handmaids Tale" its about what America would be like if fundamentalist ran the goverment, very scary.
---MikeM on 2/4/07

Leslie; "This is what happens when God is taken out of government, whose God?" In europe they mixed religion and politics, what did they have? pograms, 'holy wars, inqusitions, intolerance, etc. We call it the 'dark ages.' The enlightenment ideas were the foundation of America. Read what the Founders stated as has been posted? Look at history! Look at where God is in goverment, Iran, the whole middle east! Someone needs a history lesson, as we clearly do not learn from history!
---MikeM on 2/4/07

Jhonny; "religion in goverment corrupts both"-Thomas Jefferson. Dogma is a demagogues best friend. Religion in goverment is a recipe
for tyranny, always has, always will be. Democracy is a 100% pagan concept, period. Regimes influenced/controled by eccleastical persons, Catholic or protestant were instruments of demagoguery. History-history-history makes is so clear. Be clear,state clearly do you want a dictatership, or do you want freedom?
---MikeM on 2/4/07

God has not been taken out of anything, Leslie. As long as there are Christians teaching or attending public schools, or serving in government, HE is there.

What you describe happening in our public schools is a reflection of what is happening in our society, signs of the end-times.
---Madison1101 on 2/3/07

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You can NOT take God out of the government, or it allows Satan to come in. Before 1962 when prayer was taken out of schools, the biggest problems in schools were chewing gum and talking. After 1962, the biggest problems are rape, murder, drug addiction, gang banging, school shootings, teen preganancy, and the list goes on. This is what happens when God is taken out of government.
---Leslie on 2/3/07

**But America should always be protestant, as a little refuge for christians.**

In other words, George, you don't believe in freedom of religious belief and excercise as guaranteed by the US Constitution.
---Jack on 2/3/07

heh MikM. Good post on the moorings of society, with exception of the last sentence. Could you embelish on that abit.
---jhonny on 2/3/07

What was the subject of this blog? yes George is correct, the cultural moorings of this society were protestant-the 'protestant ethic.' As secularism spreads the state has usurped that ethic, and what ever ethics, whims of the state are in vogue becomes societies standerd, thus the state becomes God. Society should always be religious, the goverment should be secular. It should be remembered there are just as many secular fanatics as religious ones. Religion in goverment corrupts both.
---MikeM on 2/3/07

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Leslie, unfortunately you are not understanding my point. The point of origin, in humanities timeline, began with man, not God. Christ appeared rebellious to the Pharisees, Sadducees & schools of the times contemporary Rabbinical teachings because they were rebellious, not Him.
---Ryan on 2/1/07

The Protestant heritage of this country is undeniable. For catholics, you have Europe and Southamerica and the rest of the world. But America should always be protestant, as a little refuge for christians. But no religion should be made mandatory and freedom of speech should remain forever. the bible should be in schools but without any particular denomination or teacher interpreting it instead of the student. Freedom of interpretation, unity in the Bible and Jesus.
---george on 2/1/07

Christ was NOT rebellious to God, but WAS rebellious to the world - He did NOT comform to the ways of the world, but He went against the flow, even to the religious leaders of the day. Jesus told the Pharasis (religious leaders) what was what, and they wanted to kill Him over it. Jesus over turned tables in the sinagogs, and told all the merchants that God's house was a house of prayer. Jesus performed miracles on the Sabbith. Jesus WAS VERY rebellious, and yet did NOT sin against God.
---Leslie on 2/1/07

Just as Jesus was rebellious to the world, but obedient to God, we are called to be the same - do NOT be conformed to the world, be separate from the world.
---Leslie on 2/1/07

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Leslie; Whose God in the schools? The Catholic version, the protestant version(in all its forms), the Hindu, the native America, the shinto, etc etc etc? The Constitution is clear, the establishment clause makes it very clear. You do have one salient point about 'rebeliousness' CS Lewis wrote, "When Christianity comes to terms with the world, it ceases to be Christianity." maybe then Christian values should NOT SPECIFICALLY be involved/imposed on the secular state?
---MikeM on 2/1/07

Leslie, **...that my Christianity is who I am first.**

Please let me clarify. I am not saying that being Christian is first in some sequntial order of how I define myself. Christianity is the ONLY thing that defines me.
---Ryan on 2/1/07

Leslie, I would like to expand on the concept of rebellious. Christ was not rebellious, Israel has shown their rebellion time-and-time-again. Man is rebellious to God not the other way around. From God's perspective humanity are the rebels. Christ came teaching the message of His Father. The message was not rebellious, it was the same message that the Prophets came teaching. It is important you understand who is rebellious to who; man is rebellious to God not the other way around.
---Ryan on 2/1/07

