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Looking For A Mate

Maybe I don't "get it" as to why all these people on here (claiming Christianity) are all looking for mates? With all of these silly "MATCH making" sites why can't we just
have just friends on here? Just wondering?

Moderator - Half the people are using the system only for friendship.

Join Our Christian Friendship and Take The Friendship Quiz
 ---Katie on 1/10/07
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Yeah i agree with paula and a (?) why's a good tool for us to find a good christian mate.. Beside being acquaintance to a believer is great.. You can share each other thoughts and wisdom of God :)
---mych7985 on 10/9/11

The evidence suggests that marrying a professing christians in America does not give any confidence that the marriage would lasts or lasts longer than marrying a non-believer.

In fact, Europeans who are less likely to go to church and are less likely to be vocal about their religion or god, are more likely to stay married.

It is almost ironic, but very sad indeed that the same people who shout the loudest about the sanctity of marriage are destroying marriages even more than those who do not believe.

This ought to give reason to pause.
---Allan on 6/19/11

I don't think bloggers looking for mates on this site are serious. Most of them are faking and belly aching about finding someone but are not trying to really be real with anyone. If you offer friendship,they wilt real quick. The men and women are fake. They never come off real or friendly even. You have to be real and honest when you are dealing with people, in general. I don't sense this with people at dating and penpal sites. I have used a few. I was turned off, just reading some of the requirements these gods were looking for.
---Robyn on 6/18/11

I think People om here,perhaps figure the singles on here will be more serious /folks with sm standards n of coarse avoid unlike other sites embarrassment (on sev.Levels).. :)
---ELENA on 6/15/11

CN has to pay the bills. I don't know if the friendship feature/ministry helps pay them. I'm for whatever it takes to keep CN up and running. I do feel sorry for some of the folks in a mode of desperation. I wonder what happens to them after they find the mate, and I hope they're not the same ones with broken marriages a few months later.
---John on 1/26/08

My honest opinion is that "love" is the driving force of our lives. Everyone is searching for it (if they don't already have it). Even when you get people together that are just friends, I think, because of God making us male and female, love/romance becomes a factor. I have never had a male friend that was just a "friend" (acquaintance, maybe). There was always some element of romance or flirtation in it.
---ljt on 6/9/07

Just my two cents,
Being a good friend is the best way to begin a relationship. What better place to meet and get to know equally yoked singles, than on a Christian site?
I ask and answer questions on this site pertaining to many things, relationships is just one of them. Christianet, has many single men/women seeking mates, and talking about it. I have yet to feel that someone is "desperate" because they desire a mate, and speak it.
I don't claim Christianity, I live it.
God Bless
---lynet on 1/11/07

You can search for the people who are looking for friendships by making that selection in the "Search" boxes. It is wonderful that God wants us all to have love.
---Pat on 1/11/07

My husband is my best friend and we met on this site.
---Annie on 1/11/07

"have never had a male friend that was just a "friend" (acquaintance, maybe)."

How sad! Since I have worked for many years in a business which employees mostly men, I have made many male friends. My husband has even become friends with some of them. My husband also had life-long female friends who have also become my friends.
---Susie on 1/11/07

It is nothing wrong to use this site for friendhip, but there are some very beautiful woman and men who would enjoy being in a relaionship that could lead to marriage. There are alot of "helpmate" out their and we need love just as much as you do, so try to understand from a woman side, and if a man is using this site just maybe he has not met his queen yet...
---Paula on 1/11/07

Why should people not look fore mates?
Why should a Christian site not be a suitable place to make contacts?
It is better to look here than on a secular site.
---a on 1/11/07

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