Leslie-Democracy, republic is a 100% pagan concept. George washington was a 42degree mason, 27 of the founders were masons, are we divorced from reality? "In God we Trust" was added to to Money in 1954. The constitution says No religious test shall be required (art. 6)Someone need a history lesson. Are you a teen?
---MikeM on 1/31/07

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Leslie, **Christianity IS rebellous, ONLY to the people NOT serving Christ.**

Christianity is truth, not rebellion. The truth is in the law and the prophets and christianity, to say otherwise is to suggest God is inconsistent, and we know that is not true.
---Ryan on 1/31/07

Leslie: Which founding father said that? What textbook is it in, so I can read it too? Cite your sources, and if you are going to quote a founding father, give him credit.
---Madison1101 on 1/31/07

Ryan - I applod your answers, and even have great respect for you. I feel the same way that you do, that my Christianity is who I am first. If I were asked by my country to disobey the Word of God or die, I would choose death. Christianity IS rebellous, ONLY to the people NOT serving Christ. To them we are considered rebels, as Jesus was. America was founded on that "rebel" pricipal of Christianity, but quickly turned away from God, and is now cursed.
---Leslie on 1/31/07

#1 The flesh that I live in is subject to the governing authorities of the land. It is counted as one of this nations populace. I do not fear the nation they can only destroy my flesh. All authority belongs to God. If this nation commands me to commit a violation to the Word of God than I will not do what the country asks of me. It would be better to have my flesh destroyed then not be an obedient servant; my flesh will die as will America.
---Ryan on 1/30/07

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#2 Why than do you attempt to elevate something man-made to the Awsome Holiness and Righteousness of the Son of God? If you say America is Christian that gives those not of the Church opportunity to slander the Holy Name of God. America is a morally destitute, dying, corrupt secular nation. It was not founded on some holy and righteous cause set forth to be a beacon for all humanity. The pilgrims came over in a spirit of rebellion. Your saying Christianity is rebellious?
---Ryan on 1/30/07

#3 The people on the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria were tired of persecution. Their rebellious spirit was so prevelant that it led to the American Revolution. Mind you, that was not an example of obedient Christians. Where in the bible are we commanded to rise up and war with the ruling nation to break the shackles of oppression, persecution and taxation? These were fleshly men who didn't want to be under the governing authorities. Their muse was REBELLION?
---Ryan on 1/30/07

#4 The part of me that is "I" will live on into eternity. "I" have been re-born into something greater than any nation of man. To put it bluntly I am not American, I am Christian. YOu say **"You can't even call yourself an American if you subvert the Word of God".** The Pharisees, Sadducees and schools of Rabbinical teaching mishandled the Torah, much the same as the American founding Fathers abused the Gospel.
---Ryan on 1/30/07

One of our greatest founding fathers said "You can't even call yourself an American if you subvert the Word of God". Does this sound like someone who was a Freemason - NO. Most of you should NOT call yourself an American if you believe that America was founded by Freemasons - you are NOT. "In God We Trust" is America's motto. "Under God" is in our pledge. These are NOT phrases that come from Freemasons, but Bible believing Christians.
---Leslie on 1/30/07

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Oh please do. Some of us would be lost without you. There are too many leaning to the hard right.
Doller - dollar
musium - museum
San Deigo - San Diego
---Judith on 1/30/07

Kay- Nice you have not bailed. Through my major was biology, I studied American history in college. The net is full of pro-or-anti-this and that, I dont know what your point is.?

The colonialist were mostly calvinist, whom fundamentalist dont consider to be Christian.

The founders were freemasons and deist, that's a fact, look at your doller, I will post more when I have time.
---MikeM on 1/29/07

Kay6588, Mormons claim to be founded on Christianity, does that make their claim true? JW's claim to be founded on Christianity, does this make their claim true? Interesting how you cling to the words of John Adams with no scriptural support for his claim; yet you discard the Mormon and JW claims immediately with a plethura of scripture. Do you cleave to the quotes of the men known as the founding fathers because they speak truth? Or do you hold their words so dear because it is the truth you want?
---Ryan on 1/29/07

MikeM, the date doesn't matter. The point is that Patrick Henry acknowledged that America was founded on Christianity. History 101.

"Once I posted what the founders actually said, all who held your view,- bailed."

How do you know they actually said anything that you're posting? You can go to any anti-Christian website and find the same info that you're posting. And by the way, I'm still here. I haven't bailed.
---Kay6588 on 1/29/07

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Catherine: God is definitely in every public school where a Christian teaches or is a student. He exists in those believers in His Spirit. There is no reason to fear God. He will never leave us nor forsake us. His Word promises.
---Madison1101 on 1/29/07

This is why it is even more important that we teach our children about God, the bible, faith, and values. And in doing this, God will never be "taken out" of our schools as long as our children go to the public school systems. Additionally, we cannot "push" our faith onto people who do not want it. It is their loss to not know the Love and Grace of God. And remember, God is so HUGE and AWESOME that He CAN and WILL handle this situation.
---Pat on 1/29/07

Kay, You try to make a point by Patrick Henry. Note the date, 1765. The nation was not even formed yet. History 101

Pip, that was colonial America. Our country is based on the constitution. History 101.
---MikeM on 1/29/07

John Adams put it clearly, "America is no way founded on the Christian religion." -MikeM

"It cannot be emphasized too clearly and too often that this nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason, peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here." -Patrick Henry-May 1765 speech to the House of Burgesses
---Kay6588 on 1/29/07

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You can make your good points. Without God, you watch. no protection, not in schools no. No protection for our nation. NO. GO ahead put God way off somewhere, I dare you. You need Him, you will not be able to find HIM. Then what? Just a matter of time.
---CATHERINE on 1/29/07

I am truly shocked to know that some of u americans dont even know how your country was built and on what. Absolutely, why arent you fighting in numbers to overule this ridiculous law to throw out the bible from schools? It was God that built your country n blessed also n some of u dont even know that Plymouth Rock has huge significance in that.
---pip on 1/29/07

Leslie, I am sure you, wanting to appear credible, will back up your claims.

-Washington was a 32degree mason, masonic symbols blanket D.C.

-Jefferson called Jesus "a philosopher'

Franklin, a mason spoke at the constitutional convention.

-It 'scratchs the surface' but "American Treasure"

27 of the 56 founders were known Freemasons, about 8 were known NOT to be. Once I posted what the founders actually said, all who held your view,- bailed.
---MikeM on 1/29/07

Leslie: I am Public School Teacher, and if you follow my posts, you should be able to see that Spelling is NOT the only thing I care about. I care about Christians being an embarassment with their words, and their historical error. I care about the poor, and the mentally ill. I care about kids who do not get a good education because of a lack of funding. Please refrain from bearing false witness against me by saying I only care about Spelling.
---Madison1101 on 1/28/07

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The US government and schools were NOT founded by freemasons, you have been taught a LIE. They were founded on the Holy Bible, by Christians, read America's TRUE history, and you will find out. This IS the TRUTH.
---Leslie on 1/28/07

Public School Teacher: I thought that you should know that English and writing were my #1 subjects in school. I always came in 1st at the spelling B's, and I even got one of my poems published in the National Library of Congress Book. I DO know how to spell, and I just messed up on one word. That is such an awful thing to you, because you ONLY care about spelling.
---Leslie on 1/28/07

MikeM: Leslie is back, she started the US Consitution blog. Check it out.
---Madison1101 on 1/27/07

MikeM: It appears Leslie bailed on us.

It always amazes me how people spout off stuff without citing a source, and expect us to believe them just because they said so. But, when you challenge them to cite a source to support their thesis, they bail.

Hang in there.
---Madison1101 on 1/22/07

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i have nothing against freemasons, and the founders were influence by deism and masonry. The Constitution does not once mention God. The Declaration of Independence mentions 'natures God'-a deist concept. John Adams put it clearly, "America is no way founded on the Christian religion."

True, today there are as many secular fanatics as right wing religious fanatics. Both are a threat.
---MikeM on 1/22/07

Freemasons founded paper money and put the all seeing eye on the back and many other points that have meaning. Our country was founded by Thomas Jefferson, and the like, who fully intended that there be no ONE church rule over our country as in the land where they came from. It was NOT their intention to leave GOD out of our country. Every law they set forth relates to the Ten Commandments. The Bible was their guidebook when they set forth those laws. It's the secular world that wants to separate the two.
---faye4464 on 1/21/07

Thomas Jefferson said that Christianity is government's best friend because Christianity is the only religion that changes the heart. My granddads were Masons. They were Christians first. Not some evil cult as a lot of people think. Work with a Mason. In order to become a Mason one has to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Doesn't sound evil to me. To put prayer back in schools? Simply tell the students to pray whenever they feel like it. Remember what Christ said about denying Him before man!
---Nellah on 1/21/07

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